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Defibrillation More Condition_symptoms LFMB: Chapter 60 FAMILY

L: (you Vanta very Asora by the cry) QUEEEE? (Looking to all sides) AS OF THE NI NI ~ ~ AS! (Rising from bed)

F: (the are ~ wing) Lety ????.... LETICIA tuu .... ... are you ??.....

L: (still do not understand what was happening and kept looking in all directions) so what? .. Going ??....

F: (trying to stand and seeking their crutches) but my love !!...!

L: asusutaste happened ??.... me (he said as he reached the)

F: your hair ... you are different ... I woke up last night ... scared me! !

L: Tell me everything slowly! ...

F: for you ... I love your hair ... you hiciste? (he played the hair)

L: You like? ... well now because I slept a little excited ... but I like the color?

F: sii ... you look beautiful !!....

L: thanks!

F: scared ... but I knew it was not and did not recognize you! ..

L: is my love ... sorry .. is to arrive at 3 in the ma ~ ana and was not going to get up!

F: but give me a kiss .. my love ... you e! strange!

L: If you? ... Lol (goes to him and gives him a tiny kiss)

F: queeeeeeeeeeeeee ??????????......... noooooo yaaaaaaaaaa ?....... you give me a good kiss .... Uelle)

L: but Fer ...

F: a quickie m ~ does damage Anero visitor!

L: (could not help laughing out loud) as you think!

F: sii ... look that is practically a meeeee .... a meeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

L: (hugs him by the neck and kisses him) and you're sure then?

F: (smiles and says that if his head) I do muuuuuuuuuuuuuuucha missing!

L: (laughs) exaggerated!

(They kiss, caress it with great desire ... will start to strip their clothes)

F: mmm ... finally lol!

L: clown! jijiii!

(He lowers his hand from her face to the neck .... .. where about to kiss her but .... and lowers his hand to deepen his touch, shake it, make it feel real .... want it all went well ...)

July and Tere (knocking) ......... papiiiiiiiiii papaaaaaaaaaa!

(They watched in shock)

F: .. no no !!...

L: we forgot !!!.....

F, but no manches Lety nooo ... no .... no ... so looks like we are!

L: Shut up .... sii .... if you !!......

July: (still playing) papaaaaaaaaaaato!!

L: (yelling) ... and we yaaaa! Tere

(rejoices) mamiiiiiii ??.... mom (played harder the door)

F: (trying to stop) it is not so!

L: (wearing) that swear! (Was collected hair)

F: (he was wearing leg ..** dito had it bad lol .. **...) open!

L: Fer .... I forgot .. I have to go to concepts ... and making me late! (Opened the door)

J and T (super happy) mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ..........( they look confused by the hair) Mommy?

L: I love ... that I have happened ??....? CHT

MLXC (The twins climbed into bed to be level with your breast)

L: but I will embrace?!

July: maaaaaaa your pelito .......... .. (he played)

L: yeah ... me change it ... do not like?

Tere: No!

F: and it seemed no! (You get out of bed and stood next to Lety, so were in front of or ~ as) not?

Tere: I do not like ... no .. no!

L: aaaaah ... I do not say that! (Hugs) give me a hug! Tere

: huuuuy mamaaaaaaaa .... .. noo noo .. hair!

L: (The confused look) so much soamorrrr neither give me?

July: (giving the arms) mamiiiiii!

L: (hugs all and gives many kisses) I love you ...

July: jijijii ....

L: (pulling on the other) are besooo .. give me ... I want ??... Tere

: maaaaaaamaaaaa .... nooo ...

L: that siiiiii! (And hugged her and gave her many kisses) now .. yes! .. I love you, my life

F: good and go to your room !!.... yes?

L; sii .. right now I'll go ....!

(the twins were there)

L: Well I love my bath I'll Concept ar ...C L: what?

F: yes, I asked about something .. but it was not working!

L: (understanding) Fernando Mendiola ... you are a enferrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmo!

F: jajajajajajajajjajajajajaja naaaaaa ...... ... as you think?

L: If you are a fool .... .... I'll jijijijii bath ar!

F: it is is!

(So and Lety were prepared according to the twins)

(They were in the dining room)

L: Well ... now if I'm going! ...

F: nooo ... stay with me!

L: must be more like me ... but I can not ... I have to arreGLAR everything that happened in Brazil!

F: Hey speaking of Brazil, have not told me anything!

L: (nervously) heh heh heh .... this ... all was well ... ... .. sii ... that everything is perfect ... my love ... when I tell you arrive (pauses and gives a kiss) I have to go!

F: (stops her by the hand) Leticia ... do not lie, something happened?

L: quee ?.... noooooo ... as you think ... I told you when I get Fernando story!

F: well ....

(low to Lety and ~ as chairs)

L: bye .. (gives another kiss)

F: ....( goodbye to the twins) are well behaved !

J and T: aioosssh daddy!

F: hehe .. bye!

(goodbye, and after a while .. Lety comes to concept, leaves and ~ as in kindergarten ... but not before receiving compliments from Irmita, and granddaughter, and even Celsus, on his new look)

L: (exiting the elevator) good morning girls!

Headquarters: LETYYYYYYY ?????

L: jiji sii .. .. what happens?

PM: little hand ... and that new look ??....

L: aahh .. the hair .. sii me change it in Brazil

Mar: maniguis this beautiful color! ... Looks Good!

L: hehe ... thanks!!

Lola: huuuuuuy ... so well you tons of spent?

L: noooooo ....... also worked ... is that as was the inauguration, because there was a party and the whole thing, you know, and we fix it and asked for this ... hehehe!

Sa: for you is great!

L: thank you ... .. good work .... and Lola, you can tell Thomas to stop by my office!

Lola: if Lety!

(Lety entered his office and within minutes entered Tomas)

T: hi boss !!... you painted the hair ... did you?

L: jijiji ahh ... if I paint, I changed the style a little


T: it looks good you

jejerrjejerr L: I'm glad to see you (hugs him)

T: sii head ... for days since we met!

L: sii .. hehehe ... well ... you sit Tomas came to bring the financial reports of expenditures to be made in Brazil!

T: Hey yeah ... send me some ... and of course as I was?

L: (deep breath, looked at his friend and under the eyes) or .........

T: no .. no ... I I know you, Lety what happened?

L: everything was fine ... until such!

T: TYPE TYPE ???.....?

L: (telling by hand to lower his voice) Tomas ... shut up and lower your voice!

T: ppppeeeero but ... what kind happened? ... Do not tell me you were unfaithful to Fernando?

L: (looks bad) as you think ??... not be menso!

T: then what happened?

(Lety tells what happened to Rodrigo)

T: queeeeeeee ?........... the son of Don Pedro.?

L: yeah ..... but do not worry ... you will not have anything to do with the company!

T: But you're right ?....

L: sii ... do not worry !!..... the user will no longer get me!

T: do you believe?

L: (looks askance) clear that if Thomas ... and you!

T: y Fernando knows?

L: nooo .... the nooooooooooo!

T: but I'll say?

L: yeahhhh ..... this is not ... no!

T: as not ?.... Lety, says to him, you never know!

L: sii ... then I'll say !!... now making roles (giving it) and know something about my father?

T: ... this is difficult because the situation in California the video that was made, that of ...

L: Madonna?

T: sii ... it did not help much ... much they are charging well... But ... it seems that we have to close there!

L: (with desepcion) are you sure?

T: sii !.... I think the last get ma ~ ana Octavio iria !.... and there to finish what he is!

L: ok ... so .. we have a board for when Humberto!

T: If, as you say aahh head by the way .... on Saturday I went to your house!

L: my house since?

T: is that your husband wanted to know how things were here and went and informed!

L: Tomas ok ... well .. that's it?!

T: if (stopped) and that with Fernando speaks!

L: (lo lift the eye) if it now ...

(Tomas comes from there)

L: (hechandoce back in his chair) iff there ... it !!... I'll have to say is that it's hysterical! (Bursts for and lowers his head before putting it up their hands in front)

Caro: (entering the office) Lety Lety !!..... ?.... friend with you?

L: (raises his head and smiles a bit) hoooola!

Caro (sense) that a friend passed you okay?

L: (sitting right) sii noo ... well .. is that I was talking to Thomas ... and it contained so in Brazil and you talk of Rodrigo and told me to tell him Fernando !

Caro: he has much reason !..... those things so the more they hide out faster!

L: Caro is shut up .... if someone have to tell on me!

Caro: as you should to tell!

L: Well yes, they'll say today, Rodrigo total ... this will never return more over here.

Caro: hopefully not!

L: I do not !....

Caro: no longer talk about it ... look .... come to invite you to you to see the first announcement of Cover Girl ... you are doing Luigi ... come?

L: yeah ... go!

(Lety and Caro, come to the studio, where he was Luigi) CHTMLLu XC

: there my queen ... look, how is the environment?

L: sii ... it's all very well, and the models?

Lu, is that, first do one of the "lipstick" a new one that came

Caro: aahh ok ... Lu

: sii, I come .... and I will lead this people .. because if I make a crap!

Caro: jejeje sii ..!

(Luigi left to run)

Caro; friend happens to you ... bring a face!

L: is that I feel good, this did not sleep well ... I slept very little

Caro: the 2 little sleep!

L: and also how I built this ma ~ ana ...

Caro: What happened?

(Lety lecuenta all)

Caro: jajajajajajajajajajaja ... little your husband did not recognize you? jajajajajaja

L: jijiii ... noo ... I almost leaving my baby at the mouth of fright ...

Caro: jajajajajajajajajajajaaa

L: huy if you do not know ... and if you had seen the face of the or ~ as ... especially Teresa ... I wanted, because he had the hair of another jijijijiji color ... ..

Caro: quee ?.... and why?

L: No ... stuff it! ... They are so one day we want and the other is not daughters so bipolar!

Caro: hahaha ... just like the pope!

L: Yeah .. .... jijijijiji

(Lety and Caro were still there talking and watching the announcement was then followed in their work, planning the meeting it would be for a few days to see the situation of the empresaa in California and then each went to home)

L: (coming home) if and only if they eat

July: nooo ... mami holitaaaa!

L: sii ... but ... where do they go? Tere

: breast play!

L: go to greet his dad!

(The twinsvery obedient were the "family room" that there was Fer)

J and T; papaaaaaaaaaa!

F: (he was reading some papers he had left Tomas, with his bad leg perched on a chair) Hey!

July: that esooo? (Was ~ alando paper)

F: aahh this is work! Tere

: watching the bad leg) still Luel?

F: Luel? ... Hurts! Tere

: sii daddy

F: .. jejeje sii !!... a little and his mom?

L: (entering the living room taking off his shoes and settled into a corner) there ... that was crazy rich take them off!

F; Hello Lety (she goes to where is it and sits next to him on the couch) and my kiss?

L: (laughs) there is Fernando (kisses him) what is this?

F: aahh few things that Tomas gave me to see how would the state of the company, especially in California!

L: (sighs) aaah sii ... this talk that you would convene a meeting, for when your dad ... yes?

F: yes, we will be there ..!

L: are you going?

F: clear ... I have to go!

L: Well I'm not going to stick it out! ... Ate?

F: No ... I'm esperandolas (BTW the ni ~ as they began to play there in the "family"), I cook something!

L: (angry) aah siiii ?...... huuuuy this in you're home a lot, I like ... to tell him to Pepa that you stay in your place!

F: ja ja ja ja that chistosita (giving patted her leg) help to stop me!

L: jijijii siiiiii .... my love ... .. my enferrmito ...

F: is now ... do not bother me!

L: (helps a little) is not bothering you Fernando! ... Jijijji look like a kid ... o. ..

F: it is you ... .. the next I talk to my mama eh!

L: jijijijijiji ... well name it !!... no ~ ote! !...( gives a kiss)

F: you would not believe! (laughs) we eat?

L; huuuy if ... your child asks me food!

F: yeah ... eat a lot and born like me so tight!

L: mens ...


F: not?

L: Yeah .. and handsome!

F: So yeah!

L; there to watch it orgullosito! ... Andale accompanied oy you come to pick up the twins!

F: Ok!

(Lety helped Fer and went to look for their daughters)

L: we eat? Tere

: (complaining) mamaaaaaaaaaaaa ......... nooo ...


L: horita nothing .... now is whether andale .. see ...

July: if Mommy!

L: go sit that is beyond your dad!

July: (out of there) papaaaaaaaaaaaa!

L: vente Tere ... going to eat you? Tere

(crossing his Brazito) queroooo no ... no!

L: (stooping to the level of either ~ a) my life ... if you have to eat ... or you give vitamins? Tere

(fuchi faced) noooo noooo mitaminas

L: Well then let you?

(the no ~ to say that if his head)

L: vente (gets up and shakes his hand)

(have dinner, share and prepare for sleep and all in harmony and Lety and Fer in his room ... getting ready to sleep)

F: Well ... well ....

L: what?

F: Tell me, how was Brazil?

L: (you came to mind all that said Tomas) well ... the work is perfect ... you know ... I have no illusions with the company there!

F: yeah ... and I ... and how it turned out the party?

L (I was a thousand colors) this as well .. yeah ... stay well (he said as he accommodated some things)

F: pThere Fer .. .. (starts to mourn *** moods and feelings more ***)

F: Lety happened ... what happened?

L: is not angry ... I swear it was not my fault .... well yeah ... is not!

F: There is going to kill me !!... Leticia !!!.... you crying ... look at you ... what has happened in Brazil?

L: Fer .... ok .... is that what you say, but listen to me .. do not say anything until the end if?

F: but Lety!

L: (crying) please do not say anything until the end .... yes?

F: yes, my life!

(Lety takes strength and Fer tells her everything, and cried, felt ashamed, nowise and like watching Fer, Fer was while there was the face of hue, not courage to Lety, if not for the guy ... so if I was a bit of desepcion and jealous, very jealous)

F: (super serious) I can talk?

L: (crying told him that if his head)

F: Leticia, why not tell me this ma ~ ana ??... this idiot ... damn it !!... ... because you told me by phone ?..... because ??.... tell me?

L: that is why ... look at you how are you ... you are a hysterical, crazy jealous !!...

F, and as you want this? ... If a guy prospasa with my wife!

L: Yeah .. ok ... but it was my fault ... I spoke to himand of course ....!

F: is that !!... that's not all salts to carnival there, when I told you no!

L: sorry, but you I do not forbid anything ... there I tell you, because I have confidence!

F: But I can not deny ..... that you were going to hide me!

L: I do not know!

F: see !.... and know this guy ... who is the son to administer our business there ... and the very stupid are you excited! ... And your what?

L: I do that ?.... I told you what I did ... queiro not stand the sight of the little game ... I stop !!.... and ... yes? .. .. he will not return to us! ... or me!

F: for moreYou'd better, Leticia, because I swear I'll kill him, why is it that I swear!

L: you're not going to kill anyone !.....

F: (fits and turns her back) Good night!

L: (begins to mourn but courage) and Fernando ... !....

F: (turns around a little) you do not understand ..... that idiot ... damn !!....

L: stop cursing !..... I hate when you do!

F: is giving me courage !!..... not want him in Mexico ... or business ... or close to you, let alone for my daughters !!... anyone!

L: The will not do ... is it very clear ... and ... do not make me feel more wrong! CH


F: and, do not feel well .... ok ... yes ... it is true that I can not ban anything ... but at least keep me !!... trust speak clearly ... do not remember that we step to the model?

L: if ...

F: they do not want it again ... this type bother you ... we bother!

L: I told you, that you will not know more about us! ... And ... and you know I love you!

F: (deep breath) I love you too (puts his hand behind the neck and about to kiss)

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Thrush Treatment More Condition_symptoms LFMB: Chapter 59 FAMILY

Lu: haaay ... not beg me cry .... no .... with enough thunder! Car

and that is what you ask? Lu

: is something about, as I explain

L: Luigi? Lu

: ok is things like women!

(Lety and Caro looked as strange and began to laugh)

LU: what is laughter? .. Is that ... I have to ask something and not as

L: jijiiji ... but tell us ... what is it?

Caro: if Luigi speaks! Lu

(deep breath and feel more comfortable) look ok .. there is going to be ace ...rca Estebancito my birthday with ... you? ... then I want to do something so super cool ... and all years since I go to dinner and stuff ... but I want a change and not do?. ... and you are a married women ... and wanted to give me some ideas ...!!

Caro: Luigi and occurred at this time you ask? Lu

: for if !!... is that as soon as you get to Mexico .... I want to start because it is now!

L: but, and you want to do or what ... you want me to say? Lu

: ok ... but they have done ... like ... they do celebrate it ?....

Casro, well look, I'm good retailer and Omar always surprises me with things that I never thoughtI went through the mind! Lu

: clarifying what is donkey ..!

Caro: LUIGI! Lu

: so sorry ... ya ya and your Lety?

L: (got super rooooja) this ... this ... well .. well ... I. .. this ... .. because Fer ... there you ask? Lu

: there is little you feel bad ... talk about those details with your friends?

L: hehehe .. this well ... a little!

Caro: There Lety, or that you were going to say something bad or strong! Lu

: huy do not ever .. but ... can not complain because these lizards are bombis bombis ... buenota! ...

(All three laughn)

L: for this is that ... ... it must be worth that I. .. I can not complain because they Fer (Luigi interrupts)

Lu: my queen but I do not want those details ... I do not I can not complain of Stephen ... does a great job!

C and L: LUIGI!

Lu: it is that Lety ...

L: I am nothing ... I was going to give an idea! ... But you have that mind very cochinota! !!... Sick .. I was going to say is that ... because the retailer is well and as usual we have one year or another I am surprised and amazed me! .. and so!

Lu: I just do not understand me .... tell me a ideaaaaaaaaaaa ... God gives me triple c mimiskyon you!

(Just got to speak between 3 and give ideas to Luigi, and this encantadiiittzimo ... plotting your plan .... came the other day with a horrible dilubio)

Lu: There are already ... saw on TV said they had storm !!... when I went to my room for my stuff to hear it!

L: y?

Caro: as that and "... our flight leaves in 3 hours! and if it is so late!

L: No ... I do not think ...!!!

Lu: Well ... I hope ... because we do not check out?

Caro: they already have everything?

L: sii

Lu: yes!

Caro: it let's go!

(Just arrived at the Airport and the storm moved more and more, it was day and night seemed the sky was very gray, very dark)

Lu: no I do not know, but so not want to go. .. no .. no and no!

Caro: Luigi and calm down!

L: if you please ... I'm already feeling bad! Lu

: how?

L: is that I have a fear of airplanes make me nervous .. and more over time as well! Lu

: there is not no .. my queen ... do not tell me that you are of hysterical patients who do all their show?

Caro: jjajajajajajajajajajajajjj .. it .. more or less!

L: (crossing his arms) is already ?..... .. if not .. do not bother me!

(At that time they said by the speaker to verify lon arepopuerto flights canceled or delayed)

L: that queeeeeeee ??????......... bone that perhaps reach midnight?

Lu: it seems so ... I'll come and call my Steve!

Caro: sii I will call Omar!

L: But is that ..... aaiiichh .. I wanted to get it now!

Caro: we all want to come! (Walks away to make your call)

L: (calling Fer) hello my love!

F: Lety ... hello how are you, what happened?

L: Fernando I'm calling to tell you that the flight is late .. there's a storm out here and leave no planes .... I will be too late!

F: Yes, I saw something on TV, but I thought that would affect you!

L: for if !!...

F: is my life, I I wanted you to arrive early .. and!

L: sii ... me too !.... by the way, my or ~ as?

F: are asleep yet ... too early!

L: ahh .. and they are right?

F: yeah ... but andote strange ... I like ... and the baby?

L: jiji ... biennialNo, but as you know we'll put you on a plane ... because I'm feeling bad!

F: hehehe ... you are strange or!

L: and I love you !.... well my leave ... I love you!

F: me too ... and you take care! ..


L: Now ... Luigi's wrong and that face?

Lu, is that Stephen is annoying ... and there!

L: ... and not get so ... you can not do anything !!... Lu

: there is that I said he plans to ruin .. can you believe it (begins to mourn)

L, but now ... do not cry!

Caro (vto arrive) that Luigi's wrong?.

L: Problems with Steve!

Caro: But why? Lu

: is that ... there now ... I do not want to talk !!... if they had plans .. so sorry for him ... I'm first! ...

L: Yeah .. so himself!

Caro: I do not understand! Lu

: Mrs. DE CARVAJAL look ... which gives late ~ and my boyfriend plans and bother me!

Caro: ja !.... that well ... nevermind ... then it happened! Lu

: hopefully they do!

(gone a looooong time ... as the sun was to appear in the cielo ... clarified and the clouds were starting to come back .... unfortunately flights flight of the three went out late at night)

L: there ... I can not see more ... these feet are killing me !!....

Caro: there friend this pregnancy made you so neurotic!

Lu: If you?

L: it .... but ... I'm not the same as ever!

Lu: it is is ... whatever you say!

L: clown!

Caro: our flight out right now ... no ?.... want something .. is that you look with a humor!

L: as you want if I take more than 10 hours here waiting aque a flight to deign to take my home! Lu

: huy but not ~ a character!

L: there ?.... let me know ... I feel peaceful and invasion of my living space!

Caro: huy can not deny that you are the wife of Fernando

L: (looks evil and despair begins to move the legs while sitting)

Lu: I come now to see there-across if I buy something to eat ... want something?

Caro: Traimer a coffee

L: no !....

(Luigi goes)

Caro: friend you have to calm down ..!

L: (hysterical) I'm fine ... is that I be at home ... .. I have heat and the heat is here ...

Caro, that they ???/...... if you make a horrible cold

L: for I have heat !!..... and I have thirst! ... I go to Luigi !

Caro: yeah!

L: Luiiiigi!

LU: there is (putting her hand on his chest because of the shock) happens?

L: is that I came to get water .. can not stand the heat ... and I want to go! Lu

: but you will continue with the same thing right now ??.... we go!

(Leticia ... So I had them with her hysterics and began to notice the changes of humor in it ... After so much waiting porfin mounted on the plane managed would be a long flight ... ... the 3 sleep during the flight until they reached aMexico and it was a little midnight ... Lety entered his house and all was off ... leave your suitcase at the entrance and went up to see their daughters)

L: (opening the door of the room or ~ as .. deep breath) finally home (he was approached each caress, the arrangement and gave a kiss)

L: (entered his room and saw that Fer was sound asleep, took a bath o is change, turn off the light and got into his bed looking for the warmth of it. He opened his arms and gave them accommodation in a peck on the lips) I love you (ledijo and fell asleep)

(ALother day)

F: (get up and stretch, sit in bed and asleep still looking to the side, because someone feels precensia, but the smell it was well known, so look to your right and All you saw was a red hair and was scared, because he saw the face .. eyes opened big and hit a scream) AAAAAAAAHHHHHH ... WHO ARE YOU??

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Numb Feet More Condition_symptoms LFMB: Chapter 58 FAMILY

L: there ... but you aquiiii?

A: (confused) Yeah .. I!

L: but hello .. lol .. you remember me? ..

R: (looks good) LETICIA! !!... Hello .. I see you really like this dance! jejejeje

L: (nervous) jijij .. eh .. what happens is that as we celebrate the opening of my compa ~ ia here!

R: As you are the owner ??... ~ a Concept!

L: for more or less .. hehehe ... but what you doing here?

R: is that came with my father ... he will handle Concepts - Sou Pablo and I come to public relations job here!

L: seeAs time passes ... is well .. jiji ...

R: But look at you ... no .. you're very switched recognition these beautiful ..!

L: (sorry) aah .. thanks ..! Lu

: good !!!... I want to dance samba ... yaaa! .. .. SAMBA SAMBA!

L: Do not mind him .. hehe ... and he rose jjiji some glasses!

Caro: Lety ... oh .. do not tell me this is the guy the carnival!

L: yeah .. he is Rodrigo!

R: hello happy!

Caro: hehehe .. hello! (Giving a look at Lety care)

L: jiji .. there Caro!

Caro: goodor I'll go find Luigi .. and right now .. if we go?

A: noo .. so fast?

Caro: so it is!

L, and Caro (eyes opened) I'm fine!

(Caro left)

A: want to dance?

L: jijijijijiji!

A: hehehehe .. that laugh lol ... that you laugh?

L: It seems that the only times we see is dancing!

R: for if .. hahaha ... things of destiny!

L: (thinking that .. so what? .. Noo .. nooo) .. hehe .. not as you think!

R: good dance?

L: but I do not know how to dance samba!

A: I teaches you visitor!

L; noo .. hehe .. really ... do not worry!

A. .. animate vente ...!!

L: (not convinced) if .. ssi!

(Lety started dancing .. dancing .. hahaha .... how could this guy very bold and beat her more and more to it ... almost was not dancing the samba ... looked more like a lambada hehehe .. the beat a lot of him and Jennifer and was getting uncomfortable and super nerviosisisima ... he enjoyed much Leticia ... and that they were already noticing Luigi and Caro, so that friends to the rescue)

Lu : what what what ??... Carolina!!

Caro: (dancing) mm? .. What?

Lu (~ alando to Lety is) is that ??.... but this guy does not know that she is married?

Caro: for she said she was fine!

Lu: There Caro, that she is your best friend?

Caro: sii ... but .... got from there? Lu

: mu ~ eca, but that question! ...

(So these 2 were to where he was Lety, and Luigi's halo by hand)

R: But you do? Lu

: looks beautiful !!... you have to find the right thing before taking action .. .. I know?

A: (confused) No! Lu

: (raising his left hand to Lety) and are not confused?

R: that which ????........ you married?

L: siiiiiiiiiiii ... (she was like what you meant, but they were ahead)

R: but and why did not you say?

L: (confused) that ????.... if you would do but (interrupts)

R: for siiii !!!.. I thought ...

L: that what?

Caro: huuuuuuuuy .... they thought very badly!

L: what did you think?

R: for me .. and you ... and me!

Lu: jajajajajaja ... no dear ... look she is very happily married with two daughters ... and pregnant ... aaaah!

R: that which ????.......... all that?

L: for if !!..... but because you thought that ... there Rodrigo misinterpret things ... besides ... it was going to stop now .. because I was scaring

A: (sorry) good is that .....

Caro is that nothing .... we go? Lu

: sii .. and .. and let it calm down and ... and I do not touch it much !!.....( Lety grabbing his arm and letting the word in the mouth)

L: But ....

Car: nothing Leticia ...

L: hear me think bad !!.... not my fault for not speaking out !!... so leave me alone!

Lu and C: that you?? Lu

: not my queen ... you had to speak out with him ... tell him you are married .. Lety .. but did not see how you toquetiaba!

L: iff it ... and he would say to stop .. but you got!

Caro: Leticia wrong with you ?.....

L: my all !!... I'm fine ... I'm not going to be unfaithful to my husband ... ... I'm never sure what I have !.... Lu

: for ... apparently something else!

L: it does not ..... I'm very, pero very happy with Fernando .. and .. and stop thinking bad ... perhaps not have noticed as I am with him?

(Caro and Luigi looked and said if his head q)

Caro: Well ...... we go?

L: yeah .. my feet hurt !!... Lu

: bailadero so any

L: (looks bad) .. and you? Lu

: jjajajaja ...

(goodbye to all the activity was very successful .... with many proposals for advertising .... goodbye to those who handle the compa ~ ia there and went to their hotel)


R: papa !!... papa !!....

PR: if son tell me ...

R: wow .. tremendous activity ...!!

PR: Yeah .. it is all thanks to the creativity of Luigi Lombardi jejeje

R: sii sii .. .. and I met him !!... Hey Dad!

PR: Tell me son!

R: Who is Leticia? .. Osea if the president of Concepts?

PR: sii ... she and her husband manage all these franchises ... with the Villarroel!

R: aaahh ... then if you are married?

PR: yeah .... because the question?

A: noo ... lol .. nothing ..


(in hotel)

Caro friend ... okay?

L: yeah ... is that I want to go! ... I want to go home!

Caro: sii y yo!

L: but, ma ~ ana we have another reunion ... and I feel it will be eternal!

Caro: ya ... do not worry ... .. you really Lety was comfortable with Rodrigo?

L: I'll tell you the truth ... I am scared because prospaso .. .. and when I was going to say, you got ... but he thought wrong! .. And I do not want that. .. I do not want problems with Fernando!

Caro: good friends ... hopefully not .. hehehe ... go to sleep

L: sii ... I am very tired!

(The next day .... went to the reunion and there was Rodrigo, who kept looking at Leticia, and she felt a little uncomfortable ... but I do not know ... and continued strong focus future plans for this company ... would make a break for lunch)

Lu: Well, we eat it?

Caro: sii

L: yeah .... I have a craving for something delicious!

R: (interrupmiendo) if you want to invite you

L: (nervous) ... I do .. no thanks !!...

R: yes ... I was going for a place to cook very good!

L: this is not ...preocueps I'm not ... well .. I'm going with my friends!

Caro: sii ... she goes with us!

A: I can go with you?

Lu: Well ---

L: NO !!...( all looked) I say this because .. no .. because ... then I will go through some things at the hotel and I have to make earrings!

LU: and why not you tell me? (Lety gives a pinch) haaaaaaaaay!

L: what? ... With you? ... Alright? Lu

: Wild!

Caro: Luigi and calm down! Lu

: is I (lety opens her big eyes) anything ... but I'll eh!

R: good but I can accompanying ar ... I would not bother me!

L: (thinking, as I take it out of him)

(in that comes the father of Rodrigo)

RP: hi ... how are you? .. Well son comes looking for you to see if accompanied us as to eat!

L: yeah ... go with the others .. and know them well!

PR: do not come with us?

Caro is that after eating we have to do some things and come!

PR: aaah good! .. Well then I see them later ... to finish!

L: yeah .. with permission!

A: If

(they go)

L: Luigi ... as you say you were going to come if you want to avoid! Lu

: duriittzzimo poking me listen to me .... .. also if he can not you ... but yeah me

Caro learns there if Steve! Lu

: AICH not tell you !!... we're going to eat?!

L: sii I'm starving!

(In some Brazilian restaurant)

RP: Rodrigo pudes come a moment?

A: If you tell dad!

RP: son I told you not wanted near sra.Padilla not understand ... .. it is newstra ... respect her head!

R: but I'm not doing anything wrong!

RP: Well son, I know you and when something enters your head and get him out there .. and tell you something Mendiola Leticia Padilla's .. you have to get from here (pushing the head)

R: oh father ... what happens? know .. sii ..! (not very Convens) we join with others?

PR: sii ... but I told you so!

R: sii!

(I had been a long day, Leticia and Caro were sent to Mexico to talk with their husbands py to say they were well and talk with them awhile and how he had been the activity and plansExpensive?

Caro: sii nocesito one too .. I want one Lety?

L: noo .. so I'm fine!

(they go out and Lety left alone in the boardroom, the moment someone enters)

R: hello!

L: (deep breath) Hello!

R: Leticia .. this I want to talk with you!

L: sii? .. That or what?

A: It is not how to tell you!

L: tell me? ... It's the job?

R: no .. .. well this is more personal!

L: (confused) staff ??... I know you do not have nada staff to tell me!.

R: (approaching him) as it is ... .. you .. is that you ...

L: I do that? (And I was away because he was very, very close) Rodrigo .. what?

R: is that I like you much !!!....

L: (pushing) .... nooo nooo noooo .... Respect me .... please .... I am happily married ......

R: (approaching) but is that (and looked completely)

L: so please do not look at me!

R: is that your ... not ... me me me ...

L: yaa get away ... and Respect me ... (I pushed a bit)

R: (grabs hard) no .. nor I can!

L: Let go !!!... go!!

(She tried to push him but he was stronger than her ..... and try to grab his face to kiss her ... and Lety gave a courage that got him a push and get my hand .. and I leave behind the 5 fingers marked on the right cheek ... so it ... remember the slap she gave q Fertz ... he was shocked because this was ??... worse .. because it was with great courage!)

L: I told you to respect me!

(yet entered all .. because they heard a scream)

PR, that happens here ??.... ..

L: Don Pedro (up to q give it a name .. lol) itsson trying to be disrespectful!

DP: that it?

R: (touching her cheek) Pope I ...

DP: your nothing ... get out of here ... but first ask for an apology to the lic. Padilla!

L: Do not worry Don Pedro ... he understood that I must respect ... or not?

R: (looking at her with fury) if ... forgive me graduate! Lu

: but what has happened here ?....

L: Luigi then tell you anything! Lu

: (looking at Rodrigo) but my God ... or ~ or you step on that face ... seems it will stop a car there!

L: and Luigi! CHT

Caro MLXC (Lety approaching him) these good friend?

L: (deep breath) ... I am very tired sii let's go!

DP: Leticia ... perdonme ... I do not know ... my son is not so because compoirto!

L: only that her son !!.... misinterpret things but do not worry ... aahh that if he does not want in my company ... what made me .. it can be do anyone else!

Lu: But you did?

L: I told you then I'm telling you Luigi!

Lu: I can imagine ... this individual in question .. would soon backfire .. or am I wrong?

L: (watching it seriously) Luigiiii! CHT

MLXC Lu: what? if it is the truth? .. Peter .. this looks this bone here .. your son since he met Lety ... since it has been suggested and knew he was married yesterday! and all that .. watch it .. and will try to exploit or lying?

L: Luigi and I do not want problems!

Lu: I tell you one thing ... Hulk (to Rodrigo) ... my friend did not return to put a finger on ... because if you do not stop me ... and you'll want to know the hysterical of her husband .. and that if the accounts that no longer!


DP: yaaa ... I have much to talk with him ... I hope you at home !!... Rodrigo back out please!

R: if potato (not without first checking withLety much courage, and she looked very challenging)

(Rodrigo came from there)

DP: Leticia truly forgive me .. what a shame!

L: Do not worry .. I know you are not so ... but I ask you to please here I do not want your child really !!... ... and look encuanto before a public relations !

DP: Yeah .. as you say!

L: Well we're going .. yeah .. thanks for everything .. and I hope good business news

DP: Yeah .. of course you do!

(After this hard time was Luigi, Caro and Lety in the hotel room)

Caro: friend're right .. is that tand look very pale .. since we left!

L: sii ... just a little dizzy ... but well ... Lu

: not like that guy could really do that to you ..!

L: please ... not a word out of here ... I do not want Fernando know .. ok?

Caro: But you have to tell Lety ... ..

L: NO !!... not what your reaction ... you know how he is, maybe eventually I'll say ... yes?

Lu, as you say !...( thunder began to rain and very strong)

L: there is no rain !!.... that

Caro: huy is well ugly .. those thunder! Lu

: themimiski mimiski ... .. the fear of fear that !!!... I can not ... my valerian! .. where .. where is it?

L: in your room! Lu

: sii sii .. ... come now .. is that they fear!

(currently very hard seat)


: noo .. noo ... I'm not moving from here !!!... no no ...

L: and calm down .... you are such a coward .. jijijij! Lu

: no shut up ... (more thunder) aaaah ... where will my Stephen when I need it!

Caro: now you remember the holiday ... but no .... anything! Lu

: Caro is shut! CH

TMLXC L: jijijijiji ... well .. I come from and go to the bath visitor! (Stops and tide) there!

Caro; Lety .. you look very pale friend ... okay?

L: sii ... I'm very tired .... that's all! .. Just want to sleep! .. And you know things about pregnancy jijiji

Lu (making him a hand in bed) as it looks!

L: quee? .. You go to sleep here?

Lu: .. did you think that with this thunder and lightning I sleep in my room ... you're wrong!

Caro: But Luigi! Lu

: no buts!

L: jijijii ... well I'm going to dip back o ...

(After a while of fighting with Luigi to go away ... they could not Convens ... because I was so afraid of thunder and storms and stayed with them in the room!)

Lu : hear are awake?

L: I do

Caro and me!

Lu, is that I can not sleep .. and I wanted to ask you some things!

C and L, that things LOMBARDI LUIGI?!



Tuesday, June 19, 2007

554 Transaction Failed Spamfighter Imail LFMB: Chapter 57 FAMILY

(The next day in Brazil)

Lu: good and they do, where they were ?.... Caro ... .. and you must prepare your Lety ... and me! have to be amazing !!...

L: if Caro Luigi ... and I just got back from seeing new installations of Concept - Sou Paul ... and they are very nice and talk to those who handled the company here ....

Caro: I also had to see how it would be the event!

Lu: Yeah .. ok ok !!... but we have to go to beauty salon and make do !!... and then I have to go to the event to see how it all .... because my Caro dear .. you're here to do public relations coordinator ... no! C HTMLXC

Caro: there is you ... I can also see how it will be the event!

L: yaaa !!.... we go to the salon? Lu

: yeah ... we will!

(While at the home of Lety and Fer)

F: Well ... Pepa prepare you for something .. really!

Pepa: Do not worry ~ be ... well call me or anything, you know ... I have to go look for my children!

F: if thank you very much!

(Pepa leaves)

F: or ~ as !!.... come to eat!

July: papaaaaaa!

F: tell me my life?

July (looks at him curiously) onde ta ma?

F: because she is on a return trip but very prontito !!... come to eat?

July: Siip ...

F: looking for your sister? July

: sip ............( calling your hermaman) Tereeeeee!!

F: but do not yell, go look !!.... andale!

July (puts face that lazy) if

F: andale .. look at that daddy can not walk much .. you?

July: sii daddy!


Lu: Hey my queen and if you do orNo makeover?

L: that ??... Lu

: siiiiii .. I cut my hair and paint that?

Caro: I love the idea there!

L: no .. and believe! Lu

: sii .. something new .. and takes a long time with your long black hair!

L: so bad it looks?

Caro: jajajajajajaja ... nooo ... but a change to a ~ o does not damage visitor!!

Lu: it is .. so you can give a surprise addition to your breeding male!

L: LUIGI !!!!!! Lu

: so what? .. I told the truth! ... Now I'm going to leave my manicure! CH TMLXC

L: ok then ...

(Luigi goes)

Caro: andale Lety ... until something new !!!... yes?

L: it is not! ... Because they say it could damage or the baby ... and no!

Caro, but there are natural dyes, ammonia ... those if you can use ... is more we ask a stylist?

L: (not convinced) ok

Caro, Robert see a moment!

R: Tell me my queen! ...

Caro is that she is pregnant y. ....

R: haaaaaaay congratulations (and embrace all excited to Lety) that good!

Caro: quiet quiet .. lol .. and it was to see if they could paint the hair!

A: Well, look ... we do to our customers who are pregnant, use natural dyes without ammonia, these odors can affect the baby! (Note: I find out all this in order to put it)

Caro : see I told you so!

R: but if she does not want to force him!

L: Yeah .. I would like, but I was afraid!

R, then you join?

L: yep!

(in Mexico)

F: good eh !!... stay here I will work if you ?.... llamra CH

Tere TMLXC: Mom ??...

F: horita call it ... yes? Tere

(Mean sadder) if!

F: do not look so darling ... ok? (Calling Concepts) sii, Loooooola .... I can cominicarlos with Tomas sii !!... lol .. well .. I do not worry , will have me back soon! ... ok .. thanks .. here I hope!

T: Don Fernando Don compa ~ ero!

F: Don Tomas Don compa ~ ero ... hehehe ... how are you?

T: well .. that way .. that you offer?

F: I'm just calling to see how things are going in Concepts!

T: horita all goes well .... I get a faxues do not know what happened there .. just know that your dad was .. and sent me some documents, we are not going well!

F: (decepsionado) that .. but we can not do something?

T: is that we have many skills ... we are not the only production houses alla !!.... you know it's a place where there is much demand for advertising !!...

F: .. sii ... if you are looking !!.... ma ~ ana Concepts I perform to see if I can do something!

T: But is that ma ~ ana is Saturday!

F: sii ... no job ... I forgot!

T: I can go if you want ma ~ ana to your house and see if we make a plan, something that could help your father alla!

er done better .. you see divis divis!

L: Hee hee hee ... thanks !!... like?

Lu: Of course you do!!

L: I like to think Fer?

Caro: do not be a clown ... of course !!... will love!

Lu: Well now!

R: ya? ... Wonders are the 3!

Lu: If you?

R: clarooo!

L: thank you very much indeed ..!

R: Do not worry ... you look beautiful and you too !!... my queen!

Caro: hehehe .. thanks! Lu

: great .. and wemy queens go .. we have to dress !!...

R: bye .. and you know when they return are welcome!

C and L: thanks!

(arrived at the hotel and were preparing)

(cell phone rings Lety)

L: hooooola !....

F: sii ~ ... when it deigned to call now?!

L: Fernando !!... there and what happened? ... How are you ??... and my or ~ as?

F: sii ... hehehe .. well .. I am super crazy good .. come back .. I do not know!

L: (confused) is not it?

F: No ... hehehe !!.... and this is nothingthe twins there watching TV ... in them!

L: Fer is not much time there .. I porfis!

F: (not doing any) sii .. as you say ... and you do?

L: for vistinedo and I was going to call you .. is that we are preparing for the activity!

F: aahh yeah .. is today ... .. hehehehehe ................. Leticia when I'd say what happened in California?

L: iff is my life .. I forgot ... sorry .. is that I have so many things in mind

F: Lety .. but this is important!

L: if Fernando, I know! .. Your dad was to see what we could do ... and am goingeeping informed!

F: sii ... I know .. but you had told me !!!.... is going to affect us! .. It seems that Madonna's video did not help much!

L: sii thought that too ... but do not worry ... we'll get ... yes?

F: sii ... I know !!....

L: Hey I put on my ~ as?

F: sii clear! (Goes to them) look like to talk with mom?

July: riiiiiiight! (Grabs phone) mamaaaa!

L: hello my life .. how are you? July

: very ben!

L; you? ... You are behaving well? ..

July:.. You have to understand a little ... shall we?

July (not very satisfied) if

L: Well my love, set me your sister ... you're good .. July and you ignore your dad! .. I love you!

July: sii .. mommy .. I tambe tomaaaa Tere! Tere

: Mommy?

L: I love .. hello, how are you? .. Tere

: ben mami .. onde TAS?

L: jijij .. I'm working! Tere

: and you Venes?

L: huuy .. not .. go on Sunday! Tere

: today?

L: no, my love ... not today ... look no .. ma ~ ana ma ~ ana after CHTere TMLXC

: (not understanding) Yeah .. but .. is that mommy!

L: what?

Tere: I want you!

L: iff and I were there .. but look with potato ... and have to make the case and portarce well ... Tere

: sip

L: and you're wearing these right? Tere

: jejejiijijeje .. yep!

L: Hm .. that laugh !!... well my love .. you're good ... and you ignore your dad .. ok? Tere

: there mamiiiiiii

L: we must carry on well ??... hehe .. .. you and your sister ... I love you! Tere

: and I tambe

L: Put me on your dad! Tere

: riiiiiiight papaaaaaaaaaa !!!.... ......... .... papiiiiiiiiiiiiii making!

F: thanks ... but do not yell ... hehehehe ... (into phone) Hello!

L: hello my love ... and I have to go to the party!

F: jum ... fiesta !!... carry on well! (Here as everyone says portarce not it?)

L: jijijiji ... if I go to the inauguration and I return !

F: Well you better .. but hey!

L: Fer .. what happens? .. Do not start with jealousy!

F: yooooooooooooooooooo jealous?

L: siiiiiii tuuuuuuuuuuu!

F: There ya ya ya!

L: mjum look !!... I have a surprise !!...

F: which sii? Dimeeeeeee ..!

L: hehehe ... nop .... have to wait for!

F; aahh .... not fair because you know that?

L: what?

F, I I have another!

L: yeah ??... tell me tell me?

F: aahh no Esparas curiositta ... you'll have until you get!

L: There are no !....

F: jajajajajaja ... well Letz! .. You know .. you're good .... I hope you did not go to any carnivaleh!

L: (nervous) I? .. Hehehe .. noo .. nothing to do !!... hehe .. well .. me or ote ~ now if I talk to you later! ...

F: if my love .. I love you! Ly

me did .. and Guard it well!

F: sii .. bye!

L: bye!

(Low and meets Caro and Luigi in the Lobby)

Caro, that you look beautiful! that dress is spectacular! (as I love both the blue suit I use the Vale in the novels and TV .. imagine that is the same .. the only thing with her hair up ... lol)

Lu: ohh God .. these beautiful Leticia .. I'll dull!

L: noo .. we like to believe ... not so much .. you? .. And let's go!

Caro: sii and we have to go!

(arrived in the activity ... and everything was fine ... everyone happy with the president of Concepts, the creativity of Luigi and advertising that compliments Carolina ... did not wait ... an issue that was passed to tell a beautiful woman ... Caro and Lety and that put them very nervous)

L: Caro .. there who understands first want to talk about work and then made compliments!

Caro .. hehe .. if you feel it! Lu

: some girls ... but they will sit ??.... we bailar look now I will introduce the chanting ... and we're in a carnival theme!

L: sii noo ??... hehe .. I'm staying!

Caro: andale vente lety .. let's enjoy!

L: noo ... I'm serious!

Caro: you feel good?

L: jiji sii .. .. is that my feet hurt a bit ... that's all .. .. I have them a little swollen but I hope to pass me! Lu

: good is good when you are ready ....... osea list ... you join!

L: sii .. hehehe!

(Luigi introduce the chanting ... I began to play music of Carnival and it was the close of business... Necklaces were giving whistles .. .. .. the whole masks thing in the carnival ... and he was very people were partying and dancing)

L: hehehe ... I want there .. !!!....

Caro: (almost yelling at Lety) see Lety .. join!

L: (suitable shoes) I sii!

(Luigi joins Lety and Caro and starts dancing with them)

L: (hitting someone) no forgiveness!

?: (Fasina with her) do not worry it orita ~!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

South Park Fish Sticks Free LFMB: Chapter 56 FAMILY

(arrived in Brazil)

L: There Caro ... I really feel terrible!

Caro: friend now if you think ... is very pale !!!...

L: they did not believe me but look upon it ??... ah!

Caro: noo .. hahaha .... well yeah ... but I matabas of laughter hahaha ... tell you something?

L: that friend !!!... yeah ... let sit for me ... I feel the ground fall on my face!

Caro: hahaha, as you have that baby!

L: no shut up, I hope you at birth is more relaxed ....

(At home, Omar was already gone)

July: papaaaaaaa!

F: July dime!

July: aguaaaa dame!

F: but sii, but because you scream ah ??....?

July: jajajajajijijij

F: making! Tere .. and you want? Tere

: nop!

F: good because you have to dip arlas you?

July: no ... Holit

F: noooo .. now! Tere

: papa .. noo

F: There is no ... because he does not heed a look .. daddy ... if that is sick (or, looking very sad ~ o)

Tere (pattedto the face) if?

F: if my love ... and your July?

July: papaaaaa sii!

F: because we are going!

(In Brazil, they are now on site with Luigi)

Lu, and these best Lety?

L: sii ... a little .... and good to talk to the partners? Lu

: sii, ma ~ ana ahead early to demonstrate the locations and then at night is the party ... we will be all day outside!

Caro: sii, I need to go to see how the activity is the night! Lu

: sii ... but first, let's take a look back to this carnival and want to go to PARTY!

L: jijii ... Yeah .. ok ... but first I have to call Fer, and say that it comes

Caro: sii, and I Omar! Lu

: ok ok report to their lizards and go yeah?

C and L: LUIGI !!!!! Lu

: haaaay .. so sorry!

(Caro went to Omar and Lety llamra Fer)

L; good?

F: (something that stirred so much rope to) sii? .. Yeah well? (Still ba ~ ~ I'm at or as)

L: Fer? .. Okay?

F: stay there (standing) Lety Lety .. my life ... how are you?

L: Well ... OK ... but I happened ??... what happens?

F: is that I'm ba ~ Added to the twins ... and you know they are not being quiet! (The ni ~ as start throwing water) noo .. no I do not get wet!

L: ... that goes ??....

F: is that me getting wet ... perama not hang up!

L: sii!

F: (hblandole to either ~ as) breast greet you? (Puts the speaker) and

J and T: mamiiii hoola!

L: haaaay my or ~ as ... hello ... well behaved and love and strange visitor!

F: Well? .. Lety

L: if Fer tell me?

F: and not strip you are there playing!

L: (gets sad) aahh ok

F: yaa not get well and you how are you and my other baby?

L; Haay not tell me ... look it gave me problems the whole trip ... I was hugging the bath visitor!

F: lol ... a little? ... Hahaha

L: pos yeahhhh ... Do not laugh !!.... I hope this is the quiet .. because you and the twins I'm going to go crazy ...

F: aaaah yes?

L: jijijijii .. not as you think? ... The same love, love them .. they are my life!

F: You better!

L: orgullosito hear!

.....: Fjjajajaja because my life a bit later ... you name it if it is to meet them?

L: if my love!

F: you know nothing CARNIVAL!

L: Hee hee hee ... not like you? ... Jijijij

F: Leticia!

L: There are already Fer adiosshhhh ... .. I love you!

F: and I will take care ... bye!


L: Well now!

Caro: hahaha ... I told Fernando Lety ... what happened today ?.... jajaja

L: (scared) nooo that what happened?

Caro:I need help from Omar jajajajajaja! Lu

: jajajajajajaja!

L: that it ????... but why?

Caro: jajajajajaja ... is that Fer ... hahaha ..... tell you the best .. jajja!

L: ahh no ... now you tell me! Lu

: good !!!.. and we're going out or not?

L: sii ... but you owe me a Caro!

Caro: yeah jajajajajajaja!

(They came out and what was in the streets was pure celebration, colorful, life!)

Lu, but oh my God !!....( dancing behind a guy)

Caro: Luigi (the pull) que doing?

L: jijijiijiji .. what a tremendous ... Lu

: you have not seen ... look at that hot body! This divine !!!.. .. mm mm mm!

L: jijiiji .. and your boyfriend?

Lu: Yes, nothing like my Stephen, but it hehe ... but look at this one (went back)

L: noooo ... but that thing ... ... Luigi jijijiji and your class?

(in Lety that the pull by hand and it was a boy a little younger than her, but beautiful and invites her to dance ... sii well as in the carnival in the middle of the street)

L: to me? Young

: (no Portuguese so sorry) iff you!


: Lety huuuuuyyy ... .. say yes .. because I'm carrying me!

Caro: hahaha .. Lety walks, or you were doing anything wrong!

L: (with the little eye to million) because ... well ...

Jo: ... it is only going to dance!

L: there ... but not a word of it because they kill me!

Lu and C: yeahhhh not a word!

(Lety tries to dance, it is because the music they have is so very active carnival and the guy .... very "daring" the glue to it, and anything that is not maaaaaaal .. . the more nervous)

Jo: but relax ... listen to the music! CHT

MLXC L: jiiji aahh sii sii!

Lu, who would say look at her ... .. jajajajajajja!

Caro: let it !!.... you are really bad!

Lu: s that man is divine !!... mm mm mm .. what a shame that she's married!

Caro: LUIGI!

(the follow-paced dancing very Pegaditas)

L: eehh ehh .. and we danced a lot .. no?

Jo: hehehe .. okay !!... whose name is Rodrigo .... my pleasure!

L: (nerviosaaaaa) Lety aahh hehe .. if my name is that!

A: Leticia, that divine name !!...

L: (super red) jeje graences sii!

R: good Lety ... you enjoy ... I hope to see you there then!

L: sii sii ... hehe ... bye!

(Rodigo leaves)

Lu, my queen ... but tremendous man who woke up ... this buenitzimo!

Caro: you can not deny that this very handsome lol!

L: ya ... I have no eyes for anyone but ... just for my husband! Lu

: there but my true queen!

L: as if!

Caro, well we? or what? Lu

: clear !!... I want to dance!

L: sii ... peror remember that ma ~ ana have to get up early! Lu

: do not be party !!..... water .... we look look at that show (almost ran off)

Caro: but LUIGI!

L: jijijijii ...... LUIGI!

(qeu approached the parade was throwing colorful beads and stuff)

Lu, but I love ... I am coming to live here!

L: hahaha .. wow so now I have the neck filled with a thousand colors!

Caro: siiiiiiii ....( start dancing)

Lu: I Caro ... so enjoy it !!... jajaja andale Lety join!

L: is que jijij ........

(well spent, enjoying and dancing ... came the other day)

(in the doctor's office)

O: Hey brother, you tell me you do here?

F, well ... is that this leg is bringing me problems!

O: (confused) as?

F; is ... I can not do much else (abirendole eyes to know)

O: I do not understand!

F; this .. let's see ... I can not move very much and want to move more!

O: I do not understand!

F: GOD WILL ANIMAL TYPE I need per ????.....commitment to ..

Nurse: Fernando Mendiola, go!

O: that ?....... for??

F: nothing .. stay with the ni ~ as!


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jacksonville,fl Austin Eng LFMB: Chapter 55 FAMILY

Caro as andale ??.... not already! (Speeding car)

L: it worries me .... but yaa ..... you all settled there?. .... who is going to get?

Caro: yeah .... Luigi, he came before ... do you remember?

L: sii ... is that all this happened to me !!... hear and Omar as you left?

Caro: The ... he knows not the first time ... really helps!

L: who would say ... hehehe ... these two pure parents ... to know that in the past or are going through your mind ... jijijiji

Caro: yeah .... jajajajaja

(While Fernando was at home sitting in front oftwin and they sat before him and looked as boring)

July (going to move)

F: hey! (was ~ alandola) do not ever move girl! ......

July: papiii!

F: no daddy you are going to wear it ... no evil! Tere

: jijijijjajajajjajaja ...

F: hey and you do not laugh!! Tere

: (complaining) papiii!

F: jeejejejeje .... hungry?

July: sii

Tere, nooo

F: to see ... if we eat and because Tere ?....s lunch and not eat a good breakfast! Tere

: quero no!

F: AAA for then give you the vitamins !!!... mmmm ... yes?

T: iiiaaacck .... noooo! (Knew very bad)

July: not true Dad?

F: noo, you're going to eat well and you too!

(Fernando stood on crutches and in a neglect of or ~ as they stopped and started running)

F: but there is no !!... ????.....

(While this was happening as the plane was about to take off)

L: (nervous) there, there is such hate!

Caro: Lety jajajajajaja ... no change there ... ha ha ha!

L: as I do not change if I am wrong I am very dizzy !!.... Caro!

Caro, and are not afraid, as before ??... hahahahaha!

L: do not make fun Caro ... if if I have no fear ... Dear God ..... but the truth is I feel bad all around me!

(While at the home of Fer)

F: (by phone) Omar is Omar ... help me .. what happens to these or ~ as are possessed ... like ... can LEey (while dodging something that was thrown) hey no I do not throw things!

O: jajajajajajaja ... brother ... it is not .... this is quiet for now Dany! C


F: but is that (and I see that one of them was climbing on the table) July !!!..... noooo !!!... Get down Get down (and walk there)

O: hahaha ... Fernando aqyuda want?

F: yeah .... please help me !!!!( while holding the crutch and the other carrying a package like July) July

: papiiii! papaaaaaaaa hayyy!

O: right now .... I'll let Danny and we finished eating!

F: apurale please!

O: siii sii ... adios!


F: that doing evil ....( looks around) and your Julysister ???..... where your sister?

July: jajajajajajaja .... not!

F: (lowering it) and you do not know ... stay here !!!... Teresa Teresa !!!!( !!!...... walked into the kitchen) but you did?

Tere (full of white flour) jajajajajaja ....

F: but no! .. Now have to clean all this ... and you'll help me ..!!!

Tere (stands up and runs away) jajajajajajaja!

F: and my aaaaaaiiiiiiccccccchhhh .... but where are my angels ,.... or as so good ~!

July: papiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

F: there I go! (While trying to clean all the desorden)

Tere: papiiiii !!!!!!

F: yaaaa !!!... I'm coming! (Said while finishing)


F: (remember, not much paciensia Fer) yaaaaa!! and (they close) yaaaaa ....... what the shouting portence ???.... well yaaa!

(The or ~ as it were in shock and began to mourn)

F: noo ... pardon me ... do not cry!

July: (crying) ... mamiiii mamiiii!

F: noo ... it is then mommy came

Tere: mamiiii ... go ... you ..... veteee mamiiiii!


J and T: siiiiiiiiii !!!!!( jump start)

F: but comanselos ... yaaaa ... but DO NOT jump !!!!... ??...

(in this knock at the door)

F: I'm coming! (The opening) .. Omar brother ... how good you are here .. hello !!... pass Dany!

O: Fernando ... but what happened to this house?

F: is not me is they (alando to be ~ or ~ as they jumped on the sofa)

O: Fernando if Leticia becomes patatus gives here!

F: or tell me ..... I need ...

O: Daniela .. noo ... DO NOT jump there!

F: help me brother ....

O: but because they are so of restless .. they ate or what?

F: is that we were eating candy and ate the chocolates and soft drinks and popsicles!

O: but Fernando !!!!... but ... now you say you will be animal !!!!.... but you can not mix all that!

F: but I say animal, ANIMAL !!!..... and why not?

O: but why are you'll be ... well ... for those who ate half a sweet !!!....

F: nooo ... I do not think so ... they are already in nature ... is that you do not know when they are in the breast are little angels and Lety does nothing but walk out that door and watch them! ! C


O: jajajajajajajaja ... we'll help !!....

(The plane)

Caro, and these better?

L: noo ... like ???.... think that makes me so bad .. and more pregnant ... I can not Caro could not!

Caro: hahaha ... do not be so dramatic Lety ... lol ... look who we're almost there!

L: sii, AS PILOT to hurry!

Caro: shshs .. Lety!

Hostess: any good?

Caro: Yeah .. is that she feels a little sick but is better ... right Lety (Mirandola)

L: that it ??... sii sii!