Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Birthday Cakes In Tampa The art of flying

Fandom: Black Apple .

Claim: Fly, Plandex, Reisei.

Table: Weekly.

Day: Thursday.

Summary: Fly
no wood artist. At least not in the art.

The art of flying

Plandex could perfectly imitate an owl by the way he was moving his head to one side, squinting. After a few moments, one hand on the neck pain, turned to his cousin, who was waiting expectantly at his side. Fly looked with ill-concealed anxiety ilusi├│nyadas. Behind the image Reisei observed in the sling, arms folded across his chest and a serious expression.

"I need more green," he said, earning a curious look from Fly and other Plandex surprised by both its message as by the fact that it seemed to be serious.

"Greener what?" Asked re-examining the painting, trying to see it from different & amp; aacute; angles and understand without getting anything but a brown purple patch on a light blue background. He had thought that to tell his cousin, who had insisted that he visit the Thursday after the kind of painting that had begun two weeks ago but had not wanted to look like a loudmouth if it was one of those things totally divorced from impressionistic reality.

- You think? He asked Fly to Asia, honored to receive a critique art í acoustic. Where?

"You know, something in his hair pointing Reisei said top box, which looked a vomit green on brown patch. Plandex laughed to herself, thinking they would like to have hair like that, to really impress the school. And maybe some more in purple vest Reisei continued, pointing now at the bottom, where two rectangles had their upper endsenough together.

Plandex looked his own vest, a purple representing his good luck charm since I was seven years and was responsible for change to another large over the years, and then a lock of hair that hung near her shoulder, green apple. Finally his hand tanned. Finally, holding back a little nervous laughter and embarrassment, leaned on the shoulder of the red.

- Do you knows what I think, Fly? That singing is your real hard.


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