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Red Hands More Condition_symptoms A braid for luck.

Fandom: High Seas (original) Claim

Rumer, Erick, Bilius.

Table: Ricardo Arjona.

And love is so stupid, even more than remember.

A braid for luck

- Could Bilius ask ... "he began, somewhat dubiously," why there always has that braid?

Rumer, bent and dull on the deck, suddenly acquiredinterest laughed, and then dedicate a sullen gesture to English, raised an eyebrow at his cousin behind the wheel, answer or asking if he thought he told the investigator that no mess with the style of others. Erick did not notice because their eyes were straight ahead, the horizon which, in all maritime legends, would fall helplessly while the tip of his boot was beating the logs that made casually the ground. The braid of black hair swayed gently on the right side of his face, as if they turned a blind eye. She also ate his owner paidnción.

"Because I want it," said monotonous after a short time, but slight twisting her lips in disgust before adding quietly, "And I assure you that influences nothing in my surfing, so you do not have to worry about that.

Given this, the researcher felt self-conscious, embarrassed.

"Yes, of course, CaptainNo, "replied hastily, adjusting his glasses. Again, while none of the sailors could unknowingly became the shy man who, although he was the favorite of a duchess, hardly contradict the jury atrevíaa science faculty there in London, were only laughed when he suggested that the world was not flat as assumed. Sorry if I offended, but I was curious about the fact that all the superstitions of sailors agree that ...

"I do not believe in superstitions,Mr. Dawson, "interrupted Erick strongly, finishing with the spirits of Bilius to continue asking.

English have kept in mind that the sailors were uncivilized men, able to drop you a shock to anyone just because it looked ugly and did not want to know what would happen if the captain hinted that needed a charm as it was the braid. The look of Rumer, openly hostile, also made him the edge.


"Sure, Captain," meek, turning to the stairs that llevaríaa cabins. Inform me when we get to land.

Erick yes dedicating a gesture.

When he had seen the blond hair, layered Rumor is now railing at the helm, alongside his cousin. None looked at the other and exteriorizedhave noticed, in this way often carry many conversations, especially when they knew that the issue was not pleasing to the other.

- Do you bother? Rumer inquired, his voice raspy reminiscent of rough stones, holding her two black eyes and Ladino in the infinite sky ahead.

"No, just was curious," said Eric after a short sigh. Furthermore noimportance.

Rumer nodded nodding. In his generally somber expression that looked briefly had moved to a remote thoughts were not pleasant, memories of a childhood shared with Erick because their mothers were sisters. Only he knew on the ship because the braid hanging on the right side of the head, instead of the left as indicated by the superstition, and luck had nothing to do or the fact that to be told. Latching is that his uncle had used one on the left side and ithad disappeared at sea to the wrong path, showing that the braid was nothing more than an accessory as useless to the aristocratic gloves. Erick never forgave his father for cheating.

"It's a damn nosy.

And Rumer was upset because no one had the right to remind his cousin with the same simplicity with which the question of climate.

"I told you it does not matter.

But Eric was not ready to point fingers. He had been a naive child who thought that just because a man combing regresaríaa certain way safely home. It was true that the question of Bilius not matter, however Rumer's anger did nothing to irritate him too. Because they show which has not yet rid of the braid even though it had been years, and also not know why. CH TMLXC

The above, indifferent, just went there, stroking his cheek faithfully.


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