Sunday, October 31, 2010

Causes Of Dizziness More Condition_symptoms Lee Seun Gii!!! I love you ♥

Kiero go to your conciertoooooooo !!!!!!! Seung Gii ♥ I Love you baby! Ohh god
x ~ cries in her concert! and dance all sexy! vistgo had not danced so all riko! kieroooo kieroo!
is kiero aunq dvd! ♥ and Gumiho ditty of background ... Saranghe
soke chaoreu neun eum ~ ~

Simple Wooden Swing Set Blueprints Happy Halloween! ♥


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Renalde Silver Belt Buckle ~ Boa

q q Bunite sings the girl singing the song in English Boa ♥

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What Is Depression More Condition_symptoms Happy Birthday!

Cump LEAN ~

Natsu Today's birthday ~ * o *
the kiero mucho ... and later the pa vere
give your gift is also my birthday my friend .. the college Tatiana Gessy d emi another friend and my uncle
osea q birthday today is a day I have xD quintuple q buy 4 gifts ~

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vehicle Birthday Cards The most anticipated kissu * o *

Does not compare to kiss Ariel Lin Joe Cheng with the Taiwanese version of this drama! xq in the Taiwanese version if it was one of those kisses that you can not be removed from the mind x more years pass q ~ q
but I like d ela koreana version is the first time esq q Hyun moves his lips to kiss BBF ~
someone in his kisses had no lip movements or anything ~ but here if! was like that ... I HAVE TO DO IT! most remembered is the kiss of drama! \u0026lt;3 and the 1st kiss q xq failure did not like the Taiwanese, OR, but forgive xq e smi husband ... xD


... ohhh when he said this was so riko! ohh I eat it, eat it! C

and BESOOOOOOO! \u0026lt;3 I envy you! nooo! I hate it! xDDDD


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Light Chain Disease More Condition_symptoms Hoi hoi pig version and bloopers xD xDDD

Aish, passed the Lee Seun xDDD
Gii was the scene of the Hoi Hoi song with the fat in their program Kan Nee Shingu hodoru
xDD ~

EP.47 -SH 101 012 [opening scene ]
Uploaded by leeseunggiworld . - Watch movies and TV shows integers.

And in the Strong Heart SECN saw the kiss and bloopers xDD ohb the kissing scene was long * o * *
kiero be an actress! as q put something rojito to see your scene xD ~

EP.47 -SH 101 012 [MGIG kiss scene & NG]
Uploaded by leeseunggiworld . - Programs last night and classic TV, online.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hepititus C More Condition_symptoms The Double S is not going to separate! jum uu

Let me with my dream, I will wait until the next year, said Hyun xq q the other year I would return and tell him to see jum uu.y will bring a new product of the 5 juntitos
I muahahaha *-* ♥ kierooooo

A collection of cards with photographs of SS501 have gone on sale in Korea, according to a press release from the makers of the cards SBS Contents Hub this Thursday.

The SBS announced that the cards titled "Star Collection Card" , which went on sale in the online store Gmarket the weekend passescough: Doramaniacas

Oh yeahhhh! kiero me that these cards! ♥ riiiiiiight

riko also my hubby ♥ Kim Hyun Joong will see the last chapter of his kdrama "Playful Kiss" with all his fans ♥ This was announced Thursday. So
October 21 to give the final chapter, there will be a special event which will be with about 2,000 fans watching the last episode after 9 pm, plus my Hyun will make a special presentation (q imagine the Double s insurance iran porfavoooor *-*! porfavoor!)
CH TMLXC fate of q that are in Korea! xq no vivo aya rays? io kiero see the final chapter to the next .. my hubby will be made safe naughty kissing each fan xDD

More event details will be found on their official website:

Mountain Wedding Sayings The Idols have the best ♥ smiling eyes

That idols have eyes more beautiful when you smile?

This survey is according to the Chinese fans xD

1 - Hongki (FT Island) [yes, I agree .. Honki has a beautiful smile *-*]
2 - Nickhun (2PM) [yeahhhh, I like your smile is too cute]
3 - Donghae (Super Junior) [I've noticed smile a lot, but it must be right?]
4 - Yonghwa (CNBlue) [ken po ~ ♥ Yan clear if q! aunq io put him above]
& amp; nbsp; 5 - Leeteuk (Super Junior) [q riko q is the man ♥ if if your smile is too cute]
6 - Jang Geun Suk [My sexy! q clear my sexy is a good rasgaditos eyes when she smiles *-*]
7 - Sungmin (Super Junior) [I have not cuentamucho of the xD]
8 - Kim Hyun Joong (SS501 ) [Xq my oppa is so low? io put him in 1st place jum uu]
9 - Onew (SHINee) [jajaja q if the truth if his smile is cute ♥]
10 - G-Dragon (Big Bang) [seriously? nu pa Chinese fans but not? xD]
11 - KiBum (Super Junior) [yeahhhh,, toy ofAccording to this post]
12 - Kim Bum [Ki Bum, that of Boys over flower ne? my boy in the cachetitos pots! waaa the above should be!]
13 - Taeyang (Big Bang) [jajaja ps no, do not spend xD]
14 - Minhyuk (CNBlue) [cosita linda *-*]
15 - Taemin (SHINee) [yes, with suerpo of chika flakis if you have nice smile]
16 - Jinwoon (2AM) [even notice I have, I have not seen you smile xD]
17 - Kangin (Super Junior) [my Gordis! yeah, smile again .. rka Kangin! , O;]
18 - Jo Kwon (2AM) [please! Jajajaja]
19 - Daesung (Big Bang) [the question is .. the eye iss? xDD]
20 - Junho (2PM) [and xq is in the top 20?]


and something else, my oppa Hyun us leave a little message on the official website Japan

Hello. I'm Kim Hyung Jun.
First of all, I am very happy to greet everyone across this great official website.
Everyone is living only good things right? That's because I've wanted it that way. I pray that everyone will pass only good things.
Now I'm going to communicate with the fans in Japan from this place. And also I'll update on my activitiesfrequently.

Recently I've been very busy with the musical 'Caffeine'. I am also
DJ in the program 'Kim Hyung Jun's Music High! "
And also now I am MC .... I spend my days with a busy schedule

seems that I will soon be seeing the world through music.
Please give me your support and your generous love
Aishitemasu Mina-san ~ ^ ^ ~ Iiyoumemidaekudasai Janae
(All I want ~ ~ Have sweet dreams ^ ^ Goodbye)

credits: ss501Sp
translation: ♥ Mayita

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sleep Apnea Condition_symptoms The appointment of the Baby and Choco ♥

The baby had an appointment with Choco ♥ ahh he loves his dog, on his twitter I've seen more pictures of chocolate that it takes xD ~ to your workplace, in the radio booth and is special guest!
I had to laugh the part where it says "when I was more confused it with a small stuffed Muñeka" xD
and the minute 3:03 when he says "Choco, sit" his face happiness, when he ignored

credits: reena29shadow @ youtube

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Encephalitis More Condition_symptoms Hoi Hoi ~ ~

Hello ~ Etto ... pos ia not know who I am xD ~
good xDD not surprise me as I have forgotten my livejournal ... but I just like my friend rescue ... Rubi-Sho has been created one, I wanted to fix my jejejejeje xq was well outdated.
Update My Layout and Friends Only part of the lot was filled with Gumiho ♥ Yes, that horrible Kdrama traumatized me is too cute ~ ♥ I loved him completely, each of its chapters and it *-* which ended last week, strangely enough my mongo TT
Extrañoa ♥ Dae Woong, the Gumiho kawai ♥ the sexy teacher riko Doong Joo (ta quite worse rather reko this man) alsoÉn extrañoa monga Aunt Dae Woong, director Bang xD, the grandfather, the ajhushi, et, etc ... .. all at about the bitch of the Noona ¬ or ¬
In Anyway ... I do not want to return empty handed, so Subtitle karaoke and one of my favorite songs of all Kdrama, song of the couple Hoi Hoi ~ ~ ♥ I love Lee's voice Seung Gi (alias Nino Koreano xD) esq their faces are very similar and both act cool xDD ♥

4. 35 MB