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Plantar Fasciatis More Condition_symptoms Another table

I have no excuse. I am a masochist, getting into has pretty much table when I have other dragging. But I do not care, I love the community.

Fandom: Dark loops.

Claim: General .

Table Dark
01. Double Face 02. Vampire 03. Sorcerer 04. Dark Lodge 05. Satanic Rite
06. Reincarnation 07. Beliefs 08. Myths / Legends 09. Farsa 10. Fear

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Minimed Insulin Pump Release The dog devotee

Fandom: Harry Potter .

Claim: Sirius / Draco. Two original, although not so important.

Summary: Each October 31 a bouquet of red and gold is deposited at the tomb of the Potter.

Disclaimer: exception of two originals, everything else is a creation of JK

Warning: Slash / yaoi.

The dog devotee

The autumn leaves crunched underfoot restless children as they ran toward the house and shouted to his friends to bragI had the sweet bounty. A soft breeze swung around gracefully and, coupled with the child crying could be heard the voices of adults and adolescents who accompanied the children.

A teen-at least he thought he was, despite its scarce twelve years, was standing on the sidewalk, talking with a friend, waiting to return their siblings collect treats from the house before they were.

The young man raised the patch covering his eye to look at her time on the clock, then turned toward the street.

& mdash, not coming, "he snapped his friend noticed his gesture.

"I do every year, right? "Replied a bit challenging, without separating the light the dark path, which do not pass anything to see.

"I can not believe it. Do you think that a black dog, like woolly sheep and black as night, will appear with a bouquet of flowers to the cemetery? Dude, that is ...

"True," said hard-looking. I saw it. When I was five a &; About girls, I, I turned from my parents, I fell off my bike and the dog left the field to help me out from under it.

"I know," replied the other in a tone of boredom. You have repeated a thousand times. Ever happened to you it was the dog of someone who just moved?

"Sure. And how would you explain the branch that stuck out of the muzzle?

"And I do not know. We have trained some old to give grace or something.

- & Ikkesht. It can also be trained to help children? He shook his head. Sure you could train dogs for this purpose, but with a bouquet? That I doubt. That dog is coming, you'll see.

The young man turned his eyes aside resigned, still do not understand how anyone would swallow that ridiculous urban tale. Not even made sense, why a dog with no apparent owner, who only saw him around that time he presented his respects to the dead?

The red-haired boy was craning his neck to achieve isr better way, hoping for a glimpse a black figure, and was startled when a black-gloved hand patted his shoulder.

A young man, blond and pale, dressed all in black looked indifferent.

"I know this place," said the stranger drawled, showing a slight grimace of disgust barely suppressed when referring to the valley. Could any of you tell me where is the cemetery?

"Yes, sir," replied the boy a spare time of printing.But her heart beat in earnest to repair the red flowers and gold-bearing. It is by the end of the street, "he said pointing to the same-and then must go to the left.

The man's eyes followed the direction pointed his finger and then gave him a suspicious expression.

- Sure it's out there?

"Yes, sir," he said without offense.

Noknew what he was saying "sir" if the subject should have no more than twenty years, but something in his position prevented him from taking slightly higher confidence. Unaware that this was the impression he made someone who knows of an aristocracy.

"Well, thank you very much," snapped the man and left them without looking both sides before crossing the street, as if unaware of the danger of being hit.

"Go paint," said his friend.

- Did notsee? He asked incredulously.

- See what?

"The industry, because what else is going to be. The bouquet.

The young man found a long and apparently confident that it was not a joke, laughed. Now I would say that this man was the human figure of the dog?

The other, wounded in his pride, he opened his mouth ready to defend his assumption, but it was then that the children came to them chatter about their candy and had to shut up because his brother hac & iacute, to a real tantrum if not heard.

While he hated the child talk, the platinum blond-haired man turned the corner and saw a church stand up in front almost sinister outlined against the moon. Honking their dark shoes approached the fence adjacent to the building, which would not have been wrong a second coat of paint. Surrounding the succession of wooden boards until they finally found the entrance and went for it.

A cool breeze stirred the few flowers in front of the graves, silence reigned and everything was illuminated by white light of the moon solitarito the sky. He was surprised that was the only one present, knowing as he knew the meaning of these feasts, had expected more people to remind their family members or friends who had not forgotten. Apparently all that mattered now was to get the candy and costume to compete for what was more ridiculous. Made a soft grunt allowed while bemoaning the loss of good traditions.

it is finished, her gray eyes looked around until he found a stunted tree near the cement wall pertenecíaathe church and approached him. Feeling foolish, not unexpectedly, something really stupid on why he was doing that, "back to the trunk and the church, took four steps forward. On the floor at his feet, was the eternal bed of someone who did not pay attention because it had the word you wanted to print.

The man walked around this point, observing closely the other stones around him and finally his face, until the irritation tense, relaxed to give a nearly illegible because of the land. After checking that there was nadie watching, he pulled his coat pocket a long wooden stick and waved it to the tombstone, as if it were a big fan, the dust cleared to reveal a writing quickly broken by time of neglect.

fragile After reading the letters, gently deposited the flowers, enchanted to withstand twice the normal time than others. Stood watching for a moment the grave, feeling a slight weight in the stomach, and the next moment disappeared.



FlamesRDS went on and activated by a switch and out came Draco Malfoy, dressed in all his glory dark and look like liquid steel.

The room was silent, dimly lit and peaceful thanks to the spider web hanging from the ceiling, as big and opulent as families only comparable to that of the Malfoy could ; an afford. In one order, an elf came to his side, not without showing due reverence.

- How is Sirius? He asked, frowning in advance.

Last night the man had gone too far with drinking while he asistíaa dinner with their parents, and that morning he could barely stand up. I would have given the scolding of his life to see how failing to go to the bathroom to download the stomach, but his looks deplorable had deterred. I could not deny, had worried about him.

"He's still resting, I love Draco," said the child-caring. Awoke half an hour asking for a drink, gave her a soothing potion and has not risen againit since then.

Draco nodded with a nod and went to calm steps to his room, he found in shadows. On the wide bed, the body of a man lying face down, his hand hanging over the side. When Draco took off his clothes, ready to be replaced with his pajamas, there came a slight growl almost dying while a looming dark head under a pillow.

- Draco?

sounded groggy, so sleepy, and perhaps also by the undertow.

"Hello," Draco said recovering from the shock, he thought not hear until tomorrow, and walked gently to sit next to her lover, who was removed a little further, and if you miss to discover how to sit.

- What time is it? Inquired the Animagus in thickly, so low that almost Draco asked to repeat it.

"It's still daylight," replied the blonde, prepared for the question, having found that the curtains were closed & mdash;. You still have plenty of time to play legend. You can rest if you want.

"Well," Sirius yawned softly and turned around, now placing the head on the pillow and about to go back to sleep.

Draco was saved by a sigh and lay down beside her, around her waist from behind, causing the biggest shiver, issued a faint hum and finally relax. Draco kissed her shoulder and closed his eyes, too, in his feeling sorry for tomorrow, when I expected to feel better, I'd have to tell the truth about the falta his personal tradition.

Although not many, because they do not know what adverse effects might bring to mind contemplating the tomb of his best friends, being that the mere remembrance of the anniversary of his death had left in this state . Surely you would bother to emphasize the latter as not interested, he would manage. And Sirius had endured a furious, but did not want to deal with a torn his memories.

The red-haired boy, despite the teasing of his friend, after seeing the flowers in the cemetery walk to school, said the dog had become devout.

Baixar Driver Nfa-01a Moon is not crazy

Fandom: Harry Potter

Claim: Luna / Ginny.

Summary: Everyone can think and speak, but Ginny does not agree.

Warning: Yuri / Femslash.

Disclaimer: JK characters, not mine.

Moon is not crazy.

If there need to be honest, Ginny did not care what they said Luna, as his comments did not contain direct insults to their various hobbies, because if the blonde does not defend against any odds thought No way, more so she would not peRMIT. Habíaa had heard some colleagues say that the only reason I passed the time by his side was out of mere pity, which filled her with indignation and could not be further from the truth.

Perhaps he had been at first, when she saw how certain people took it out on her to play him jokes, but he really enjoyed talking with her and talk about what happened to them when . Unlike Hermione, and most of her classmates, she amused to hear her speak and elaborate on the theoriesthat held his father about vampires infiltrating the ministry or curious creatures living in the bathrooms. There was no point asking if he thought it was all true, because everything reducíaa the same question, why not?

Why could not have brooms as to reach Pluto? Why not have a conspiracy between all the ministries of magic to conceal the ministry of the elves? Why waste your time by forcing the world a line between the possible and the impossible, the probable and improbable, and discuss about it, if one could re í rse imagining a creature capable of coloring the clothes depending on your mood and it changes the clothes of his brothers to a fabulous hot pink?

And Luna was smart, despite all his eccentricities, or perhaps because of them. Was the person to whom you could always go if I did not understand a concept of classes or want to hear an interesting perspective in solving a problem. Yes, it was quite rare, and sometimes she got tired of assuring that no "Whatchamacallit" had to do with your hair bad hair, and yes too soft comb to remove tangles. Butwas crazy, no way, and even gave the impression that her friend had no problem in saying that it was, was much more awake than many of the people who liked to classify it as such are mockery.

And he liked. She liked his laugh loud and exaggerated, because in the end could not help but go with her, he liked to be independent and not be fighting on trivial issues such as how to fix it boy or what color was fashionable tunic-now that she does not give all these things well, but it was extremely boring to claim to bring a long conversation about it.


also liked the way he passed the tip of his pen down his chin when he was focused on her task and how they could expand his lips into a smile that one would not expect ; to seeing her distracted expression. However, when he began to think how many things could be nice to Luna Lovegood, Ginny realized that there were too many, and some simply silly - who could be set in the beautiful Proportion n who had their eyes with the nose or how they could shine of pure excitement to look for their adorated imaginary animals?
At first they said it did not matter, it was his friend, and given the amount of negative things I heard about him, it was natural to think about the reasons why they were all wrong. But over the weeks he realized that I never had anyone in mind the gossip when I thought Luna, and no one could dissuade him from his idea of her saying she had a Very nice neck, pale and soft, and invariably one was tempted to touch the fingertips to check the smoothness, or kiss to hit your taste. How would

Luna, he asked on one occasion, while the aforementioned Astrology reading a book for a report that she is supposed to deliver. And how would you feel the touch of her slender fingers, which caressed every line of the book to keep track of your reading?

And though he said nothing and went away after a few moments in the tranquil silence, that she knew unbearable, Ginny came face to face with a truth which fell like a bucket of ice water over his head. Luna liked "liked", and not just as a friend, because if something was for sure is that no other friend thinks the way shedid.

had not even raised the possibility of feeling something similar for her and now that he did, he felt confused about what to do. Was not sure whether you should do something to start because he was ruled to assume that any of your fantasies could become reality.

So what choice did? In other circumstances I would have consulted with the Moon itself, and usually had good answers if the issue involved more than one person, but obviously not going to be at that time. So Sówhat he had to go with another of the smartest people he knew, begging not to use his sixth sense to guess what he really thought.

"I really do not understand," snapped Hermione Ginny then tell him your problem, both sitting in two sofas in front of the fireplace in the common room.

"Well it is quite simple, right? "Responded the redhead more sharply than he intended, keeping his eyes fixed upon the trees that burned in the flames. There's a guy that I'm enjoying it and I can not tell.

-Is thatAs I have explained, "the more calmly. Have not told me why you can not tell.

"Why is Luna and she is not interested in me. Happy? "Ginny
wrung her hands in her lap.

"We're friends," said Hermione felt her cheeks redden. He knew that Hermione was quiet but still did not like that to be talking about such a problem, "and do not think he feels the same. I do not want to stay away from me or be scared, right? Hermione observed

profile redhead, feeling the blush astonishass on his face. He thought for a moment that Harry referíaa, but rejected the idea. Ginny never had trouble admitting that he liked the dark and still up to him, with all their ignorance in regard to women, was well aware of her feelings.

"Well, I can not help you much with so few details. Is it another house or a different course?

"It is in Ravenclaw and are in the same year. And it's a girl, does that serve? "
" Yes, it's another house, but no, we are in the same year.

"Then I can only hapre you should try talking to him, "suggested Hermione softly, and when he expected an urgent look of the girl, he added. Ginny, if your friendship is as strong as say he should be able to understand you. Do not get me wrong, do not guarantee that he can corresponderte, but at least have made things clear.

In other words the situation would have met immediately, but as it gave no circumstances encouraged him at all, rather than the firm belief that he was screwed. Did not even have a simple notion of what Moon thought about that kind of relationshipis.

Anyway, recognized the good intention of Hermione and said goodbye assurance that he would see what to do. I inwardly cursed once more for his bad luck.

In the days following the gossip reached his ears had to do with the distance of the Moon that she had won. Like everyone, paid no attention, although he was tempted to throw a punch at a guy who loudly proclaimed that finally had enough of the stupidity of the blonde. And he had, if not for the hard look of warning to him from the pROFESSOR McGonagall.

Luna was not aware of anything, or gave no importance to heed to the gossip, and Ginny was just waiting for him to explain his attitude or just been away from her permanently. The redhead did not know what was going through his mind and was angry and embarrassed to avoid it so stubbornly, even without being able to accommodate their thoughts, much less be able to view the matter calmly. Each time he saw his first impulse was to go ahead and bury her face against his, burying her fingers through her hair blond and matted and feel the sweet smell permeate his nose. So I had no time to think she had already seen it, snly direct their efforts in the opposite direction without looking.

was not being fair to her and Ginny hated injustice in itself. Luna was not to blame the mess that he could on his stomach with his presence or disturbing dreams that invade at night. But I just could not resist having her around.

that lasted six weeks confusióny Luna did not seek nor cried for explanations. Seemed to accept that he had tired of her and continued his diaa day as if nothing had happened, but Ginny did not pass unnoticed liquid shine in their eyes bulgingis appearing when I thought nobody was looking. For years everyone had laughed at her, taking away his things and putting ridiculous names, but it was the first time he saw affected by the mistreatment of another person and is not was no more or no less than her.

But even then, Ginny thought, feeling the anger growing within him, not going to let Luna abused under their noses. Did not even think that Professor Sprout was right behind him waiting to enter the greenhouse, just acted.

- Do not call him lunatic! & MDAsh infuriated the boy replied still laughing at the nickname, and immediately threw the screaming mocomurciélago spell the word.

When the boy fell to the ground frightened of the "loved" flying, Ginny smiled victorious as his fellow writhed with laughter.
Obviously, they won a penalty because of it and a letter reproaching her mother shouts of irresponsibility, but inside I was calm, convinced she had done the right thing and nothing else was interested. At least that's how it was; A sense, until Luna sent a note via owl citing it at six in the afternoon at the edge of the dark lake. He had found within his book Transformations shot just after the message remains vociferous of Molly Weasley, and toyed with for a long time the possibility of ignoring and argued that he had never seen. It was a strange but nice written letter Luna, rounded and very separate from one another, as if each were a world in a solar system. I wanted to talk about what had happened in the morning.

finally resigned himself to go, but did not know what he would sayasked whether the reason for their alienation and every step it seemed that his feet gained weight and his heart became more rampant. Calm down, it was said mentally, just about Luna, the harmless, sweet and smart Moon. And this could not calm at all. He found

the Ravenclaw sitting at the foot of a large tree on the banks of the lake, as had been stated that the wait. Seeing her smile or not get frowned, however, stepped aside and looked at her curiously, in an obvious invitation to sit beside him. The redhead dud & oacute, for a second but he ignored them, while maintaining distance and staring straight ahead in the brightness of a cloudy sunset reflected in the calm water. There was no time to consider that silence was awkward, because Luna began to speak.
"I wanted to thank you for it this morning. It was very nice of you to defend that kid for calling lunatic, but I'm sorry you punished. She used that tone

distant hacíaa people believe that it was aware of what he spoke, and only moved his lips. In reality, few people, if not only Ginny knew that this is how it was expressed whentalking about was very important, which was a cramping in his gut.

"Never mind," snapped nervously. I'm glad I did. He should not have told you that.

"It's very nice to say that," Luna said turning her head to smile broadly. Faced with this gesture, Ginny wanted to have something to wring their hands. I thought I would not want to talk again, "he continued in the same fool away, his eyes returning to the lake. So I thought to give you an apology, but did not know where was my mistake, but that's what friends do, right?

Ginny sat felt something wrong in the stomach.

"It would have been necessary, you know?

Luna looked at her, with no expression on his face, more than a faded almost naive curiosity.

"I did not end," he continued, clasping his legs to his chest and hug. Because I believed that ultimately we were not friends and were just against me to bring the people, which I liked very much if I'm honest.

Ginny recalled, feeling her cheeks boil, the l marginallyou, tears the other thought contained hidden. She looked away to the side, pretending that he watched the students who threw stones at the tentacles that were moving on the surface of water.

"But what you did today," said Luna puzzled me and blinked troubled, as though he never uttered that phrase in your life. Then his face relaxed and continued talking quietly, observing the same ripples in the lake. Ginny, are we friends? This Ginny

not resist seeing her and her mind again warned the perfect amount of big eyes onthe nose, which had always given his mistress that air of eccentric girl. Along with thin cheeks and the soft chin more than once had envisioned running his lips.

Suddenly he thought it was beautiful and love her the way she did was simple, as simple as it was for Luna talk about everything that had earned the title of crazy, and not If he keep pretending.

"No, Luna, we're not replied to the red cheeks, looking at inquetud before adding. We are not because I told you the reason & oacutee, n because I have far is that I like and think I'm in love with you.

Finally there was light. For a few seconds Ginny tried to calm himself that he would never mock moon for something, you never walk watering atreveríaa which harpy gossip that he had told the Weasley
, it was too good for that, but not served, was too anxious.
Slowly, as he knew a whole years, Luna turned to her with a smile.

"It's a joke, is not it? As you read an answer you will go through school that is growing Loonyme your story.

Ginny was hurt, shocked. So much so it had damaged the moon vision of it, that thought capable of doing so? It took more than a second form words.

"No," and noted with anger that tears were forming in his eyes. Just wanted you to know, sorry to bother you.

And without another word, ignoring the look of surprise on the Moon, your site is up and ran towards the castle, where they lock her in her room and be blamed for being so stupid. Was cOn his head down, hoping that they were not so obvious and the drops fell freely, but could not take many steps he suddenly felt his hands were glued to their sides, which stood as his back roll a rope and his legs came together, preventing stand.

aback, unable to see her attacker, she moaned with pain when given early headlong into wet grass. Remained so for a long time without understanding anything or to move, with his nose close to the earth until he heard footsteps near his feet and the voice of Luna above.

"Sorry, just wanted to stoprte "he said this with genuine concern, helping to turn around and leave the back, watching his face ruefully. Luna noted his for a moment, causing her sadness mixed with the shame, and inquired. Was it true what they say? Ginny stirred

everything he could on the ground, making sounds behind the lips mutely to indicate that he could not move his mouth. Understanding, Luna broke the spell and the redhead sat oozing anger, despite persistent tears.

- Do you think it was a joke? "Replied a voice turn fgo, daring her to come back to challenge his words. His heart was a rock that hurt, but also pride was hurt. I like you, Luna, long time and I feel I can not believe it. What else can I say? Luna

even lowered his head, looked only with intensity, like a bug that would investigate, and at the end was that Ginny could not resist seeing her, turned her head down, staring instead at his dark robes, slightly stained earth.

-not the first time I did, you know? "Said the blonde, I felt marginallyou; NDOS again at his side, with the voice of person distracted. Someone is good with me, says he loves me, I believe him and the next moment I'm the joke, but never saw any cry to fail.

"I meant it," said Ginny in a sort of hiccup and rubbed the sleeve of his robe against his face, almost with a pout.

- Really? Luna asked, and something in his tone, and not absent, made the redhead looked up, noticing that his face had lost the child's substitute an expression ensoñaciónyn desolate he had never seen. Ginny

he understood for the first time, how they had affected the taunts of his classmates.

"Yes," almost whispering.

Luna nodded nodding. Ginny said nothing and began to wonder if he thought until he saw it rise from the ground and extend a hand, smiling as openly as if he had just met one of her favorite strange creatures. Ginny was left to help, satisfied, if slightly confused.

"I like you too," said Moon and squeezed her hand, whichven held between hers.

Ginny felt the pressure, he saw his limbs attached and then the blonde. He was so stunned that he could only blurt something:

- Really?

"Well, if I do not think is right," said Luna without losing his smile. But if you want I can try to convince you to check. Do you agree?

By understanding the implication of his words, Ginny let out a gasp, as he suffered an epiphany. Suddenly they thought themselves capable of reaching brooms Pluto, the elves were descendants dthe love between a tree and a magician, and even the moon could be made of metallic cotton.

And floating around the eternal question: why not?

While there was a smile like the moon all that was possible. Ginny felt so at that time.

"Well," agreed, realizing that his lips were stretched almost willingly into a smile, a smile carved on stone, that no elf, wizard or "Whatchamacallit" could be removed.

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Wild Hearts Catamaran 2009 For Pierrot: ¿Amor?

Fandom: Tell the truth.

Claim: Arthur / Lion.

Incest, slash / yaoi. Twisted humor, I .


Word: Love?

Abstract: The idea of romance conceiving Lion.

Note: A gift for Pierrot, because without it we would never think of this idea are finished.

"Hypothetically ...

"Hypothetically ..." he urged his brother to act funny.

Arthur rested his elbows on the table and his chin on his hands.

"Let's say, hypothetically, I surrender to the authorities and testify against you for all your murders, what would you do?

not need pensarl Lionor twice. Stirred the water glass in his hand limply and her green eyes seemed absorbed in the glow of the candles on the glass.

"I should kill you, took a sip. Escaparíay somehow kill you.


expected it. Lion had escaped from prison where he was sent for the murder of last boyfriend who dared to end it. In part that's why I keep & amp; iacute; to him, because thanks to it get the best true story ever told and his name, as his brother had promised, would be recognized worldwide. But only if it helped keep silent his true identity, and would otherwise have to pay for breaking his promise, one way or another.

had hoped the answer was and still noticed a lump in his throat. Ignored and, outlining what he knew was his cynical smile, raised his glass of wine on mesa his brother decided without consulting him. Candles, wine, junk food that seems so wealthy exquisite. All a lover would, offered by his own blood, which had become an accessory and bed partner.

The question did not really matter, but the conclusiveness of a loud response was disheartening. While accepting his rare conditions could continue his life as prosperous as it may be that of an editor of one of the most famous gossip magazines. Or, if you knew how to use their cards.

"Happy Valentine said by proposing, in his opinion, the most ridiculous toast of humanity.

were in the dining room of his house and Lion had prepared so that prevail pads and other things that allow them to lie on the floor. The chairs were against the wall and the table by the fireplace. He had done while he yelled to his paparazzi to move their butts and bring you useful images showing the yards & amp; uuml; enzas of celebrities, but never would have been key to his brother.

Lion smiled candidly and also accounted for. They clinked glasses clink producing a smooth, perfect silence, and then stood on the table to kiss the lips of Arthur, who received it mechanically, without surprise or protest. His cheeks were kissed by the careful hands were the hands of Lion-murderer, blood-stained hands and smiled promised glory-half by the sensation. Neither desirable nor expected, it was only warm andso something nice.

knew that he wanted at least a little. As he knew that both were fucking crazy.

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Uniden Co To Za Przełacznik Pa I'm not gay

Claim: Plandex / Arnold.

Warning: Slash / yaoi, explicit Lime.

I'm not gay

"I'm not gay.

was Saturday night and the inevitable phrase has made an appearance, this time thanks to the breathless voice of Arnold after his body gave into the mattress of his bed in the elegant hotel room where the band was staying. Saying those words had become part of the act that would happen soon, part of foreplay, but at this point the clarifications & OverhaulI n was not required.

As lasted stage of acceptance, Arnold had come to the curious conclusion that ultimately was not interested in men, however, it felt good to Plandex assaulted her lips just unceremoniously closed the door behind him and stripped him of his clothes. No matter then that they were of a prestigious designer and see them scattered across the floor would mean a heart for any fashionista worth his salt, because now it was more important to note that hand girding him with the sly crotch over his Calvin Klein underwear, which burned, wet, elev & aacute; NDOS over loose pants.

"Me neither," said Plandex so tipsy because of the party who had left just before sounded almost funny. I've never been and never will be.

seemed to proclaim victory, his brown eyes, besides alcohol, shining. That was one of the few things that Arnold could understand him. Somehow, unconsciously, for both was good to know that no man caused the other as they did each other, a secret achievement that excited at the same time that pleased.

& nbsp;


then kissed him, invaded his mouth like a man breaks into your home, knowing that it will be well received, and Arnold did not disappoint.

bitten, licked, panted against her neck, shivering to the point where he felt in his fingers, and imprisoned him against the head and body, freeing it from its ugly vest purple and later of the awful yellow shirt, who flew in an arc as wide as the struggle to open the belt mingled with his breathing, accelerated.

After a hasty scuffling, Arnold managed to open the jeans and wrap Plandex erect member as he had done. Gently massaging his hand witnessed the progressive hardening of the flesh beneath the cloth, pressing against his pants, and the comforting warmth that emanated from it. Usually Plandex for him was the epithet of all ugly, but now, in the privacy of his mind, he thought as he looked beautiful in your state, excited, anxious, not entirely sure what to do or what to expect because it was still new in this world of possibilities, only by adhering to their baser instincts. CHTMLX


Arnold did not have to tell you to raise your hips to pull down his pants, but he did also helping a bit. When Jean left the bed and the two young men were separated a bit, Arnold was stunned to warn Plandex crotch.

- Is Spiderman

? He asked hoarsely, referring to the colorful underwear that were bared before him, wondering whether it would be a joke.

is difficult to describe what caused this. For Arnold there could be no more killing passions that pledge, but the small change of course in their actions did not taste unpleasant, if not the opposite. Strangely, it seemed like his statement of not being gay, something that inevitably end up saying in those circumstances, and therefore complemented the situation. A situation that, despite its peculiarities, was to culminate in some way.

A Plandex only amused comment.

-are 100% cotton, Arnie, quite comfortable, "said Plandex laughing, as do the quand are slightly drunk, silly, and brought back their faces to kiss and forget Arnold in the act of any man arañae even scold him for calling Arnie.

Instead, the blond, eager as rarely, promptly pulled the worthless pledge of his own, releasing the forest of black hair twisting around an upright member, more thick and thin Reisei more puzzling, with respect to Arnold. Masturbation has never been a problem, but another pet being so clouded his mind was running in a dark room at full speed, fearing the moment when you crashs against a wall and destroys your nose.

For as he knew, was not enough to caress up and down or prevent the tip tightening. Incorrectly given a hint, even in a sensitive area, could turn any experience of orgasm secure a nuisance that only beg because once you finish. And Arnold had always delighted when he played the clubs the violin on stage, I could not afford not to be equally good in privacy.

So, taking a second to build confidence, surrounded the base and enclosing it betweenl index finger and thumb, forming a ring. Plandex, disoriented by alcohol and curious, he fell at the head without losing sight as his partner was slowly ascending the limb, giving slight tickling did not cause any laughter to a halt under the glans. Then slowly, the blonde ran her hand on the limb, wrapping the tip with your palm, fingers pointing down, and dropped again by joining the same fingers that at first, getting a breath drowned Plandex launched between teeth.

Arnold looked for a moment, assessing their expression, and repeated the other handthe process and more natural. On this occasion Plandex legs twitched in response as the pair of brown eyes out of sight behind the eyelids, lips pursed. Confident about this, Arnold conducted a manual labor was not entirely new, but in a completely new to another.


As the heat became more present in them, their faces reddening, wetting their bodies with sweat. Nobody played with Arnold, and the caresses which continued to apply his hand and then the other, its own member swung inches from the bed, sending streams of quasi dodor on contact with the flat panel, which in no way be stretched to reciprocate. But he aroused the mere action of doing his job extremely well, as claimed Plandex grunts groans, and it urged him to go just to see more positive reactions. It felt almost like to release a tune in his room, fingering the strings of the violin keyboard keys proving that, despite being the first time, his innate instinct led him on track.

Sex was unknown melody, notes and rhythm undiscovered attraction that you could almost hear in his mind,willing to interpret it, and a curious Plandex cello lessons in store for him unexpected and entirely predictable, but always successful when learning. With appropriate expertise could combine both elements and control them, turn them into something palpable and yet they turn left in the messenger of his music.


When finished, uttering a long low note, Arnold was so pleased with himself as if he had made to promise never again be Spider-Man underwear. And in fact I thought it one of those days, but so far could simply allowkiss, always feeling the tingling in his stomach, and listen ... a laugh?

was removed abruptly, looking upset as the smile was more evident in the chest and dark Plandex stirring. No grace was the lowest in the situation, and would tell him, when his partner was illustrated by launching its first laugh awkwardly.

"That is the method of Cosmopolitan, said moving the leg lazy to give a slight push on the side.

Arnold knew thatI was blushing, I noticed in the sudden heat that had nothing to do with excitement on his face. Anyway, his scowl became more pronounced.

- And how do you know?

Plandex-an alien from another dimension where the shame was something strange, certainly, "slowly moved his left leg to raise it to the back of blond pressure to push it to é , ste to lean on him, making vague note the brightness of delight in his eyes.

"Becauseand I also saw that episode about masturbation, so that's what it is that we at least do not cause trauma. Alessandra (1) was very good, and as if your last comment did not matter, for they really had not, "she hugged the neck of the blond, drunk, ready to sleep in that position n.

Noticing the slight bump on his leg, he muttered the other to compensate him in the morning. Arnold was removed to achieve a more comfortable position, refusing to think Plandex enthralled with the sexologist and accepting the ideathank God that such programs existed to clear doubts. While their concerns had not gone so far as fears of a trauma, they do generate some Plandex aversion. Once heard a disastrous interpretation of an artist, there were few chances to redeem himself.

---- (1) The sexologist conducting several Cosmopolitan program.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Face Rash More Condition_symptoms No, they were the last table

At the end is just fun, right? for profit if I do

novel already, I'm fickle. Demándenme.

Purgatory on earth.

Table: Basic .

Claim: General -best overall place "still do not know how to fuck call the characters" -

Basic Table 01
. Slide 02. Arresting 03. Embrace 04. Debt 05. Loafer
06. Fiesta 07. Theatre 08. Auto 09. Song 10. Lacra
11. Clean 12. Opal 13. Horchata 14. Place 15. XV
16. Joya 17. Purity 18. Lock 19. Migas 20. Wig
21. Café 22. Pet 23. Tree 24. Noise 25. Immaturity

Fandom: Tell the truth.

Table: Angst.

Claim: General .

Table Angst
01. Disenchantment 02. Routine 03. Crush 04. Abandonment 05. Forgot
06. No 07. Alcohol 08. Torture 09. Pain 10. Lie (s)
11. Tears 12. Companion 13. Best Friend 14. Deception 15. Suture
16. Closure 17. Love? 18. Memories 19. Fall 20. Sinking
21. Breathing 22. Accident 23. Sorry 24. Differences 25. Final

Fandom: 's just magic.

Table: Romance.

Claim: General .

Table Romance TMLXC

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How To Plan Sorority Initiation Happy Birthday, Y0misma!

The birthday was yesterday beta more than I wanted and which I am proudly married. This work's finished it yesterday, but I could not post because it was too late and, of course, school. He had already missed two days and if I fucked were three tasks in round earnings.

Y0, I love you heart and wish you success in everything that you propose, because you deserve it. These are unique gift fic for you, although I could not add the hints you wanted. I promise you, when I can, I'll write something more concrete, and I have the start and know how to be & aacute, the end, lack discover how to get there XD

Well come on, a hug, bella!

Title: Alarm.

Fandom: Apple

Claim: Fly / Armand.

Table: Weekly.

Day: Monday.

Warning: Slash / yaoi.


at 8:05 AM Fly wanted to have enough energy to take the insistent alarm clock bedside table and throw out the window to see if time was flying away de it. I was tired and feeling lethargic, so he preferred to curl up with blankets covering the hope of just sleep there until he passed laziness.

On the table next to the clock, a black cell with pictures of skulls started to vibrate in unison to the tune of Lacrimosa, characterized by a masterful guitar solo. Fly stretched a hand between the sheets and fumbled wood about three times before their fingers surround the phone, which immediately took him to his shelter, paraTado damn alarm clock. Could have taken the time to throw the alarm clock or off, but not crossed his mind.

"Whoever is said without opening his eyes, supporting the apparatus against the ear to know I'm dying of sueñoy is very rude to call these hours to mobile people.

-Fly, "said the voice on the other end of the line, a severe and masculine.

On hearing, Fly felt like he was moved inside andsleep, rather than a burden, something suddenly became smooth.

- Do you know what good it would be you here with me? "He said suddenly and felt like laughing. Because the sentence was funny and fun to think that would not have minded having her boyfriend there.

-Fly out of bed, "said Armand, his voice shaken, though he imagined the red blush on her cheeks up brown. Hard as a rubber wall, was not used to his outgoing personality & MDAsh;. You should have gone to school for five minutes.

"Come and get me you," said Fly seemingly plaintive tone, picándolo thoroughly. And why just call me at this hour? I ask then, with genuine curiosity, but she knew her boyfriend was going to train at the rink early in the morning.

"Because it's the first day of school after vacation and if you missed calls," said Armand simply and o & amp; oacute; a cough, as if the cell in which he spoke had been removed. It was not worth refuting his argument, it was not the truth. It is difficult to resume a routine, but if you start today will be harder tomorrow.

-Ya, and Fly muttered wearily. What if today the next time I'll get me out of bed you?

"As long as that goes ..." satisfied by the response half-Fly would not let him finish and pressed the button to colgar.

left the set on his table, where the alarm was muted, and turned in bed to go back to sleep. Soon he received a text message, sounded the tune of Lacrimosa, but he was already asleep.

Still, Fly was surprised when Armand was stripped of its sheets the next day.

Title: Conversations transcendental.

Fandom: Apple Black-original-


Table: Weekly.

Day: Wednesday.

transcendental Conversations

- Remember the orange cat, fluffy, who hates Mondays?

Fly did not pay much attention, because tomorrow should perform a review of biologíay preferred to concentrate on his book. Plandex was not boring enough to study, I was bored, yes.

"I think you're talking about Garfield.



- What about him?

"Nothing, just had a dog's life, right? Monday and nobody hated him do anything he could just pass it by eating lasagna. But it was a cat. It's going securcute, unique, because the meat is also for dogs.

"Mmm ..." he murmured her cousin noting something in his notes.

- Can you imagine a bird who hates Wednesdays and eat fish?

"It would be something new.

& MDAsh, or a rat that hates to eat birdseed Wednesday and all day. It would be great, right?

looked Fly.

- Are you trying to say something?

Plandex stopped spinning in his chair and raised at the ceiling.

-Odior Wednesday.

And on Wednesday they had two hours of biology.


Even the biggest nonsense had its own logic.

Title: tantrums.

Fandom: Apple Black-original-

Claim: Fly, Plandex.

Table: Weekly.

Day: Domingo.

Note: I tried to make insinuations , y0, and that was. I reiterate my promise of something more definitive.


Plandex nervous ran through the aisles of the store, ignoring the looks that attracted her hair green. Although more than hair, it might seem that the patent was desperation in his face as he saw behind the hanging clothes on racks or s &cute, so to find a new disappointment.

Behind completely bored and traces of sleep over, Fly it still did not bother to cover their yawns.

I do not know what the problem, "he said after a hearing a snort of his cousin again. It's just a vest.

Plandex looked then, eyes gleaming in a way that indicated he was about to strike, but had concluded that it would not help anythingbecause they returned their attention to clothes.

"I'll kill Reisei repeated for the second time in the morning the young man, speaking to a wall of hooks that had traveled with their backs Fly walking step lazy.

"Do not say that," blurted out, stretching out each syllable to force a new yawn. Not your fault that the computer just exploded at that time.

-firing my vest, "he reminded Plandex, the same tonot to employ someone to refer to a mouse wanted, while his hands were still feeling the clothes fast in search of a garment that would serve as a replacement to its charm.

-Alike-Fly shrugged, looking a right estanteríaa absently.

took a purple jean jacket from the montóny showed it to his cousin. This shook his head and Fly, rolling her eyes with extreme boredom, scattered clothing left on her sisters.

"If Arnold were here and be glad that you did not have the vest.

"Let him fuck Plandex Arnold snapped, getting a startled look of the red, we never had heard such words to refer to blonde but it was bothering him a hobby from time to time.

That day Sunday or Arnold or Reisei were to witness the excitement of generally happy bassist. The Asian because I had to reset the computer that had tried to arrange for their own means, what will & iacute; to get if you soda that had not fallen through the machine, and the blond suddenly because they simply refused to lift a finger before he allowed his personal schedule. Fly's reasoning was "I'm bored, so I help my cousin with his head down and maybe see something for me", but did not have that Plandex sadness changed to anger and the shops they dragged him out completely different tastes.

were strange combinations of colors that make what could Plandex clothing style that I saw around acquire algúNo appeal; separate rainbow socks, shirts intentionally broken yellow with red buttons around the neck or green pants with yellow patches, these garments, to Fly, looked like something simple and boring. Too boring.

And no, I do not understand addiction Plandex the purple vests. I knew it was his lucky charm and, according to his cousin, went well with green hair, but it was still a vest and did not seem to warrant such behavior.

Plandex passed two other stores, abruptly pulling his forearm when he was intention to pretend not with him, ignoring his groans of extreme suffering, and continued without finding it. Fly was approaching noon and began to get hungry.

"I'll kill Reisei.


This time not contradicted, was more focused seeing another boy who looked about the age of Armand searching the jacket and wore jeans that left evidence of their perfect circle backside. The boy realized that detail? Surely, if he had a back so neither hide. But the bolsillos were too big and difficult extrusion wallet better vision.

"No, better I'll kill you," Plandex with frowning, upset because he was ignored.

Another thing in which they identified each other cousins was that, when they were enraged, better than listen. What happened was that succeeded Plandex tantrums every death and resurrection of bishop, as far as Fly was surprised to be mentioned at that time.

- &, IQuest, Eh?

"This is great," said Plandex rolling his eyes, his back to rifling through a rack of clothes wrapped in plastic material. I had to grab and rotate them to see if it had no sleeves. But go to ligártelo, I'll manage.

"I'm not going to do that quickly snapped, blushing not by his cousin, but because he had recently become the official boyfriend of Armand and the idea of putting the horns found it obscene. Annoyed, he grabbed a shirt any default colordo and passed to his cousin, hitting his chest. Take it, try it and buy it. Then they cut off the sleeves.

-is three sizes too big, "remarked Plandex in a neutral tone.

Fly snorted in exasperation.

"I will last longer.

Plandex only nodded, his eyes fixed on the garment, turning to the locker room. Ten minutes later both returned to the hotel donde were staying with a bag of the last store visit banging Plandex leg, who was walking by outlining a broad smile of satisfaction. Fly watched him intently from to pay and two blocks later, she no longer esperaríaa asked him what was wrong.

- Well? He asked impatiently. Are not you tell me why he came all the fuss?

Plandex watched without understanding, which led to Fly snorted angrily.


XC - Why do you care so much about a stupid vest? I've been using one since we were children, and believe it or not, it goes well with your coloring.

"You sound Plandex Arnie" said smiling and looked at the cloudy sky, as if up and out to see the face of the blond to hear you call it that way. It's nothing, only the grandmother Nora gave me one and I liked it so much I do not want to quit.

Fly Now

was expressed bewilderment. Especially since he left was not a casual use, typical of thatresponds have no matter how, but rather light, carefree intentionally iron to remove a first imperceptible to the subject. Nora's grandmother had died long ago.

"Oh," responded the redhead finally fell into account. Or believe I did.

walked in silence for a moment, dark the car they were traveling bodyguards following them, and fly around a corner lifted one leg to give a little push his cousin in the leg. When Plandex turned to him with curiosity, Flyshowed him an amused smile.

- A race to the hotel?

nodded smiling bassist


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Red Hands More Condition_symptoms A braid for luck.

Fandom: High Seas (original) Claim

Rumer, Erick, Bilius.

Table: Ricardo Arjona.

And love is so stupid, even more than remember.

A braid for luck

- Could Bilius ask ... "he began, somewhat dubiously," why there always has that braid?

Rumer, bent and dull on the deck, suddenly acquiredinterest laughed, and then dedicate a sullen gesture to English, raised an eyebrow at his cousin behind the wheel, answer or asking if he thought he told the investigator that no mess with the style of others. Erick did not notice because their eyes were straight ahead, the horizon which, in all maritime legends, would fall helplessly while the tip of his boot was beating the logs that made casually the ground. The braid of black hair swayed gently on the right side of his face, as if they turned a blind eye. She also ate his owner paidnción.

"Because I want it," said monotonous after a short time, but slight twisting her lips in disgust before adding quietly, "And I assure you that influences nothing in my surfing, so you do not have to worry about that.

Given this, the researcher felt self-conscious, embarrassed.

"Yes, of course, CaptainNo, "replied hastily, adjusting his glasses. Again, while none of the sailors could unknowingly became the shy man who, although he was the favorite of a duchess, hardly contradict the jury atrevíaa science faculty there in London, were only laughed when he suggested that the world was not flat as assumed. Sorry if I offended, but I was curious about the fact that all the superstitions of sailors agree that ...

"I do not believe in superstitions,Mr. Dawson, "interrupted Erick strongly, finishing with the spirits of Bilius to continue asking.

English have kept in mind that the sailors were uncivilized men, able to drop you a shock to anyone just because it looked ugly and did not want to know what would happen if the captain hinted that needed a charm as it was the braid. The look of Rumer, openly hostile, also made him the edge.


"Sure, Captain," meek, turning to the stairs that llevaríaa cabins. Inform me when we get to land.

Erick yes dedicating a gesture.

When he had seen the blond hair, layered Rumor is now railing at the helm, alongside his cousin. None looked at the other and exteriorizedhave noticed, in this way often carry many conversations, especially when they knew that the issue was not pleasing to the other.

- Do you bother? Rumer inquired, his voice raspy reminiscent of rough stones, holding her two black eyes and Ladino in the infinite sky ahead.

"No, just was curious," said Eric after a short sigh. Furthermore noimportance.

Rumer nodded nodding. In his generally somber expression that looked briefly had moved to a remote thoughts were not pleasant, memories of a childhood shared with Erick because their mothers were sisters. Only he knew on the ship because the braid hanging on the right side of the head, instead of the left as indicated by the superstition, and luck had nothing to do or the fact that to be told. Latching is that his uncle had used one on the left side and ithad disappeared at sea to the wrong path, showing that the braid was nothing more than an accessory as useless to the aristocratic gloves. Erick never forgave his father for cheating.

"It's a damn nosy.

And Rumer was upset because no one had the right to remind his cousin with the same simplicity with which the question of climate.

"I told you it does not matter.

But Eric was not ready to point fingers. He had been a naive child who thought that just because a man combing regresaríaa certain way safely home. It was true that the question of Bilius not matter, however Rumer's anger did nothing to irritate him too. Because they show which has not yet rid of the braid even though it had been years, and also not know why. CH TMLXC

The above, indifferent, just went there, stroking his cheek faithfully.

01. Quote 02. First Kiss 03. CHVacation 04. Marriage 05. Birthday
06. Gift 07. Anniversary 08. Test 09. Night 10. Sleep
11. Ice 12. Error 13. Delay 14. Shame 15. Memories
16. Car 17. Love 18.I love 19. Power 20. Want
21. Decision 22. Baby 23. Honey 24. Flores 25. Nuptials