Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Plus Size Linen Dresses LFMB: Chapter 54 FAMILY

L: Well, my life what happens is that you're going to have to stay with the twins you just this weekend (and got a check to the mouth, as if nothing happened and continued watching the movie)

F: (he was lying and feels faster) than QUEEEE ???!!!!... but ... but ... Lety .... but ... my mom?

L: aahh ... (nervous) jijii ... she went to Mexico and had to go to London urgently!

F: that happened ??.....

L: all is well .... do not worry ... you know the 3 all alone this weekend!

F: no ... no .... but is that Lety .... and your mom?

L: they are in Puebla and you have qu ...CF: aahh that vibe you ... help me!

L: jijiji !!...( helps him and would give him a kiss but she turned her face Fer) TAS annoying? Tere


L: sorry ... I'll shut up ... are going to dip visitor!

(They go to the bathroom ~ o)

L: see tell me what happen?

F: Lety is that ... I'm afraid, is not the same to be one day the three of us, that 4 days!

L: my love ... I'm scared .... but I have to trust you ..... you are her dad and that you will care more than your life!

F: Lety .. is there! (Lowers his head frustrated)

L: que Fer you afraid?

F: decepsionarte i do not want my life ... i do not want nothing happens!

L: not going to do ... everything will be alright, you know them to perfection ... yes?

F: (smiles) sii

(Lety, she smiles and hugs him and her. He can not start over and kiss his neck ... just take his wife provokes many feelings about in, is poya wall with his other hand begins acarisiar the back of his wife and seeks his mouth to kiss it, they forgot everything as they always do and turned to be carried away by that desire is repressed .... needed each other .... but ...)

July (giving your palm heartthe door) Mamiiii ..... mama ... come!

(both were scared and lack of air between them was esperarce)

L: ya ... .. Fernando Fer ...

F: if ........ this ... is that I can not stand ....

L: and I are going .... but!

F: (opening the door) but that timing thing July!

July: (I look extra ~ o) mamiiii

L: (carrying the or ~ a) and Fer ... do not talk so ...... and what happened?

July: you will not see Shreckkkk?

L: (imitating) that if I do not see Shreckkkkk? ... If my life ... we'll see you? (July says if)

(the bed is arranged in the movies and the 4 so it would fall asleep at that sweet ... hehehe)

(the other day and I get this dismissed it because it was a Thursday ... would be the longest weekend for them)

L: Well my life right now coming to me if Caro?

F: but .. but .. I'll take you!

L: Fer ....... hehehe ... as you guide ... jijijij!

F: as no !!....

L: (caressing her face) No Caro is my life ... for me ... nor are we with the ~ as if?

F: but my life's okay !!.... .... .... we aaaaiiiiccchhh! CHT MLXC

L: (gives a kiss) hehehe ... if my or ~ ote ... jiji!

F: Hey Letzzz!!

L: jijijiji Fertzzzzzz ... tell me ...

F: When you say to or ~ as the new baby?

L: Well, I thought when I noticed a little more ... I think?

F: no ?.... ... or if you notice it when or after the trip .. yeah?

L: ok ...

(They went to the room that was where the ni ~ as)

L: hoooola!

July: Mommy, come (I was saying to sit next to her)

L: if my love!

F: aiiichh this leg I can not not let me ... I feel better here in the chair ... no?

L: jiji sii .... well .. ~ as my mom will not leave home if? Teres

: we go?

L: jijijii ... nooo ... I'm just me .. and you are left with dad yes?

July: nooo!

F; as not? ... If we are to have so much fun! Tere

: mami .. (hugs)

L: for my life if I go, but I am quickie .... I will work .. you? .. You know how mom works


: yep!

L: very good!


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