Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Encephalitis More Condition_symptoms Hoi Hoi ~ ~

Hello ~ Etto ... pos ia not know who I am xD ~
good xDD not surprise me as I have forgotten my livejournal ... but I just like my friend rescue ... Rubi-Sho has been created one, I wanted to fix my jejejejeje xq was well outdated.
Update My Layout and Friends Only part of the lot was filled with Gumiho ♥ Yes, that horrible Kdrama traumatized me is too cute ~ ♥ I loved him completely, each of its chapters and it *-* which ended last week, strangely enough my mongo TT
Extrañoa ♥ Dae Woong, the Gumiho kawai ♥ the sexy teacher riko Doong Joo (ta quite worse rather reko this man) alsoÉn extrañoa monga Aunt Dae Woong, director Bang xD, the grandfather, the ajhushi, et, etc ... .. all at about the bitch of the Noona ¬ or ¬
In Anyway ... I do not want to return empty handed, so Subtitle karaoke and one of my favorite songs of all Kdrama, song of the couple Hoi Hoi ~ ~ ♥ I love Lee's voice Seung Gi (alias Nino Koreano xD) esq their faces are very similar and both act cool xDD ♥

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