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Wedding Cruises Melbourne LFMB: Chapter 51 FAMILY

DE: sii, Leticia and Fernando are going to have another baby!

DT: hahaha ... that emotion ... another grandson ... that HAPPINESS! (Hugs her husband)

DH: yeah, that right!

DJ: sii, they are very happy.

DH: We have to celebrate!

DT: sii ... yeah!

(3 days had passed since the crash of Ferdinand, the fourth day the day to give him high Fer, in Concepts and everyone knew that Lety and Fer were going to have another baby. Meanwhile in New York )

L: how good my love give you high today! (kisses)

F: mmm ... if it rich, go home!

L: Yes, but we will ma ~ ana

F: what and why not today?

L: Fer, because ma ~ ana early is better, I want to go, but out of here, to go and also an airport and more how are you, it is uncomfortable, right?

F: (sad) Yeah, yeah, is that I want to see July and Tere, I needed

L: you think ?.... I'm not like the extra ~ o horrors. .. and want to see!

F: Yes, I know, sounds like you felt? ..

L: for better, 2 days ago that I do not morning sickness, and I love it, touch wood look (giving knocked on a pieceor wood)

F: hehehehe ... this pregnancy, if that is worse than the other?

L: no, do not say that, for my pregnancy because it is something nice, knowing that something of mine is here inside (touching the belly)

F: and mine!

L: Well if the 2 ... jijij ... but the only thing that gives me little thing is that you blow up everything, after I get off the pregnancy weight of the twins, returned to the same ... But after my baby arrives well, I'll be very happy ... do not you?

F: Clearly, if (he smiles)

(At that entrael Dr.)

DR: Very good morning!

L and F: buenos di as

F: and I can go?

DR: hehehe ... all in stride ... hahaha .... you're better ... yeah ... but I have to talk to you, first let me tell you and you send your file to your doctor

F: yeah ... ok

DR, and good for .. (looking at Lety)

F: ahh ok ... Lety, we allow a second

L: if I hope there (Lety left the room, but not before giving a kiss to Fer)

(The doctor came to talk to Fernando, Lety take long and did not understand why, until he left the room )

L: what has happened ??... all good?

DR: sii hehe ... it was giving some directions to her husband, but you can get, I will find the paper that says that is already released!

L: (smiles) is good, thank you, leave (came into the room)

(if Lety came into the room found a crestfallen Fer)

L: Hello my love, are you okay ?

F: (he Vanta her look sad) if you do not worry!

L: Fernando happens? ... The doctor told you?

F: nothing Leticia, helps me get dressed?

L: (thinking) Leticia? ... What ??... he told me so when something unusual happens .. (back talk) yeah, I helpedhorita! ... are you sure you're okay?

F: I said yes!

L: I do not scream!

F: Well, do not ask me!

L: (deep breath) looks Fernando, if you do not trust me to tell me your things, you are wrong, very wrong!

F: yes, yes ... now if you help me?

(Lety, Fernando began to help, that attitude did not understand anything of it, just knew it was so after talking with the doctor, the doctor came and gave the paper to leave the hospital and him crutches given to Fernando, so I could walk)

DR: Well Fernando already knows!

F: (seriously) if and only if, it is

L: (in face of confusion) know that?

F: nothing ... let's go! ... Bye and thanks for everything doctor

DR: from nothing and having a good day!

F: (sarcastically) Ha! ... After what I do not think I suffer!

L: (giving a nudge to Fer) Shut up! ... Hehehehe .. thanks doctor anyway!

(Lety and Fernando went to the hotel, while in Mexico)

DE: Humberto good as they have behaved as the ni ~?

DH: Well, we came to ask a favor

DJ: Sure, what?

DT: is que these 2 days because we have been sharing much with them and queriamo know if they can stay tonight with us?

DJ: Well, as you are also grandparents, yes .. hehehe

DH: Leticia is that as I leave in charge, because we think that maybe ..

DE: nothing like that ... they are his granddaughters, and they can carry, only ma ~ ana arrive Lety and Fernando

DT: If you know, so we wanted to stay with them

DJ: a for if, look Teresita, come up accompanying love ... if you prepare your backpack?

DT: if we

(Meanwhile in NewYork)

L: It comes! (He said as he opened the door of the room)

F: thanks!

(Lety They sat and luggage bag to start collecting)

L: Well, I'm going to pack ... yes? ... If you want something let me know!

F: (casually) if, as you say

L: (to be annoyed by the attitude and Fer and throwing some clothes in the suitcase) YOU TELL ME THE HELL YOU GOING FERNANDO MENDIOLA?? !

F: (surprised and annoyed) to my all ... and do not yell at me Leticia, please know that I like!

L: and I do not like your indifferenceme, I feel bad, I did something for you to be so with me?

F: no, you have not done anything, it's my fault what happens to me!

L: then tell me what you get!

F: do not understand, I do not want to talk about it now!

L: do what you want (got into the bath or and closing the door very strong)

(Lety, happened a long time crying in the bath or did not understand the attitude of Fer to her, did not know anything, it hurt a lot when he did this to her, she repeated over and over that was what he had done, he told the doctor?)

F: ( sitting on the bed and talksndo only) is my Lety, sorry, but that puts you near me wrong and I went out on that Lety ....( ba ~ o) .. Lety, okay?

L: (very serious) if Fernando (closing the bags) want something to eat?

F: yes, I have hunger, room service calls .. si?

L: if you want?

F: Do not ask me anything!

L: okay!

(Lety, asked for food, spent a serious Ratra watching TV, no one said anything until it was time to sleep)

(lying in bed)

L: Good evening Fernando !

F: but .... ok ... good nOches (was sad, I expected even a kiss)

L: (He turned and gave him back to Fer and began to mourn in silence)

F: Lety, are you crying?

L: no

F: Look at me please ... look!

L: no, I told you I'm not crying!

F: I know you and you have a bad voice, look at me, you know that I find it difficult to move

L: (wipes her tears and turned to see it) tell me

F: ok, I can not stand you're so over me!

L: aahh ... as if you were very cari ~ bear and very happy with me, do not be ridiculous, your empezaste everything!

F: Lety, I'll tell you what happens to me, but I really feel sorry ... y..

L: I'm sorry to tell you things your wife?

F: listen, there are things that if I feel so sorry, because what would your reaction be, I mean?

L: (laughs) if you tell me

F: Do not laugh

L: and tell me!

F: (deep breath) ok ... first of all .. sorry for my attitude, I hate to be like you, but I feel bad, and react well, forgive me?

L: (smiles) Yes, but do not make me feel this way but never, because it really hurts, it hurts a lot Fernando! CH


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