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Engagement Congratulations Wording LFMB: Chapter 53 FAMILY

L: (taking off from it) Fer right now .. no !!!... no can hurt you more than you are!

F: (approaching him ever more) I can not resist ... no more ... (trying to stick to it)

L: (pushing it) looks .. . you stay here I go to the guest bedroom is ?.... .. if I do it for your sake!

F: You're rejecting?

L: (shakes his head and laughs) nooo ... lol ... but you know I love you and I will not hurt you, right now you'll recover! (Giving him a quick kiss ) I'm the guest bedroom

F: noo .. stay here .... look no more bother you ... I promise!

L: (suspicious, since he knew) are you sure?

F: yeah ... .. and looks good to you lay down and I all good over here ... you?

L: (sighs) ok ...

(They had spent a few weeks more and Lety and had a full month of gestation ... was to check with the nutritionist and gynecologist, and had much improved, although it was a little shaky because of Gags and dizziness that caused her pregnancy ... but she knew that that was part of ... Fernando was a pocor better but not entirely because his hip was completely fine and had his cast changed as a fabric, the kind that bring metals to have his right leg, just as such ... I had 3 weeks to get it removed and to commence at the knee that was broken, was a day before the trip to Brazil)


Lu: Well my queens are ready?

Caro: yeah ... but ... it scares me to let me or ~ a.. Jejeje

Lu: sii ... I understand ... with the animal of your husband .. hahaha! !

Caro: yaa ..

L: Fernando jijijijiji .... well ... very wrong leg ... andue need those investments that will open there, with success, I just called the California is bad, not producing as it should and has lots of competition.

Caro, that, but how?

DH: iff so is Marcia told me, are having problems .. and as Lety can not go, much less Fernando, because I'm going to go and Theresa, have to go to our home in London, check some accounts and it seems that something happened and she's out this afternoon and I also go out this afternoon for California!

L: QUEEEEEEE ????.... bone Teresita will too!

DH: if Leticia why?

L: I needed the help of ellto, because I'm going this weekend to Brazil and needed someone to help with Fernando and ~ as and she was here and was going to ask!

DH: aah, what a shame Lety, but is that really she has to go to London as soon as possible.

L: (resigned) Yeah, yeah I understand, but she and where is it?

DH: this in the acabdo AIRPORT put down!

Lu, but neither said goodbye!

DH: If you know ... they really urged to go to the house there!

Caro: sii, we understand!

DH: Well if you excuse me come to pick up some papers and also I go to the AIRPORT!

L: if (hugs him) you have a good trip

DH: sii thanks, this is resolved soon return ...

Caro: sii ...

(Humberto was fired)

Lu: no friend now if you miss your heavenly help ... ha ha ha!

L: (with concern) because if .. there, there!

Caro: friend and calm down, not the first time that Fernando is left with them!

L: Yes, but Caro .. which it always is with them ... it's like three or ~ let alone together .... I do not know!

Lu: I'm sorry for my queen ... but now you forget it ...enes to think past activity ma ~ ana!

L: Luigi ... but as you pretend to think that now ... if I have to worry about those 3!

Caro and Lety ... I'm going to leave alone Daniela Omar and friends .... yaa!

L: there is not, not yet !!... Fernando is also very wrong! Lu

: but not just say that this better?

L: yes ... but .. there! .. And I better go to my house .. they are waiting for me there!

Caro: good friend ... if you want to step early and we go together to the AIRPORT you?

L: sii, stabi! Lu

: and saben, divines put things!

L and C: hahaha .. if Luigi!

(goodbye, Lety goes and searches for her daughter to day care and home addresses)

(At home)

L: to see where his father will be ? Tere

: top!

L: for if you? .. Jijiji

July: papiiiiiiiiii !!!!( upstairs)

Tere (behind his sister) papaaaaaaa!!

L: I rise now (Lety, went to the kitchen to see if she had to cook or Pepa as sometimes he had left and they made food heatingban ... but it seems to never have to cook, everything smelled great and also, it seems that was recently done, look at his watch) but .. if Pepa always going to 1pm, and it is 6, unless. .. Fernando !!...( heads for the stairs)

(in that the or ~ as they stood in front of the stairs at top)

July: Pope did not sta!

L: (upstairs) and who is not?

July: (shaking head) nooop

Tere: No Mommy!

L: but as y. ... But .. this Fernando !!...( entering the room of her) Ferdinand (I looked and looked for the ningunlado not) but his dad ... where methionine ? .. (when he went toturn the ni ~ as they were not there) but .... .. Julieta Teresa Fernando !!!!!...( !!!... downstairs) ~ Fernando ... or where they are as ... ?....

(you could hear giggles that came from the dining room)

L: and that ... (she went to the kitchen) Fernando!

F: hello my love!

L: and this is?

F: as you go ma ~ ana and farewell! (Approaching him and giving him a kiss)

L: but Fer back on Sunday!

F: and I can not be ?.... retailer with my wife? (The hug and gave a big kiss)

L: Fer ... calm down you are there as the ni ~! CHT


F; is that this life of abstinence me bad!

L: jijij calm down ... .. and look better enjoy this dinner and tell me how you did? (He said as he accommodated the or ~ as in the chairs)

F: well ... very easy !!.... when Pepa was ... then I started making dinner for us .. so 4 ... and then .... lol ... and as you go now, for something to eat home!

L: (kisses) ... with my life ... as long as retail !!... everything smells so good!

F: hahaha ... now to see who knows !!...

(enjoyed much of his family dinner ... shared, laughed and occurrences of every day ~ as surprisedNo more new things that they learned.)

L: Well that is going to play right now of preparing to sleep .. yes? Tere

: no mama ...

F: like that? Tere

(halandole hand to his breast) are mom ...

L: right now .. let me go here if you clean?

July: Venes?

L: and ... I'll go with them .. Fer as clean the dishes!

F: nooo !!!.... so I leave it to me, I did everything and purge!

L: are you sure Fer?

F: sii ... go with them ...

L: well ... (Gives a kiss)

(Fer So he began to clean .. what he did and Lety and not ~ as, got more comfortable and were preparing to watch a movie in her room)

L: to see and what we see?

July: this!

Tere, nooo ... this!

L: Well ... not fight ... and if Mom chooses it?

T & J: yeah!

(Lety chose Shreck ... is that this movie kills with laughter .. hahaha .... and so they sat on the bed in the room at Lety to view)

L: stay here !!... want something?

July: nooo

Tere, nooo

L: Well ... I am now come to look for dad ... yes?

July: yeah

(Lety low and was found to Fer finished cleaning all)

L: (surprised) go ... I have to go on a trip seguidito ... to see if tooodos so clean kitchens and day ... hehehe (and will take a package of popcorn)

F: jajaajaja ... well ... no your not going anywhere ....

L: (warming up the popcorn and sits atop the "counter "..** so sorry but I forgot how to say" counter "espa ~ ol **...) aahh no?

F: nop (stops in her e lantentrelaza his hands with it) go to this and is working ... because if you do not!

L: ??... but it does not come with your jealousy Fer your stuff .... and neurotic

F: (putting his hands on her waist) that I am nothing ... just have to protect what is mine!

L: (putting his hands around the neck of Fer) since, I also like mine to protect it (approach it and giving a kiss)

(He gave a very passionate kiss that was gaining tone, with more intensity, more desire and need Lety .... step your legs around the waist of Fer and stroked it with more intensity ... had a huge desire to get back together ... but until the doctorgave no orders .... things could not level rose more .. but the beep beep of the microwave ... brought them back to reality)

F: timming wrong ... damn!

L: ....( Fer and said, as he descended from the "counter") you see the movie with us?

F: (with the face of what) what? ... Lety not see what it was about to happen here?

L: sii ... I know ... but is that until your doc not leave ... and also we could not ... we are not alone ....

F: yeah ... but ... is that I can not stand ... I swear ...!!

L: and my life .... andale accompanying years

F: if

(rose and met with ~ as entertaining or watching the movie)

F: AsIII that watching Shreck? (Is comfortable in his bed and across Lety)

Tere: sii ( was saying as he settled next to his father)

L: Well, let's see ...

July: dame mama .. (putting his hand inside the container where they were popcorn)

L: aahh but your not wanted ... aaaah !!... jijiji Fer I have to tell you something

F: What happened?


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