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Uniden Co To Za Przełacznik Pa I'm not gay

Claim: Plandex / Arnold.

Warning: Slash / yaoi, explicit Lime.

I'm not gay

"I'm not gay.

was Saturday night and the inevitable phrase has made an appearance, this time thanks to the breathless voice of Arnold after his body gave into the mattress of his bed in the elegant hotel room where the band was staying. Saying those words had become part of the act that would happen soon, part of foreplay, but at this point the clarifications & OverhaulI n was not required.

As lasted stage of acceptance, Arnold had come to the curious conclusion that ultimately was not interested in men, however, it felt good to Plandex assaulted her lips just unceremoniously closed the door behind him and stripped him of his clothes. No matter then that they were of a prestigious designer and see them scattered across the floor would mean a heart for any fashionista worth his salt, because now it was more important to note that hand girding him with the sly crotch over his Calvin Klein underwear, which burned, wet, elev & aacute; NDOS over loose pants.

"Me neither," said Plandex so tipsy because of the party who had left just before sounded almost funny. I've never been and never will be.

seemed to proclaim victory, his brown eyes, besides alcohol, shining. That was one of the few things that Arnold could understand him. Somehow, unconsciously, for both was good to know that no man caused the other as they did each other, a secret achievement that excited at the same time that pleased.

& nbsp;


then kissed him, invaded his mouth like a man breaks into your home, knowing that it will be well received, and Arnold did not disappoint.

bitten, licked, panted against her neck, shivering to the point where he felt in his fingers, and imprisoned him against the head and body, freeing it from its ugly vest purple and later of the awful yellow shirt, who flew in an arc as wide as the struggle to open the belt mingled with his breathing, accelerated.

After a hasty scuffling, Arnold managed to open the jeans and wrap Plandex erect member as he had done. Gently massaging his hand witnessed the progressive hardening of the flesh beneath the cloth, pressing against his pants, and the comforting warmth that emanated from it. Usually Plandex for him was the epithet of all ugly, but now, in the privacy of his mind, he thought as he looked beautiful in your state, excited, anxious, not entirely sure what to do or what to expect because it was still new in this world of possibilities, only by adhering to their baser instincts. CHTMLX


Arnold did not have to tell you to raise your hips to pull down his pants, but he did also helping a bit. When Jean left the bed and the two young men were separated a bit, Arnold was stunned to warn Plandex crotch.

- Is Spiderman

? He asked hoarsely, referring to the colorful underwear that were bared before him, wondering whether it would be a joke.

is difficult to describe what caused this. For Arnold there could be no more killing passions that pledge, but the small change of course in their actions did not taste unpleasant, if not the opposite. Strangely, it seemed like his statement of not being gay, something that inevitably end up saying in those circumstances, and therefore complemented the situation. A situation that, despite its peculiarities, was to culminate in some way.

A Plandex only amused comment.

-are 100% cotton, Arnie, quite comfortable, "said Plandex laughing, as do the quand are slightly drunk, silly, and brought back their faces to kiss and forget Arnold in the act of any man arañae even scold him for calling Arnie.

Instead, the blond, eager as rarely, promptly pulled the worthless pledge of his own, releasing the forest of black hair twisting around an upright member, more thick and thin Reisei more puzzling, with respect to Arnold. Masturbation has never been a problem, but another pet being so clouded his mind was running in a dark room at full speed, fearing the moment when you crashs against a wall and destroys your nose.

For as he knew, was not enough to caress up and down or prevent the tip tightening. Incorrectly given a hint, even in a sensitive area, could turn any experience of orgasm secure a nuisance that only beg because once you finish. And Arnold had always delighted when he played the clubs the violin on stage, I could not afford not to be equally good in privacy.

So, taking a second to build confidence, surrounded the base and enclosing it betweenl index finger and thumb, forming a ring. Plandex, disoriented by alcohol and curious, he fell at the head without losing sight as his partner was slowly ascending the limb, giving slight tickling did not cause any laughter to a halt under the glans. Then slowly, the blonde ran her hand on the limb, wrapping the tip with your palm, fingers pointing down, and dropped again by joining the same fingers that at first, getting a breath drowned Plandex launched between teeth.

Arnold looked for a moment, assessing their expression, and repeated the other handthe process and more natural. On this occasion Plandex legs twitched in response as the pair of brown eyes out of sight behind the eyelids, lips pursed. Confident about this, Arnold conducted a manual labor was not entirely new, but in a completely new to another.


As the heat became more present in them, their faces reddening, wetting their bodies with sweat. Nobody played with Arnold, and the caresses which continued to apply his hand and then the other, its own member swung inches from the bed, sending streams of quasi dodor on contact with the flat panel, which in no way be stretched to reciprocate. But he aroused the mere action of doing his job extremely well, as claimed Plandex grunts groans, and it urged him to go just to see more positive reactions. It felt almost like to release a tune in his room, fingering the strings of the violin keyboard keys proving that, despite being the first time, his innate instinct led him on track.

Sex was unknown melody, notes and rhythm undiscovered attraction that you could almost hear in his mind,willing to interpret it, and a curious Plandex cello lessons in store for him unexpected and entirely predictable, but always successful when learning. With appropriate expertise could combine both elements and control them, turn them into something palpable and yet they turn left in the messenger of his music.


When finished, uttering a long low note, Arnold was so pleased with himself as if he had made to promise never again be Spider-Man underwear. And in fact I thought it one of those days, but so far could simply allowkiss, always feeling the tingling in his stomach, and listen ... a laugh?

was removed abruptly, looking upset as the smile was more evident in the chest and dark Plandex stirring. No grace was the lowest in the situation, and would tell him, when his partner was illustrated by launching its first laugh awkwardly.

"That is the method of Cosmopolitan, said moving the leg lazy to give a slight push on the side.

Arnold knew thatI was blushing, I noticed in the sudden heat that had nothing to do with excitement on his face. Anyway, his scowl became more pronounced.

- And how do you know?

Plandex-an alien from another dimension where the shame was something strange, certainly, "slowly moved his left leg to raise it to the back of blond pressure to push it to é , ste to lean on him, making vague note the brightness of delight in his eyes.

"Becauseand I also saw that episode about masturbation, so that's what it is that we at least do not cause trauma. Alessandra (1) was very good, and as if your last comment did not matter, for they really had not, "she hugged the neck of the blond, drunk, ready to sleep in that position n.

Noticing the slight bump on his leg, he muttered the other to compensate him in the morning. Arnold was removed to achieve a more comfortable position, refusing to think Plandex enthralled with the sexologist and accepting the ideathank God that such programs existed to clear doubts. While their concerns had not gone so far as fears of a trauma, they do generate some Plandex aversion. Once heard a disastrous interpretation of an artist, there were few chances to redeem himself.

---- (1) The sexologist conducting several Cosmopolitan program.


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