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Wedding Program Thank You Wording Seme ¿o week?

Fandom: RPS_Tokio Hotel.

Claim: Bil Kaulitz / Tom Kaulitz.

Warning: incest, yaoi / slash, lemon.

"Seme or uke?

- That's cruelty to people!

Tom could not stand it any longer; released the laughter that had been pushing on his chest and had to bend over itself. Bill, you do not see any grace, pushed him so roughly that of dreadlocks slipped off the edge of the bed onto the floor, where laughter was pouring out of his mouth. After a long time that Bill frustrabother because their eyes were not really killer, Tom managed to calm down enough to sit up.

"You should not take it so seriously. There is more than a fanficción, or as he says.

-A fanfic about my life, "said Bill and grabbed the laptop, still seeing the written words behind the screen. A fic about our lives. Should not this be illegal? I'm pretty sure there's a law against that.

"Oh, because you've always been afraid of the law," said Tom smiling, regaining his place in the bed and snatched the computera. Carefully read the sentence which had won the previous outburst in his hand and turned to him laughing. Bill's gaze became spears killer sent to your head. You have to admit that this is the funny part. Also, think they are just a bunch of girls having fun with their idols. We can not blame them for that.

- Girls? Here was subject called "umberto" and "ricardo very macho."

"Well, tomboy girls. What is the problem? Bill

Esboz & oacute, a grimace of disgust.

"I do not say that I like to have people thinking about these things from us. And over the nerve to publish it!

Tom shrugged without deleting your smile. Yes, he was surprised to find out what their fans did with their names, and had seen things that no doubt would have preferred to forget, but it was not to be famous? And above all, I could thank that kind of "fiction" could only be found when you insisted on it. If Bill preferred to turn a deaf ear to warnings of "if you doLike, do not read "just was not his fault.

-A you do not mind because you always painted as the above-claimed Bill in a bad mood, with a deliberate expression of wounded pride. I always am the one who bites the pillow. It is not fair.

-Ya, and you are the example of masculinity, right? "The truth was that Tom was very proud of this discovery, but again was because of Bill. Who could say he took the initiative if what he was fun and sexy girl dance like makeup? Things did not have to be so simple in the realizationDad, of course, but it was still funny that a large majority thought so. It was almost like seeing all these stories depicting him as a womanizer boy who had tried to recreate, due mostly to amuse the masses. He left the computer on the chest of the habitacióny noted to himself as he dedicated a sign of arrogance to his brother. I'm the seme here, accept it.

had discovered the word browsing through a blog designed with pictures of animes, and Tom liked it.

-course-lword from Bill was barely a whisper, as he was obliged to smile at the way Tom nodded, pleased with himself. Then, as a revenge mode, push again with the same force as before, this time from the shoulders, leaving him no choice but to lie in bed.

Tom still had a smile when Bill got over it and then place their hand on the waist of it, like so many times. Bill stole a kiss almost juguetóny shook his pelvis back on his brother, watching the results in the brightness of his lustful gaze. CHT

MLXC - What are you doing? Tom asked simply to see how Bill took off his black shirt, but clearly sabíay was no reason to oppose.

"I'm teaching what one should do," said seme Gothic oversized t-shirt pulling it out of the other. Once it has met with him in the land of forgotten items, began to describe a path of kisses down the neck of his brother.

"Then I should do, right? "Asked Tom in a hoarse voice, stroking up and down the back pale Bill.

"The seme takes control of the situation," whispered Bill up through his jaw to the slope of your lip. Naughty played with him using the tongue, causing mild tremors in which he delighted. I'm always the first to do this.

"Yes, Tom found it hard to hide the cries that caused the actions of Bill. When he spoke, his own brother surrounded themselves with a huge hug and then returned to her neck, but the seme is always the giver and that usually me.

"Yes," Bill down his chest, leaving both hands touching with his mouth, butseme is also doing things well. Consent is the uke.

came to the line of his trousers, attached by a belt to keep from falling and gently nipped waist, his hands began the process of undressing.

"I'm not uke-barely grunted Tom, feeling the excitement grow when he noticed what Bill was pretending. As if I did not know what to do with their hands, clung to the sheets almost breathlessly. Only let you play for goodness.

"It's cruel to say that, Bill was Tommy had funendo as she undid the jeans of his brother. The budding erection was evident beneath the thin fabric of the underwear, proud and strong, so surround Billnäs resisted in their hands. It was warm and lively, the squeezed. Tom's feet stirred under his body and breath escaped content in the form of a long sigh. Uke likes to play with your thingy.

"It's no small thing," said Tom, trying to print real irritation in her voice. And that's not true, the semester also do.

- How do you know? Bill asked while he Sacabambathe last piece, revealing the pink tip, trunk thick forest of chestnut hair. He looked up to see the reaction of his brother, he followed all his movements with his eyes aglow.

Tom tried to retrieve his smug expression, without much success.

"I saw in those that had sleeves yaoi. Is the uke who loves what you do, so keep the seme happy.

- You think? "Bill gave a gentle pat on the erection of Tom, only one trial, only to annoy. All with a naive smile of innocence belied by his leer. & Iquest, and this makes you happy? "This time I grabbed all the member and headed the ring formed by your fingers in a slow swing and hotness.

Ecstatic, Tom threw his head back as he closed his eyes.

"Oh, yes ...

- What's this? Without further ado

got the burning tip of his brother in the mouth, just the tip, and walked slowly with his tongue, making sure that the earring in it comes in contact with other skin . In response Tom nodded vehemently, licking the earring in her lip like every time I remember those moments. As long as you

s his mouth continued to work, Bill began to bustle with your other hand to release their pants belt oppression. Having done that, with the skull buckle hanging out of his prison to his member and began to masturbate unattended without taking off the view of Tom. After a few seconds, stopped, causing a hoarse "eh" was heard in the room, and knelt in front of his brother, his hands on either side of it. He gave a mocking smile as he climbed the legs around Tom and around his waist, never for strength, and placed in your favorite pose. The usual, though some think otherwise. Blind Tom looked impatiently.

"This, my dear Tommy, do not do a uke-said with a condescending tone, and just saw the glow of Tom's eyes between the lids, he introduced the head of a thrust member. He retired almost immediately, amused. Oops, I forgot, "he said and spat in his hand a bit to lubricate the other, who shook his touch prudish, and returned to rush against him.

After months, weeks after doing that, was all that was needed. Which three fingers or what the heck. Bill did not know what was felt in the sky (something like that would be to dance on stage, sure), but desAfter all what he had seen and read by that day, being in Tom and move against him was also close to that definition. No more do they loved nor any stars would end, but what did it matter? The groans were real, the smell of their sweat mixed and the incomparable friction of their bodies together. Who wants fantasy when you have that? Tom

inside greeted him with an intensity delicious acepetando no more than was his brother who hold him to set the pace. So nervous for the first kiss, so heavily the first timewent to bed, both wounded pride when he said he could have been more careful to vary ... and now only betrayed him, breathless, anxious, her body begging for more.

Okay, maybe I loved him a bit during the event. But for Bill, who had not had sex with anyone and in his life, were only side effects orgasm. Someone gives you much pleasure you gotta love it.

In Tom's mind was no room reflections, and no such feelings. Who needed, when your chest is burning, itchy and also excites the intrusion into his body, when allcan import it stay there? It was not perfect (Tom doubted that there was something perfect), but all the good you might want. Warmth, youthful passion and powerful, like a tap just waiting to be opened to release its full power. That he was ebullient.

And when finished, leaving only two of them, sweaty, dirty, and barely breathing. Perhaps as before, maybe a little happier because they were still in the same hotel room and none had to leave for the night. But certainly together. A Bill that he liked. He hugged his brother's chest, after leavingfall brought the towel to clean up a bit.

There were flowers and lights in the sky. Only Tom in his arms.

- Who is your seme, Tommy?

Tom, who wanted to play possum irritated frown.

"Shut up.


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