Thursday, July 5, 2007

Icbc Motorcycle Auction LFMB: Chapter 61 FAMILY

L: wait for me! ..

F-that .. you do?

L: (stands up and walks toward the door) better safe (paying insurance)

F: hahaha .. because you say that?

L: (I opened the eyes) and if we open the door Fernando

F: jjajajajajajajjajajaja ....

(She got into bed and was lying on top)

F: then we can go?

L: yes ... but tell me ... you're still upset?

F: (makes as if thinking) mmm ....

L: Fernando !!...

F: jajajajajaja ... noo! (the kiss) and you say? ... we have to finish what we started in the ma ~ ana!

L: whether ?....

F: (kissing her neck) sii ...

(I had a mutual desire, so many days without being together. Fernando kissed her neck, breathing the smell of it, to lack, ascended to the chin to meet her mouth. They caressed, they sought, the most and I could not take off his shirt, to meet with her bare torso. He tried to put his hands anywhere but did not even know where to start, what caused him grace to Lety.)

L: (laughs) with you?

F: (the complete look) is ... is not no where to start, Ah ... and spent a long time. Jajajajajaja!

L: (Rogue) begins anywhere my love!

F: hahaha!

(Ferdinand began to seductively kiss, neck, would say things to the ear but she trembled, she went crazy !!.... it wanted with great intensity ... Lety, squeezed it hard, as requesting more and more. Fernando touched her with such passion and wildness, she felt at in heaven, until they joined in love, after so long, the union that made to vibrate as if for the first time, wanted to do sooo slow, enjoy to the fullest, it did so with much love and mutual need time to yourself .. loved deeply, delicacya.)

F: (kissing her) mmm ... I needed you sooo much ... I do not know (kisses)

L: I also ... te aba strange!

F: Yes!

L: (playing with hair on) mmm ... and do not feel bad?

F: (looks strange or) bad? ... And why?

L: (sighs and smiles, looks him in the eyes) my love, your leg does not hurt?

F: (agreed) aaaaaah ... well .. but the knee hurts ... is that as annoying pain!

L: (a little guilty) is not ... sorry if I hurt you!

F: noo !!... of course not !.... this pain I have it forever .... your not medid nothing (the glue on)

L: ahh well ... hehe ... (kisses him) I love you Fer!

F: and I love you my Lety!

(They kissed, hugged and slept)

(Next day)

L: (off the clock) there and shut up!

(turns to Fernando and gives a kiss, but Fer was really asleep and she woke up, prepare for work and went to raise their daughters and prepare)

F: (lifting, and searched all over the bed) ?.... mmm ... Lety Lety? (realizes he is not) feel LETY !!!...()

(while in the room with twin) C HTMLXC

L: Pope rose! .. July

: papa! (Running into the room)

L: andale, go and say hello to your dad (was telling Tere)

Tere: sip (left there to go to another fourth)

(As Leticia down to see if Pepa had already arrived)

F: (sitting on the bed) hello! Tere

: papiiii! (Climbed in bed)

F: (hugs) hi .. and your mom?

July (climb on the bed) down! (I embrace)

(sincerely, Fer Lety needed help, because that day dawned with much pain) CHTabandoned in an age that imitated everything and that was the age they started to call their parents by their names, to discover, the very names of his parents, in addition, they instinctively loved to annoy their parents)

L: (entering the room) What ??... what the shouting?

July: Lety!

L: what? Tere

: sii!

L: Fernando but now what? Tere

: (turns to his dad) Fenando!

F: noo! .. Like ?....

L: what is this? ... And because so call us now?

F: I do not know !!..... CHTML


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