Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Leg Muscle Pain More Condition_symptoms LFMB: cap49 FAMILY

(In Concepts)

O: As Ferdinand had an accident??

T: If Omar

O: but where is, like this?

T: I do not know ... just know that Lety went to New York and I would call

O: but ... but .... you know nothing??

T: not only is it !!... !!.... we can only wait for Lety to call us!

O: (sits in his chair in shock) my friend, my brother .... what happened to him ... no ... no .... it has to know Theresa and Humberto!

T: that ??... no, wait we will wait to call Lety ... maybe it was nothing serious!

stas ???..... well after that scare I think ?..... let me!

F: Leticia !!!.... do not see you since yesterday .... and strange you visitor!

L: (he smiles) I also !....( approaches him and gives him a kiss that takes your breath)

F: uuuff ... I wanted a so ... jejejeje !!!..... come sit here (for one side is made difficult, for her to sit on the bed) and my daughters?

L: Well ... aahh are well .... I forgot!

F: what? ... What happened?

L: I have to call Mexico ... to say how you feel! ...

F: call .... call!

(Lety is up, but the Ferhalo arm)

L: what?

F: I love you

L: (approached him and gave him a kiss) I come too .... Now

(Lety went into the hall and called his mom, asked for his daughters and said that maybe they would have to be a few more days, then would go to Mexico, told Fernando accident.'s Mom I send greetings to Lety and Fer to improve soon, so goodbye and she called to Thomas)

L: Thomas?

T: (on phone) Lety? ... Lety Lety ... ... friend ... what happened? ... As is my gift compa ~ ero Don Fernando?

L: okay, thank God, broke a leg!

T: Hijole Lety, that vibe but okay for the rest ?.... what happened?

L: if it has some impact, what happened was that I got hit by a car, by walking very distracted, crossed with a green light!

T: There is this gift compa ~ ero ... but coming out soon?

L: Yeah, well I hope, you told everyone in Concept?

T: Yes, we are already out, Lety is something you should know!

L; that? Tomas tell me!

T: Lety, Omar call your in-laws to London

L: queeeeee ?????!!!!... but for what?

T: Lety, is that potatoes areFernando, and caring for his son Omar told them about the accident and come over here!

L: There Tomas !.... now if you are going to get very nervous! ... Now I have to call ...

T: but it was Omar ... not me!

L: Look I'm talking about then, I'll get to see my husband!

(hang and Lety enters)

L: Fer, I have to tell you something

F: that happened, it scared me

L: Omar is call your parents and they're on their way to Mexico

F: that Omar? ... but it will be animal! ... that question ... of course it is!

L: and my love does not get upset, remember that he did not know anything about your condition and was logical to call them, are your parents!

F: yes, yes .... but now worry more!

L: .. and calm down ... (sits next to him) it hurts a lot? (By touching a blow on the forehead)

F: sii .. ouch ... burn me .. .

(At that enters the nurse ... (I have no time to think in English so that was another Latin))

Enfer: sorry, but the visiting hours and step!

L: But is that!

F: see Lety, I'll be fine, my property is the key to the hotel room, you stay there and ma ~ nto anger at the reunion, I forward some proposals, and if you want to read ~ adirle more things, as you do, I trust you

L: but Fer, I want to leave your side!

F: my life I'll be fine, when you leave the reunion come, yes?

L: aaaiiich, ok ... (She kisses him) I love you!

F: and me!

Enfer: here are the property of it ~ or (giving a plastic bag with things Fer)

L: thanks!

(The enfermenra left)

L: goodbye .... I love you (goes to him and gives him another kiss)

F: jeje y yo! ... Ma ~ ana success !

L: Yes, thanks!

(Night move fast, Lety reviewed proposals for the last 2 contracts and headed to meetings, asked for Fernando and she explained who she was and what happened to him. The 2 contracts were concluded successfully, she quickly asked for a fax to send them to Marcia and Thomas. Then they went to the hospital end)

L: Fernando ?...( she came in and did not see it there) Fernando came into the hall ??...( and asked a nurse's first saw)

F: (arriving in a wheelchair) Lety !!....

L: (approached him and hug him) my love .... scared me ... where were you?

F:making me X! rays

L: and what happened?

F: well ...

(Dr. interrupted)

DR: for leg remains the same, I checked his head and everything is fine, and has nothing inside, only the neck hurt and hit in the face heal soon! .

L: (relieved) aahh ok ... well! ...

F: we can enter the room?

DR: If I fall, back later!

L: ok!

(Lety and Fer entered, Lety Fer try to help in bed with difficulty and were talking a while)

L: Hey my love!

F: Tell

L: I'll say the name you thought for either ~ or?

F: Well, you do not want to put mine!

L: No!

F, I like the name of Adrian

L: Adrian?

F: sii, you do not like?

L: iff, is very nice and we put middle name?

F: mmm .... mine?

L: (with the face of what?) Adrian Fernando ?.... nooo ... I do not like!

F: aaaiiiichhh!

L: Adrian ... Adrian ... I have it .... ahhh me tooin I like Javier!

F: Adrian Javier?

L: si?

F: ok .... if it is not to be named Diana ~ Sofia!

L: and if it is not ~ o Adrian Javier!

F: sii (gives a kiss)

L: hey fer ... your parents will have already arrived ... right?

F: do not call?

L: nooo ... I step!

(In Mexico)

(alguein knocked on the door at the home of the Padilla)

DJ: .. and I'm coming! (Opens the door) you here ??.... but joy!

Osteo-arthritis More Condition_symptoms LFMB: cap48 FAMILY

DJ: you say ??... daughter

L: if Mom ... I called the hospital in New York and was told that Fer is alla that had an accident and I need ... you need a family!

DE: but daughter in your state ... I think it very dangerous?

L: nooo ... I'm fine .. I need to be with ... and you, they can stay with or ~ as?

DJ: Of course!

L: Well, here's clothes from them, but if it takes me a lot over there go home, I always walk with a copy of the key (gives it to the breast)

DE: if mija

L: I go, I have to find the pa TMLXC

T: Fernando queeee??

L: sii ... Look .. this I need you're on the lookout for everything, from the ad for "Cover Girl", what do Luigi and the last details of Brazil, if you need something else talk to Omar and Fernando sent me the contract he did today .... and analyze it !!..... good talks with Omar and I'll let you go to the AIRPORT.

T: Lety ... but ... call me from there ... I say it as is your husband!

L: Yeah, yeah ... bye!


L: (you squeeze your eyes) My God, Fernando, Fernando!

(She goes to the AIRPORT, he becomes eternal waiting, all via ellhas not fallen into account how serious may be her husband .... she just wants to see it, not even she cried, this only has to get there)

(Lety, comes to New York and first thing is to stop a taxi and tell him to take her to the hospital where her husband, to reach lli)

(Lety enters emergency)

L: yes, im looking for Mr. Fernando Mendiola, is it I here?

Enfer: Mr. Mendiola, I is a patient?

L: (all anxious) yes ... yes

(The nurse started to look and said that he was in room 406 .... Lety went up and saw him there, all asleep, a neck

HTMLXC F: do not cry or make you damage the baby, please, I'm fine!

L: (hugs him as you can) I love you Fernando and not much I would do without you!

(At that enters the doctor and it was good Latin)

DR: Hi Fernando

F: Yes, speaking espa ~ ol?

DR: sii, I'm Puerto Rican ~ o (so sorry but in some countries had to be lol)

L: aahh good, that's what happened?

DR: Well Fernando, you remember something?

F:, only that he was crossing the street, because it went to my hotel and look to my right and then felta hit and I got up here!

DR: Well, I brought the driver to run over you, he says you were distracted and crossed a green light

F: well yes, so pull me without looking!


F: yaa ... but I'm better!, Right doc?

DR: well you'll be a few more days in obsrvacion ... did you in the head and that is careful, and your leg was broken, not fractured, broke and that with therapy leads!

L: But, Doctor, is that we are not here, we are from Mexico and here the therapies may not be!

DR: No, I understand that, when given high, I send the file to yourmedical headers, so that treatment continue beyond

F: aahh, ok! and how long you be here?

DR: Well, no .... it all depends on your results

L: it will be alright!

DR: with God before

L: (looks very serious and the doctor muttered says) that will be alright!!

DR: ~ hehehe ... if you pray, go out right, well I recall, later step to another checkup!

F: Yes, and thank Dr.

(The doctor leaves the room)

F: Lety is because you talked so?


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Glucose Intolerance More Condition_symptoms LFMB: cap47 FAMILY

L: Teresa my amior ....( La Ni ~ a was asleep behind the cubicles where they put their backpacks or ~ you and things, so we did not find)

Irm: but ? ... how to get there to sleep?

L: (loading) my life! Tere

: (rising) mommy .. mommy

L: because you do that?, No, no do it again (hugs)

Irm: Lety, I seek to July?

L: Yes, please

(Irmita went to the garden to look for July)

L: there, Teresa, do not scare me again so (hugs)

Tere: jijijiji !

L: what? .. Do not laugh!

(Irmita comes with July) July

: mamiiiiiiiiii!

L: no, my love, come let's go!

Irm: well here are their stuff!

L: Thanks, we're leaving, I see you ma ~ ana Irmita

Irm: yes, and forgive what happened!

L: (a little relieved) if, just hope it does not happen again.

Irm: and so shall!

(Lety leaves the nursery, and he goes with his daughters to his parents' house)

L: (opening the door, had key) TALKING ?...( breast potato ?....to either ~ as) come!

DJ: hola !!... daughter my life that does not come .... algria days! (Hug)

L: hi mom ... yes, yes it is .. what happens is that the work metiene jijijijij bad ..!

DJ: And you do not greet your grandmother?

(or ~ The hug as her grandmother and then up to the room where they play)

L: Mom, and my dad?

DJ: ahh, he comes now, went to buy bread.

L: aah, ok, Mom, I have something to say!

DJ: I ausustes daughter is bad or good!

L: Mom, for me is (as Luigi) goodietzzimo!

DJ; jiijijij ... tell me, tell me!

L: nop, let my father come in and told them about!

DJ: daughter is not be so bad ... andale tell me?

L: mama ... let's get that face ... jijijijijii ... yaa .... lets get my dad!

DJ: no, well then ... okay!

L: jijijji not get mad ... hehehe!

DJ: Yeah, yeah yeah .. already !!... and your husband?

L: ahh, yeah Fer, New York, is fixing some issues Concepts!

DJ: (surprised) New York ???.... there is not that old? ...

L: Yeah .. jiji .. aah ... let me tell you ....

(Lety I explain to her mother, tooooodo the meeting he had with Karla Fer and Lalo, and what was happening)

DJ: then she married? ...

L: sip .... with the wedge Lalo ado!

DJ: aahh, good!

L: Hey mom, and if we are to check on als or ~ as there are none sorry! ...

DJ: Yes, we

L: (you Vanta and tide) haaay (putting a hand on forehead)

DJ: Try these ??... well you look pale!

L: sii, I'm fine !!.... go! (Deep breath)

DJ: Leticia, are you sure?

L: sii ma 'I feel good! (Go upstairs)

(reaching the quarter)

L: hello!

July: maaamiiii! (Jumping)

L: hehe ... my love .. they do? Tere

: TV (was ~ alanodola)

DJ: aahh, Lety, I come !.... and I will wait for your dad! and to prepare a little juices or ~ as

L: if Mommy!

(C ~ Lety Juliet comes out and settles into bed with either ~ as)

L: to see fit! Tere

: mom here (is ~ side d alandoight of the breast)

L: If Teresa Kick off here!

July: I?

L: a because you my love come here (is ~ alando the left side)

July: no! ... There .. I there! (~ Alando is where her sister)

L: July, stay here with me, do not look so .... see (hugs)

July: (close to mourn) nooo .. (pushes the breast)

L : but July!

(La Ni ~ a for all his berrince sat next to a bed with their Brazito crossed)

L: come on over! Tere

: come July!

July : noooo! (And looked bad and changed the view)

L: (ignored him) ok, you're there! ... Vente Tere (hugs her another drink)

(Lety was watching TV with Teresa and July was celosita, but Lety could not do much if any)

July : mama! (approaches him and turns to her)

L: Tell

(La Ni ~ a gave up and gives her mother's arms to fit next to it)

L: aah right now ... you gotta listen to me, be good!

(Lety, accommodates her daughters with her and falls asleep)

(in thisgo do ~ a Don Erasmo Juliet looking for Lety and not ~ as)

DE: Lety, my child

DJ: aahh, fell asleep!

T & J: abuelitoooo!

DE: aahh hahahaha ~ as my or (embraces) because it's better not to go down and let mama sleep for a while ... yes?

T & J: yeah!

DJ: going to eat something ... yes?

T & J: ssiii!

(4 down and Lety They instinctively settles into the bed)

DE: good and why Lety this here?

DJ: sii does not leave little time ... she says that things work ... jijiii!

DE: think this right?

DJ: If I say yes, although I am concerned, he said he had something very importanteque tell us!

DE: that thing?

DJ: nose !.... as we wait to sleep a little, it must be very tired, horita did not feel very well!

DE: what happened?

DJ: the dizziness ... and he was very pale .. must be tired!

DE: safer if you did lol !!... and eating?

DJ: for it is a surprise! Hee hee hee!

DE: Well, I have a hunger ... we eat ... that is not ~ asn to be equal!

(They ate and while under Lety)

L: (very tired) Aaaahh (yawn) they do?

DJ: daughter qudaste you sleep!

L: ahh yes, it is not but I feel so tired !.... hello daddy!

DE: daughter hi (greet)

L: and my daughters?

DJ: (making a gui ~ ada) does not have to look for!

L: (following suit) if ?.... ?.... see ... July Tere ?..... where are

(The or ~ as they laughed)

L: Daddy does not know where they are?

DE: no!

(Lety kept looking until he found hidden under the table)


T & J: aaahhh ... jajjjajajajajajajajaijijijijij!

L: to see out of there! Tere

: mamiiiiiiiiii!

July: mamaaaaaa!

L: to see (the hug) are doing custom to hide jijijji !!... ... I ate?

DJ: if my life, and ate them, missed you!

(Lety went to see the food and disgusted)

L: (with a face of disgust) eewww ... no .... I do not want to eat ... that stinks!

DE: daughter that ... but you love it eat it ....

L: nooo ... sacamelo mom's face ... it smells really bad!

DJ: ok, ok! (Takes him to a kitchen) daughter all right?

L: no, I'm not right ... this has me very, very wrong!

DE: that something daughter? ... Are wrong? ... Tell me!

L: Well ... mom ... dad ... is ... quee cree?

J and E: what?

L: well ... (deep breath and smiles) ... I'm pregnant!

DJ: (jumps up and goes to the daughter), my life ... that good news ... another grandchild! (Hugs)

DE: if my love .... what joy! (Hugs her daughter)

L: hehehe ... well .... that's why I can not stand anything ... everything makes me sick! !

DJ: jijii ... there pobresita, so you mary tabi .. and I realize you ...... want a lemon?

L: yeah .. that's what happened!

DJ: I prepared him now!

DE: And how long do you have?

L: 2 ½ weeks!

DE: and Fernando knows?

L: light and you know dad !!... not expected to

~ o

DE: yeah I !!.... also a Erasmito, because that is called or the uncle Lazaro! ! CHTM LXC

L: (super big eyes opened) NOOOOO !!!!!

DJ: no?

L: no mama!

DE: and why not?

L: because no! .. Fer will also choose the name of either ~ or!

DE: no !!... it is my grandson!

DJ: if Lety!

L: noo, also can be either ~ a. .. and Fer and I are the potatoes! ... Do not make me mad!

DE: is that Lety!

L: no dad ... is my baby and Fer, and decide the name, that whether or not to call Fernando, and Humberto ... and more peaceful?

DJ: okay !.... and ifor ~ a. .. it was called?

L: a ~ for if it is not Diana, Diana Sofia ... I love that name and also Fer!

DE: I keep insisting that the baby is called like me!

L: !!!... potato and courage ... and do not do it now!

DJ: Well here's your you mija!

L: Thanks Mom!

(Lety still talking to his father and dicscutiendo on the name of the baby, Juliet ~ do not laugh at that Lety receive a call on his cell phone)

L: yeah well? ... Yes im Mrs . Mendiola WHAAAAAAAT ???.......... ... ok ok ... im going to New York now!

(Lety hangs up)

DJ: step daughter?

L: Fernando .... mom had an accident!