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Acne Rosacea More Condition_symptoms Why I did not like Twilight (or Twilight)

This article and I posted on my blog Ode to the Irony, but I wanted to bring it here too.

The first time I saw the title of Twilight was in Malfa Fics The forum, on the issue of OT. In this issue raised a lot of things that caught my attention for some time, such as what kind of vampire author conceived and if Bella is a Mary Sue. During the time I have found with many opinions about the work, but even then I got interested in it because I am faithful to vampirism created by Anne Rice. Vampires do not go by dayVampires are wild animals, is the concept that I like and that, apparently, not encompassed Twilight. Much less interest was given that, apparently, the protagonist was unpleasant enough to be considered Mary Sue. Besides, I was happy with the fandoms I know and the books I read or encounter, so what need had I found out about this new trend?

What push me over was that my friends were interested in Twilight. But he had to do with the metroflog dedicated to the work that one of them created or virtual familywhich two were united. He had to see those same last two fanfictions made. This is because before anyone I knew in real life even knew what they were fics, even when I tried to integrate in that it was important to me at the time, without results, and suddenly there was ;, writing in his journals, notebooks and leaf folder. Asking for ideas and looking for new frames. Therefore, I reached a point where not talking about something else. Talking about how great it is Edward Cullen, how handsome he is or how beautiful is actress who plays Bella, without forgiveness, but those buck teeth that is headed by a frank tear me laugh when he heard that, "was out of any topic of conversation for me, but writing has been that I've always liked and so finally I asked someone to lend me their books to make me too fictions with them or least have a better idea about the context.

saw the movie too, and just a while ago I finished my first book and I'm starting the second. I did not like neither one nor the other, and the last thing I read only because the character of Alice and Jacob managed to fascinate, not to mention I want to know what's up with the werewolves.

Before you start listing thes why the first work that I did not like, keep in mind that this is a personal opinion. Do not seek anyone agree with me and if you liked the book just so not me, it seems completely understandable.

1_El character Bella.

had already said that people who call it a Mary Sue and I can understand their reasons, but ultimately I disagree. A Mary Sue is characterized, above all, it is a machine that plays its role to whims of the author, careciendo of every feature that makes a human character and credibility. Bella is clumsy, smart, stubborn and passionate as I am concerned is so human and believable as any other normal person. However, this does not mean I like it.

one hand, I find it very boring life begins and ends with Edward. I know that the girl used to live in Florida and never had boyfriends, okay, but did not had not even lost a friend there? Any known that at least had some affection? For his introverted personality I imagine that it would be Miss Popularity, but not comprendo how at no point is mentioned at least a little of his life before Edward, who liked to do before, what dreams I had. Do not want to be a firefighter, veterinarian, singer? We do not know and the only reason is because back then no Edward appeared.

And that way she act that gives to think that nothing else in the world cares to be with Edward sounds so pathetic and low. What about their parents and friends? Friends tend to forget the first love, all right, but is it going to put your boyfriend at a level higher than your mother ytor father, knowing that they love you? That is a terrible sign of low self-esteem thing feasible taking into account the reasons enumerated Bella to be impossible for Edward she is set in a frightening or selfishness. He who does not even think for a moment in life that could leave behind if Edward were to transform it makes me think that everything is a sovereign whim, which does not inspire me any respect.

The first parts of the second book, New Moon, when Bella escapes to the forest because it ended with the vampire seemed the epitome of exaggerated melodrama. Well, it's a teenager and can not be expected to be drunk at a bar looking for new dams, pero yet that action was ridiculous. Could not lock herself in her room and mourn as normal someone who had to miss out there and make everybody leave their homes without even the decency to feel a little guilty? If Charlie had given me a heart attack and exemplary punish my rod for a fool, but is unfazed Bella, because Edward has left her. Come on, you had not told his mother he was very mature for his age? When I think of all this, I imagine a girl of fourteen with hormones to give everything. And he assumes that she is 18.

Each time the message is clear; Beauty is nothing without itsboyfriend. And I like characters who are something for themselves, not because a handsome vampire came into their lives.

2_Meyer make traps

What I mean by cheating? Not to accuse Meyer of plagiarism or the like, are treated traps in the plot. Things are well just because it is, without a background totally rational reason. In a story, especially in shorts, you can not stick to the "magical coincidences" because His grace is to focus exclusively on the issue, but when it comes to novels and novelists to boot, thisshows that the author focused more on the subject that bring realism to the plot.

That Bella did not have anyone else to speak in Florida that her mother seems to trap me, because as it was so popular at her new school just arrived, anyone would expect that at least had a best friend of his old school that put up with the gossip, even one. But there is not and it just so Bella would not have distractions in his infatuation.

That Edward had to be so close to Bella I consider the trap clearer. The fact that the boy could not understand change classes but is qu & eacuyou, about those seats? The boy went to another country because they could not bear the presence of this girl who wanted to keep as far away from him, to the point that he expressly said "can not be friends", " , and is not passed by the head not once tell someone to change places with him, the most simple and obvious? Sorry but after all the talk about how little Bella should interact with him, I can not swallow that. And while watching the film could not stop repeating every time I heard "is not good to be together", becauseare no longer together and cut the roll! My friend almost hanged me by my little-no-faith in this love but that love was as credible as Romeo and Juliet, that deep down we all know was attraction. Eye in the film, in the book not so much. That

Edward only has eyes for Bella and it has no idea how fascinating it is for other people it sounds like a trap just as ridiculous as the others. This will only appear for more great Edward and Bella feel very lucky to have him. The ignore something so obvious being that can read minds is absurd. You never heard in his life than a chica thought 'what more charming back "and he thought that was for something? Call it modesty, in my personal dictionary this is called being stupid with a vengeance.

3_No there is one without two

The only characters who do not have a match in Twilight are Laurent, Charlie, Jacob and Billy Black. The first is a minor character, the second had to be single so that he could take care of Bella, the third is a teenager who sympathize with Bella and tells the legends that speak of the Cullen and U last is an elder in a silthe wheel. We turn elsewhere and what we see? Let everyone have a partner, who are married or in love. Recognizing that Twilight is pure romance and we should not expect anything other than romance, also a work whose central point is well too fancy.

I like romance, almost never write anything other than that, but that was absurd. What should interpret that? If only thing Bella and Edward I would not complain, because on them depends the whole plot, but when we talked about three, four and six couples begin to doubt what was the message of all.Alice Does not exist without being a couple of Jasper, or Rosalie Emmet, Angela Ben or Mike or Jessica? Bella without Edward there, that's clear.

4_Crepúsculo is a long story

The film seemed frankly a crap, even before reading the book. And the reason was because I was not transmitting anything. Or was that just with Edward Bella or not, that was all. There is absolutely nothing else. And the book is worse because they are words, sentences, paragraphs I love him, love him and love him more. The only really interesting was fournd James appeared on stage, because it adds action to the matter, and that was near the end. Before we pass by the beauty of Edward, Bella so much he wants and how it corresponds. Again, no romance against the stick, but the exaggeration of anything tired. And can you believe that there are two pages describing step by step how Bella discovers different vampire legends? What good is it and how it could not be summarized by referring to the fact that Bella inquired about vampires?

I think the plot and I can not help believing that perfectly summed up in a story, in an interesting storygreat indeed, but as a novel I do not think that works.

"Let me" by John Ajvide is about a boy who falls for a vampire and yet each chapter is great because it is not just that pair. There are at least four plots intertwined and that keeps the reader on the edge of the chair, wondering what will happen to that policeman, with those guys and what the hell has to do with the vampire. Twilight is not a shred of comparison.

5_ is "complicated."

After hearing the phrase life is complicated ", I must say that I have caught a Frank hatred. Is the same as saying the girl or the boy when he can not be with her love, only because it is too stupid to put aside their stupid drama particular. It's not that complicated! Almost never is. Edward

always able to get away from Bella. Bella could always look for a hobby instead of thinking about a boy who apparently hated it. But they did and created instead a dramatic storyline that causes the largest by absolute boredom monotony. For it is only fools that took so long to come together and for fools is that they are together. YI do not care what they say about that love makes you stupid, because even before the two protagonists are in love and gave signs of not having many lights.

6_Los vampires are vampires Meyer Meyer. Point.

How vampires that Meyer sees me is horrible, but does not break any rules. There is no single scientific proof to say that vampires ever existed, at least as generally conceived today, therefore any author is free to describe them as they please. According to Rice's vampires cried tears of blood, according to John Ajvide no pod & iacutee; an entry anywhere without being invited and by Bram Stoker aged and rejuvenated after a dose of blood. None of them is good or bad.

But right or wrong has nothing to do with that like it or not. And I do not like vampires that sparkle as if they were diamond skin when you touch the sun, because it is a break with the whole idea before teníay detail is extremely corny. Nor that vampires are so powerful, beautiful and spectacular. Rice also makes them well, but still moderate and well known beauty gives to the meanest beggar, is que gives the name of "romance" Gothic. As Meyer all sounds like a rave child to see only the beauty of things.

I know that the Cullens look so great is because he sees Bella as well, but do not forget that it was no Bella who wrote the book, if Meyer and his fingers were responsible that there is such a disproportion in the vision of things. Come on, you can deny that even I could strive to make them more reasonable in their characteristics?

7_El romantic love is overrated.

I mentioned this above, so no need to explain a lot. Just suffice to say that there is more to life than having a boyfriend and keep it.

8_Sólo presents a point of view.

All we know is what he knows Bella. We can not know what he thought because his brother Emmett was going crazy for a human, whether he felt any sympathy for him being that he was attracted by two humans, or what went through Jasper's mind when he saw Bella in her house. Dand indeed can hardly say something about Jasper, but that is true to his family, not particularly talkative, and not a lot. Rosalie at the end may leave a bitter and jealous bitch just because they have the good sense not to trust an outsider. And if you've read the book I have to say the cliché and boring it is Edward.

9_Crepúsculo considered Gothic work.

Visiting different places, I have come across this phrase and I feel like just laugh in the face of the next obtuse revealed that Meyer is the Anne Rice of young people. Ris nothingible. Vampires have always been associated with the Gothic, but not for their powers, but by the seduction of death, the profane and the dark, the Melancholy of the devastation of spirit; elements present a narrative of Anne Rice. This melancholy has its philosophical traits: why does this happen?, Why evil exists?, Why should I be good?, "Pleasure to a god when I do or punish me with ideals only tasteless?

His most recognized, the lure Lestat, perfectly embodies the Gothic romance. It's badand is proud of it, can kill you but how delicious it would be a fatal embrace as his arms and feel his breath on the sensitive neck moments before receiving the tusks. Feel love and hatred, not where Superman saves damsels and is enclosed in a hermitage libraries rough-at least not all the time. Being a vampire is only one of the many shells that make up this sensual figure, although one of the most important.

The fact that Edward is handsome vampire, incredibly strong until the breaking of the absurd, and has been in love with a mortal does not at all Gothic. The work is both melancholy & iacute; to as the diary of a girl who sighs with her Prince Charming waiting with eyes of love and philosophy is unknown in this environment of dramatic romance. It bothers me not so much that fans have the audacity to call Gothic just like the vampire, vampires idealized only do good, if not everything that could have generated Gothic Twilight was kicked out by his own Meyer rushed, as if afraid of the dark side of literature.

The moment that I liked, as opposed to the declaration of love and kisses that have pleased so many,was when James discovers the scent of Bella and the Cullens all react like lions ready to strike, this one delicious moment of savagery is destroyed by the subsequent words written from the perspective of Bella. The girl, far from feeling the horror that would make that piece of something that might be worthwhile, he reacts like that.


Publicity does not help at all, I sold the story as a vampire, mysticism and dark, and I see a romantic thing that lasts nearly three hours, a book I took a week to read and let me the firm idea that I have cheated.

and for that love can be a thousand words, but banned? Edward only made an effort to avoid it and that it was minimal.

The summary of romance is this: Bella hates Edward, Bella is not a day goes by without looking at Edward, Edward saves her from dying, Bella discovers that she is a vampire and falls in love, do not make me include the phrase that says it clearly or vomiting, "Edward is a difficult time until they stop playing hard. Then it's "passion and adventure. Where does an army of creatures to oppose this love? What obstacle, except idiocy ambos players must jump to love? James looked at Bella because she was human, not because he was in love with Edward, so it serves as an example.

Under my concept of forbidden love, to be worthy of such a thing Twilight, Edward's family should have strongly opposed the boy approached Bella, should have been locked in an OS , methane, cut their supply of animals, because only an evil vampire kills people, remember, or something. But leave it quiet vampires enter this human life. The only

having a negative attitude is Rosalie andnever do anything to avoid marriage, except look ugly from a distance. The rest of the world is there of onlookers because a cute guy comes out with a pretty girl.

is ridiculous. Like Stephen King said that outperforms any classical author. I love this writer, but, hey, the classics are the classics. And love is not passively accept all forbidden love.

Finally, to be something fair ...

If we want to find romance thousand adolescents delusions of well guys lots and well-points in the physical and moral-Meyer is the cofre treasures. If we feel that perhaps the bland girl she gets her immortal knight in shining armor, "only when it touches the sun, one day, why wait to get a grip libreríay the five volumes that speak of it and exploit it to get to a happy marriage? Love triumphs over everything, of course.

It is for this reason that, ultimately, I did not like Twilight.

PD: No, forget what the beginning. I can not continue reading that book.

. PD2: Maybe nobody cares, but today is my birthday and I'm happy


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