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Name Change Pokemon Gold A failed plan

Summary: The plan was simple. Get, steal and return with the others. But Michael should have known that something would go wrong, terribly wrong.

Fandom: original

Warning: slash / yaoi.

A failed plan

The plan was not complicated. Michael could not even take refuge in the argument that if it had been because, in reality, the entire responsibility of failure his little preparacióny pertenecíaa not having seen the dog's tail once entered in the kitchen, after forcing the doorwire. Of little use to be aware that no one warned him about any animal.
And if the squeal was not sadistic enough to the fates that had always accompanied, and partly what led to that time, found their bliss in a broom to tear down after burst into arrears , s, making the glass vase on the table procreate thousands of tiny crystals that have spread across the floor. The animal fled in terror through the revolving door to a room lit by an orange glow. Miguel was half willing to follow suit when the kitchen light went on and felt ahand closed around his lanky arm. Fucked, was fucked.
"Please do not shoot me.
What I was told was that there lived a retired police officer, a widower and highly paranoid, to the point that he slept with a loaded gun beside his bedside. Although no one was sure of this, Paul had not ceased to point it out between his teeth, the fucking bastard. For a moment he saw himself, with his brown hair made a perpetual mess, his yellow shirt, dirty and broken on one side, faded jeans and gray sneakers with use. He hadsocks. Damn, their brains were to sprawl on the floor among shards of glass and even socks would have hoped to achieve after that night.
"I will not shoot you," replied a voice unexpectedly young, distraught. How old are you? "15, 14?
Miguel turned, tried to free his arm and did not. The young man between 25 and 26 years did not look in anger, if not incredulous surprise and strong hand felt like a steel. Miguel does not like meeting people stronger than him, which was almost everyone I knew, since it was almost bone.
- Do not kill me? Because I warn all my friends are waiting and if I remain with them the policíay will denounce you.
only half of what he said was true. His friends were expecting him to take some booty that first robbery, but doubted that anyone outside the police if they disappear. Most had had their encounters with the authorities for different things and would not want to approach them for the world. Do not blame her. He would not in their shoes. For those words had a note too sharp.
flash & a Manmp; oacute;. Did more than that and was sure that Miguel did not believe anything.
"Please, let me go.
"That I will not kill for God. Writhe Will you stop? , Asked when the boy tried again to get loose. He obeyed with fear in his eyes. I can not get an idea but can you know what you intended breaking into the house of my uncle?
No one had mentioned anything about a nephew also. Awareness of how he had ignored the mess that could have been saved if others were not so bastards with their tests of initiation, he was taken to tightenr fists. After sighed, defeated. What worth getting angry? What starts out bad, bad is. Unpaid bills, the escape of his father, his mother's alcoholism, was not proof?
-pretended to steal, "said looking down. That's where a boy just less than two years ago was home and bed, explaining about a crime that had not even wanted to participate. They told me. It was assumed that there would be nobody.
- Do they? "Said his captor, on alert. You say that they can enter at any time to continue the theft?
"No, no-neg & Overhaulyou, Miguel, secretly thinking that hopefully it did. I had to do it alone. Only then would let me ...
was going to say "work with them in the streets" but admit it-combined with the fact that I needed, that was all I could do for his mother and for him it seemed to be too open and chose to close the mouth.
"I see" said the man, and his seemed to have been allayed. At least I did not squeeze both the arm. To see if it was worth.
spoke as if they were a single lot of teenagers used to challenge each other to do crazy things for laughterand group acceptance. No one, Peter included, have more than 18 years, so I was not so wrong. Nodding nodded.
- Will you ...? "Said his throat but closed like a fist. Gathering courage, he tried again. Are you going to call the police?
The guy just stared at him, thoughtful and curious. Miguel bore no hope while passing minutes seemed insatiable, until at last the stranger replied: "I doubt
needed. Miguel
felt no enthusiasm, however, gave him a cautious lookapprehension. It was not hard to see the message printed on it. "I do not like jokes."
This does not seem to matter to the next.
- Are you home?
The boy thought of the apartment where he and his mother had been living in recent months. Where windows could not open, the paint fell from the roof of BATHING whose rooms, all together, it would fit perfectly in the living room and kitchen of the house. They had cut the phone line for weeks. "No," replied
- What family?
His mother at that time would stretchon the sofa, lost drunk.
"Okay," the man said, frowning. Miguel did not know whether it was grief, sympathy or understanding reflecting the face, but it was nice, the sort of thing that outlines the good guys. Well, this is not my home, so I can not let you bring something to please your friends. And tore the vase, too, "He stared at the broken glass shining on the floor and back Miguel was in suspense, not knowing what to expect. Finally, to his surprise, he was released. How about something to eat? -Offered with a smile.
Miguel looked at him, confused. Opened and closed his eyes and even so he was sure she had not imagined. He turned away suspiciously.
"Listen, if you call the police, do it once demanded. Cut to the chase, and preferred things. Not bear the thought Oiro not wait for the sound of an approaching patrol.
"I told you I will not do it," repeated the man with patience. Just do not want to let you go to steal something else because what you guys said about "A moment of silence. Seemed to hesitate. If you're not home, you can stay here for today.
"Yeah," saidMiguel or ironic. I was just kidding, definitely. It was too good to be true.
The man sighed softly, barely opening his lips.
"I'm telling the truth. I'll explain to my uncle later. Miguel
pursed his lips thoughtfully. In recent months he had known all the tricks possible to stimulate pity or compassion. An eye patch, a rented baby, wearing battered by scissors. But now believed to be against a master of deceit. Just waiting for your answer without even rush, looking up and down on an assessment thatwas unsure how to interpret. Perhaps they felt sorry for him because of his unkempt appearance and that was his way of showing it. Maybe it was one of those people who gave more than 50 cents to beggars with which he passed. Because it looked like to be, no doubt.
- What do you want me to do? He asked. Deliver more than 50 cents was one thing, host a child who tried to rob the house of your uncle's old self was hard to believe, more if there were no conditions involved.
The man smiled. He calmed down a little. Now that I noticed, have & amp; iacute; to a beautiful smile. Actors like the commercials that are put deodorant and have a legion of chasing girls. At this point in his life, Miguel already had made their tastes. He liked the people beautiful, radiant, who seemed able to live solely on television, movies and commercials who thronged the streets. Sometimes I saw people for the street but never gathered the courage to approach them. Only looking to spend, with her hair floating bright light if you had long, broad shoulders if they had, your head up always, indifferent to the world.
-Help me clean up this mess would be fine, "said Ely this time Michael also raised a bit at the corners of her mouth. My name is Denis.
He extended his hand. Shook it, marveling at how strong and big it seemed compared to his. And warm, comfortable.
Paul and the others could go to hell, at least for that night.
After throwing away the pieces of vase to the trash, Denis again asked if I wanted something to eat and Miguel shook his head. The truth is that if I was hungry, because all he had eatenin the day had been reduced to a loaf of bread, but it was hard to take that confidence and ask as a beggar would have been strange, out of place. Denis then told him to follow him upstairs. Miguel was on his trail, admiring the paintings that adorned the walls in your way. Some were simple family photos, which appeared the figure of a stern-faced old man, built like a bear, and other relatives should be older because they were in black and white styles were outdated. Began to feel like an intruder, knowing that in fact had no right to be there, but an image in the cABEZ of the stairs he was forced to stop.
- Is it you? He asked pointing to the frame.
There was a young man with the hat and bonnet edge generating a shadow on his face, wearing a black robe and lifted into the air a roll of paper as if it were a trophy. Wore the biggest smile in the world. Beside the familiar old, not so bitter, smiling proudly. Other people appearing in the picture but only cared about that just graduated.
"Yes," replied Denis retracing his steps. I was so close that Michael believed smell their deodorant. From the time I graduated managemenng business, "he laughed. For what I served. Still work at the shop of my father. Ven. Miguel
student glanced at the happy, ecstatic, and then continued to Denis down the hall. Came to a door in white like all the others. Denis opened into total darkness and stretched to find anything on the inner wall. When found, he heard a slight click, and a pure light filled the room like a big hug. It was not especially large, nor pretty, and was just decorated with beige curtains hanging from the window, but Michael seemed to breathe an air more home & ntilde, or that her true home.
-The bathroom is over there, "said Denis pointing to another white door across the hall. And now I sleep there, "pointed the finger to the right next door which had just opened. If you need anything during the night
"Thanks," said Michel, somewhat awkwardly. Maybe a bit sharp but I could not help it. Much consideration as overwhelmed.
"Nothing," said Denis and gave him that look again unknown, fixed, that there was no compassion or pity. Michael held it for endless seconds, puzzling, until Denis came to himself, smiled again, and inwalked to the stairs. I'll be reading a little further down. Feel comfortable and we'll see what to do in the morning.
"Okay," said Michael watching from a slight feeling of discomfort.
The dark room was nothing sinister. Michael had thought so, that would scare you see so many new ways as I was lying in a totally new, but it was not. A fan of rapidly spinning white horns on the roof, generating a pleasant cold thick blankets on the kind of beige color. All there was a beige or white, neutral para any visitor could arrive. I could not sleep. Countless times
was removed, considering that was the problem of the position. He ended as he was, his feet on the pillow and his head almost hanging over the edge. I enjoyed the air released to him without his shirt torn, arms outstretched. The night gave the room a dark blue dye. The perfect setting for a sleep as calm as it did not take long, and there he was, his eyes open. What were they doing Paul and the others? Would they have disappeared from the corner where you should wait after he failed to assimilate? Would you believehead was opened by a bullet or shot on the way to the police station? He laughed imagining their faces, ran his hands over his face smiling and happy stretching. He still felt a bit like a dream. He had the idea that if he fell asleep wake elsewhere, in another trash can, and tomorrow should face the terrible nerves to enter someone's home while knowing that the owner was not.
And hungry. What already had become a daily habit, the eternal empty stomach, it was becoming a real nuisance having heard this simple offering"Do you want something to eat?" Maybe there came a time when you forgot hunger, simply, and volvíaa remember there was a possibility as to placate it. Or not be more thrilled for the money these guys you could see was when a passer normal? Once alone, could pass for normal kids. Ignoring poverty of his dress, the dirt of their bodies and too adult greed shining in each of his gestures. The truth, from the beginning these guys gave some fear. They seemed willing to do anything for money, not merely survive, as was the case. He let out a sigh
agon &; Iacute; a. Why, why the hell refused to accept the food? Now the thought left him no peace for a moment. If that was not enough, he protested guts. "Fuck" was said and left the room without bothering to find the shirt. The house was completely silent, and yet did not seem to be empty. It was just that there could not hear the complaints of drivers fighting risers or dysfunctional couples. There was no possibility of achieving peace. Down the stairs two at a time and was surprised to discover that the kitchen light was already lit. He leanedor. Denis was preparing a sandwich with slices of cheese and now jamóny spreading a thin covering of mayonnaise on the bread. Miguel moved after a moment's hesitation. The other just stared at him, eyebrows arching slightly, apparently not very surprised to see it.
- Could not you sleep? He asked.
"No," was tightened his lips, passed his hand over the other in nervous gesture.
- Do you want to do one to you too? "Asked Denis, resulting in the nail.
Michael had been so long without hearing kind words, without seeing a sandwich with slices of Jamo; Ny cheese in three dimensions, that their desire led him to exclaim almost in despair before he could contain himself:
- Yes, please!
ate, each sitting on the benches around the marble coffee table, while the quiet "tic tac" wall clock announced that passed midnight. Miguel soon ended what had been given and without even asking and Denis was making more. The boy ate with gusto, driving through a bubbler having a mouth full, and drank a glass of water was reached. And he kept eating. Of time, however, noted the direct gaze on élym Denishile it again spreading the mayonnaise with a knife, a voice whispered in his mind an idea. More than an idea, an impression.
- Why are you so nice? He asked bluntly.
not think she was being an ungrateful. Teníaa right to know after all.
- Do you tell the truth? Denis said collecting plates. He led the sink and ceramic tinkled clashing with each other. He was dressed in a shirt out of jeans. It had been rolled up to his shoulders and open up the chest, which gave it more an air of relaxation & amp; oacute n own a deodorant commercial. Was there a legion of girls waiting for? It was hot, of course, but suddenly the idea of the girls was upset. You gave me grief.
- Nothing else? "Inquired Michael vaguely disappointed.
"Well, put yourself in my place. See a guy in your kitchen, without parents, homeless, willing to steal to please others and offers a sorry. What would you do?
"I call the police, of course," he replied without hesitation. If anyone else had a kitchen that I should enter it without permission. Wanted
silent, not having given the idea. However, aunthat had not intended to be funny, Denis laughed. His laughter sounded clean, like your clothes, your hair and face as an actor. As the kitchen, the house. Denis looked good in that house. He did not, for sure. Not after receiving coins outside the church, next to a beggar woman who did not even know his name.
"At least you know that getting calm," said Denis. But I would feel horrible for letting you go like that. Miguel
not. Have felt that invaded their property and that such a crime could not go unpunished. But he was not Denis and Denis was him. Denis was better than him even in the moral sense. The poor are ricos? Crap. The rich were rich and could afford to act calmly, without seeming always hungry and eager, accommodating his golden blond hair behind an ear opaque white and perfect. They were sons of bitches was born. Miserables had poor and rich. That ear was pierced.
"Great. I had not seen, "he said watching her, leaning more than it should be polite. A Denis did not seem to care. It was a simple circular ring, perhaps silver, and a smaller one there where the ear began to expand. He was perfect. Does it hurt much? Make one, I say.
"Not if you hacand well, "said Denis unconsciously touching the rim. He threw a little less without showing any signs of discomfort. A few years ago a friend tried to do using an ice cube and a square.
"What the hell," said impressed. He must have suffered, for sure.
"Sure. They threatened the hospital with which he amputated his ear. Denis
's smile was a free fun. Now it was Michael who laughed. When he stopped, looked thoughtful a moment and turned to approach Denis. It came so close that their lips together and he eventually tried to encourage others to move implementing scarce cNOWLEDGE about it, all taken from the Tele the odd comment. It seemed useless. Received no response.
turned away. Maybe he was shy or a decent individual, those who do not kiss on the first date. Now what was beyond doubt is the red and that Denis had been stiff. Miguel looked at him anxiously, hoping that replenished soon to kiss him again. She liked it. Finally, Denis coughed on his hand and took another step. She avoided his gaze.
"Sorry," he said without seeing it. I should have given a wrong impression but I did not realize. I'm not gay.
"But your ear ... est & amp; aacute; perforated. Denis
touched the rim again, frowning in irritation.
"May I have your ear pierced does not mean to be gay.
- Sure?
"Sure. That's just a cheap stereotype.
"Ah, let out Miguel, crushed by the weight of his argument.
"To have said before, he thought. And for the first time since his father abandoned his mother turned to alcohol and had to beg, he felt he was blushing.

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Poptropica Free Shipping Happy Birthday My Dear Tet-Xan!

image credit: @ deviantart Ammotu

Today is a super imxtante! Yeah! Tete, meets only 40 years old! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
or thousands of children could replace Tete, whose smile fill 1 million change your life ♥

is a video of Tete in the music station when q love .. interview with Takanori and well-Tete Takanori q gei says what I wanted to be abandonóy his band but he forgot, seemed an engaged couple and Arashi xD
is in the last row is listeningndo mariconada all xD if well fijonas x Sho will see there with his scarf and pulling his head xD Nino

even thinking about it anyway ... well .. not bad Takanori Ogawa influence , to the contrary, Ogawa is a bad influence .. and Ayanita Takanori is made loka xD ~

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Dental Hygienejobs Toronto Happy Birthday Matsumoto

誕生 日 おめでとう ~

松本 润

.. Not my favorite but Finally .. Happy Birthday June

if you .. of who would crack? xD ~

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Used Canoes In Fredericton ^-------------------------------^

Well ... as I was bored I started to do a Meme has *-*

dramas and change my layout .. ahhh idleness makes me do things pretty *-*

Doramera .. If you have to do this Meme

NOTE: You only have to put the name of Dorama if you do see All finished! Drama

with A: A Love to Kill

Drama with B: Boys Over Flowers

Drama with C: Code Blue

with D: Door to Door C

with E
Drama: Stairway to Heaven

with F
Drama: Full House

with G
Drama: Goong

Drama with H: Hanakimi (Japanese and Taiwanese *-*)

with I
Drama: It Started with Kiss


with J - K

Drama with: Kurosagi

Drama with L:Last Friends

with M
Drama: My boss, my hero

with N
Drama: Nobuta wo produce

Drama with O: -

Drama with P: ppoi

with Q
Drama - Drama

with R: Romantic Princess

Drama with S: Stand up

Drama with T: Together

Drama with U- Drama with V

- Drama

with W: Witch Yoo hee

with X
Drama - Drama

with Y: Yamada Taro Monogatari

Z Drama -

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Where To Catch A Pikachu In Silver

5 X 1 0 ~

Arashi's new song is very nice no?

In particular the letter says a lot about what they feel and are sientendo 5 after 10 years experienced as a group * or *

x that does not hold me and translated it into English &; About girls; ol this beautiful letter *-*

5X10! is love \u0026lt;3

Many years since we met, that was by accident. Even mourn.
When we realize, it's been 10 years now. A balloon flies into the sky. We
, 5 small stock in the pot. We will continue laughing,
This place is definitely where dreams come trueand harmony of our instrument innocent game got to see different worlds.
Now we found that we had become. Mourn

real, authentic smile, real concerns, real live
Now you're here, so we can be proud
(... It is simply untrue to find ways to put some of our love into words .)

does not matter if there are no shortcuts to go the way they really believe it
If you cry, we will meet again. As usual, send us a way to know, yes
forever Wishing that future for you, yes, we go further, jump meyond Montanay relocate the color of our colors.

I wonder if you're watching the same sky that I look alone
I will just sing, back to heaven with all my strength really

Mourn, authentic smile, real concerns, real live
Now you are here, so we can be proud
(... is simply untrue to find a way to put some of our love into words.)

If our conversations do not go away,
I promise that this love will last and more than 100 years
so that the smiles bloom is always always
my heart, that's what I try to convey
Thank you, even now,

We are here standing, able to shine, as it is here ...

English translation by:

English translation by: xD Meeeee

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Panic Attacks' More Condition_symptoms Asia tour SS501 person! ♥ Kim attended Bumcito

Yesterday began the tour of SS501 Kim Bum

sii was with Lee asdaf min hoo! Besh Bumcito ♥

What amoooooo \u0026lt;3




ALL BUMCITO Q LINDO .. ASDAF * ¬ * ♥ YOUR Sombrerito

jajajajajajajaja .. ARE YOU LAUGH?

Thanks Kim x have asked your permission to the director of drama to go see your friend HYUN
are such a good friend ♥ thanks Hye and Lee have gone too .. x q penalty q could not go the other F4, or;


asdaf asdaf! wait the Asia tour dvd forward!

Hyun Solo! OMG! Hooooooooot soooooooo! neecsito a cold shower! * ¬ *

asdaf * ¬ *

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Genital Herpes On The Stomach Who said anything about love?

Fandom: Harry Potter .

Claim: Sirius / Draco.

Lemon 2.

Word: Love

Slash / yaoi

Two, three bottles of whiskey, told Sirius and felt compelled to congratulate themselves for not having lost all composure after that . If you still remember what followed the two, it was not so drunk.

-still do not understand, "Harry muttered to his side. Before him, at the table of the ancient house of Black, Sirius distinguished two empty bottles. CHT
MLXC Sirius took a long sip on your drink, comforted by the warmth spreading through his body and came to feel stupidly happy.

"It has a spectacular ass, Harry," and found it funny that only he understood his own words. Hard, soft respingónya while. It has a dragon tattoo just above, you know? And tickle when I touch it. It is very rare to find that.

If someone had told either that they would have that conversation that way, Harry would have thought that you were playing a joke and Sirius would have not discussed. That afternoonall had been treated for a visit over to his godfather Harry, looking distracted from her recent breakup with Ginny, and Sirius eventually decided that they would come over a few drinks to relax.

The problem was that maybe they had relaxed too much. Harry began to consider that when he heard how his sponsor was talking about Malfoy. After weeks into this relationship, it seemed a little child that the idea will provoke disgust, but could not resist. Thinking back on Malfoy, with a tattoo or not, drunk or sober, it was not something he wanted.

"I do not know about it, Sirius & NDASh, said trying to better accommodate the chair. His eyes narrowed and it was clear who had trouble focusing your eyes on the same thing. Do not people fall for the places they are tickled. Sirius

suffered a slight wince like a burp. Vaguely recalled all samples that Draco was cold toward him.

- Who said anything about love, boy? We're just ... "Sirius looked for a word for it. Cúlpese of whiskey or because Harry was taken by surprise, but found no word softer than he used to justify itself-fucking. People fucking ttime period. We do. Or do you think I'm too old for that?

There was a slight note of reproach that Harry was not fooled.

"Okay," said forcing a grin that did not say much. And how was that?

- Did not I tell you? "Sirius could have sworn themselves.

Harry shook his head.

-Ah-Sirius sought to gather his thoughts. What was difficult considering he could barely think of anything. She started to say as he came to his mind. The truth was pure coincidence. I found him in a bar, namely c & oacute; mo, I ended up in the bathroom giving a blowjob "Both Sirius and Harry drank a sip of their respective bottles. One more by inertia than real thirst and the other did not want a mental image of his godfather making oral job to anyone. I do not know what the hell I said at the time, or at least do not remember. Anyway, I returned to find the next day at the same bar and since then we managed to find.

not mention the brief talk I gave on the deal Draco conveníaa them both, using his fear of being a middle-aged loner all his fucking life. A movement bgarlic would have earned a good cruciatus, were it not that also saw some apprehension at the fair, an apprehension that it recognized as a shadow of his own fear. And agreed, not really lose anything. But Harry would not understand even explain it well, because the boy had no idea what it felt alien to the present and the community around them daily. After all, they were only a former Death Eater and apprentice to a former offender. No matter what Harry or anyone would have said, people believe what they prefer to believe.

- And you're okay? "Asked Harry.

Harry had long been convinced that Malfoy was not looking to hurt anyone through Sirius, as Ron implied, as have had ample opportunity, and accepted that his godfather was an adult to manage its affairs by itself, but it was still unclear which described the union of at least strange. I could not see how two such different people could get along somehow. Sirius could not blame him for that. Neither he entendíaa times, whether to be honest.

shrugged, implying that he did anything good or bad, just as & iacute, and things were now. Then took another drink.

- Do you like? Harry asked, resting his arms on the table and his head in them, beginning to show signs of drowsiness. For that answer

Sirius took his time, as it required some mental strength to use. Had in fact been few occasions she had to talk to Malfoy as two people, when the deal covered only fuck was not necessary otherwise. But of the times I had a conversation, yes, you could tell he was pleased. He even entertained some sarcastic commentsticos and discover that, surprise, Malfoy he could laugh without someone dying at his feet.

"Something" replied with a vague wave of his hand, not realizing he was smiling. I thought the first time they had shared a joke, after the start of mutual suspicion, and although he did not know what it was, gave a laugh to himself.

closed his eyes for a moment, dizzy but inexplicably happy, and reopen it met the astonished gaze of his godson. Because yes, the fog of drunkenness and drowsiness surprise was in sight yet.

"Looks like you very much. In

tonka noticed Sirius raised his lips and tried to return to an angry expression, although the effect for those who saw it was from someone who was offended because it suggested he should stop with whiskey. Some hinted that resentment, dead responsible for the inhibition. A part of him whispered that he was about to take things to an end spam, they would do well to leave it alone, but not anything Sirius Malfoy had not recognized until after they commit their slip.

- So what if it were? "Replied defiantly. Suddenly came to a memoria the name of Peter and his eyes took on hate, fire, pain stale. Draco is not a saint, but at least it has become a murderer. Others have instead sent to Dumbledore to the grave without blinking.

Peter had not hesitated for a moment, then kill all those Muggles in my face and let me blame. That was added to both sensed. The joy of Sirius was gone and decided to shut up at the ceiling, because if I kept talking only going to open wounds that would not touch. Heck, he could not touch it without feeling torn.

"I know Harry was saiddo not realize it, the blessed. Sorry, should not get involved. It is not my business. Sirius

felt like a complete idiot to remember who spoke. Precisely who had given the first clue to discover that Draco Malfoy was not a son of a bitch, which had fought to the back of this one of Azkaban.

"No, not," agreed with a smile of apology that was soon reciprocated. How about another round?

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Casalinghe Troie Tettone Poor response

Fandom: Animal Essence .

Claim: Python / Arshan.

Warning: Shounen-ai/slash.

Summary: Not that Python does not know. Is that it's just stupid to say.

Gift Selene to congratulate you on your thesis.

Bad response



was a peaceful silence. Outside it happen one more night, one night as thousands have occurred in Egypt. The starry sky, the smile of the moon, all as quiet as a stream that was never touched. Only Python everything had a different aftertaste in his bed, feeling the boy's stubborn embrace of the tiger at his side. Had been in that position longer than usual, and although not lack the desire, the prince had ordered him not to repress it to stop a damn time. Not that he disagreed with the contact, was that in the last three months that were seto had got used to having the bed to himself and seemed an exaggeration Arshan reaction. They had only been three months, was not so.

"You're an idiot, do you see? Murmured staring at the ceiling in silk, dark, wondering why were embraced.

"Sometimes I do," said Arshan, surprising the sleeping prince who believed, but did not show it. But I still love, so qhat the hell, right? "He added with intent to annoy more than anything else. And maybe gloat a bit about the fact.

Because it was so different from other nights. Python for the first time responded to the sentimentalist Arshan statement without hesitation, without clarification before I was being a fool. Arshan should have known that would not miss the opportunity to highlight it.

"If you're hoping it becomes a habit, you can forget it," he replied. I let you sleep in my bed, eating my food and thisr me. I certainly will not do it for charity and if you can not see it, is that you are more stupid than I suspected.

A light laughter from Arshan.


"I said almost purring. A Python gave the impression that outlined his superiority that mocking smile, one that says "admit it, I won." Of children that would have earned a shove. But not bad to hear you confirm any time. Just in case.


had not stopped to hug, giving warmth and the certainty of his presence. Python did not need to tell him he loved him for things like that, because with them he was satisfied.

"I guess," replied the prince, who was the most that he was ready. Arshan thought that should be proof enough that not kick away from him. Anyway it is stupid.

A moment of silence. Light barely hear the bangs of crickets ins stables.

- Do you have a problem with me tell you I love you? Arshan said.

Indifferent to the fact that he could not see, eyes turned amber Python. Arshan always had to be unnecessarily challenging, as if it never ceases to prepare for a challenge.

-I said it's stupid, you can not do it. Until you can think of a custom-cleared again resounding.

Another silence. Secretamentand Python awaiting the response. It would depend on whether Arshan could understand or had in its own point of view. If that proves the first case, perhaps it was worth it to pronounce those words, and if not, would have made a real stupid saying them. Arshan's voice, like a soft roar, however, soon heard.

"Do not worry about that, and is most comfortable under the sheets, his hands up from waist to chest Python hairless. Probably not entirely understood but was willing to accept. OORT way Python reasoned, would be palpable tension in your body as Arshan was terrible hiding their emotions. Good night.

Python suddenly felt the need to add something.

"For example, he said, when I allow you for the mess of my hair in my face, as now, I'm showing that I care. More than a friend.

A snort from Arshan. Why you sounded like a chuckle?

"I'm not a genius, but even I know that," said a note of amusement, making no effort to move the head position over the shoulder of Python . The prince did not him apart. He liked that tickling a little orange and black hairs.

Wedding Program Thank You Wording Seme ¿o week?

Fandom: RPS_Tokio Hotel.

Claim: Bil Kaulitz / Tom Kaulitz.

Warning: incest, yaoi / slash, lemon.

"Seme or uke?

- That's cruelty to people!

Tom could not stand it any longer; released the laughter that had been pushing on his chest and had to bend over itself. Bill, you do not see any grace, pushed him so roughly that of dreadlocks slipped off the edge of the bed onto the floor, where laughter was pouring out of his mouth. After a long time that Bill frustrabother because their eyes were not really killer, Tom managed to calm down enough to sit up.

"You should not take it so seriously. There is more than a fanficción, or as he says.

-A fanfic about my life, "said Bill and grabbed the laptop, still seeing the written words behind the screen. A fic about our lives. Should not this be illegal? I'm pretty sure there's a law against that.

"Oh, because you've always been afraid of the law," said Tom smiling, regaining his place in the bed and snatched the computera. Carefully read the sentence which had won the previous outburst in his hand and turned to him laughing. Bill's gaze became spears killer sent to your head. You have to admit that this is the funny part. Also, think they are just a bunch of girls having fun with their idols. We can not blame them for that.

- Girls? Here was subject called "umberto" and "ricardo very macho."

"Well, tomboy girls. What is the problem? Bill

Esboz & oacute, a grimace of disgust.

"I do not say that I like to have people thinking about these things from us. And over the nerve to publish it!

Tom shrugged without deleting your smile. Yes, he was surprised to find out what their fans did with their names, and had seen things that no doubt would have preferred to forget, but it was not to be famous? And above all, I could thank that kind of "fiction" could only be found when you insisted on it. If Bill preferred to turn a deaf ear to warnings of "if you doLike, do not read "just was not his fault.

-A you do not mind because you always painted as the above-claimed Bill in a bad mood, with a deliberate expression of wounded pride. I always am the one who bites the pillow. It is not fair.

-Ya, and you are the example of masculinity, right? "The truth was that Tom was very proud of this discovery, but again was because of Bill. Who could say he took the initiative if what he was fun and sexy girl dance like makeup? Things did not have to be so simple in the realizationDad, of course, but it was still funny that a large majority thought so. It was almost like seeing all these stories depicting him as a womanizer boy who had tried to recreate, due mostly to amuse the masses. He left the computer on the chest of the habitacióny noted to himself as he dedicated a sign of arrogance to his brother. I'm the seme here, accept it.

had discovered the word browsing through a blog designed with pictures of animes, and Tom liked it.

-course-lword from Bill was barely a whisper, as he was obliged to smile at the way Tom nodded, pleased with himself. Then, as a revenge mode, push again with the same force as before, this time from the shoulders, leaving him no choice but to lie in bed.

Tom still had a smile when Bill got over it and then place their hand on the waist of it, like so many times. Bill stole a kiss almost juguetóny shook his pelvis back on his brother, watching the results in the brightness of his lustful gaze. CHT

MLXC - What are you doing? Tom asked simply to see how Bill took off his black shirt, but clearly sabíay was no reason to oppose.

"I'm teaching what one should do," said seme Gothic oversized t-shirt pulling it out of the other. Once it has met with him in the land of forgotten items, began to describe a path of kisses down the neck of his brother.

"Then I should do, right? "Asked Tom in a hoarse voice, stroking up and down the back pale Bill.

"The seme takes control of the situation," whispered Bill up through his jaw to the slope of your lip. Naughty played with him using the tongue, causing mild tremors in which he delighted. I'm always the first to do this.

"Yes, Tom found it hard to hide the cries that caused the actions of Bill. When he spoke, his own brother surrounded themselves with a huge hug and then returned to her neck, but the seme is always the giver and that usually me.

"Yes," Bill down his chest, leaving both hands touching with his mouth, butseme is also doing things well. Consent is the uke.

came to the line of his trousers, attached by a belt to keep from falling and gently nipped waist, his hands began the process of undressing.

"I'm not uke-barely grunted Tom, feeling the excitement grow when he noticed what Bill was pretending. As if I did not know what to do with their hands, clung to the sheets almost breathlessly. Only let you play for goodness.

"It's cruel to say that, Bill was Tommy had funendo as she undid the jeans of his brother. The budding erection was evident beneath the thin fabric of the underwear, proud and strong, so surround Billnäs resisted in their hands. It was warm and lively, the squeezed. Tom's feet stirred under his body and breath escaped content in the form of a long sigh. Uke likes to play with your thingy.

"It's no small thing," said Tom, trying to print real irritation in her voice. And that's not true, the semester also do.

- How do you know? Bill asked while he Sacabambathe last piece, revealing the pink tip, trunk thick forest of chestnut hair. He looked up to see the reaction of his brother, he followed all his movements with his eyes aglow.

Tom tried to retrieve his smug expression, without much success.

"I saw in those that had sleeves yaoi. Is the uke who loves what you do, so keep the seme happy.

- You think? "Bill gave a gentle pat on the erection of Tom, only one trial, only to annoy. All with a naive smile of innocence belied by his leer. & Iquest, and this makes you happy? "This time I grabbed all the member and headed the ring formed by your fingers in a slow swing and hotness.

Ecstatic, Tom threw his head back as he closed his eyes.

"Oh, yes ...

- What's this? Without further ado

got the burning tip of his brother in the mouth, just the tip, and walked slowly with his tongue, making sure that the earring in it comes in contact with other skin . In response Tom nodded vehemently, licking the earring in her lip like every time I remember those moments. As long as you

s his mouth continued to work, Bill began to bustle with your other hand to release their pants belt oppression. Having done that, with the skull buckle hanging out of his prison to his member and began to masturbate unattended without taking off the view of Tom. After a few seconds, stopped, causing a hoarse "eh" was heard in the room, and knelt in front of his brother, his hands on either side of it. He gave a mocking smile as he climbed the legs around Tom and around his waist, never for strength, and placed in your favorite pose. The usual, though some think otherwise. Blind Tom looked impatiently.

"This, my dear Tommy, do not do a uke-said with a condescending tone, and just saw the glow of Tom's eyes between the lids, he introduced the head of a thrust member. He retired almost immediately, amused. Oops, I forgot, "he said and spat in his hand a bit to lubricate the other, who shook his touch prudish, and returned to rush against him.

After months, weeks after doing that, was all that was needed. Which three fingers or what the heck. Bill did not know what was felt in the sky (something like that would be to dance on stage, sure), but desAfter all what he had seen and read by that day, being in Tom and move against him was also close to that definition. No more do they loved nor any stars would end, but what did it matter? The groans were real, the smell of their sweat mixed and the incomparable friction of their bodies together. Who wants fantasy when you have that? Tom

inside greeted him with an intensity delicious acepetando no more than was his brother who hold him to set the pace. So nervous for the first kiss, so heavily the first timewent to bed, both wounded pride when he said he could have been more careful to vary ... and now only betrayed him, breathless, anxious, her body begging for more.

Okay, maybe I loved him a bit during the event. But for Bill, who had not had sex with anyone and in his life, were only side effects orgasm. Someone gives you much pleasure you gotta love it.

In Tom's mind was no room reflections, and no such feelings. Who needed, when your chest is burning, itchy and also excites the intrusion into his body, when allcan import it stay there? It was not perfect (Tom doubted that there was something perfect), but all the good you might want. Warmth, youthful passion and powerful, like a tap just waiting to be opened to release its full power. That he was ebullient.

And when finished, leaving only two of them, sweaty, dirty, and barely breathing. Perhaps as before, maybe a little happier because they were still in the same hotel room and none had to leave for the night. But certainly together. A Bill that he liked. He hugged his brother's chest, after leavingfall brought the towel to clean up a bit.

There were flowers and lights in the sky. Only Tom in his arms.

- Who is your seme, Tommy?

Tom, who wanted to play possum irritated frown.

"Shut up.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chronic Yeast Infection More Condition_symptoms Boredom

Fandom: RPS , Tokio Hotel

Claim: Bill / Tom.

Warnings: shounen-ai, incest technical. Boredom

Close to the window of her bedroom, Bill could not help thinking that the sky will rain occurred only to thwart the plans of the people. With so many droughts and deserts in the world, water-laden clouds had traveled to rebel there, flooding the streets to leave them as a mediocre representation of Vienna. The fourth

only continued drops patter against the glass and electronic sounds & amp; oacute; only ones that came out of the TV while Tom was stirring on the bed, control of game in hand.

I do not understand how you can be playing now, "said Bill, and took off the face of the window to return to his brother, carrying an excessive grief on her face. It is assumed that we would leave New York today.

Bill had much enthusiasm for the prospect. Walking through the crowded streets, endless travel and feel the movement, the life that filled the series that went on in that city, was almost as stimulating as the idea that they would travel for a concert, after this timeliving in a modest low profile. Ideas thrown away by force of bad weather. Assuming the facts

with exasperating calm, from the point of view of Bill, Tom had no more than a shrug. He then played a bit with the earring on her lips and said that New Yorkers lost it.

Now even watched him play, with intense concentration, to combat the evil forces of the universe.

"If you want to swim to New York, said no one stops you distracted, as he leaned to one side, as if she could improve the mobility of your ship.

"You can not swim to New York do you? "Bill asked for leisure and curiosity. It had never given it global geography and was not sure that's not impossible.

"No idea," said Tom and furiously typed command. Sounds of gunshots, flashing lights announcing the points earned.

Bill does not attracted to video games, but the disappointment at not being able to travel, plus the general boredom, I was doing I thought it looked fun. He went to his brother like a lost soul, shuffled, and dropped his humanity beside it. His head repBear on Tom's shoulder and rubbed a little cheek against it, expecting to cause tenderness or at least softened. That was her bed room, but at the end of the game, again the only control, belonged to another.

"I want to play.


More gunfire, lights. Bill frowned without leaving your site. Despite his mood, he continued to appreciate how nice it was to feel the heat given off by its twin, especially after having frozen forehead against the window. Suddenly he realized that it was aboutfeeling that time had been too long since the last time they were well, and a sigh escaped his lips.

"I'm bored," he said looking at the screen, moving a little, urging him to do something about it.

-Depart, I snapped the blond decentralize irritated atrásy throwing his arms up to get rid of him. In response Bill

clung to that end, pressing firmly against his chest like a teddy bear. Its gigantic humanized version of what he did Tom with his teddy AFTER & eacute; s seeing a horror film deservedly prohibited by their mother. With the same purpose, in fact, but Bill did not think about that. I did not want to let go and just concentrate on your game. He had already lost too much good humor for the day.

"This game is very boring. Let's do something the two.

was a veiled plea in his voice. An appeal to that together to break free of boredom.


other hand, knew he was getting to annoy Tom, which was stirred again to escape, although he continued playing with his hand. Bill has decidedCerler deaf ears, although not to the point I wanted to get really angry, annoyed but each was better than ignoring each other.

"Come on, Tommy, a card game. I will not tell mom when cheat.

This drew a snort of his brother, which he filled with satisfaction. Assumed that if it were not for Tom chose not to abandon his role as grumpy too soon, it would have been a laugh.

"I am the most honest player you might find.

"Yes, as you say," agreed Bill with a smile. &iQuest, that a yes?

"It's a" just wait until I run out of lives. " Then I will show my honesty

- But if you have 18 lives! Bill protested after having checked on the screen.

As only got another shrug of shoulders, pinched in the forearm, making Tom gasped as he dropped the control. Thus freed from its owner, Bill was released immediately from his brother, took command and quickly sit on the floor watching television, ready to restart the game for him. NoBut barely had extended his arm when he felt a pair of arms around his neck, choking him to take him back. Taking advantage of the element of surprise, Tom took the machine and dropped it snatched away by pressing the pause button.

began to struggle against each other on the carpet in the room, throwing an occasional insult and pulling their hair. In spite of this, they were not making any real damage, it was only Tom revenge for having demonstrated once again his selfishness with him was his beloved brother, and he followed Bill the stream because it was fun. It was almostpantomime routine to keep repeating morality.

Somehow Bill did not know how he found himself sitting on a Tom Horcadas struggling from the floor. He had grabbed her wrists and put on his head, while approaching their faces. Would not have noticed any of this if not for the heat that rose to his face like boiling water. However, also found that he could not move.

Tom had a little ceñoy puckered mouth twisted as if he were too upset to leave a smile emerge freely. However, as the silence continued, And Bill seemed to be no higher priority than spend that look strange, the musician felt inexplicably uncomfortable by the closeness. Soon his hands fell limp, surrendered.

"I wanted to go to New York and I do not fuck shit-Listen to Tom to use profanity, especially if her feelings did not allow a more educated vocabulary, whether anger, be a bitter disappointment. Bill blinked, confused. Was that what you wanted to hear, right? Now get over it.

A note of anxiety in order that puzzled & oacute;. A thousand times they had been in that position, yet only then ... then what? They merely look. Bill felt the movement of the chest inhaling and exhaling between her legs and Tom that the feeling was too familiar to be timely. High school girls, fans ... anyone around him with his legs had to be his brother.

-Bill, I'm serious, get off.

Did I said or thought about it? The blond was not thought able to articulate words and doubted that something had passed her lips, so due & oacute, being a hopeless thought. An attempt to move their lips, but saw that Bill was imitated and closed his, waiting to speak first. But Bill was speechless also noting their movement, and seemed puzzled when no one said a word. Uncomfortable seconds passed.

"Oh, what the hell," sighed the Gothic, and putting my hair back and kissed him.

With something to be surprise or dismay, but not defined, it took only manage to give an incoherent babble while he was receiving breathing & OverhaulI n contained, enclosed fist in his throat. Bill's mouth remained soft on him, stroking his presence, and only a slight pressure was proof that his intention was that, kiss.

Not knowing how to react, Tom responded with the same pressure, more by instinct than by awareness of, and his chin tested yet the cold of his brother under the lip. Released some air content, and although he did not dare to see, he knew that his brother's body was shaking.

waited disgust at that moment, perhaps a logical feeling sick because that is suppose & amp; iacute; to should be nasty, but came no such thing. Instead, he felt surprised that something started to vibrate inside him, something remote and near his stomach, putting nervous. Beginning to believe I could be a flutter, when Bill was separated from a tug, taking a big mouths air, as if any were reminded to breathe.

Tom's eyes opened in surprise, and saw the figure of his brother on him, noticeably shaken, staring into space.

"Well," Bill said after a while, slowly recovering the calm, "that was stupid.

received a stab of pain & amp; oacute; the ego of the blond, but he understood why.

"No doubt.

Smithsonian Map Printable What we ignore [Too much silence]

Fandom: RPS , Tokio Hotel

Claim: Tom / Bill.

Warnings: shounen-ai, incest.

Raiting: ATP.

Note: As with my the Jonas Brothers fic, fic series here is pure entertainment. I do not pretend to have a chronological order and do not know when or how I will update, so do not insist to do so quickly. This couple is not as unusual as I usually focus on, but what the heck, I see them possibilities. Too much silence

C HTMLXC I'm made of ash and vanity. Rumors on the door that sound too far. I long to feel your palm yet to rise to the top, where you always smile and always fun to hit you. Only one set of children.
Why the silence is so deep? Why not listen to your snoring? Are moans, grunts, female and yours, I seek to bed and dance the samba on my ears. Two, three steps between us and I'm not for you. Lie

again that you are my brother and I will kick your on stage when you look elsewhere. You no longer feel like my brother, you're all I ever wanted.The dreadlocked muse that haunts me at night and the day I was ignored. Listen to my notes

sore, you see to whom I dedicate? Mutes your girlfriend again, and become aware of what you're doing. She was taken to the moon and his blood is not yours. Factions of a reflection, the silence broken. Cracks, large and small pieces, break my foot every time I walk. But Mom will not come ...
- What are you doing awake?

The unexpected voice of Bill pulled a start, sitting on a couch before the television off of the room. With the heart pumping como insane, the gothic teen turned quickly toward the entrance to the kitchen, where it came from the interruption. Before I knew who he was, he had saved the notebook and pencil under your legs.

Tom, of course who else? Sleepy and a glass of lemonade in hand. The huge white shirt and touched his knees beneath the fabric of his pants barefoot almost disappeared. Bill pulled himself together at once, stirred within him, a smile that did not cost little.

- How looking like you say goodbye to your girlfriends?

I was kidding, as alwayse. One of the few things that still acted as though they had never started high school and as if Tom never had started to like girls. Or bring them home to dismiss them after midnight. The difference was that each Bill wanted to kick them, but that did not have to learn more than his conscience, blame the main charge.

- What girlfriend? Tom said leaning on the doorframe, giving the impression that it was just physical exhaustion and his face had its own energy reserves. With half-closed eyes might have seemed slightly drunk & mdar lighter than outside, to appease the feeling was becoming critical. This happened when Tom saw a video of a rock band and became interested in the movements of the guitarist on the ropes. For the same reason he returned to the attack.

- What do you did?

But children also had secrets. Secrets to hide, which were lying, because they knew that nothing good would reveal.

-A new song about why Tommy does not wear a tent once and for all. Tom took a

soRBO a drink, taking the joke learned indifference.

"That's a big question to resolve, I think.

Bill is playing now be a bit honest. As if written in a script, I knew. Otherwise not be rid of his brother.

"Just could not sleep and wanted to come to write a few ideas. Bill

half expected him to ask what kind of ideas. Let's see if Tom still curious about him, so he did. But dreadlocks would be really tired, because he merely shrugged.


reduced a little more fluid in his glass and disappeared into the kitchen. Bill wanted to yell that he was an idiot, feeling a sudden urge to break something against his blond head and mourn with rage at the same time. All this was acknowledged before it became a thought and put his head on a cushion of the sofa, embarrassed by their impulses.

silence in the room had grown by leaps and bounds, leaving footprints too deep for your taste. Too real to his consciousness.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Apteka Centrum Krzeszowice Storm and skin. Bible Slash

Fandom: Bible.

Characters: Judas / Jesus.

Raiting: ATP.

Storm was a bad day to decide to go fishing. The storm raged over their heads, soaking every hair on their heads and each piece of skin, shaking the water furiously. All five aboard the boat apostles were trying to cling to the edges, but all predicted that soon would end up turning around. Judas felt with growing horror how insisted his fingers slide down the wooden surface.

- Master! Pedro suddenly yelled, raising his voice by dint of sheerdespair. Simony

Judas, being the nearest, were the only ones who could hear over the din of crashing waves and turned their eyes toward the same point as his companion. Through rain, they saw three men on the bank beyond a figure, unmoved by the excitement of nature as being part of it. Jesus observed them standing on solid ground, and yet, Judas believed distinguish a shadow of sadness on his face. Did not understand. Why not help them? Had raised the dead and healed lepers. Why not be moveda?

- Master, help us! "Simon cried out, making the chorus to the words of Peter.

- Master! Judas

he was unable to cry with them. Partly in amazement, and in part because panic was picking on the beating of his heart, almost deafening everything around him. And although there had been, perhaps neither would have company. Jesus knew that they were in danger, and despite pleas did nothing about it.

- Save us, Master! , Is uni & amp; oacute; Felipe, clutching at the other end of the boat. Beside

Juan was petrified and big brown eyes showed signs of horror. "Do something," he thought Judas watching young legs were shaking uncontrollably. When their eyes were connected through the chaos, he realized that the boy was crying. He also had realized that yelling would not work.

Feeling sorry for the youngest member, Judas turned to look back to Jesus. If you were to die at that time, preferred more pleasant that vision. Although the work wasition. However, something happened.

As I struggled against the constant wobbles, his own fear and stand water, he felt sure that Jesus looked at him in turn. But not with grief, if not to smile as wise and curious. He had seen that smile and sometimes even after being handed one of his famous parables. "You got it, Judas?" He said without words.

And Judas understood. Well he understood.

"Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name ..." he began to recite, becoming mute tothe rest of the world. The cold lips were almost numb, but continued to pray while the smile from his teacher was increasing. Amen.

The rain stopped in the act. The waters subsided as a tablecloth that is displayed on the table and the clouds started to become less dark. Behind him, Judas heard the body of John collapsing on the floor, panting.

"Thank heaven," sighed Philip clapping a hand to his chest.

- What happened? Asked Simon.

- Master! -exclaimed Peter and the others soon discovered why he did it.

All, except John, were in complete amazement his master walking unhurriedly towards them. Bare foot prints left in its wake waves but they seemed to walk on a dirt road. When he was close enough, just stopped. The damp hair black and curled, clung to his forehead and his hands remained clasped in front in a patient solemnity. He ignored the wonder that woke the others and no one dared to press for them to climb. It was clearly not made any failure.

- Por do I have spoken like a man? Asked Jesus. To hear, John looked up from the floor and appeared to be twice as large to realize from where he spoke. Will not you answer?

"Master Pedro said with trembling lips," I do not understand what you mean.

"They asked for my help to any man cries, 'said Jesus. Why have forgotten what I taught them to speak when I want my father to listen? Have I not taught anything that a & Eacute, l should look?

The disciples did not know how to respond. Judas could see the guilt on their faces, as well as something he was very familiar: wounded pride. They were the apostles of the Son of Man, the most enlightened men, and a test had failed miserably. None

wanted to open his mouth or even to ask why he had saved. Later would come to the conclusion that his teacher would not have allowed. Never knew that, if not because one of them recalled the prayer, all would have perished. ---

sometimes not received at home. Sometimes a village refused to give accommodation to the lot of crazy people who claimed to perform miracles for the Lord of heaven. And when that happened, a bunch of crazy that they had no choice but to camp outdoors. Some slept on old clothing and another in an already overcrowded tent. They lit fires with sticks and branches, and cooked the fish caught in them.

The aroma given off by the fruits of your company entranced the senses of the five apostles, who had gone through such a bad experience, sat by the firewaiting, bathed in the light of a sunset near thankful to be on land.

In the midst of such quiet, Judas felt touched his shoulder and recognized the person in the act. The hand he perceived was a thin, rough and warm. Without words, Judas was resigned to leaving the delicious aroma in pursuit of his master. Others gave no more than a fleeting glance. For them it had become normal that Jesus decided to have a private chat with any of his companions.

So when Peter saw lost behind a big rock by the sea, he assaultsited the memory of what happened and was relieved because it had happened.

Jesus walked on to sit on a log left across from the big rock. Judas, imagining that came when a new sermon, followed suit on the ground. Yet Jesus shook his head while smiling.

"I love beside me, Judas.

This surprised a bit to the disciple but obeyed without replying. However, the closeness of Jesus did manage to embarrass him inside. They had not been well since the kiss in the middle of Achaeacall terrible fever that had attacked two weeks ago.

Much of the reason was due to the mad desire that was born the morning after, and volvíaa reclaim his place in his mind furiously. Shameful desire to feel again the warm essence when their lips met. Not because they meant salvation, but because it meant body, life and weight of a man. A man who loved him. Like everyone, even his enemies.

"I'm glad that you will look, Judas," Jesus said, absently watching the sun into the world farewell. In all only you entendistand that as a man I can only do what the men.

waters barely moved by a gentle breeze, quiet brushed the edges of the trunk while they were tinged with orange in the sky. Without words, without words, they both observed. Judas watched him and was happy. When the scenario of clouds started to turn a dark purple and the sun had disappeared over the horizon, Jesus got up and stood on the edge of the sea. The miracle of walking on it was over and everything from the ankles down out of sight of Judas.

"You should try & mdash; Suggested Jesus without turning around, spreading his arms as if to receive the calm around inside.

Judas looked at a distant point, beyond which their companions were Ely, and thought that from that position Jesus had expressed his sadness. Hence, the agonizing wait for someone to remember who had brought it and who acted, rather than focusing on the man who saw them.

"If I had known as a being of flesh and blood," he reasoned Judas, "had died." Thus, determin & amp; oacute;, maybe you should stop considering it as such.

- Would not you like? Very well, "said Jesus quietly and crouched down.

It seemed he was going to pick up a stone, perhaps an example of a parable that wanted to teach, and waited deep in the night progressed, embittered by his discovery. Yet he had to forget that when a jet of cold water given in his face.

"I thought you needed to refresh.

Jesus spoke with a laugh. And hear him was like listening to a child free of evil funse. A child who made clay birds to keep them alive because they had friends to play with and walk on water. All the apostles knew it, recognized the change that occurred, and bewildered. Judas

almost indignant, but finally surrendered to the infectious laugh. Just a little. He ran his hands making a bowl and plunged into the water. "You light

thirsty," said, throwing his time. Forgetting

was skimming the thirty men who were student and teacher, continue to pervaderecovery from a substance each other and laughing, while the moon shone bright pearl and waved around their movements. At some point Jesus could not stop well in wet sand and he sat down accordingly, producing a large splash.

"Well," he simply said and laughed.

Judas was amazed. I could not believe that Jesus had just tripped and then laugh at himself. I had seen it once when entreteníaa children, but it was fun it was for them and not because it was possible to lose balance.

"You win," admitted Jesus raising his hands by way of surrender, leaving even more disturbed by another man.

He, Judas, was up? Does he? It felt like a nightmare and asked when she had entered. He could not have beaten the Son of Man and he could not have lost. Suddenly he realized he was soaked, it was fríoy shivered. Jesus
's smile faded. A sincere concern took its placesr, making it more serious, and not a child.

- Why the anguish? Judas

wondered if what I felt was anguish.

-not supposed to lose.

- Why?

A simple question, that almost naive. The answer, on the other hand, was perceived as too complex. If he said that his teacher should not lose against any innocent man in a game, can not be the same to deny their humanity? And if he accepted that he could stumble and laugh about it, where did the divinityd?

I do not know "That was the only answer he could think of.

Jesus, his face paled by the moon smiled with affection and raised his hand in his direction. Now I was asking for help to get out. Judas comforted his mind thinking that maybe it was true that nobody on earth was able to understand. He grabbed the rough end had given sight to the blind, the legs of paraplegics, the apoptosis health ... and it pulled him down. Surprised, Judas barely managed to avoid colliding contra his master in his fall. He was kneeling before him, his legs sunk into the water. Jesus smiled in a good mood before his bewildered expression.

"Not everything I do is what would" said the teacher gently, leaving posing a hand on his cheek. That is what freedom of humans.

looked sad as he said, while decíay caressed him in the face, comforting him.

"You're not free, Jesus and Judas thought that he grieved more than I expected. Andhe realized that being considered the leader of a bunch of crazy people and be banished was not something Jesus would have chosen, but by which he was born. Never felt such pity for any man. Unlike either, Jesus simply had no choice. "Sorry"

"All men are free Jesus's voice became a whisper and the comfort of your contact away, along with the warmth and body of its owner. Besides

flesh and humanity. All so disconcertingly human and divine that his absence left coldand night. Judas preferred the sun.

not everything Jesus did was what was supposed to, because he was also human. Could laugh out loud, get angry like everyone else and complain. But by the way her posture stiffened Judas was not expected to be brought forward to look for life on his lips. No leaned back while the arms of Judas around the shoulders, and gradually relaxed as he approached. Kissing, touching, looking for more meat. Finding the human.


The clay bird is not mine. No recuerdo if it was the Gospel of Philip or Thomas, but in one of these was mentioned that Jesus did for fun as a child. On the other hand, the adult Jesus behaving like a child I took it out of the Gospel of Judas. And I suppose that I have to explain it to walk on water.
I can only say ... opinions?

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Complaints About Artelye Granite My first book!

After more than five years of dreaming, I finally published a book. This is an anthology of all the poems that are here, plus a mini story that had lost out there. I am very proud of him because I took the fucking cover almost three days, really, so bad I can manage with Photoshop, and here's the result!

Portada copia


An anthology of poems where the truths of innocence are enacted without objection. Nothing is black or white. Only grayand depends on the nuances each purchase.

Gender: tragic poetry anthology.

Pages: 29

Format: e-book.

Free Download HERE

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What Is Eczema More Condition_symptoms Sunset (summary and foreword)


Gronovan Polluts and Johan have been friends since childhood, but things start to change when Damien is beset by disturbing dreams in which shares a life with a stranger. The Tarot cards, crystal balls, runes, nothing helps to unravel its meaning.

While in France the vampire Evangeline Voix eternity begins wondering if it makes any sense. His boredom is currently considering whether it not be time to end it all.


This novel contains adult language, swearing in other words, and contentdo explicit homosexual. If you do not like these things, know that you will not be allowed any claim in this regard.


\u0026lt;!--[ if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 21 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 \u0026lt;! [Endif] - ->\u0026lt;!--[ if gte mso 9]> \u0026lt;! [endif] ->

(Excerpt from the diary of Johan Gronovan, September 15, 2008)

Deliver someone's life seems so romantic in theory, but impossible to implement. I know I existin novels well that suggest otherwise, and the hate, because in real life only a true fool would be launched at the edge of a thousand swords for a pair of flirtatious eyes that never spent a second look. Out of paper people can crave something else in your life that the pursuit and preservation of romance, but not necessarily a lot of bitter.

Sometimes the boy discovers he did well not to smile at the pretty girl of no regrets Salony the rest of their day-to late twenties, unbelievable, considering what could have happened. Sometimes the boy want to smile & iacuI, rle to another, which need not be an Adonis in the flesh, this applies to you and that's no guarantee that things will end well.

may battered wife still has good feelings for her husband and he loves her while she whips-Mom's black eye is a test. Love is something vast and incomparable, is not it? And man is too complex even in its simplicity. It is likely then that both do not fit. Two wrongs do not make a right, they say.

egomaniac I've always found that phrase in & ldquo; love is not for me. " Not the fault of the feeling that the world or yourself, do not allow to be close to us wants. We are the ones that trigger nuclear bombs almost for the mere pleasure of doing something, we. And I do not understand how one can have face to denigrate perhaps one of the few good in the world.

When Dad does not have his fist raised, Mom is happy. One quickly realizes. And I assure you, every day, it is not love that hold him back.

(Something, 2009)

remember when I said that. "Deliver the

What Is Whooping Cough More Condition_symptoms Double Indemnity (summary and foreword)

Berlucci is a normal teenager of fourteen years, that if we have a witch is a practitioner of Wicca and summons the power of the Priestess Moon each month faithfully.
However, a strange change takes place in your life when you must move with his family to a house on the edge of the forest that surrounds Murmore, his hometown. There will conduct its usual magical practices, enduring the grief of having his mother battling cancer, until he meets a young Asian who claims to be his neighbor and apparently feels irresistibly attracted do for her, to his dismay.
While both are known in Murmore startRumors arise that make moan of fear their people. Dogs taken so far unaccounted for are found dead and bled, cats that never left their houses are found decapitated and many birds are seen worse. The only uncertainty is increasing. Was it a wild creature, wilder than any other, or a madman with a fascination with death?

And why all this happens only when the moon is full?


This novel contains adult language, content and explicit homosexual rituals of white magic. If anyout of these elements are disturbed, the latter can not imagine how, but just in case ", refrain from reading.


Marta Linnor can say with confidence that has been a model daughter. While

never understood the superstitions in which his mother believed faithfully and would be a lie to say that he felt ashamed every time it laid his hands on every new thing coming into the home muttering incomprehensible songs, heavy with the fragrance of incense thousand and twelve, when he learned, That he had suffered a heart attack did not hesitate to pack your bags, say goodbye to her daughters and her husband in Florida to get Murmore, where he was raised and his mother lived quietly .

had been a miracle that a neighbor decided to go through the old house on the edge of the forest, looking for a monthly circulation of letters, and discovered the body of the old lady moaning on the carpet in the room. Although Marta was tempted to turn your lips more than once as the same lady said, smug, it was all fate, was very grateful to her phave called or emergency room immediately.

A heart attack, of course. Since we get the notion that a slender figure equivalíaa beauty, Marta had deplored the refusal of his mother to eat a balanced diet, always arguing that their angels and fairies would be responsible for protecting any bad, and the result is translated into a hospital bill that, if his mother had been, perhaps he would have another heart attack. The operation went well, but after all it was an older woman and the doctors recommended keep an eye on for a while before discharge.

Marta had the firm intention to beass with her until the evening and read their favorite novels, trivia tell their grandchildren to entertain, and I would not be fulfilled because the lips of his mother never missing the same gibberish. He spoke of a vision he had had moments before the attack - causing the attack, he said, which had been haunting her house monsters, bloodthirsty, and a family of tarnished black. Did not specify what he meant by "tainted", but that was not what mattered to the sensibility of a modern woman like Martha, was the fact that could not be black without being black, everybody knew to. But his mother had never wanted to abandon the old ways.

And every time I had ears ready, kept repeating this, also asking if blacks had not seen recently near his home, and if so, departed from the home. This was shocking in more ways than one because I had never shown signs of racism. When Obama ran for president Marta clearly remember him saying over the phone: "At last we have someone with brains." And now inexpressibly relieved when he replied that there had been no black man around the house.

not understand such a change. Maybe many years of believing in fairies left in evidence that she had always known and never dared even think, that his mother was missing a screw. It was nice to take it into account at the time, was painful, but there was no other conclusion, especially after seeing how stubbornly flicking fingers in the air five times forming a star every time he appeared , a nurse, as a priest to bless the sinner. Neither was to see nurses and notice of resignation in their eyes, for them, their mother always room & iacute; to been crazy anyway.

She was the devoted daughter who bore his talks with stoicism and apologized with a smile for his eccentricities to strangers. That was the role he played with courage, as understood by the attitude of doctors, and ended up believing it. Maybe it was basically what he believed from the start, but could only admit it through third parties. So at one point it just stopped listening to their crazy theories and looked condescending smile while exposing them, thinking to himself that he was losing its meetings willTURE and should sew a shirt for his eldest daughter when he returned.

Finally, one Saturday morning, Marta walked resolutely into the room 297, but found the bed to take his mother's empty. Alarmed, he asked a nurse what had happened to her and she responded, bowing his head: "we did everything we could."

A second attack, of course. The doctors said it was a great burden of stress. It was not surprise anyone who had seen him in those days would have believed that life was going in the f & aacute n find out the fate of a black family, was seen in the way his eyes bulged, his hands trembling in terror as ever in his lap. It was not until after the funeral that Martha thought that, indeed, was fear that killed his mother and cried for many hours lamenting that he had died terrorized by ghosts. Black Ghosts

, on top.

may have thought differently had he known the man who bought her house, but by then she was in Florida, searching the Internet a summary of the book you should be reading. Estate agent was the man who shookJohn Berlucci or dark, handing the keys to the property.


Acne Rosacea More Condition_symptoms Why I did not like Twilight (or Twilight)

This article and I posted on my blog Ode to the Irony, but I wanted to bring it here too.

The first time I saw the title of Twilight was in Malfa Fics The forum, on the issue of OT. In this issue raised a lot of things that caught my attention for some time, such as what kind of vampire author conceived and if Bella is a Mary Sue. During the time I have found with many opinions about the work, but even then I got interested in it because I am faithful to vampirism created by Anne Rice. Vampires do not go by dayVampires are wild animals, is the concept that I like and that, apparently, not encompassed Twilight. Much less interest was given that, apparently, the protagonist was unpleasant enough to be considered Mary Sue. Besides, I was happy with the fandoms I know and the books I read or encounter, so what need had I found out about this new trend?

What push me over was that my friends were interested in Twilight. But he had to do with the metroflog dedicated to the work that one of them created or virtual familywhich two were united. He had to see those same last two fanfictions made. This is because before anyone I knew in real life even knew what they were fics, even when I tried to integrate in that it was important to me at the time, without results, and suddenly there was ;, writing in his journals, notebooks and leaf folder. Asking for ideas and looking for new frames. Therefore, I reached a point where not talking about something else. Talking about how great it is Edward Cullen, how handsome he is or how beautiful is actress who plays Bella, without forgiveness, but those buck teeth that is headed by a frank tear me laugh when he heard that, "was out of any topic of conversation for me, but writing has been that I've always liked and so finally I asked someone to lend me their books to make me too fictions with them or least have a better idea about the context.

saw the movie too, and just a while ago I finished my first book and I'm starting the second. I did not like neither one nor the other, and the last thing I read only because the character of Alice and Jacob managed to fascinate, not to mention I want to know what's up with the werewolves.

Before you start listing thes why the first work that I did not like, keep in mind that this is a personal opinion. Do not seek anyone agree with me and if you liked the book just so not me, it seems completely understandable.

1_El character Bella.

had already said that people who call it a Mary Sue and I can understand their reasons, but ultimately I disagree. A Mary Sue is characterized, above all, it is a machine that plays its role to whims of the author, careciendo of every feature that makes a human character and credibility. Bella is clumsy, smart, stubborn and passionate as I am concerned is so human and believable as any other normal person. However, this does not mean I like it.

one hand, I find it very boring life begins and ends with Edward. I know that the girl used to live in Florida and never had boyfriends, okay, but did not had not even lost a friend there? Any known that at least had some affection? For his introverted personality I imagine that it would be Miss Popularity, but not comprendo how at no point is mentioned at least a little of his life before Edward, who liked to do before, what dreams I had. Do not want to be a firefighter, veterinarian, singer? We do not know and the only reason is because back then no Edward appeared.

And that way she act that gives to think that nothing else in the world cares to be with Edward sounds so pathetic and low. What about their parents and friends? Friends tend to forget the first love, all right, but is it going to put your boyfriend at a level higher than your mother ytor father, knowing that they love you? That is a terrible sign of low self-esteem thing feasible taking into account the reasons enumerated Bella to be impossible for Edward she is set in a frightening or selfishness. He who does not even think for a moment in life that could leave behind if Edward were to transform it makes me think that everything is a sovereign whim, which does not inspire me any respect.

The first parts of the second book, New Moon, when Bella escapes to the forest because it ended with the vampire seemed the epitome of exaggerated melodrama. Well, it's a teenager and can not be expected to be drunk at a bar looking for new dams, pero yet that action was ridiculous. Could not lock herself in her room and mourn as normal someone who had to miss out there and make everybody leave their homes without even the decency to feel a little guilty? If Charlie had given me a heart attack and exemplary punish my rod for a fool, but is unfazed Bella, because Edward has left her. Come on, you had not told his mother he was very mature for his age? When I think of all this, I imagine a girl of fourteen with hormones to give everything. And he assumes that she is 18.

Each time the message is clear; Beauty is nothing without itsboyfriend. And I like characters who are something for themselves, not because a handsome vampire came into their lives.

2_Meyer make traps

What I mean by cheating? Not to accuse Meyer of plagiarism or the like, are treated traps in the plot. Things are well just because it is, without a background totally rational reason. In a story, especially in shorts, you can not stick to the "magical coincidences" because His grace is to focus exclusively on the issue, but when it comes to novels and novelists to boot, thisshows that the author focused more on the subject that bring realism to the plot.

That Bella did not have anyone else to speak in Florida that her mother seems to trap me, because as it was so popular at her new school just arrived, anyone would expect that at least had a best friend of his old school that put up with the gossip, even one. But there is not and it just so Bella would not have distractions in his infatuation.

That Edward had to be so close to Bella I consider the trap clearer. The fact that the boy could not understand change classes but is qu & eacuyou, about those seats? The boy went to another country because they could not bear the presence of this girl who wanted to keep as far away from him, to the point that he expressly said "can not be friends", " , and is not passed by the head not once tell someone to change places with him, the most simple and obvious? Sorry but after all the talk about how little Bella should interact with him, I can not swallow that. And while watching the film could not stop repeating every time I heard "is not good to be together", becauseare no longer together and cut the roll! My friend almost hanged me by my little-no-faith in this love but that love was as credible as Romeo and Juliet, that deep down we all know was attraction. Eye in the film, in the book not so much. That

Edward only has eyes for Bella and it has no idea how fascinating it is for other people it sounds like a trap just as ridiculous as the others. This will only appear for more great Edward and Bella feel very lucky to have him. The ignore something so obvious being that can read minds is absurd. You never heard in his life than a chica thought 'what more charming back "and he thought that was for something? Call it modesty, in my personal dictionary this is called being stupid with a vengeance.

3_No there is one without two

The only characters who do not have a match in Twilight are Laurent, Charlie, Jacob and Billy Black. The first is a minor character, the second had to be single so that he could take care of Bella, the third is a teenager who sympathize with Bella and tells the legends that speak of the Cullen and U last is an elder in a silthe wheel. We turn elsewhere and what we see? Let everyone have a partner, who are married or in love. Recognizing that Twilight is pure romance and we should not expect anything other than romance, also a work whose central point is well too fancy.

I like romance, almost never write anything other than that, but that was absurd. What should interpret that? If only thing Bella and Edward I would not complain, because on them depends the whole plot, but when we talked about three, four and six couples begin to doubt what was the message of all.Alice Does not exist without being a couple of Jasper, or Rosalie Emmet, Angela Ben or Mike or Jessica? Bella without Edward there, that's clear.

4_Crepúsculo is a long story

The film seemed frankly a crap, even before reading the book. And the reason was because I was not transmitting anything. Or was that just with Edward Bella or not, that was all. There is absolutely nothing else. And the book is worse because they are words, sentences, paragraphs I love him, love him and love him more. The only really interesting was fournd James appeared on stage, because it adds action to the matter, and that was near the end. Before we pass by the beauty of Edward, Bella so much he wants and how it corresponds. Again, no romance against the stick, but the exaggeration of anything tired. And can you believe that there are two pages describing step by step how Bella discovers different vampire legends? What good is it and how it could not be summarized by referring to the fact that Bella inquired about vampires?

I think the plot and I can not help believing that perfectly summed up in a story, in an interesting storygreat indeed, but as a novel I do not think that works.

"Let me" by John Ajvide is about a boy who falls for a vampire and yet each chapter is great because it is not just that pair. There are at least four plots intertwined and that keeps the reader on the edge of the chair, wondering what will happen to that policeman, with those guys and what the hell has to do with the vampire. Twilight is not a shred of comparison.

5_ is "complicated."

After hearing the phrase life is complicated ", I must say that I have caught a Frank hatred. Is the same as saying the girl or the boy when he can not be with her love, only because it is too stupid to put aside their stupid drama particular. It's not that complicated! Almost never is. Edward

always able to get away from Bella. Bella could always look for a hobby instead of thinking about a boy who apparently hated it. But they did and created instead a dramatic storyline that causes the largest by absolute boredom monotony. For it is only fools that took so long to come together and for fools is that they are together. YI do not care what they say about that love makes you stupid, because even before the two protagonists are in love and gave signs of not having many lights.

6_Los vampires are vampires Meyer Meyer. Point.

How vampires that Meyer sees me is horrible, but does not break any rules. There is no single scientific proof to say that vampires ever existed, at least as generally conceived today, therefore any author is free to describe them as they please. According to Rice's vampires cried tears of blood, according to John Ajvide no pod & iacutee; an entry anywhere without being invited and by Bram Stoker aged and rejuvenated after a dose of blood. None of them is good or bad.

But right or wrong has nothing to do with that like it or not. And I do not like vampires that sparkle as if they were diamond skin when you touch the sun, because it is a break with the whole idea before teníay detail is extremely corny. Nor that vampires are so powerful, beautiful and spectacular. Rice also makes them well, but still moderate and well known beauty gives to the meanest beggar, is que gives the name of "romance" Gothic. As Meyer all sounds like a rave child to see only the beauty of things.

I know that the Cullens look so great is because he sees Bella as well, but do not forget that it was no Bella who wrote the book, if Meyer and his fingers were responsible that there is such a disproportion in the vision of things. Come on, you can deny that even I could strive to make them more reasonable in their characteristics?

7_El romantic love is overrated.

I mentioned this above, so no need to explain a lot. Just suffice to say that there is more to life than having a boyfriend and keep it.

8_Sólo presents a point of view.

All we know is what he knows Bella. We can not know what he thought because his brother Emmett was going crazy for a human, whether he felt any sympathy for him being that he was attracted by two humans, or what went through Jasper's mind when he saw Bella in her house. Dand indeed can hardly say something about Jasper, but that is true to his family, not particularly talkative, and not a lot. Rosalie at the end may leave a bitter and jealous bitch just because they have the good sense not to trust an outsider. And if you've read the book I have to say the cliché and boring it is Edward.

9_Crepúsculo considered Gothic work.

Visiting different places, I have come across this phrase and I feel like just laugh in the face of the next obtuse revealed that Meyer is the Anne Rice of young people. Ris nothingible. Vampires have always been associated with the Gothic, but not for their powers, but by the seduction of death, the profane and the dark, the Melancholy of the devastation of spirit; elements present a narrative of Anne Rice. This melancholy has its philosophical traits: why does this happen?, Why evil exists?, Why should I be good?, "Pleasure to a god when I do or punish me with ideals only tasteless?

His most recognized, the lure Lestat, perfectly embodies the Gothic romance. It's badand is proud of it, can kill you but how delicious it would be a fatal embrace as his arms and feel his breath on the sensitive neck moments before receiving the tusks. Feel love and hatred, not where Superman saves damsels and is enclosed in a hermitage libraries rough-at least not all the time. Being a vampire is only one of the many shells that make up this sensual figure, although one of the most important.

The fact that Edward is handsome vampire, incredibly strong until the breaking of the absurd, and has been in love with a mortal does not at all Gothic. The work is both melancholy & iacute; to as the diary of a girl who sighs with her Prince Charming waiting with eyes of love and philosophy is unknown in this environment of dramatic romance. It bothers me not so much that fans have the audacity to call Gothic just like the vampire, vampires idealized only do good, if not everything that could have generated Gothic Twilight was kicked out by his own Meyer rushed, as if afraid of the dark side of literature.

The moment that I liked, as opposed to the declaration of love and kisses that have pleased so many,was when James discovers the scent of Bella and the Cullens all react like lions ready to strike, this one delicious moment of savagery is destroyed by the subsequent words written from the perspective of Bella. The girl, far from feeling the horror that would make that piece of something that might be worthwhile, he reacts like that.


Publicity does not help at all, I sold the story as a vampire, mysticism and dark, and I see a romantic thing that lasts nearly three hours, a book I took a week to read and let me the firm idea that I have cheated.

and for that love can be a thousand words, but banned? Edward only made an effort to avoid it and that it was minimal.

The summary of romance is this: Bella hates Edward, Bella is not a day goes by without looking at Edward, Edward saves her from dying, Bella discovers that she is a vampire and falls in love, do not make me include the phrase that says it clearly or vomiting, "Edward is a difficult time until they stop playing hard. Then it's "passion and adventure. Where does an army of creatures to oppose this love? What obstacle, except idiocy ambos players must jump to love? James looked at Bella because she was human, not because he was in love with Edward, so it serves as an example.

Under my concept of forbidden love, to be worthy of such a thing Twilight, Edward's family should have strongly opposed the boy approached Bella, should have been locked in an OS , methane, cut their supply of animals, because only an evil vampire kills people, remember, or something. But leave it quiet vampires enter this human life. The only

having a negative attitude is Rosalie andnever do anything to avoid marriage, except look ugly from a distance. The rest of the world is there of onlookers because a cute guy comes out with a pretty girl.

is ridiculous. Like Stephen King said that outperforms any classical author. I love this writer, but, hey, the classics are the classics. And love is not passively accept all forbidden love.

Finally, to be something fair ...

If we want to find romance thousand adolescents delusions of well guys lots and well-points in the physical and moral-Meyer is the cofre treasures. If we feel that perhaps the bland girl she gets her immortal knight in shining armor, "only when it touches the sun, one day, why wait to get a grip libreríay the five volumes that speak of it and exploit it to get to a happy marriage? Love triumphs over everything, of course.

It is for this reason that, ultimately, I did not like Twilight.

PD: No, forget what the beginning. I can not continue reading that book.

. PD2: Maybe nobody cares, but today is my birthday and I'm happy