Friday, June 1, 2007

South Park Fish Sticks Shirt LFMB: Chapter 50 FAMILY

F: Then do not call?

L: (sadly) not my life ... I happened ... is that with the concern of the contracts and yours (begins to mourn)

F: and ... I understand, these very sencible.

L: as if (he says wiping his eyes)

F: to see, first tell me how you did with the contract and then call my parents, come from?

L: ok ... well because I did well, did not know who was and is awaiting you! .. Hehe ... but finally clarify everything, I said I was the president of Concepts and the reason by which I had to go in your place, which by the way, they told me to tell you that ""!!... jijijijiji GET WELL SOON! CHTMLX C

F: jajajajajajaja .. so it ?.... jajajajjaja

L: if ... jijijiji ... but finally we have those contracts signed ... and success!

F: mmmm ... that well ...... but let me really badly?!

L: FERNADO !!!.... of course not, do not be silly!

F: jajajajajajajajajja ... your face ... jajajajajajaja!

L: (bother) bye, see you ma ~ ana!

F: Perama (try pararce) aaauuucchhh ... ... Lety Lety!

L: goodbye !!!....( stands in front of the door giving back to Fer)

F, please do not go making a bid !!!....(or standing) gypsum damn !!!!!!

L: (laughs and turns to Fer) jijijijijiji .. now tell me ... your face ... jijijijii!

F: Oyeee !!!!.... not make me suffer !!!....

L: you made me mad first !!...

F: no, that was a little joke santa

L: yes, yes, yes !!...( sits beside de Fer) since I did not like, as you think I'm going to leave bad standing in front of these executives .... do not trust me?

F: I trust in you more than anything in this world (kisses)

(In Mexico)

DT: Hi Julie how are you?

DJ: TeresiXC DJ: how dare you say that Theresa, if you're family and will always be welcome in this house!

DH: thank you very much, and it being so, we accept the invitation!

DT: If

(At that cell phone rings Humberto)

DH: Well? ... Lety daughter, as they are, as is Fernando?

DT: is Lety? .. Hand it to me (I still phone) Lety?

L: (across) Hi Therese!

DT: Lety, Lety, as they are, as is my son?

L: Well, we're fine, and Fer too, only it has tapped here andwe're in your parents house

L: from my parents?

DT: Yes, was the first place where we

L: jiji .. a good ... and I saw the ni ~ as?

DT: No, went to the park with his grandfather Erasmus, but the same .. lol

L:, ahh ok, well Teresita, I have to hang I'll get to the hospital

DT: If , okay, I send many kisses to my son and I want

L: yes, they'll say!

DT: Well, God bless you .. bye

L: bye!

(Lety turns and goes and goes up to fourthto de Fer, and when he sees it gives lots of kisses on the forehead, cheeks, chin and the last thing you plant a kiss that takes your breath)

L: (separates) I love you!

F: and why?

L: (shrugs shoulders) I told you I love you and your mom also Eniva kisses!

F: hehe, yeah but not the last!

L: jiji ... no .. that came out of me!

F: for that is better than medicine that medan here, it seems to me that I will ask the doctor to change your recipes!

L: jijijiiii ... is my Fer, so divine (gives a kiss)

F: and they told you?

F: (grabs his hand and giving him a kiss) I also

(In Mexcio opens the door of the house Padillas)

DE: hey, hey do not run (was telling her granddaughters which came in a hurry) Humberto .. ... ... that joy Teresita

DH: Erasmo! (greet)

DT: Erasmus (greet) how are you?

DE: Well, not here with ~ as!

DT: But you are beautiful, they are big, beautiful!

(Theresa went to greet them, but not ~ as were a little timid, because almost never are)

DH: do not remember us?

(The or ~ as looked on with confusion, trying to remember)

DJ: sii, see their grandparents, Humberto and Theresa!

(remember their names, and some pictures that their parents show them and smiled)

DT: aahh you see, lol, but come (are embraced with love) July hello, hello teresa!

J and T: hello!

DH, and I do not salute?

(Humberto approached them and did the same, the embrace with love)

DH: I needed!

July: jijijii ... Anonos Tere! (Pulling his sister, for the fourth game of them)

DT: But where do they go? Tere

: a play!

DT: games? ... Play! Tere

: (unimportant) Yeah yeah yeah ...

(or ~ The rose as the fourth)

DT: WOW ... are pretty good ... they are beautiful!

DH: sii, lol!

DJ: but you know the other?

yT H: who else?

DE: Lety because she is pregnant!

H and T: (with joy) QUEEEE?!


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