Monday, July 20, 2009

Casalinghe Troie Tettone Poor response

Fandom: Animal Essence .

Claim: Python / Arshan.

Warning: Shounen-ai/slash.

Summary: Not that Python does not know. Is that it's just stupid to say.

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Bad response



was a peaceful silence. Outside it happen one more night, one night as thousands have occurred in Egypt. The starry sky, the smile of the moon, all as quiet as a stream that was never touched. Only Python everything had a different aftertaste in his bed, feeling the boy's stubborn embrace of the tiger at his side. Had been in that position longer than usual, and although not lack the desire, the prince had ordered him not to repress it to stop a damn time. Not that he disagreed with the contact, was that in the last three months that were seto had got used to having the bed to himself and seemed an exaggeration Arshan reaction. They had only been three months, was not so.

"You're an idiot, do you see? Murmured staring at the ceiling in silk, dark, wondering why were embraced.

"Sometimes I do," said Arshan, surprising the sleeping prince who believed, but did not show it. But I still love, so qhat the hell, right? "He added with intent to annoy more than anything else. And maybe gloat a bit about the fact.

Because it was so different from other nights. Python for the first time responded to the sentimentalist Arshan statement without hesitation, without clarification before I was being a fool. Arshan should have known that would not miss the opportunity to highlight it.

"If you're hoping it becomes a habit, you can forget it," he replied. I let you sleep in my bed, eating my food and thisr me. I certainly will not do it for charity and if you can not see it, is that you are more stupid than I suspected.

A light laughter from Arshan.


"I said almost purring. A Python gave the impression that outlined his superiority that mocking smile, one that says "admit it, I won." Of children that would have earned a shove. But not bad to hear you confirm any time. Just in case.


had not stopped to hug, giving warmth and the certainty of his presence. Python did not need to tell him he loved him for things like that, because with them he was satisfied.

"I guess," replied the prince, who was the most that he was ready. Arshan thought that should be proof enough that not kick away from him. Anyway it is stupid.

A moment of silence. Light barely hear the bangs of crickets ins stables.

- Do you have a problem with me tell you I love you? Arshan said.

Indifferent to the fact that he could not see, eyes turned amber Python. Arshan always had to be unnecessarily challenging, as if it never ceases to prepare for a challenge.

-I said it's stupid, you can not do it. Until you can think of a custom-cleared again resounding.

Another silence. Secretamentand Python awaiting the response. It would depend on whether Arshan could understand or had in its own point of view. If that proves the first case, perhaps it was worth it to pronounce those words, and if not, would have made a real stupid saying them. Arshan's voice, like a soft roar, however, soon heard.

"Do not worry about that, and is most comfortable under the sheets, his hands up from waist to chest Python hairless. Probably not entirely understood but was willing to accept. OORT way Python reasoned, would be palpable tension in your body as Arshan was terrible hiding their emotions. Good night.

Python suddenly felt the need to add something.

"For example, he said, when I allow you for the mess of my hair in my face, as now, I'm showing that I care. More than a friend.

A snort from Arshan. Why you sounded like a chuckle?

"I'm not a genius, but even I know that," said a note of amusement, making no effort to move the head position over the shoulder of Python . The prince did not him apart. He liked that tickling a little orange and black hairs.


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