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Genital Wart Treatment More Condition_symptoms LFMB: Chapter 67 FAMILY

ue joy, look at my champion here (loading) Marcia, looks like you!

M: hahaha, they say, but for me it looks like her dad!

O: hahaha .... hello Tomas!

T: (with food in your mouth) sii hi how are you?

M: jajajaja, no change is Tomas! (Greets)

L: Well I come from and, Fer, still here ... I'll check on my breast ~ as the no!

F: Yes!

M: Humberto and Teresita are?

L: no, not yet come!

M: aahh ok!

L: want to go with me? CHT

MLXC M: Yes, I see the not ~ as !.... to see Fernando pass me the baby!

F: noo ... give it to me for a while ... yes?

M: jajajajja .. ok!

L: go!

(They went)

J: is that good that you went up mija .... because not even let combed!

L: hehehe ... there is the comb mamita ... I ... look ma 'here is Marcia!

M: Hello is now ~!

J: daughter but I'm glad to see you ... how are you?

M: Alright!

J: and your baby?

M: aahh Fernando was belowwith and Octavio!

J: I'm going down there to see them and say hello ... I'm glad they came!

M: hehehe ... thanks! ...

J: Lety, is your dad right now, with the cake

L: If mama! ..

(Julieta low)

M: but I will say hello?

J and T: TIAA!

M: !...( embraces hello) how are you?

J: Well .. well .. today I keep!

M: if you are!

T: and I keep tresssss (he said as he showed three fingers of your hand)

M: wow, how great! .. Hahaha!

L: If you? Jijii .... well .. let's comb!

M: lol ... ok ... Hey Lety and how long do you have?

L: 6 months!

M: queeeee ???.... I thought you were going to have it .. and bone that were in the 9!

L: queeeeeee ??.... noo .. because you say that?

M: Because .. you have a pancitaaaaaa truth!

L: Marcia is FAT ... you're telling me ?????

M: jajajajajajaja .. no friends ... but ... lol ... is that the truth !!... are you sure that there is 1 baby!

L: if! The doctor .. me dijy on the sonogram see one!

M: Well .... to see how the comb!

L: aaahh ... look ....

(Down came more people)

S: llorabaaaaaaaaan who came by!

F: Simon !!... hahahaha !!.... what happens?

S: My fraternal Don Fernando! ... Here comes my tropical jungle and my kids tell me !!... need help!

PM: Hi Don Fernando!

F: hello but pass !!!...

S: I do not say that Lety and had the baby?

F: (is that he was carrying his nephew) noo .. Simon, not gross this is my sobrino, Lety will also have an or ~ to!!

S: aahh jejejeje!

F: Look, go help Tomas ... you? ... To continue decorating!

S: ok ok ok Don Fernie!

(Just keeps coming all the barracks with their children and other friends, the decor was very colorful and lively music and had rented a house or inflatable for you ~)

L: Well, we went down ?

J: mama ... I want to play!

L: if my life!

T: anon mom!

(He met with all the guests and relatives)

F:aahh but look how beautiful the load !....()

J: (to stick it to the lower) noo ... noo !.... I want to play!

F: ok ok

T: sii .. down!

F: (the release) huuuuy sorry!

L: hehe .. what happened?

F: I do not support it!

L: There Fer God, are pending !.... are we playing with the guests!

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++

A: haaay Marcia came good friend! really!

M: Yeah .. lol!

A: and your baby isbeautiful! You

: clear, it looks like when it was so!

M: looks like her dad!

L: hello ...

A: Haaay Lety, really, that baby looks like her mama!

L: jiji sii .. a lot!

M: well ... and when Lety hears this?

L: well ... for February will also !.... Fer and I fulfilled a ~ I married in that month!

you: yeah ... .. hopefully that emotion is born the same day as your anniversary!

L: hopefully .. hehe!

A: Hey Lety and there is a baby?

L, thatif! .. but greatly ampli ~ or people telling me that I am panzon!

M: hahaha ... no listen to him ... hahaha!

A: Well I was saying it .. lol .... and as you put it?

L: is called Diana !....

you, that most beautiful name!

L: sip .. jijijij!

Caro: Hey Lety!

L: there came good friend (hugs)

(Caro presents to the other)

L: And your daughter?

Caro: it came and went quickly to the bounce house ... very good idea that !!...

L: Hehehe ... and Omar?

Caro, with the better half of it!

L: jijjijijiji ..

Caro: Marcia how beautiful your baby

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

O: brother go to the bounce house!

F: that queeeeee?

O: sii see Simon and Thomas are there and look up Octavio!

F: (Volt to the house) quee? .. But to be created?

O: andale brother .. come on ... that's good father ... andale !!....

F: but but .. do not be stupid Omar ... .. if is full of ... you will not ~~ you is like no young children, and the children of those who want to meterce and jump with them, but could not, 'cause people were savages leaping, in addition to run away from Luigi!)

L: Fernando! .. . you do?

F: (asomandoce by Mayito) Lety ... this is in full swing ... I love it ... remind me to buy one for the patio jajajajaja (went over)

DE: daughter happening here? ... what is the fuss?

L: that Pope .. watch them!

DJ: jijijijijiji .. that comic!

DT: jajajajajajajajajajaja .... but apparently had neither ~ ez!

DH: Get out to see that neither you quiren ~ jump!

F: (complaining you cry) oh father !!... no!

DE: do not see that this is for you !!!... ~ or fall down ..!

L: jijijijijij!!

(the headquarters of a riot had so much laughter)

Caro: jajajajajaja ... I spent the camera's memory so jajajjajajajajajaja photo ..!

DH and DE: come down NOW!

(ASi all Asuta and men were falling one by one .. head down and complaining about how or ~ os, at the same time recojian your shoes)

Lu (celebrating) ... this wiiiiii was a fantasy come true!

L: jijijijijijijiji Fer .. there ... do not get that way!

F: is that my dad and your dad rega ~ aron me !!... besides this butterfly!

L: is me or ~ ote (gives a kiss) I love you .. jijijij!

F: I more! .. Hahaha ... it is that much fun in there !!....

L: jijijijiji ... you get another day!

F: mmm ... yes and your with me (hugs) I and the baby is born!

L: and I do not really ?.... hehehe ... the truth is that it really hurts your back and feet!

F: sientateeeeee !!... jajajaja (kisses him) well I'll take care of the rest

L: yep! CH


(still the hours passed, and the party was very good)

DJ: daughter get someone else!

L: (extra ~ ada) who?

DJ: the girl is ... is that because we do not see much because I forgot ..

L: But who?

AL: !!!!!!.. HELLO how are you?

L: Ana Leticia ??....

M: sister are you doing here?

(everyone went to greet)

AL: for my nieces meet .... and had to be here .. in addition (by removing the baby from the arms to Marcia) wanted to see the extra ... ~ aba

DT: daughter ... how good you came!

AL: Yeah .. and where are the birthday ~ eras

L: they are playing ...


I brought her gift to each!

L: hehehe ... ok!

F: noo .. see if I bring them here!

AL: but how great they are ... God .. it grow! .. And walk!

F: .. I think that if you have 3 to ~ as if!

L: is that you do not see that not long ago I walked!

(The or ~ as the weird looking)

AL: aahh but here's your aunt ... lol ... look what I brought! (Sayingtwo boys will pass with two cars that were 2 hot wheels barbie corvettes, the kind of battery they could handle, very large and roses!)

Lu, ha! ... that is to have style! !.... look from tiny to Carraro!

L: ANA LETICIA was not so!

F, but no driver's license .. .. and now you have cars you bring!

AL: Fernandito .. there is to play !!... see because they are mounted!

(The girls got into their new "Car")

AL: Well ... now we have to show you how to manage!

M: But sister, what happened, because you're here? CHTML XC

AL: So I told you, the birthday to you ~ or ~ the ace and strange and aba and wanted to see this prince (cari ~ itos making him the baby she was carrying)

M, that good that you came, you also strange Abama!

(The party followed on foot, had a great time, enjoyed it very much, especially not ~ as, that was the point, they danced, sang, photos, food, everything you do at parties. Passed 2 ½ months and were in late January as it was approaching childbirth, besides that Lety had a rather large belly, that if it took great care of the twins were a little older and more beautiful, spoke a little more Clarita trying to help his mom as they could, the baby's room was ready, everything was ready)

L: haaaaay! back is killing me!

F: ya ... and it is born ... love .. you know ~ 4 to comply as married and because I wanted to tell you something!

L: Tell me!

F: I wanted you and me and the twins we went to the beach!

L: quee? ... But Fernando does not look like I am!

F: sii, I know ... also to leave the room east of the City and also needed a month to be born!

L: (deep breath) as Beach want to go?

F: mmmm, I do not know ... what you want to go?

L: aahh is that if I tell you ...

F: tell me!

L: I skip a acapulcaso!

F: .. no no no no no noo !!.....

L: there andale you promised me!

F: if when?

L: The last time we went to Cuernavaca, or you forgot?

F: aaiiichhh !....

L: (hugs him) sii .. porfis (kiss) andale (kiss) if ...

F: mmm .. ok .. we're going to Acapulco ...!

L: but by car!!

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Four Ways To Get A New Drivers License LFMB: Chapter 66 FAMILY

LAST + + + + + + CHAPTERS

L: Fer and if calm down we are not alone!

F: yes, I know I forgot .. hehehe ...

L: y cuI'm there to lead the or ~ as?

F: I do not know, I left so upset that neither leave Luigi finished talking!

L: There are a neurotic! ... Hysterical!

F: of course not (kiss) I'm good, I come later!

L: I'd brought to or as ~!

F: If I left right ?.... but very warm! ... Hehehehe .. and that makes my mom here?

L: help you set up some things in the baby's room!

F: ah well !!.... wow ... that I say, for when I paint!

L: If you go down .... well!

(found in the breast of Fer) CHT MLXC

you: you are more calm child?

F: si ma ', well I leave because I have to go back! ... Ahh and thanks for helping mom Lety!

you: you know you always!

F: hehe ... bye (kisses him on the lips Lety) I love you and forgive

L: mjum ...

F: adios ma '

Te goodbye

millet (Fer dse say goodbye and return to work)

you: there mija as you do it?

L: for what?

you: that in the end, calm down!

L: I do not know, jijijihi ... I've always funsionado since met him, he always spoke and finally quiet!

you: since you were his assistant?

L: yes, there!

Te much you hold on!

L: did not imagine, but I love it, and you know that evidence so large that we were the ones that made us react and strengthen more as a couple and now as a family!

you: I am very happy for you and you know I am very grateful to the best gift you could give me!

L: (I look extra ~ a) gift?

you: if my granddaughter, the grandmother ....!

L: ahh .... jijjIjij ... as you think!

you, it's the truth ... until I asked to come to us to live here Humberto to Mexico and sell all there in London to be near them

L: really?

Te: sii ....

L: I am very happy !!!!....

(so happened a week and get the day he filmed the commercial, which was one day before the birthday celebration for you ~ or ~ as)

F: Luigi good here I leave you, safe and sound!

Lu: Yeah yeah !!..... guarachin they know that Luigi aunt care for them ... right?

J and T: yep!

F: it is is not ....Lety has seen? Lu

: no .... she said she went to bath oy looks back ... ahh here comes! (Luigi went with no ~ as to prepare)

L: hoooola, what happened ?

F: I was asking about you ....

L: mmmm ... are you staying here?

F: But of course if ... this what I have to do (he said as he pulled from his backpack a camera)

Lque doing?

F: recording this ... what else?

L: Fernando .... but ... this will have it at home because Luigi will give us a copy, it is logical!

F: noo .. noo ... I want to havemine!

L: Fernando, lower the camera ... God shame!

F: that nothing ...!( shame and began to record)

L: (mumble) Fernando Mendiola off that!

F: No ... (all excited) Look ... look ... there are the stars!

L: God is (putting a hand on the eyes) Fer, and really !!... LU

(that came with the twins) there, do lizard demons? (Stands in front of the camera fer)

F: that you, Luigi? .. Come on, do not you see I'm recording my daughters! Lu

: aahh if and from when you cameraman? CH TMLXC

F: (giving pause the recording and looking at how challenging Luigi) of all life ... .. so what happens is that nobody knew (said the lying)

L: (releasing a laugh) as you see Fernando ..... give me that camera here (removed) and sit there that Luigi has to go! Lu

: same ... andale .. so that my creativity requires living space

F: epal epal epal copiaderas .... no .... and ya, ya, ya ... I leave to get your creative juices flowing ... but I tell you that if the commercial is Perfet is for them (is the neither alando ~ ~ as) and not by you! Lu

: (holding a hand to the chest as offended) there as you Flask!

L: !!...( and speaking to the ni ~ as) are well?

July: if Mommy! Tere

: hair, hair when we go to plays?

L: ah it is not, right now ...

July: Mommy, is that is that is that ... .. Aunt said we were going to play!

L: jijijijiji .. to play, yeah, make it the case then, look at mommy and daddy will be granted if there is ~ alando ?...( chairs)

Tere: if Mommy, but but .. do not play here?

L: no, my love, I have to sit there ... you have to ignore, portarce well, yes?

Lu: to see, to see my princess .... there we accommodate

Tere ... mami ...

L: go, go with me I'll be there (it is again ~ alando area)


: If mama!

(Lety sat next to Fernando, while Luigi gave instructions to either ~ as)

F: (intertwined his hand with Lety) there ....! I'm nervous

L: (giving him a kiss on the hand) No, everything will be fine, they are very obedient!

F: sometimes !.... and you know it!

L: jijijijiji ... sii ... but they're tiny too! ... Not talking about as well ... ~ ~ ma ~ ana is the birthday you!

F: if .... already ....

L: I've been able to communicate with Marcia?, And we could not go to her when he was born in July!

F: sii, my nephew is 3 months already !!......

L: sip jijiji .... but anyway you communicated with her for the feast of ma ~ ana?

F: Well, my life, I will not lie, she told me that will make it possible to arrive!

L: aaaaww .... ok ... hopefully come the 3!

F: sip (gives a kiss)

L: (all excited) Look ... look ... will begin!

F: sii jejeje ... calm down ... then you hear complaints from me!

L: (looks for inmatejo) chistosito! Lu

: a camera run .... see ... sii .. there has to play!

(the commercial recording, very colorful, lots and lots of disney mu ~ eca)

Lu: CORTEEEE ... huy ... perfect!!

F: (running towards or ~ as and load) huuuyy ... that professionals (given kiss)

L: hayy .. did very well!

(Fernando them down, and not the end ~ as were most outstanding toys that what they said)

Lu: Well .... Fernie, now edited, did quite well. ... are a professional, very calm and behave very well!

(Lety and Fer look surprised)

L: I leave you a whole day to see what I say at the end!

LU: So you leave me now !!... hahaha .. I'll see if I edit

F: if, when you're ready to send and all I say! .. And you Remember my copy!

Lu: Yeah yeah!

L: Luigi, do not forget the birthday ~ I, ma ~ ana!

Lu: I'll be there .. bye!

L: Good Fer, I'm going!

F: I'm with you there!

L: Do not be lazy!

F: not really .... is to help set things up for ma ~ ana

L: if everything is ready!

F: because I love you .... and want to help ajajajajajajaja!

L: Fernando!

F: Yes, if I go ... andale, I'll get some stuff to the office and tell Omar to stay in charge ... yes?

L: as you like, I advance!

F: you think if we had dinner somewhere and the 4?

L: ok, anywhere!

F: sip (the kiss)

(agree and have their family dinner. There comes a day Spreading Birthday ~ os)

F: (putting the balloons in the yard home) To hearmore, stop eating and help me if ?....

TO; watch my compa ~ ero Don Don Fernando ... I have to have the strength to help ...!!

F: you are a Comelon, still leaves entremeces!

To: and ... perama!

F: no! .. And really .. (like or ~ o) LETY !!!.... LETYYYYYYYYYYY!

To: you do?

L: Fernando happens?

F: that your soul mate here does not help me with the decoration and are eating everything!

To: not true!

F: if it is

To: no!

L: Enough Already... Or so my daughters are fighting !!... Tomas, if you came before was to help, not eating, but to decorate!

T: Yes, but ..

F: but nothing (giving the pack of balloons) you get to blow!

L: jijijij ... well ... I'll wear to either ~ as

F and T: Yes!

L, (come and knock on the door that) I'm coming! (The open and excited about what you see) haaaaay ??... you here ??... you joy!

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Welcome Greetings For Church LFMB: Chapter 65 FAMILY

L: Fernando and I can no more !!... ... I can no more !!....

F: .. and quiet ... quiet!

L: to calm me down ??.... calmeeeeeeee me?

C: friend ... .. please do not fret!

L: Look, leave me alone! ... Yes ... (he UAV)

F: you do?

L: I will look for my daughters! (It goes from there)


O: ... now if there brother!

F: animal shut !....

O: huy .. but what happens?

F: I'm going to find them too! CHT


O: accompanying you or!

F: NO !!!.( goes on there)

C: it is better that we keep looking for here!

S: do ~ with Carolina, will not be better to call the police?

O: Yes, I have the same

C: yes, this because we do not expect a little more and call!

PM: this sure do ~ to Carolina?

C: This wait 15 minutes if Lety and Fernando do not return with them, call them!

Everyone: ok!

(The forum where this Luigi)

Lu: I am surprised that talents are very well .... CUT! CH

TMLXC Women: good and Luigi? Lu

: they did not ~ as well, I really liked trailmelas!

(The woman took the ni ~ as)

Lu: July is my and my Teresita ... are beautiful ... future concept models!

J and T: jijijijajajajaja!

Lu, but they do here ?.... his mom must be very concerned

Tere: I kelo is the mu ~ eca!

Lu: y tu tambien July?

Lu: If dude!

Lu: it is better than your mom take

(When Luigi is tacked to walkr was found Lety)


L: MY GOD !!... finally! .. (The hugs and kisses) are right?

July: if Mommy ... look (showing the mu ~ eca)

L: very nice ... to see, you are massaged ?...... but .. but LUIGI! !

Lu, my queen, your preciousness, slipped into the cast, and the height is that they did!


: so it is !...... hear, but they are very professional, very well .... did not know!

L: (smiles) if?

Lu: Oh yeah ... hopefully the selections!

L: (stops) quee noo .. ??... so that Fernando will drop your mouth ... no ... noo ...! Lu

: there is my queen ... if they did very natural ....

L: no .. no ... looks help me to remove all that paint ... yes?

July: Mommy not so I want .. no way!

L: not my life ... Tere

: if Mom and granndes!

L: large? ... Jijijijij ... no no ...

(in this comes Fernando)

F: found it!

J and T: PAPIII!

F: (loading) where they were ??.... but .. but .. they have Leticia

LU: there is already Flask ... if .... if you have is that they were here!

F: noo .. but they are few and ~ as, Luigi by God !.....

L: Fernando and calm down .. .... is that your daughters, were cast in the casting that was it!

F: like that slipped

Lu: There, look guarachin .... the girls ... they got the casting, and they did, and I'm PERFECT!

F: QUEEEEE ????.... no, no no ..... they will not do any ads!

L: Fernando and no one has said they will do it! Lu

: huy this or that doubt it, I am very well!

F: Well, no ... no, no ... Look at them ... !!.... also seem Payasitas with a face like that (it turns and takes them)

L: but Fernando! Fer aiiicchh ... ... ... come and Luigi! Lu

: no me or ~ a, not as you can with that lizard!

L: not me! (Lety went there)

Lu: Perama my queen!

L; tell me ...

Lu: I calm down .... it's out son!

L: it is now if it ....( was)

(while Fer was in his office and had to either ~ as sitting at your desk and the front had quietly makeup with a wet diaper or film themabandoned him)

F: but let me!

July: unchelated !!.... .. noo nooo!

F: ya ... .. easy to see you? Tere

: no daddy!

L: (entering) Fernando you can tell there with you?

F: that it ??...

L: because you take that attitude?

F: because my daughters will not do any business, period!

L: but if I'm saying it's not safe! (I remove the diaper or that he was leaving him and pushes him or her in front of ~ as)

F: (PASI by the office) well ... I do not care, I said .. ok ... andis said!

L: Fernandito !!.... you know something that they have if my mother and I feel like they do, they will!

F: because you know something Leticia Mendiola !!.... they have potatoes and if I say no, is not !....

L: You're a freak .. and this is not going to be so .. and hopefully the pick on them!

F: because the shot will leave you in the foot, because it will not be so!

L: we'll see .. and really it is!

F: it !.... and is not the last word ...

L: (down to ~ as and not grabbed by the hands) ... not assume that the last thing you say is, "If my love whatever you say" (so samess of the office)

F: (talking to himself) to look at her .... look at her !!!.... berrinchito that berrinchito!

(3 weeks later and Concepts)

Lu: (entering the office Farnan, good to chair) Fernieeeeeeeeeeee!

F: that, what happens?

Lu: it is not going to believe me!

F: what? Lu

: guess who chose to comercila "Disney"?

F; noooo .. tell me! Lu

: for who else ... your princess!

F: (parandoce of his chair) that queeeee ?????.... no no and no! CHTML

XC Lu, as they not?

F: no ... I told my daughters Lombardi ... advertising will not be anyone! Lu

: but if you will be .... you do not see that these are not ~ as a professional ... did very well!

F: Lety was !!.... not really ??... I'm calling to tell her to tell me that! Lu

: pppero .. no .. but that happens to you ?....

F: of course it was Leticia, and everything to take the opposite ... that makes this woman? (Was headed to the door)

Lu: but where are you going?

F: I'll be back! (It was there)

(home of Lety)

CLXC (where Lety went out of the room found him in front)

L: with you?

F; you .. you called to Luigi and he said he chose to not ~ as for the commercial, when I told you no!

L: Of course not!

Te calmate see son !..... not yell!

F: is that ?..... mama mama ...

you: if ... calm down and not yell .. ok!

F: si .. si!

Te: Lety, I go to the kitchen if?

L: if Teresita

(The ~ now I leave it alone)

L; to see explicam now, what is the shouting?

F: that you told him to Luigi that the twins chose to trade where I said no!

L: (smiling) that it ????.. the twins were chosen?

F: is not that what you do know!

L: nooo .. I did not know !!....

F: so what??

L: yeah ... Fernando, I'm telling the truth!

F: then?

L: I do not know!

F: but ... but .... Leticia!

L: no !!...... scream and I knew nothing ... you?

F: pues no, my daughters will not do that ... no they will not!

L: but berrinchudo you ... ah?

F: I do that??

L: yeahhhh ... tuu!

F: jum (crossing arms)

L: If you are a mens ... Fernando does not think ... .. we were the chosen production house for commercial espa ~ ol one of the most famous compa ~ ias the world and not see it that way! ...

F: No ... but I forget who will be the models ... right?

L: CLAO not ... I just say that my daughters chose ..... perhaps the've seen doing it?

F: no but ...

L, but no ... no .. have not seen anything .... have to see how you do .. you? .. If if they feel comfortable fit!

F: whether the exploit!

L: there do not be ridiculous!

F: not to be ridiculous, is to be realistic, Lety you know how those ads are very tired and they're very tiny!

L: see Fernando .... give them a chance to the situation .... if you ?....

F: (a little more quiet) do what you want ....!

L: not either ... .. so these are not ~ as much as yours truly and we must support and see .. you? ... Now .... calm down ... ok?

F: is not as I do! CHTML

XC L, where?

F: to convince me!

L: (looks in the form of victory) because so are the women!

F: If you love what you say (the kiss)


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Usaneko ~mimikko Maid No Ongaeshi~ LFMB: Chapter 64 FAMILY

(gone 2 weeks and was still in his home Lety rest was much better, but totally boring, and that Fernando had to either ~ as to not give them much work, Rodrigo was still very ill in hospital, his pope came from Brazil and digeron that would not make charges against Fernando, although they could, but he gave the word ~ or that his son would not return. ~ birthday was approaching I number 3 of the twins, and therefore it less than amused at something that Lety, organizing power)

(Lety was at home with his mom)

L: Mommy is not that reason to party, is that like them so much that if disney, discovery kids ... everything ... and do not know!

DJ: no, because you ask them?

L: July because it wants a reason and Tere and no other!

DJ: to see and if you put it in a bag all the things they like and pick a slip

L: mmm ... it's good to see your idea .... pass me a paper and a pen. ...

DJ: yeah ... but I really do not what are the things that they like ... jijjijiji ...

L: we look ma'.... I say ... if ?...!

DJ: jijijijijiji ... good!

(While Concepts)

Lu: (entering the office Fer) guarachin, guarachin, guarachin without END!

F: Luigi happens? Lu

: there !!... darling ... look ... we have to do a commercial audition for a Disney Princess, for this week ...! CH

to either ~ as I have to buy what you will wear for your party .. you? ..

F: Lety not get well! .. We really do not know what happens to me .... these days have dawned very sad and do not know why you have those moments !...... ... you've dawned so well and I did not say anything ... you understand me!

L: is that I hate to see so!

F: (hugs) and I promise that I will feel better ... if you ?..... I can not hear and embrace almost jajajajajajaja!

L: Are you calling me fat??

F: nooo ... jjajajaja ... as you think ... is that look at your "belly" does not let me near you

L: do not make fun! (Sappho is it)

F: jajajaj ... do not bother ....( gives a besoteeee) already?

L: .. because they do not know! CHTML

XC F: I will not do the difficult! (Turns and kisses her)

L: ya ... andale go .... and that makes you late for work!

F: ok ok ... no (kiss) do (kiss) effort (kiss) if? (Kiss)

L: !!..... and yeah ... (will give one last kiss)

(After a ma ~ ana to buy many things ... besides the or ~ as for the new baby, Lety thought of going to visit Fernando Concepts)

(Exiting the elevator)

L, but do not run !!....( told their daughters that a moment lost n)

J: There Lety, friend, how are you?? .. how you felt?

L: Juana biien .. hey there's so much fuss here?

J: ahh is that Don Luigi is doing a casting call for a no !.... .. ~ as or longer!

L: (buscando their daughters to look) .. .. aahh sii sii hear, but ..... my daughters where they went?

J: aahh if you want the look!

L: sii .. help me!

(Lety came to the area of the secretaries)

L: Hey guys!

All: Hi Lety!

PM: friend how are you?

L: Well!

Mar: and your baby .. like this?

L: that although the two are well! ... Heard from my daughters did not go here?

Sar: ... I think if ... is no ... no .. I noticed is that there is not much here .. ~ a no!

L: (concerned) is my god ... I hope you are with Fernando! ... Is that they ran!

LoL: if you want to find out friends!


F: Lety ... well there and doing here?

L: is that I need the work and wanted to see .. I can not?

F: (hug) huuuuuuuy ... every time you want! (Laughs) I love you my life!

L; there I also (around the neck with your arms to merge into a deep kiss)

L: mmm ... I needed a kiss like that!

F: huy and me and many other things I needed!

L: Fernando !!....

F: is that .... urgeeee urgeeeeee ...

L: I know ... but I have to go to the doctor and is very close I promise!

F: (pouting) juuum ok !....

L: (looking to the side) or hearing and ~ as?

F: mm? ... That (searching) but ... where are you? ... ETMLXC PM: mannitol, calm down you can not alter !!!... calm down!

L: (crying) I can no more .... Help me!

F: Well let's look ... Sara ... Celso call and tell them if they are to go down to Irmita!

Sa: if ~ or!

(Thus began the search for the ni ~ as .... until Omar, Tomas and Carolina are looking for .. a long time step)

C: and friends calm down!

L: is that where they can be?!

(While the casting of Luigi)

Lu: to see ... to see the next 2 .... pasenme!

Women: here are

L: (neither had seen) managed?

Mu were well, only the hairstyles and make up this little, you know very delicaditas, Rimer, brightness in the lABIOS and blush to give COLORSit!

Lu: sii ... if you already put them there ... to see .... and give the new dolls ~ mu!

(so did the woman himself gave the orders accommodation and very obedient they did)

Lu: (looking through the camera) to see .. (they do a close up) QUEEEEEEEE ??.... these are the daughters of the lizard!!

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Short Of Breath More Condition_symptoms karlavale @ 2007-07-14T16: 38:00

F: Lety happens ... because you talk like this to be ~ ??..... you or who is it?

L: Fernando is .. is!

F: Who?

L: Rodrigo!

(By the way, Rodrigo had not articulated word, seeing it was very involved, there looked very cute with everything and pregnancy, was ready for anything!)

F: (can not remember) Rodrigo ? ...

R: sii .... and you are?

F: Fernando Mendiola!

R: aaahhh with you is the husband of Lety?

F: (looks incredulous) yeah .. that's me?

CHTMdazed and with blood on his mouth) you're an animal Lety !!... as you can be with the ??...... I'm not so ....

F: But you hear it?? (Pushing it) are stupid ??..... respects to my wife (giving other pu ~ or stomach) ok?

R: (not take any more and draw strength and gave him a pu ~ orin face Fer)

L: Nooooooo !!!... yaaa ... stop! .. Yaaa .. . (Fer by holding a shoulder) and Fernando, calm down .. please! (beginning to mourn scared) yaa!

A: (turning to Lety's arm) please listen to me ..... I need to talk to you .... really!

L: Let me go and get out of here!

F: (very annoying) looks animaalll (movesLety and he rushes over again) I told you to leave her alone ... and my family!

R: (pushes) not !!... to me if it interests me .... and makes the impossible!

F: (Fer more and could not hit him with all his might) damn bastard!

L: Fer .. I'll kill yourself and calm down .. and !!....!

F: Lety .. stay away !!.... Salete jump!

L: (very scared) Fernando .. yaaa ... calm down ... please ....( takes the phone and communicates with Thomas for help)

(Outside of the office)

PM: but hear the shouting ...

Mar: yes, I enter that t. Take away a Fernando ... (feels bad and dule the womb) is Haay .. .. .. Fernando Fer!

F: that happens?

L: my baby .. my baby !!... hurts!

F: but ??...

L: I do not know ... Fernando! .. It hurts! (Lety therefore courage, effort and felt very badly frightened, and as she felt the pressure he was down, felt very dizzy)

F: my life ... .. are you okay .. Lety Lety (fainted in the arms of the)

O: take down ... Take it to the hospital ...!!

T: And we do this?

O: to the need to take this very badly!

F: do what they please (Lety load) I'll take my wife!

(Fer office went very fast, without giving anyone explicacionens and went to the hospital)

O: let's take!

T: if

(while Thomas and Omar Rodrigo carried to the hospital, the guy was really really bad!)

(The doctor took Lety, and at that time called Fer his in-laws)

DJ: Fernando happened?

F: (very scared) is that Lety fainted .. .. I said it hurt his stomach ... and demomento was very pale, and sweating and fainting ..!

DE: But, psa somewhat!

F: sii ... but it gave me a lot of courage!

(At that leaves Dr. Mauricio friend ellso)

F: Mauricio ... tell me how is she?

M: is stable, and its pressure back to normal .... she spent courage?

F: I think yeah .. my fault ... but more than courage .. scary!

M: Fernando, she lost blood, you know ... her pregnancy was a bit riesgozo!

DJ: There Alone!

M: The pressure on him and when I come here I went up too fast ... thank God the baby is very good .. but she must keep her under observation can not happen ..bad times ..

DE: we see it?

M: You can enter one at a time ... but is asleep!

F: you go first, I'm staying here!

M: that baby, was saved by a miracle .. please do not pass her tantrums, no trouble ... well who goes first?

DJ: I'm going! (So I go do ~ Juliet and spent some time with her and then Erasmus, spent a while with her)

DE: Go now, son!

F: if ... this look is too late .. and the twins are with them as Omar ... I wanted to ask a favor!

DE: dinos!

F: you know whereand Omar live?

DJ: Yeah!

F: You can search the house for him .. is that really, it's already 7pm and they will be more comfortable with you!

DE: sii, do not worry .... we call it and tell him that way .... please .. anything call us!

F: if father!

(Fer was fired and called Omar, then enter the room)

F: my love ... look at you ... (said the whispering and she slept almost) there do not want to see well. .. all my fault !!.... all (stroking the belly of his wife) if something does happen ... I'm dying ... and (begin to mourn) is Lety, look at me, wake up .. . !!.... please tell me something she had in !....(estencion a belly, reaching to a machine that currently monitoring the baby) is not .. no ... (gives a kiss) Get up! (sits in the chair next elbows on her bed and are taking hands to his face)

L: (stands up slowly) where I am ?..... I spend? .. (looking to the side and go and Fer) Fernando?

F: (rising fast) .. my love !!... Lety Lety Lety .. my ... (gives a kiss on the forehead) are you okay .. how you feel?

L: very dizzy ... that happened to me ?....

F: is that office told me that you felt really bad .... and then you got very pale and I fainted me ....!

L: .. sii ... Fernando Fer ... theseright? .. what happened to Rodrigo

F: this moron is here in the hospital!

L: so bad you left?

F: yeah ... but you're so important!

L: I told you to calm down, I look at your tummy ....( escuchste and see what they had) and this and this?

F: is to help monitor the baby .. she is good .... is that bled my life ... almost lost the no ~ to!

L: (very upset) .. no no! .. My baby is not!

F: do not worry .. and all is well .. the nor ~ A is well .. that's for sure ...

L: Fernando ?.... and my daughters as the ni ~ (tries to sit)

F: .. no no ... (the lies) calm down .... they are with your parents!

L: si?

F: sii ...

L: Fer I have scared .. very scared .. I do not want anything to happen to my baby! (Begins to mourn)

F: and my love ... you'll see everything happen ... the baby will be fine!

L: I just do not know I also cry !!..... punzasos horrible ... like as if to give birth so !!.... !!....

F: ya ... (hugs her) because you do not sleep better .. I'm staying here!

L: do not leave me alone!

F: Lety .. I will not do it! (Stroking her face) go to sleep .. no lLords .. I'll stay with you (gives a kiss)

(arrived the other day and Lety gets up and sees Fer all crooked in the chair)

L: Fer ... Fernando!

F: mmmm?

L: you are very uncomfortable there! ...

F: (gets up slowly) sii ... I just do not want to leave you alone!

L: Come here!

F: (stands) that?

L: aacuestate here with me!

F: no, as you think, you will be very uncomfortable!

L: no, look I done to one side when you sleep?

F: good! (When Ferwould sit entered the doctor)

M: good morning and woke ..?

L: Hi Mauricio .. Well ... I'm better!

F: I think I have torticollis ... (grinning)

M: Fernando jajajajajajaja .. no change there!

L: jijijiji .. nope ... Mauricio and I can go?

M: Well Lety, I came to make you a check, because ... I have to give some indications ...

L: If you tell me! ...

M: Lety, what happened to you yesterday was very dangerous, and your pregnancy riesgozo around, you have to stay at home until the end!

L: (apreto hand Fer) nooo .. I need to work ... I get depressed .. .. Mauritius .. nooo do not do this!

M: sorry .. .. but is that really ... if you continue like this, with concerns and bad times, the worst can happen!

L: noooo !!...

F: Lety and calm down ..! ...

L: it is not .. I can not be at home 4 months !!.... noo!

F: insurance everything will be fine ... it's for your sake and for the baby!

L: (looks down and cries) is that ....

M: see Leticia ... the truth, we need to watch your pressure ... and more now in your state ... you can not spend a lot of courage, because every little thingyou can upload and that makes him or damage your baby ... you have to be at rest .... if here at 4 months these better because I give you permission to come back if? ... you have to eat right. ... and especially lots of rest!

L: that boring !!... I can not sit still ...

F: that's true !.... but look ... I'll be there ...

L: You'll be working!

F: Well yeah .. but ... will be my parents, your parents .. the ni ~ as!

M: Lety ... everything will come out very well ... .. anything they wanted to ask you both!

L: if that happened?

M: Well ... during those months, you have held your life intima very well?

L: (blushed and her cheeks turned red and I notice Fer)

F: for Mauritius .. question is this ?..... because if ... normal .. because ?

M: is that after what happened to her .... the slight bleeding ... to avoid a risk, have to wait a while until she returns to the next check!

L: queeeeeeeeeeeee ?....

M: (laughed) .. calme calme!

F: is this ???... if I rain, light rain showers me !!... this can not be!

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Foot Spurs More Condition_symptoms LFMB: Chapter 62 FAMILY

L: (entering the office Fer) hello love!

F: hello (pauses and gives a kiss)

L: I'll Fer ar companion to the appointment?

F: (She looks extra ~ o) date? ... That appointment?

L: no recuardas, today I will do an ultrasound and perhaps know the sex of the baby!

F: aahhh .. yeah, yeah ... sii is true and what time is it?

L: for I have to go now!

F: ... and because we want to know is, although that will be my campeoncito ... but .. we .. lol!

L: There Fer, do not know, and if a or ~ a?

F: .. nooo!

L, and let's go!

(they left the office were met with Omar)

O: Fernando, good to see you, going to your office to remind the meeting that we have with clients now! (Lety's face change of an expression of happiness to sadness)

F: yes, if true, we have to close the contract today! (speaking to Lety) my life ... but if you want I will not, and I accompanied or (said with a worried face)

L: worry ... it is also important !!.... I go, also is not the first time I go alone to an appointment.

F: sii, but today we would say it is !!.... and I want to bethere!

L: (gives her a smile) not worry, I'm going, it's more ... .. Omar Caro is here?

O: no, she had to make earrings with Luigi!

L: Well, I'll go alone ...

F: and if you tell your mom or mine!

L: Fer, and do not worry!

F: But are you sure?

O: already told you yeah!

F: Shut your animal !!.... look at my love ... once you leave the reunion if I call you?

(Lety smiles and tells him that if his head)

F: ok ... I'm leaving! .. I love you (gives a kissand caresses her panzita) adios!

L: yeah ... I see little hour!

(Omar and Fernando came out of there)

L: (caresses her tummy and talks to her baby) Well my life, just be you and me ... so me you're good eh! ...

(Leticia So was the doctor's office when he was with the doctor ...)

DR: Leticia good are you ready?

L: yeah ... no one really warm?

DR: hahaha .. I wonder all the same, but this gel is so jejejeje!

L: Well Now

(EL doctor puts the gel at Lety, and this super coldand then starts to make the routine check)

DR: Well, Peus everything looks fine, but Leticia to take 5 months, seems more!

L: we do not tell me I'm fat ... because I've calmed my cravings .... and tried to walk !!....

DR: Do not you feel more heavy!

L: for I feel like my first pregnancy

DR: no ... but this time there is a (still tested fine) and the beats are very strong listeners?

L: (very excited) iff (looking at the monitor) and will doctor today I can say it's the baby?

DR: I try, because in all the follow up goes back tosee (the little machine kept moving) look I think ... if .. if ...

L: if so what? .. If so what?

DR: yes, if I leave today to see!

L: and that is ??...

DR: wait for me .... let me continue ... sson caa stronger after his beating!

L: having my baby?

DR: she is ok .. dont worry .. it looks big!

L: ahh ok (react) ELLAAAAA ????........ is not ~ a?

DR: ah ... hehehe .. sii one or ~ a.. And very healthy

L: (felt bad for a moment, because I expected the no ~ o, but Algro, by new baby) and my little girl ... a ~to!!

DR: Leticia happens?

L: is the truth, we expected a kid visitor!

DR: it will be the next!

L: (opens eyes) QUEEEEEEEEE jijijijji ???????!!!... no .. ... not believe, after the factory was closed jjijiji! DR

ah well lol ... and (turning the machine) that's it (gives Lety a napkin to wipe that will gel) must pesrla!

L: me or the baby?

DR: ... at 2 lol!

L: aahh good!

(He does weight)

DR: wow ... really this baby Frine big and healthy!

L: But why?

DR: I go back and tell you to take 5 months, weighs a lot!

L: I have to go on a diet?!

DR: I think that if, say you see now!

L: Yes!

(the doctor gave the orders and the next appointment and went there)

L: (very excited) is my and ~ a, Dianne! ... Now, as we will give you the news your dad ?.... ahh well then (in that cell phone rings Lety) to look is your dad! .. hello!

F: Lety me, tell me what has happened ... the doctor said the baby ??... like this is is a kid or truth?

L: There Fer calme, calme ... look ... I'm going to Concepts .. are you there?

F: Yes, I just got

L: and how did it go?

F: very good ... perfect, but I did not change the subject ... Where are you?

Lsaliendo the doctor .. I'm going there now, and calm down ... yes?

F: if my life .. well I'll try eh!

L: hehehe .. that fool you! .. Aiosh, I love you!

F: and me!


L: Well, now you !!... I know how to tell your dad!

(in concept)

O: and brother, calm down you going to make a hole in the floor!

F: is that .... I know you think .. at last a kid visitor! A champion .. .. I will teach all ~ ar!

O: lol .. and I imagine, with thousands of wedding! hahaha! so like his uncle!

F: yeahhhh ??... and Caro knows of the thousands of brides who are you?

O: (are cops) Eeehh .. of course not ... ahhh .... I'm talking about you know!

F: no, my son will not perfido der !!..... no sleep nor is !!... because before that teaches Arle, Lety kills me!

O: hahaha ... sii ... but not going to deny that will go pretty well commo his uncle Omar!

F, thate ???.... I know I am an only child and Lety too!

O: do not be a clown !......

F: jajajajajajajajaja !!... no .. is going to look like her daddy !!!.... !!!... my handsome .. and will be born with gel and tie!

O: (looks confused) as a baby will be born with gel and tie? .. As ".. not understand!

F: (he gives a sape of the head) you will be gross ... you know ... your level of animalia ???... really has no limits so to speak! So .. that will be born very hombresito .. like her dad!

O: aaahh .. it will not be born with a gel or a tie ... aahh

F: (shakes head in amazement) that Omar !!.... barbaro you and you are not going to give a little brotherDanny?

O: huuuuuuuuuuuuy ... not longggg !!!....

F: hahaha .. that Lety was saying! ... Hahaha!

O: Hey Fernando, you have not thought about that can be either ~ a?

F: for no !!.... is that something tells me I'll have to either ~ visitor!

O: but if it is not ~ a?

F: .. because if it is not ~ I love the same, because it is my daughter .. the love I like my other 2 daughters! ... Is mine! ... But .. I know I will not ~ o.. so now!

(Exiting the elevator)

L: (reaching to Sarah) Sara, Fernando thisin your office?

S: if Lety

L: you can say to be president?

S: Clearly, if .... hey friend!

L: Tell

S: the doctor told you?

(At that Lola, Paula Mary and Martha came to him)

PM: If you friend .... you know it's your baby?

L: yeah .. if it is the sex of my baby!

Sea: and it is ??... tell us tell us!

L: nop ... first let me tell you Fernando and then you?

Mar: but maniguis ....

L: no .. no... if you insist?

What: Come see a never ending .. well .. being on tenterhooks !!!.....

L: hehehe .. and leave the drama Lola !!.... I'll tell ...

PM: to see Sara is the head .... to be told and so we know!

L: (shook his head divertidicima) jiji ... are amazing! .. Jijiji

Mar: andale Sara ...

L: jjijijiji ... well I'm going to my office!

All in chorus: yes boss!

(Lety laughed as she got into her office)

(Sara communicated with Fernando and was flown to a chair and found to Letysitting, doing some things on the computer)

F: (opening the door very fast) hi my love!

L: (doing his job) Fer hi!

F: (he sat in the chair before the desk) and that good ?....

L: Perama let me save it here in the compu! .. Now! (Looks at him and smiles)

F: I gonna say?

L: as if ... the doctor told me that all is well, that weigh a lot ... and medieron a diet!

F: noo ... but if your vs you well, these beautiful !....

L: thank you my love! .. But if I'm too fat ... and I can not stand it ..... and also !!.....pregnancy you remember me both of the twins!

F: how?

L: I feel so heavy and tired and my feet are swollen .. there is horrible !!....

F: hahaha ... but it happened .... and all ... well now you're going to say it is?

L: (avoiding the subject) is that?

F: do not play !!.... there is a kid or?

L: ahhh .. because (as he said something drew her portfolio) want?

F: a palette? ... Thanks! (Not fixed opened the envelope and put it on the desk and put the paddle to the mouth)

L: (What faced ) is bOOD palette?

F: sii sii ... tell me .... but ....!!!

L: Fernando Fer ... hehehe ...!

F: that ???...( while savoring the palette)

L: You can trash me the envelope of the palette?

F: (She looks like what?) If

L: Fer, before I tell you, you are happy with this baby?

F: sii ... of course is my baby!

L: and you love him?

F: (he began to play with the wrapping of the pallet) yeah, Lety, but of course .. if my son! (Will stop to throw out the paper, but before he read it) queeeeeeeeeeeee? (Turns Lety) a and ~ a ??.....( the casingra was pink paper and it said it's a girl)

L: if my love !.....'re happy?

F: (closed her eyes, because he expected a kid or, but also was his baby) if my life!

L (got up and went to the) uuufff ... scared me!

F: because ?....

L: Fer you wanted a kid o. .. and then we will have another or ~ to!

F: if I know, but that does not mean, not the same ... love is mine and I love her with all my strength, like a July and Teresa and you (kisses him) if Dianne ... that's right?

L: sip, Diana! .. Sofia Diana Mendiola!

F: I love .. jjejeje ...must tell your parents, to mine, to hear !!.... or ~ as the lollipops and that I had forgotten lol!

L: is that you remember when the twins were born, you gave paddles at all ... and say it as if it is not ~ a given pallet, and if ~ o is not it .. tobacco .. I happened to tell you so ... but almost did not notice it .. jijijji

F: as no palette ... this good!

L: jijiii Fer ..... good !.... now if I have to keep finishing what he was doing ... seems if you do ma ~ ana a meal at home, since it is Saturday and invite my parents and yours?

F: perfect !.... I think I love you .. and I'm happy. the baby (starts stroking the pancita) and I want to be born!

L: believe me you are not the only ... jijijijiji!

(phone rings in chair)

L: Maria Paula tell me ... a visit ... Brazilian Fernando ??...( strange sight o) no .. not expecting anyone Brazil ... sii let it go (hangs up) you expect someone from there?

F: no!

(At that opened the door and into someone)

L: (in shock) tuuuu here? But aquiii hell are you doing?

(Fernando sees it and sees the guy and do not know what happens)


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Icbc Motorcycle Auction LFMB: Chapter 61 FAMILY

L: wait for me! ..

F-that .. you do?

L: (stands up and walks toward the door) better safe (paying insurance)

F: hahaha .. because you say that?

L: (I opened the eyes) and if we open the door Fernando

F: jjajajajajajajjajajaja ....

(She got into bed and was lying on top)

F: then we can go?

L: yes ... but tell me ... you're still upset?

F: (makes as if thinking) mmm ....

L: Fernando !!...

F: jajajajajaja ... noo! (the kiss) and you say? ... we have to finish what we started in the ma ~ ana!

L: whether ?....

F: (kissing her neck) sii ...

(I had a mutual desire, so many days without being together. Fernando kissed her neck, breathing the smell of it, to lack, ascended to the chin to meet her mouth. They caressed, they sought, the most and I could not take off his shirt, to meet with her bare torso. He tried to put his hands anywhere but did not even know where to start, what caused him grace to Lety.)

L: (laughs) with you?

F: (the complete look) is ... is not no where to start, Ah ... and spent a long time. Jajajajajaja!

L: (Rogue) begins anywhere my love!

F: hahaha!

(Ferdinand began to seductively kiss, neck, would say things to the ear but she trembled, she went crazy !!.... it wanted with great intensity ... Lety, squeezed it hard, as requesting more and more. Fernando touched her with such passion and wildness, she felt at in heaven, until they joined in love, after so long, the union that made to vibrate as if for the first time, wanted to do sooo slow, enjoy to the fullest, it did so with much love and mutual need time to yourself .. loved deeply, delicacya.)

F: (kissing her) mmm ... I needed you sooo much ... I do not know (kisses)

L: I also ... te aba strange!

F: Yes!

L: (playing with hair on) mmm ... and do not feel bad?

F: (looks strange or) bad? ... And why?

L: (sighs and smiles, looks him in the eyes) my love, your leg does not hurt?

F: (agreed) aaaaaah ... well .. but the knee hurts ... is that as annoying pain!

L: (a little guilty) is not ... sorry if I hurt you!

F: noo !!... of course not !.... this pain I have it forever .... your not medid nothing (the glue on)

L: ahh well ... hehe ... (kisses him) I love you Fer!

F: and I love you my Lety!

(They kissed, hugged and slept)

(Next day)

L: (off the clock) there and shut up!

(turns to Fernando and gives a kiss, but Fer was really asleep and she woke up, prepare for work and went to raise their daughters and prepare)

F: (lifting, and searched all over the bed) ?.... mmm ... Lety Lety? (realizes he is not) feel LETY !!!...()

(while in the room with twin) C HTMLXC

L: Pope rose! .. July

: papa! (Running into the room)

L: andale, go and say hello to your dad (was telling Tere)

Tere: sip (left there to go to another fourth)

(As Leticia down to see if Pepa had already arrived)

F: (sitting on the bed) hello! Tere

: papiiii! (Climbed in bed)

F: (hugs) hi .. and your mom?

July (climb on the bed) down! (I embrace)

(sincerely, Fer Lety needed help, because that day dawned with much pain) CHTabandoned in an age that imitated everything and that was the age they started to call their parents by their names, to discover, the very names of his parents, in addition, they instinctively loved to annoy their parents)

L: (entering the room) What ??... what the shouting?

July: Lety!

L: what? Tere

: sii!

L: Fernando but now what? Tere

: (turns to his dad) Fenando!

F: noo! .. Like ?....

L: what is this? ... And because so call us now?

F: I do not know !!..... CHTML