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Lymphedema Condition_symptoms LFMB: Chapter 68 FAMILY

(But they realized they were already in the month of February and so came the day that would go to Acapulco, they were in his truck, a road Larguita, but they were having a great time, until they reached the Hotel Ritz Acapulco where did the check in and got into the room. A room that had two rooms, was a suite and had a door that divided one quarter of the other, the twins would sleep in one and another of them with balcony and a lovely view sea)

L: Fer, I can not believe I'm here again!

F: you really love?

L: yes, is the third time here and I love it! ...

F: mmm (kiss her) how good my love! CH TMLXC

July: (pulling on the pants) mama ... I want to go overboard!

L: Yes, we camibiamos and let the water!

Tere: And your daddy?

F: a well of course if I go!

(Before going to the pool went to the beach. Leticia could not help but breathe deeply, feel the breeze, bury your toes in the sand, felt comfortable, felt like that until your baby move inside her. the ni ~ as they ran got wet and playing with them Fer)

F: metete Come with us!

L: there is not, also looks like I'm dressed (she was wearing a sleeveless short trajesito maternity) CHT MLXC

F: there is no obstacle that ... because you got no bathing suit or?

L: there because jijiji! ...

F: want to walk?

L: Yes, I would !...( or speaking to the ~ as) to see, come!, Bring your ice cubes!

July: Poker?

F: Let's walk!

Te: aahhh ... Daddy, I want lecoger calacoles!

F: then let's go!

(aa began their walk on the seashore, was the second time they went together to Acapulco, the first time and had a ~ as a ~ ito, but not taken away, was like a honey-lina , and while camiNaban remembered how well that went, but this time was different, every time I looked in front of them and saw their daughters pick up their horns and play between them, they remembered that they were not alone, and this time was much better because they were with them)

F: Hey my love

L: Tell

F: going to dinner there, yes?

L: Well, where?

F: No, when we find out if the hotel?

L: mmm .. ok (kisses him) ...

July: mamiii mamiii .. look (showing the cube filled with snails)

L; sii .. you have many!

CTere HTMLXC: and I !!...

F: sii ... see ... do not miss it! Tere

: no daddy (he said as he ran ahead of them)

July : Perama Tere ....( ran after his sister)

L: jijijii .... auuucchh (touching the belly)

F: that happened ??... .. okay?

L: Yeah .. yeah ... is that patio me strong!

F: want to return to the hotel?

L: No ... well ... I'm goin 'the ni ~ as also are very entertaining ... and if we put now the room does not leave us alone ... hehehe!

F: If you? ... But if you feel badI say again!

L: Yes!

(so were all the afternoon, Fernando find out a place for dinner, and so prepared and arranged the 4 for dinner)

L: hey my love?

F: si?

L: and where are we going?

F: aah it is a new, familiar and close to the sea ....

L: If you ?.... well !.... and that's his name?

F: aahh at the hotel told me they called "The Flavor of the Sea "....

L: huuuuy if you name as .... fairytale jijijiji

F: yeah, you know I rememberedor much to the fried food that name ...

L: Fernando jijijijiji ... there ... and .... I doubt that has something to do!

F: jjajajajaja you think? ... We look!

L: sii, this very nice site!

(will come down and is a place that was divided outdoor and indoor Moreover, near the sea, the outdoors was in the sand, beach music for atmosphere and very familiar. serve them and settle in the area that is outdoors)

F: do you like?

L: This beautiful ... thank you very much (he walks over and kisses him)

F: and you like it? CHT

MLXC Juli: Yes, Daddy looks the water!

F: yes, but not now .. hehehe! Tere

: (trying to get off the chair) but yeah .. yeah .... Mommy?

L: not my life ... is that you wet the clothes!

Juli: I do?

L: either! ...

F: aahh I have hunger and it takes more !!...

L: jijijijijiji Fer .... ... there are right now!

(Indeed, attended and asked for their food)

Tere: mami, want to go there (was ~ alando sea)

F: no, but this definitely is your daughter .. and loves m!

L: there Fernando! ... Is that not every day we see the sea in the capital!

F: jajjajajaja ?.... it not true!

(I get his food and began to enjoy it)

F: is very good right?

July: if daddy!

F: aahhh but if you get dirty looks .. nomas July!

July: jajajajajajijijiji!

Tere: I do not Dad!

F: do not you ?.... look at you!

L: and let them Fernando! ...

F: but this day would be all cute!

L: sii know ... (sigh) there ... ouch!

F: quee?

L: I feel like contractions but they are tiny!

F: then let's go ... let's go!

L: yaa ... and I missed ... I'm fine ... .. and they would be very fast ... no?

F: sii but ....

L: ya, if you're going to enjoy? ... Porfis!

F: ok, what you say

L: so I like, so I like it!

F: and clown !!...

(seguin so enjoying, laughing and laughing, until Tess broke down and got out of his chair and ran hasence the sea, and the Pope behind it)

L: vente July ... what happens to your sister?

July (shrugs) no mama! ... Not!

F: TERESA !!!..... come here !!!!.... Tere

: no papiii! (Running to the sea)

F: Stand there!

(La Ni ~ a still running and when it was going to put to sea, someone detubo and she smiled I look at him, and look into your eyes, I thought someone remembered him, and not ~ to be was a bit upset because they did not let get to the water)

?: you'd do? Tere

: (annoyed) I'm wanting to get!

?: And your parents? Tere

: there (is ~ alando the restaurant)

?: Then let them! Tere

: noo ... loose (because the had endured)

F: (I get almost no air, support your knees to rest) Teresa !!.... God or ~ a. .. but you did ... I run out of air (still not looking at it ~ or that her daughter had endured) thanks again ....( its normal position) Teresa daughter .. do not come back ... you? ???.....

A: Hi Fernando, how are you ... she's your daughter?

F: (carrying the or ~ a) iff, but .. but ... you do ?.... that is in your life?

A: aaahhh is that these hosingle way to the beach and then back to my restaurant!

F: what what what ?????..... this is your restaurant?

A: so it is!

F: I knew that name was too !!.... strawberry ... so you then! ...

A: jajajajajaja ... no change !.... good and that brings you here? ... Besides that I see you have a family!

F: and family .. ha ha ha ... so yes, this is my daughter is 3 to you ~! ... Called Teresa! ... And then held 4 to ~ you married!

A: ... well .... hi AAAAHHH that

Tere: (slightly embarrassed) Hello ... .. the water if daddy?

F: but ~ to! !!... Or not ... your momto see you dress so wet and die!

A: Hey Fernando, I can ask a question?

F: If you tell me ... what happened?

A: You married?

F, for if!

A: with Le ---

L: (a little tired from the walk, the belly) love ... good to stop her (when she saw Aldo was left in shock)

F; miraa Lety, Aldo ... the fried food .. Aldo ... ahem ... this Domenzaiiin of those !!.... yes because we are here in Acapulco!

A: Leticia hello how are you? ... Besides pregnant!

L: Aldo .. this ... well ... but how are you?

A: very well hehehehe!

F: Hey did you know that "The Flavor of the Sea" is Aldo?

L: if? ... That good! ...

A: so it is ... but do not tell me and this other or ~ a?

F: aaahh is Juliet's twin sister is! (Was holding the other)

A: sii ... you know have the same eyes of yours Leticia ... the same ... you know I had seen that before!

F: (jealous) sii sii ... well ... that Aldo hear what happened to the spice of life?

A: very well ... lol ... gotta go ... besides you're the best man!

L: for if !.... but nor understand something!

A: what?

L: As you found?

F: hahaha, do you know that Teresa ran away, and Aldo I avoid him to get the water!

A: sii, too late and the truth that was too fast and stopped ...

F: had it not been for the drowning us is not to! ~!

L: (scared) nooo, nor tell ... thank Aldo're an angel ... really!

F: (I look jealous) iff a true angel ... in fact .... I think in our wedding ... no .. no .. could have been!

L: (look at Fer) you think? ... I wonder?

F: NAAA !!... do not believe!

A: jajajajajajajaja Fernando ..... no .... I see them going well with you .... and the family grows!

L: and as it grows .. jijijiji!

A: eat dessert?

L, for the truth, that here is ~ orita not allowed us to finish eating!

A: aaah, as we go! ... I invite a dessert is chocolate!

F: Do not mention it!

A: that thing?

F: chocolate ... I see even in my sleep you!

A: that ?..... cause you tell?

L: is that this has been my biggest craving jijji ....!!.... but I ji .. if I sign?

A: and you're going to eat chocolate? (I ask as the ni ~)

T & J: sii!

F; ok ok ok ... come on!

(Iban restore back to when)

L: (stopping Fer) auuuchh!

F: that ???... what happened?

A; Leticia happens?

L: ya ... it hurts ... ... there is !!..... auuuchh Fernando!

F: WHAT ?????

L: your daughter will be born !!!.... haaaaaaaaaay!

A; you walk?

L: I think if !!.... Fernando ... well attached to or ~ as!

F: sii sii ... but .. but! (Are unemployed and do not know what to do)

L: Fernando Camino!

A; and Leticia calm down!

F: but .. but ... you have to pay the bill!

A: forget it ... is on the house!

F: you hear my love, you have to go this often to eat for free here!

L: (desperate) very grasiocito!

(still walking)

F: Lety Lety .... ... as the ni ~? .. We do with them?

L: traitelas !!!.....( reaching the truck) opens here!!

A: I reached the hospital from here!

F: No where is !!!.... come with us ... where is it?

A: ok ok let's go !!...

(Semont in the van, Aldo called his assistant to take charge of restoring and so came to hosptal)

L: I will !!!!!!..... morirrr

F: Leticia and is not the first time!


A: Please !!... a wheelchair she's in labor!

(so they gave it and pulled a quarter Lety)

Doc: Leticia ... right?

L: iff you?

Doc: having contractions very advanced, is now definitely in labor, but we must wait for the baby down a little .. if ?..... payment ... we will see how this ... wear this gown and wait!

L: sii sii! ... Fer out to here or ~ ace !!...

A: If you want me brought them to the waiting room!

F: Thanks Aldo!

A: if they get restless?

F: I think in the waiting room TV is you put the kids discovery!

A: ok ok ... whatever !!...

F: So yeah ... do not put a brother Luigi Godzilla!

A: (with the face of what?) Queeeeee?

F; sii sii ... that ... the purple dinosaur Barney!

A: hahaha ok!


F: I'm coming, I'm coming!

(Aldo is accommodated in the waiting room with no ~ as .... and they were very good, with an extra ~ o, were very obedient)

(In the fourth)

L: buscame ice!

F: ice?

L: yeah .... find me!

F: !....( was ok and look ok and back and she chewed ice asdesperate)

Doc: Lety good, let's see how the baby is in that position is if?

L: Yeah yeah !!...

(the doctor started to see the baby on the monitor, and asked him questions to Lety)

Doc: How long do you have?

L: Well it is assumed that for the second week of this month!

Doc, Leticia, here's something weird!

F: (scared) so what? .. What's wrong with my baby?

L: (crying) you have to have

Doc: is this the spathe, true, but is next to other foot!


L: No no no ... and that other foot?

Doc: yeah, Leticia, you're going to have twins! ... Look ... here they are, are very good together!

L: jajajajajajajja nooo ... nooo .. I have a baby and is just not to! ~!

F: sii sii!.

Doc: No, the doctor saw you in the DF one drink?

L: sii ... went out on a sonogram every month ... one ... almost always looked back went out .... but once was defrente and we knew it was not ~ to!. aaauuuuccchhh ..!

F: quee quee ... you?

Doc: is having another contraction ... look you are going to have gemel .... maybe two or ~ as .... but here I get another little leg, and half a body is ... here are two babies!

L: is that I felt like for my first pregnancy .... but .... I said it was one!

F: that gross your doctor eh? ... And blind!

L: Fernando and uuuuuusssssss !!!.... !!..... aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

F; yaa .. and goes !!.... but I maNOOOOOOOOOO parties!

Doc, look we're going to have to break the source, because they are only a few inches ... yes? ... We are going to prepare for the delivery room!

L: (crying) ... siiiiiiii siiiiiiii!!

F: Lety and ..... CHT




Doc: jajajajajajajajja hehehehe .. that happens a lot, I am now!

(the doctor left for them to look for Lety, settled into the delivery room and Fer, went to see a second to Aldo and Lety to tell her was to give birth, but she said nothing and or ~ as he had slept, after all that waiting. Fernando got a delivery room with her)

Doc: Well Lety, and water breaks ... now you have to do your part .... we to see those babies!

L: babies? ... No God! ... Fernando!!

F; sii sii here I am holding !!!......(her hand) It'll be alright (kisses her forehead)

L: sii ...

Doc: list?

L: nooo!

F: Let Lety!

L: Shut up this is your fault (crying) I ache all over!

Doc: Leticia already !!....

L; yeah yaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!...... sacamelos aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...

F: Lety yaaa .. my hand!


F: (he had a hand) AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!... my manoooooooooo!!

Doc: (rito endorse such a situation) yaa ... once again .. and Lety is !!....

F; that you see?


F: aaaaaaaaah .. my bro!

Doc: Leticia once again, once more and it comes out!

L: (crying) hurts !!!...: Fernando aaaahhhhh !!....!

F: YAA ... here I am !!!....

(pushing once again and left her baby)

Doc: is not to! !!..... ~ Fernando wants to cut the cord?

F: huh ??.... what?

L: yeah ... apurateeeeeeeee! C HTMLXC

F: yes yes I will (so did)

(cleaned up a bit to drink and gave it to Fer)

F: Lety looks ....( kisses to baby, check this completita and puts her in the chest)

L: (crying) this beautiful ... and bald ... no hair !....

F: jajajajajaja .. noo ... Hello Dianne!

L: ~ to! !....( Me or give a kiss) haaaaaaaaaaay!

Doc: Fernando give the baby to nurse (so it did)

L: Fer do not let go!

F: pa 'to insult me?

L: nooo ... now nooOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

F: ok ok ... (grabs his hand)

Doc: Lety ... bid !!.... ok go!

F: let my love!


F: it is !!!... andale seee my life !!!!... hate me all you want but !!.... bid

L: aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHH ...: Fernando!!

F: I'm here !!!....

Doc: Lety once again ... .. we are already almost out!

L: (shaking hands Fer) AAAAAAAAAAHHHH .... ..... ussssssss haaaaaaayyyy!!

F: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH (almostrrodillado pain) my manitoooooooo!

Doc, ya ya ya .... looks !!...

F: what what what?

Doc: o! a kid!

F: (he lit up his face as he could) A NI ~ O ?????!!!!!.... Lety .. a kid visitor!

L: (crying) sii, my love

(Fernando cut the cord, and after he cleared the ~ o and gave it to him)

F: me or ~ o, !!!....( champion gives me a kiss and quda watching it for a while, making sure it was completito)

L: Fer !!.... leave it .... let me see it! ...

F: Lety sii sii .... watch it!

L: This beautiful ..... have much hair or ~ !!!.... my visitor!

F: (approaches them) you okay ?.....

L; sii very tired ... hahaha .... sorry Fer!

F: jajajajajaja .... ok ... I love you

L: and I love you (kiss) my baby ... and not ~ a?

F: I think it is there! ...

L: okay?

F: Yes! ... Both are good!

(Dr. verify babies and went to Lety to a room)

Doc: Fernando .... the or ~ a is good, her weight is good, and ~ o is under way, and we need to eat well

F: but my baby is going to be okay?

Doc: sii ... just need to feed ....

F: the incubator?

Doc: by now !.... during pregnancy does not eat well, but otherwise is very good ... they are right now to take Lety to feed them .. do you?

F: sii sii

Doc: Well, permission ... I'll be anything here!

F: Thank you doctor, if not for you would not know of the existence of my or ~ visitor! ... Thank you very much!

Doc: Ha ... it happens .... and not worry that's what we are!

(The doctor is going and how this dumiendo Lety, Fer went to Aldo with or ~ as)

F: Aldo (she was saying softly) Aldo!

A: (waking up) ... mmm ?.... what happened? .. Fernando!

F: sii ... shshshs ... rising!

A: ... that happened ?..... like this Leticia?

F: she is ok ..... the babies are well!

A: babies?

F: Yeah .. what happened was that (I told him everything)

A: but it inrresponsable the doctor!

F: as if! ... And not ~ as well as they treated?

A: well ... fell asleep quicklygan family .... if you need anything just tell me ... you know!

F: Aldo .. really thanks .. thanks ... if you're an angel ... thanks!

A: hahaha .. queeeee Fernando Mendiola talking ?.... so ?.... hahahahahaha!

F: sii sii .... just 1 minute !!... jajajajaja good I'll call my in-laws and my parents!

A: I'm staying here!

(Fernando call Lety 'parents and their parents, and those who were to travel were the mothers of the two as soon as possible to be there in Acapulco)

F: Aldo, if you want to see your house .. I am in charge of or ~ as ...

A: but what about you? ... And(The ~ or did not understand as well)

F: sii, remember that mom had a baby here (touching his belly el)

Juli: sii .... the hemmanita?

F: jajja ... yes, but now have a sister and a brother! Tere

: hemmanito?

F: sii, want to see them?

J and T: yeahhhh!

F: Let's go!

(Fernando the charge so that they could seeing through the glass the cradles of the babies)

F: look there are! Juli

: that baby is mine?

F, because if you take care ...your brother, is more teeny!

Tere: And the baby?

F: too! ... We'll see Mommy?

T & J: yeah!

(Fernando the walking bass and the three entered the room where Lety was very tired)


F: shshshs ... Juli ... do not scream! Juli

: there daddy!

L: (very tired) hi ... Tere

: Mommy!

(the ni ~ as they climbed into bed)

F: are you okay?

L: sii, I am very tired ... too much! ... And Aldo? CH

TMLXC F: he went home to sleep! .. Hehehe! Tere

(stroking her face) I saw 2 babies mommy!

Juli, and I tambe !.... and me!

L: and why?

F: is that take the nursery to see the babies ... Lety, the ~ or national or low birth weight and are under observation!

L: but ... appose be good right?

F: sii, do not fret ... you have to eat a lot to put fuertesito q!

L: I see you both!

F: Lety and names?

L: for Diana and Adrian?

F: yes, Diana was, but I wanted Cambira the ni ~ o. .. qude that his second name ...

L: if? ... What you like now Fer?

F: is he was thinking, because they like or ~ to be called Diana, and it is true D. ... Because when you or ~ o D we put a name too!

L: if? ... And what you like?

F: Diego!

L: so? .. ?.... Diego Dieguito?

F: sip ... do you think?

L: I love my love! .. Diana and Diego!

(Fernando smiled and kissed)

Juli: Mommy, anonymous home

L: hehe .. is that now you can not

Tere: I want the water! ...

F: huuy it there if it will be more difficult because mommy my love ... can not .. and the babies are very young! Tere

(ce ~ o brow Brazito crossed her very annoying) I want!

L: aahh but do not be mad ... .. here come lie down with me!

Tere: No!

Juli: I do mami?

L: if my love (lay down beside her)

F: Tere is not get so !!..... just pray to God that these attitudes yours just a touch of rebellion age change when you have 15!!

L: Fernando jijijijijijijijijijiii ... ... you are nothing more you can say something like that! Tere

: lejame !....

L: and my love !!.... vente look here !.... me that mommy is here alone! Juli

: oh no .... and me?

L: aahh good Juli and I are alone !....

(La Ni ~ a look at his father and then her breast and lay down with her, and within minutes the ~ as they slept, there with his mom in the middle of these two had a private room Lety after a while he took the no ~ you for her to feed)

L: (she was feeding her or ~ o) watch it .. is very little hair!

F: sii ... but is so finite ...!

L: Fer .... so you have at birth ... then change them !!....

F: I'm so happy my Lety ... are beautiful ... my no ~ to!! ... Look at her (the load) Peloncito ta!

L: hehehe ... sii, then grow new hair!

F: my life, best birthday gift ... right ?....

L: not born the same day ... but if the same month ... hehe ... cute are they?

F: yeah, the baby is grandicima, note that he ate the food to his brother !!...

L: hehehe ... well he seems to never ate, because it takes some time here! C


F: is my Lety .... I'm very proud of you ... as you two births of twins!

L: because you have to turn down the intensity of my love!

F: look at her look at her ... eh eh !....

L: jijijijijij !!!!.... ya ya .. you pick up as the no ~!

F: Lety hears, as I do now?

L: that or what?

F: at home?!

L: well ... the house has 4 rooms !!.... that of host will be for no o. .. ~ the twins still together and the other of us Dianita and

F: sii ... but when we get there? ... I call your mom and webring drink holder ... and call my mom and told me to buy another ... and

L: Fer and calm down ... everything will inhale exhale !!..... well!

F: is that we never think about it .... God when it comes to Mexico City the first thing that does is kill your gynecologist for gross!

L: yaaa ... you up at either ~ as ... at 3!

F: Yeah .. wow 3 or ~ as a kid ... and o.. !!...( King comes close to the baby) Art thou the king? ...

L: Yeah .. my king ..

(Just spent 5 days and was the last day of them in Acapulco Lety and the hospital had taken two days before and were staying at the hotel, the 6 most mothers estI've always come from little, but Lety, enjoy it more, I love the sea, everything, the atmosphere so quiet ....

A: yes ... I know ... she once told me that he liked the sea!

F: sii, until she married hahaha ... but I forced to divorce, I think now it's your lover ... but anyway!

A: jajajajajajajajajajajajaja !!.... looks ... just telling you that you care, that you care, that you make them happy, you have a beautiful family, are blessed ... has changed a lot, more than the last time we met ... you look much more mature, more responsible ....

F: Aldo ... really thanks!

A: I just hope they are happy .... quand that love is never ~ e, a love like yours never gets old is pure and true, and keep it forever (smile)

F: (smiles) thanks Aldo I know (look for a moment to These girls were getting far out at sea and Fer was scared and went to dodne them) but they do? Juli

: Daddy!

F: Aldo we say goodbye to you? Tere

: yes daddy!

F: Well I ... Aldo Aldo Aldo ??... hear (looking to all sides) Aldo !!!.....( with frightened face looking to all sides) will be that .. . ?.... will you? ... noo ... not be the angel?!

(or ~ The strange looking at him as adas)



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