Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hepititus C More Condition_symptoms The Double S is not going to separate! jum uu

Let me with my dream, I will wait until the next year, said Hyun xq q the other year I would return and tell him to see jum uu.y will bring a new product of the 5 juntitos
I muahahaha *-* ♥ kierooooo

A collection of cards with photographs of SS501 have gone on sale in Korea, according to a press release from the makers of the cards SBS Contents Hub this Thursday.

The SBS announced that the cards titled "Star Collection Card" , which went on sale in the online store Gmarket the weekend passescough: Doramaniacas

Oh yeahhhh! kiero me that these cards! ♥ riiiiiiight

riko also my hubby ♥ Kim Hyun Joong will see the last chapter of his kdrama "Playful Kiss" with all his fans ♥ This was announced Thursday. So
October 21 to give the final chapter, there will be a special event which will be with about 2,000 fans watching the last episode after 9 pm, plus my Hyun will make a special presentation (q imagine the Double s insurance iran porfavoooor *-*! porfavoor!)
CH TMLXC fate of q that are in Korea! xq no vivo aya rays? io kiero see the final chapter to the next .. my hubby will be made safe naughty kissing each fan xDD

More event details will be found on their official website:


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