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Genital Wart Treatment More Condition_symptoms LFMB: Chapter 67 FAMILY

ue joy, look at my champion here (loading) Marcia, looks like you!

M: hahaha, they say, but for me it looks like her dad!

O: hahaha .... hello Tomas!

T: (with food in your mouth) sii hi how are you?

M: jajajaja, no change is Tomas! (Greets)

L: Well I come from and, Fer, still here ... I'll check on my breast ~ as the no!

F: Yes!

M: Humberto and Teresita are?

L: no, not yet come!

M: aahh ok!

L: want to go with me? CHT

MLXC M: Yes, I see the not ~ as !.... to see Fernando pass me the baby!

F: noo ... give it to me for a while ... yes?

M: jajajajja .. ok!

L: go!

(They went)

J: is that good that you went up mija .... because not even let combed!

L: hehehe ... there is the comb mamita ... I ... look ma 'here is Marcia!

M: Hello is now ~!

J: daughter but I'm glad to see you ... how are you?

M: Alright!

J: and your baby?

M: aahh Fernando was belowwith and Octavio!

J: I'm going down there to see them and say hello ... I'm glad they came!

M: hehehe ... thanks! ...

J: Lety, is your dad right now, with the cake

L: If mama! ..

(Julieta low)

M: but I will say hello?

J and T: TIAA!

M: !...( embraces hello) how are you?

J: Well .. well .. today I keep!

M: if you are!

T: and I keep tresssss (he said as he showed three fingers of your hand)

M: wow, how great! .. Hahaha!

L: If you? Jijii .... well .. let's comb!

M: lol ... ok ... Hey Lety and how long do you have?

L: 6 months!

M: queeeee ???.... I thought you were going to have it .. and bone that were in the 9!

L: queeeeeee ??.... noo .. because you say that?

M: Because .. you have a pancitaaaaaa truth!

L: Marcia is FAT ... you're telling me ?????

M: jajajajajajaja .. no friends ... but ... lol ... is that the truth !!... are you sure that there is 1 baby!

L: if! The doctor .. me dijy on the sonogram see one!

M: Well .... to see how the comb!

L: aaahh ... look ....

(Down came more people)

S: llorabaaaaaaaaan who came by!

F: Simon !!... hahahaha !!.... what happens?

S: My fraternal Don Fernando! ... Here comes my tropical jungle and my kids tell me !!... need help!

PM: Hi Don Fernando!

F: hello but pass !!!...

S: I do not say that Lety and had the baby?

F: (is that he was carrying his nephew) noo .. Simon, not gross this is my sobrino, Lety will also have an or ~ to!!

S: aahh jejejeje!

F: Look, go help Tomas ... you? ... To continue decorating!

S: ok ok ok Don Fernie!

(Just keeps coming all the barracks with their children and other friends, the decor was very colorful and lively music and had rented a house or inflatable for you ~)

L: Well, we went down ?

J: mama ... I want to play!

L: if my life!

T: anon mom!

(He met with all the guests and relatives)

F:aahh but look how beautiful the load !....()

J: (to stick it to the lower) noo ... noo !.... I want to play!

F: ok ok

T: sii .. down!

F: (the release) huuuuy sorry!

L: hehe .. what happened?

F: I do not support it!

L: There Fer God, are pending !.... are we playing with the guests!

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++

A: haaay Marcia came good friend! really!

M: Yeah .. lol!

A: and your baby isbeautiful! You

: clear, it looks like when it was so!

M: looks like her dad!

L: hello ...

A: Haaay Lety, really, that baby looks like her mama!

L: jiji sii .. a lot!

M: well ... and when Lety hears this?

L: well ... for February will also !.... Fer and I fulfilled a ~ I married in that month!

you: yeah ... .. hopefully that emotion is born the same day as your anniversary!

L: hopefully .. hehe!

A: Hey Lety and there is a baby?

L, thatif! .. but greatly ampli ~ or people telling me that I am panzon!

M: hahaha ... no listen to him ... hahaha!

A: Well I was saying it .. lol .... and as you put it?

L: is called Diana !....

you, that most beautiful name!

L: sip .. jijijij!

Caro: Hey Lety!

L: there came good friend (hugs)

(Caro presents to the other)

L: And your daughter?

Caro: it came and went quickly to the bounce house ... very good idea that !!...

L: Hehehe ... and Omar?

Caro, with the better half of it!

L: jijjijijiji ..

Caro: Marcia how beautiful your baby

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

O: brother go to the bounce house!

F: that queeeeee?

O: sii see Simon and Thomas are there and look up Octavio!

F: (Volt to the house) quee? .. But to be created?

O: andale brother .. come on ... that's good father ... andale !!....

F: but but .. do not be stupid Omar ... .. if is full of ... you will not ~~ you is like no young children, and the children of those who want to meterce and jump with them, but could not, 'cause people were savages leaping, in addition to run away from Luigi!)

L: Fernando! .. . you do?

F: (asomandoce by Mayito) Lety ... this is in full swing ... I love it ... remind me to buy one for the patio jajajajaja (went over)

DE: daughter happening here? ... what is the fuss?

L: that Pope .. watch them!

DJ: jijijijijiji .. that comic!

DT: jajajajajajajajajajaja .... but apparently had neither ~ ez!

DH: Get out to see that neither you quiren ~ jump!

F: (complaining you cry) oh father !!... no!

DE: do not see that this is for you !!!... ~ or fall down ..!

L: jijijijijij!!

(the headquarters of a riot had so much laughter)

Caro: jajajajajaja ... I spent the camera's memory so jajajjajajajajajaja photo ..!

DH and DE: come down NOW!

(ASi all Asuta and men were falling one by one .. head down and complaining about how or ~ os, at the same time recojian your shoes)

Lu (celebrating) ... this wiiiiii was a fantasy come true!

L: jijijijijijijiji Fer .. there ... do not get that way!

F: is that my dad and your dad rega ~ aron me !!... besides this butterfly!

L: is me or ~ ote (gives a kiss) I love you .. jijijij!

F: I more! .. Hahaha ... it is that much fun in there !!....

L: jijijijiji ... you get another day!

F: mmm ... yes and your with me (hugs) I and the baby is born!

L: and I do not really ?.... hehehe ... the truth is that it really hurts your back and feet!

F: sientateeeeee !!... jajajaja (kisses him) well I'll take care of the rest

L: yep! CH


(still the hours passed, and the party was very good)

DJ: daughter get someone else!

L: (extra ~ ada) who?

DJ: the girl is ... is that because we do not see much because I forgot ..

L: But who?

AL: !!!!!!.. HELLO how are you?

L: Ana Leticia ??....

M: sister are you doing here?

(everyone went to greet)

AL: for my nieces meet .... and had to be here .. in addition (by removing the baby from the arms to Marcia) wanted to see the extra ... ~ aba

DT: daughter ... how good you came!

AL: Yeah .. and where are the birthday ~ eras

L: they are playing ...


I brought her gift to each!

L: hehehe ... ok!

F: noo .. see if I bring them here!

AL: but how great they are ... God .. it grow! .. And walk!

F: .. I think that if you have 3 to ~ as if!

L: is that you do not see that not long ago I walked!

(The or ~ as the weird looking)

AL: aahh but here's your aunt ... lol ... look what I brought! (Sayingtwo boys will pass with two cars that were 2 hot wheels barbie corvettes, the kind of battery they could handle, very large and roses!)

Lu, ha! ... that is to have style! !.... look from tiny to Carraro!

L: ANA LETICIA was not so!

F, but no driver's license .. .. and now you have cars you bring!

AL: Fernandito .. there is to play !!... see because they are mounted!

(The girls got into their new "Car")

AL: Well ... now we have to show you how to manage!

M: But sister, what happened, because you're here? CHTML XC

AL: So I told you, the birthday to you ~ or ~ the ace and strange and aba and wanted to see this prince (cari ~ itos making him the baby she was carrying)

M, that good that you came, you also strange Abama!

(The party followed on foot, had a great time, enjoyed it very much, especially not ~ as, that was the point, they danced, sang, photos, food, everything you do at parties. Passed 2 ½ months and were in late January as it was approaching childbirth, besides that Lety had a rather large belly, that if it took great care of the twins were a little older and more beautiful, spoke a little more Clarita trying to help his mom as they could, the baby's room was ready, everything was ready)

L: haaaaay! back is killing me!

F: ya ... and it is born ... love .. you know ~ 4 to comply as married and because I wanted to tell you something!

L: Tell me!

F: I wanted you and me and the twins we went to the beach!

L: quee? ... But Fernando does not look like I am!

F: sii, I know ... also to leave the room east of the City and also needed a month to be born!

L: (deep breath) as Beach want to go?

F: mmmm, I do not know ... what you want to go?

L: aahh is that if I tell you ...

F: tell me!

L: I skip a acapulcaso!

F: .. no no no no no noo !!.....

L: there andale you promised me!

F: if when?

L: The last time we went to Cuernavaca, or you forgot?

F: aaiiichhh !....

L: (hugs him) sii .. porfis (kiss) andale (kiss) if ...

F: mmm .. ok .. we're going to Acapulco ...!

L: but by car!!


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