Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Smithsonian Map Printable What we ignore [Too much silence]

Fandom: RPS , Tokio Hotel

Claim: Tom / Bill.

Warnings: shounen-ai, incest.

Raiting: ATP.

Note: As with my the Jonas Brothers fic, fic series here is pure entertainment. I do not pretend to have a chronological order and do not know when or how I will update, so do not insist to do so quickly. This couple is not as unusual as I usually focus on, but what the heck, I see them possibilities. Too much silence

C HTMLXC I'm made of ash and vanity. Rumors on the door that sound too far. I long to feel your palm yet to rise to the top, where you always smile and always fun to hit you. Only one set of children.
Why the silence is so deep? Why not listen to your snoring? Are moans, grunts, female and yours, I seek to bed and dance the samba on my ears. Two, three steps between us and I'm not for you. Lie

again that you are my brother and I will kick your on stage when you look elsewhere. You no longer feel like my brother, you're all I ever wanted.The dreadlocked muse that haunts me at night and the day I was ignored. Listen to my notes

sore, you see to whom I dedicate? Mutes your girlfriend again, and become aware of what you're doing. She was taken to the moon and his blood is not yours. Factions of a reflection, the silence broken. Cracks, large and small pieces, break my foot every time I walk. But Mom will not come ...
- What are you doing awake?

The unexpected voice of Bill pulled a start, sitting on a couch before the television off of the room. With the heart pumping como insane, the gothic teen turned quickly toward the entrance to the kitchen, where it came from the interruption. Before I knew who he was, he had saved the notebook and pencil under your legs.

Tom, of course who else? Sleepy and a glass of lemonade in hand. The huge white shirt and touched his knees beneath the fabric of his pants barefoot almost disappeared. Bill pulled himself together at once, stirred within him, a smile that did not cost little.

- How looking like you say goodbye to your girlfriends?

I was kidding, as alwayse. One of the few things that still acted as though they had never started high school and as if Tom never had started to like girls. Or bring them home to dismiss them after midnight. The difference was that each Bill wanted to kick them, but that did not have to learn more than his conscience, blame the main charge.

- What girlfriend? Tom said leaning on the doorframe, giving the impression that it was just physical exhaustion and his face had its own energy reserves. With half-closed eyes might have seemed slightly drunk & mdar lighter than outside, to appease the feeling was becoming critical. This happened when Tom saw a video of a rock band and became interested in the movements of the guitarist on the ropes. For the same reason he returned to the attack.

- What do you did?

But children also had secrets. Secrets to hide, which were lying, because they knew that nothing good would reveal.

-A new song about why Tommy does not wear a tent once and for all. Tom took a

soRBO a drink, taking the joke learned indifference.

"That's a big question to resolve, I think.

Bill is playing now be a bit honest. As if written in a script, I knew. Otherwise not be rid of his brother.

"Just could not sleep and wanted to come to write a few ideas. Bill

half expected him to ask what kind of ideas. Let's see if Tom still curious about him, so he did. But dreadlocks would be really tired, because he merely shrugged.


reduced a little more fluid in his glass and disappeared into the kitchen. Bill wanted to yell that he was an idiot, feeling a sudden urge to break something against his blond head and mourn with rage at the same time. All this was acknowledged before it became a thought and put his head on a cushion of the sofa, embarrassed by their impulses.

silence in the room had grown by leaps and bounds, leaving footprints too deep for your taste. Too real to his consciousness.


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