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Four Ways To Get A New Drivers License LFMB: Chapter 66 FAMILY

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L: Fer and if calm down we are not alone!

F: yes, I know I forgot .. hehehe ...

L: y cuI'm there to lead the or ~ as?

F: I do not know, I left so upset that neither leave Luigi finished talking!

L: There are a neurotic! ... Hysterical!

F: of course not (kiss) I'm good, I come later!

L: I'd brought to or as ~!

F: If I left right ?.... but very warm! ... Hehehehe .. and that makes my mom here?

L: help you set up some things in the baby's room!

F: ah well !!.... wow ... that I say, for when I paint!

L: If you go down .... well!

(found in the breast of Fer) CHT MLXC

you: you are more calm child?

F: si ma ', well I leave because I have to go back! ... Ahh and thanks for helping mom Lety!

you: you know you always!

F: hehe ... bye (kisses him on the lips Lety) I love you and forgive

L: mjum ...

F: adios ma '

Te goodbye

millet (Fer dse say goodbye and return to work)

you: there mija as you do it?

L: for what?

you: that in the end, calm down!

L: I do not know, jijijihi ... I've always funsionado since met him, he always spoke and finally quiet!

you: since you were his assistant?

L: yes, there!

Te much you hold on!

L: did not imagine, but I love it, and you know that evidence so large that we were the ones that made us react and strengthen more as a couple and now as a family!

you: I am very happy for you and you know I am very grateful to the best gift you could give me!

L: (I look extra ~ a) gift?

you: if my granddaughter, the grandmother ....!

L: ahh .... jijjIjij ... as you think!

you, it's the truth ... until I asked to come to us to live here Humberto to Mexico and sell all there in London to be near them

L: really?

Te: sii ....

L: I am very happy !!!!....

(so happened a week and get the day he filmed the commercial, which was one day before the birthday celebration for you ~ or ~ as)

F: Luigi good here I leave you, safe and sound!

Lu: Yeah yeah !!..... guarachin they know that Luigi aunt care for them ... right?

J and T: yep!

F: it is is not ....Lety has seen? Lu

: no .... she said she went to bath oy looks back ... ahh here comes! (Luigi went with no ~ as to prepare)

L: hoooola, what happened ?

F: I was asking about you ....

L: mmmm ... are you staying here?

F: But of course if ... this what I have to do (he said as he pulled from his backpack a camera)

Lque doing?

F: recording this ... what else?

L: Fernando .... but ... this will have it at home because Luigi will give us a copy, it is logical!

F: noo .. noo ... I want to havemine!

L: Fernando, lower the camera ... God shame!

F: that nothing ...!( shame and began to record)

L: (mumble) Fernando Mendiola off that!

F: No ... (all excited) Look ... look ... there are the stars!

L: God is (putting a hand on the eyes) Fer, and really !!... LU

(that came with the twins) there, do lizard demons? (Stands in front of the camera fer)

F: that you, Luigi? .. Come on, do not you see I'm recording my daughters! Lu

: aahh if and from when you cameraman? CH TMLXC

F: (giving pause the recording and looking at how challenging Luigi) of all life ... .. so what happens is that nobody knew (said the lying)

L: (releasing a laugh) as you see Fernando ..... give me that camera here (removed) and sit there that Luigi has to go! Lu

: same ... andale .. so that my creativity requires living space

F: epal epal epal copiaderas .... no .... and ya, ya, ya ... I leave to get your creative juices flowing ... but I tell you that if the commercial is Perfet is for them (is the neither alando ~ ~ as) and not by you! Lu

: (holding a hand to the chest as offended) there as you Flask!

L: !!...( and speaking to the ni ~ as) are well?

July: if Mommy! Tere

: hair, hair when we go to plays?

L: ah it is not, right now ...

July: Mommy, is that is that is that ... .. Aunt said we were going to play!

L: jijijijiji .. to play, yeah, make it the case then, look at mommy and daddy will be granted if there is ~ alando ?...( chairs)

Tere: if Mommy, but but .. do not play here?

L: no, my love, I have to sit there ... you have to ignore, portarce well, yes?

Lu: to see, to see my princess .... there we accommodate

Tere ... mami ...

L: go, go with me I'll be there (it is again ~ alando area)


: If mama!

(Lety sat next to Fernando, while Luigi gave instructions to either ~ as)

F: (intertwined his hand with Lety) there ....! I'm nervous

L: (giving him a kiss on the hand) No, everything will be fine, they are very obedient!

F: sometimes !.... and you know it!

L: jijijijiji ... sii ... but they're tiny too! ... Not talking about as well ... ~ ~ ma ~ ana is the birthday you!

F: if .... already ....

L: I've been able to communicate with Marcia?, And we could not go to her when he was born in July!

F: sii, my nephew is 3 months already !!......

L: sip jijiji .... but anyway you communicated with her for the feast of ma ~ ana?

F: Well, my life, I will not lie, she told me that will make it possible to arrive!

L: aaaaww .... ok ... hopefully come the 3!

F: sip (gives a kiss)

L: (all excited) Look ... look ... will begin!

F: sii jejeje ... calm down ... then you hear complaints from me!

L: (looks for inmatejo) chistosito! Lu

: a camera run .... see ... sii .. there has to play!

(the commercial recording, very colorful, lots and lots of disney mu ~ eca)

Lu: CORTEEEE ... huy ... perfect!!

F: (running towards or ~ as and load) huuuyy ... that professionals (given kiss)

L: hayy .. did very well!

(Fernando them down, and not the end ~ as were most outstanding toys that what they said)

Lu: Well .... Fernie, now edited, did quite well. ... are a professional, very calm and behave very well!

(Lety and Fer look surprised)

L: I leave you a whole day to see what I say at the end!

LU: So you leave me now !!... hahaha .. I'll see if I edit

F: if, when you're ready to send and all I say! .. And you Remember my copy!

Lu: Yeah yeah!

L: Luigi, do not forget the birthday ~ I, ma ~ ana!

Lu: I'll be there .. bye!

L: Good Fer, I'm going!

F: I'm with you there!

L: Do not be lazy!

F: not really .... is to help set things up for ma ~ ana

L: if everything is ready!

F: because I love you .... and want to help ajajajajajajaja!

L: Fernando!

F: Yes, if I go ... andale, I'll get some stuff to the office and tell Omar to stay in charge ... yes?

L: as you like, I advance!

F: you think if we had dinner somewhere and the 4?

L: ok, anywhere!

F: sip (the kiss)

(agree and have their family dinner. There comes a day Spreading Birthday ~ os)

F: (putting the balloons in the yard home) To hearmore, stop eating and help me if ?....

TO; watch my compa ~ ero Don Don Fernando ... I have to have the strength to help ...!!

F: you are a Comelon, still leaves entremeces!

To: and ... perama!

F: no! .. And really .. (like or ~ o) LETY !!!.... LETYYYYYYYYYYY!

To: you do?

L: Fernando happens?

F: that your soul mate here does not help me with the decoration and are eating everything!

To: not true!

F: if it is

To: no!

L: Enough Already... Or so my daughters are fighting !!... Tomas, if you came before was to help, not eating, but to decorate!

T: Yes, but ..

F: but nothing (giving the pack of balloons) you get to blow!

L: jijijij ... well ... I'll wear to either ~ as

F and T: Yes!

L, (come and knock on the door that) I'm coming! (The open and excited about what you see) haaaaay ??... you here ??... you joy!


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