Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mountain Wedding Sayings The Idols have the best ♥ smiling eyes

That idols have eyes more beautiful when you smile?

This survey is according to the Chinese fans xD

1 - Hongki (FT Island) [yes, I agree .. Honki has a beautiful smile *-*]
2 - Nickhun (2PM) [yeahhhh, I like your smile is too cute]
3 - Donghae (Super Junior) [I've noticed smile a lot, but it must be right?]
4 - Yonghwa (CNBlue) [ken po ~ ♥ Yan clear if q! aunq io put him above]
& amp; nbsp; 5 - Leeteuk (Super Junior) [q riko q is the man ♥ if if your smile is too cute]
6 - Jang Geun Suk [My sexy! q clear my sexy is a good rasgaditos eyes when she smiles *-*]
7 - Sungmin (Super Junior) [I have not cuentamucho of the xD]
8 - Kim Hyun Joong (SS501 ) [Xq my oppa is so low? io put him in 1st place jum uu]
9 - Onew (SHINee) [jajaja q if the truth if his smile is cute ♥]
10 - G-Dragon (Big Bang) [seriously? nu pa Chinese fans but not? xD]
11 - KiBum (Super Junior) [yeahhhh,, toy ofAccording to this post]
12 - Kim Bum [Ki Bum, that of Boys over flower ne? my boy in the cachetitos pots! waaa the above should be!]
13 - Taeyang (Big Bang) [jajaja ps no, do not spend xD]
14 - Minhyuk (CNBlue) [cosita linda *-*]
15 - Taemin (SHINee) [yes, with suerpo of chika flakis if you have nice smile]
16 - Jinwoon (2AM) [even notice I have, I have not seen you smile xD]
17 - Kangin (Super Junior) [my Gordis! yeah, smile again .. rka Kangin! , O;]
18 - Jo Kwon (2AM) [please! Jajajaja]
19 - Daesung (Big Bang) [the question is .. the eye iss? xDD]
20 - Junho (2PM) [and xq is in the top 20?]


and something else, my oppa Hyun us leave a little message on the official website Japan

Hello. I'm Kim Hyung Jun.
First of all, I am very happy to greet everyone across this great official website.
Everyone is living only good things right? That's because I've wanted it that way. I pray that everyone will pass only good things.
Now I'm going to communicate with the fans in Japan from this place. And also I'll update on my activitiesfrequently.

Recently I've been very busy with the musical 'Caffeine'. I am also
DJ in the program 'Kim Hyung Jun's Music High! "
And also now I am MC .... I spend my days with a busy schedule

seems that I will soon be seeing the world through music.
Please give me your support and your generous love
Aishitemasu Mina-san ~ ^ ^ ~ Iiyoumemidaekudasai Janae
(All I want ~ ~ Have sweet dreams ^ ^ Goodbye)

credits: ss501Sp
translation: ♥ Mayita


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