Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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This LJ
anyway. No, I will erase boards because I have yet to finish (maybe too ...) but it is time to mature. I've used this site since I was a girl of 15 who thought his innocence to see two guys kissing was as hot in the world. And it is. But other things.

Now I have 18 years and a new nickname. Suddenly the "002" does not seem so appropriate. I am wrong, not suddenly. I held the 002 as a girl who loves his toy that it can be broken, missing an eye, has been washed and faded so you fill out the side, but still retaindo only because it is old and took her confidence. This toy went with her throughout her childhood, and of course, few people want to leave this beautiful day. I did a lot with this old nickname. I fight, I met people wrote things. Ruined, the sanctity of some blasphemous, I spoke with irony and teased me at ease. Now I want to do all that and more from another site.

I say that this site will not blot out the tables, but you know I'm lying. I want this LJ, despite a lady I stole the head without giving credit to the smallest everfinished reconcile with some things, and some comments not deserve to be eliminated. Thanks to all those nice people who supported me in battle and I clapped my silly nonsense. Thanks for being in contact beyond here. Thanks for still being there.

For the rest, thanks. Do not know why but you have to be kind in the stag (or the "bye" as they like). To find / praise / worship / Peter / etcme, will [info] candy_vonbitter

A hug to everyone.


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