Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Leg Muscle Pain More Condition_symptoms LFMB: cap49 FAMILY

(In Concepts)

O: As Ferdinand had an accident??

T: If Omar

O: but where is, like this?

T: I do not know ... just know that Lety went to New York and I would call

O: but ... but .... you know nothing??

T: not only is it !!... !!.... we can only wait for Lety to call us!

O: (sits in his chair in shock) my friend, my brother .... what happened to him ... no ... no .... it has to know Theresa and Humberto!

T: that ??... no, wait we will wait to call Lety ... maybe it was nothing serious!

stas ???..... well after that scare I think ?..... let me!

F: Leticia !!!.... do not see you since yesterday .... and strange you visitor!

L: (he smiles) I also !....( approaches him and gives him a kiss that takes your breath)

F: uuuff ... I wanted a so ... jejejeje !!!..... come sit here (for one side is made difficult, for her to sit on the bed) and my daughters?

L: Well ... aahh are well .... I forgot!

F: what? ... What happened?

L: I have to call Mexico ... to say how you feel! ...

F: call .... call!

(Lety is up, but the Ferhalo arm)

L: what?

F: I love you

L: (approached him and gave him a kiss) I come too .... Now

(Lety went into the hall and called his mom, asked for his daughters and said that maybe they would have to be a few more days, then would go to Mexico, told Fernando accident.'s Mom I send greetings to Lety and Fer to improve soon, so goodbye and she called to Thomas)

L: Thomas?

T: (on phone) Lety? ... Lety Lety ... ... friend ... what happened? ... As is my gift compa ~ ero Don Fernando?

L: okay, thank God, broke a leg!

T: Hijole Lety, that vibe but okay for the rest ?.... what happened?

L: if it has some impact, what happened was that I got hit by a car, by walking very distracted, crossed with a green light!

T: There is this gift compa ~ ero ... but coming out soon?

L: Yeah, well I hope, you told everyone in Concept?

T: Yes, we are already out, Lety is something you should know!

L; that? Tomas tell me!

T: Lety, Omar call your in-laws to London

L: queeeeee ?????!!!!... but for what?

T: Lety, is that potatoes areFernando, and caring for his son Omar told them about the accident and come over here!

L: There Tomas !.... now if you are going to get very nervous! ... Now I have to call ...

T: but it was Omar ... not me!

L: Look I'm talking about then, I'll get to see my husband!

(hang and Lety enters)

L: Fer, I have to tell you something

F: that happened, it scared me

L: Omar is call your parents and they're on their way to Mexico

F: that Omar? ... but it will be animal! ... that question ... of course it is!

L: and my love does not get upset, remember that he did not know anything about your condition and was logical to call them, are your parents!

F: yes, yes .... but now worry more!

L: .. and calm down ... (sits next to him) it hurts a lot? (By touching a blow on the forehead)

F: sii .. ouch ... burn me .. .

(At that enters the nurse ... (I have no time to think in English so that was another Latin))

Enfer: sorry, but the visiting hours and step!

L: But is that!

F: see Lety, I'll be fine, my property is the key to the hotel room, you stay there and ma ~ nto anger at the reunion, I forward some proposals, and if you want to read ~ adirle more things, as you do, I trust you

L: but Fer, I want to leave your side!

F: my life I'll be fine, when you leave the reunion come, yes?

L: aaaiiich, ok ... (She kisses him) I love you!

F: and me!

Enfer: here are the property of it ~ or (giving a plastic bag with things Fer)

L: thanks!

(The enfermenra left)

L: goodbye .... I love you (goes to him and gives him another kiss)

F: jeje y yo! ... Ma ~ ana success !

L: Yes, thanks!

(Night move fast, Lety reviewed proposals for the last 2 contracts and headed to meetings, asked for Fernando and she explained who she was and what happened to him. The 2 contracts were concluded successfully, she quickly asked for a fax to send them to Marcia and Thomas. Then they went to the hospital end)

L: Fernando ?...( she came in and did not see it there) Fernando came into the hall ??...( and asked a nurse's first saw)

F: (arriving in a wheelchair) Lety !!....

L: (approached him and hug him) my love .... scared me ... where were you?

F:making me X! rays

L: and what happened?

F: well ...

(Dr. interrupted)

DR: for leg remains the same, I checked his head and everything is fine, and has nothing inside, only the neck hurt and hit in the face heal soon! .

L: (relieved) aahh ok ... well! ...

F: we can enter the room?

DR: If I fall, back later!

L: ok!

(Lety and Fer entered, Lety Fer try to help in bed with difficulty and were talking a while)

L: Hey my love!

F: Tell

L: I'll say the name you thought for either ~ or?

F: Well, you do not want to put mine!

L: No!

F, I like the name of Adrian

L: Adrian?

F: sii, you do not like?

L: iff, is very nice and we put middle name?

F: mmm .... mine?

L: (with the face of what?) Adrian Fernando ?.... nooo ... I do not like!

F: aaaiiiichhh!

L: Adrian ... Adrian ... I have it .... ahhh me tooin I like Javier!

F: Adrian Javier?

L: si?

F: ok .... if it is not to be named Diana ~ Sofia!

L: and if it is not ~ o Adrian Javier!

F: sii (gives a kiss)

L: hey fer ... your parents will have already arrived ... right?

F: do not call?

L: nooo ... I step!

(In Mexico)

(alguein knocked on the door at the home of the Padilla)

DJ: .. and I'm coming! (Opens the door) you here ??.... but joy!


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