Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Osteo-arthritis More Condition_symptoms LFMB: cap48 FAMILY

DJ: you say ??... daughter

L: if Mom ... I called the hospital in New York and was told that Fer is alla that had an accident and I need ... you need a family!

DE: but daughter in your state ... I think it very dangerous?

L: nooo ... I'm fine .. I need to be with ... and you, they can stay with or ~ as?

DJ: Of course!

L: Well, here's clothes from them, but if it takes me a lot over there go home, I always walk with a copy of the key (gives it to the breast)

DE: if mija

L: I go, I have to find the pa TMLXC

T: Fernando queeee??

L: sii ... Look .. this I need you're on the lookout for everything, from the ad for "Cover Girl", what do Luigi and the last details of Brazil, if you need something else talk to Omar and Fernando sent me the contract he did today .... and analyze it !!..... good talks with Omar and I'll let you go to the AIRPORT.

T: Lety ... but ... call me from there ... I say it as is your husband!

L: Yeah, yeah ... bye!


L: (you squeeze your eyes) My God, Fernando, Fernando!

(She goes to the AIRPORT, he becomes eternal waiting, all via ellhas not fallen into account how serious may be her husband .... she just wants to see it, not even she cried, this only has to get there)

(Lety, comes to New York and first thing is to stop a taxi and tell him to take her to the hospital where her husband, to reach lli)

(Lety enters emergency)

L: yes, im looking for Mr. Fernando Mendiola, is it I here?

Enfer: Mr. Mendiola, I is a patient?

L: (all anxious) yes ... yes

(The nurse started to look and said that he was in room 406 .... Lety went up and saw him there, all asleep, a neck

HTMLXC F: do not cry or make you damage the baby, please, I'm fine!

L: (hugs him as you can) I love you Fernando and not much I would do without you!

(At that enters the doctor and it was good Latin)

DR: Hi Fernando

F: Yes, speaking espa ~ ol?

DR: sii, I'm Puerto Rican ~ o (so sorry but in some countries had to be lol)

L: aahh good, that's what happened?

DR: Well Fernando, you remember something?

F:, only that he was crossing the street, because it went to my hotel and look to my right and then felta hit and I got up here!

DR: Well, I brought the driver to run over you, he says you were distracted and crossed a green light

F: well yes, so pull me without looking!


F: yaa ... but I'm better!, Right doc?

DR: well you'll be a few more days in obsrvacion ... did you in the head and that is careful, and your leg was broken, not fractured, broke and that with therapy leads!

L: But, Doctor, is that we are not here, we are from Mexico and here the therapies may not be!

DR: No, I understand that, when given high, I send the file to yourmedical headers, so that treatment continue beyond

F: aahh, ok! and how long you be here?

DR: Well, no .... it all depends on your results

L: it will be alright!

DR: with God before

L: (looks very serious and the doctor muttered says) that will be alright!!

DR: ~ hehehe ... if you pray, go out right, well I recall, later step to another checkup!

F: Yes, and thank Dr.

(The doctor leaves the room)

F: Lety is because you talked so?



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