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Chronic Yeast Infection More Condition_symptoms Boredom

Fandom: RPS , Tokio Hotel

Claim: Bill / Tom.

Warnings: shounen-ai, incest technical. Boredom

Close to the window of her bedroom, Bill could not help thinking that the sky will rain occurred only to thwart the plans of the people. With so many droughts and deserts in the world, water-laden clouds had traveled to rebel there, flooding the streets to leave them as a mediocre representation of Vienna. The fourth

only continued drops patter against the glass and electronic sounds & amp; oacute; only ones that came out of the TV while Tom was stirring on the bed, control of game in hand.

I do not understand how you can be playing now, "said Bill, and took off the face of the window to return to his brother, carrying an excessive grief on her face. It is assumed that we would leave New York today.

Bill had much enthusiasm for the prospect. Walking through the crowded streets, endless travel and feel the movement, the life that filled the series that went on in that city, was almost as stimulating as the idea that they would travel for a concert, after this timeliving in a modest low profile. Ideas thrown away by force of bad weather. Assuming the facts

with exasperating calm, from the point of view of Bill, Tom had no more than a shrug. He then played a bit with the earring on her lips and said that New Yorkers lost it.

Now even watched him play, with intense concentration, to combat the evil forces of the universe.

"If you want to swim to New York, said no one stops you distracted, as he leaned to one side, as if she could improve the mobility of your ship.

"You can not swim to New York do you? "Bill asked for leisure and curiosity. It had never given it global geography and was not sure that's not impossible.

"No idea," said Tom and furiously typed command. Sounds of gunshots, flashing lights announcing the points earned.

Bill does not attracted to video games, but the disappointment at not being able to travel, plus the general boredom, I was doing I thought it looked fun. He went to his brother like a lost soul, shuffled, and dropped his humanity beside it. His head repBear on Tom's shoulder and rubbed a little cheek against it, expecting to cause tenderness or at least softened. That was her bed room, but at the end of the game, again the only control, belonged to another.

"I want to play.


More gunfire, lights. Bill frowned without leaving your site. Despite his mood, he continued to appreciate how nice it was to feel the heat given off by its twin, especially after having frozen forehead against the window. Suddenly he realized that it was aboutfeeling that time had been too long since the last time they were well, and a sigh escaped his lips.

"I'm bored," he said looking at the screen, moving a little, urging him to do something about it.

-Depart, I snapped the blond decentralize irritated atrásy throwing his arms up to get rid of him. In response Bill

clung to that end, pressing firmly against his chest like a teddy bear. Its gigantic humanized version of what he did Tom with his teddy AFTER & eacute; s seeing a horror film deservedly prohibited by their mother. With the same purpose, in fact, but Bill did not think about that. I did not want to let go and just concentrate on your game. He had already lost too much good humor for the day.

"This game is very boring. Let's do something the two.

was a veiled plea in his voice. An appeal to that together to break free of boredom.


other hand, knew he was getting to annoy Tom, which was stirred again to escape, although he continued playing with his hand. Bill has decidedCerler deaf ears, although not to the point I wanted to get really angry, annoyed but each was better than ignoring each other.

"Come on, Tommy, a card game. I will not tell mom when cheat.

This drew a snort of his brother, which he filled with satisfaction. Assumed that if it were not for Tom chose not to abandon his role as grumpy too soon, it would have been a laugh.

"I am the most honest player you might find.

"Yes, as you say," agreed Bill with a smile. &iQuest, that a yes?

"It's a" just wait until I run out of lives. " Then I will show my honesty

- But if you have 18 lives! Bill protested after having checked on the screen.

As only got another shrug of shoulders, pinched in the forearm, making Tom gasped as he dropped the control. Thus freed from its owner, Bill was released immediately from his brother, took command and quickly sit on the floor watching television, ready to restart the game for him. NoBut barely had extended his arm when he felt a pair of arms around his neck, choking him to take him back. Taking advantage of the element of surprise, Tom took the machine and dropped it snatched away by pressing the pause button.

began to struggle against each other on the carpet in the room, throwing an occasional insult and pulling their hair. In spite of this, they were not making any real damage, it was only Tom revenge for having demonstrated once again his selfishness with him was his beloved brother, and he followed Bill the stream because it was fun. It was almostpantomime routine to keep repeating morality.

Somehow Bill did not know how he found himself sitting on a Tom Horcadas struggling from the floor. He had grabbed her wrists and put on his head, while approaching their faces. Would not have noticed any of this if not for the heat that rose to his face like boiling water. However, also found that he could not move.

Tom had a little ceñoy puckered mouth twisted as if he were too upset to leave a smile emerge freely. However, as the silence continued, And Bill seemed to be no higher priority than spend that look strange, the musician felt inexplicably uncomfortable by the closeness. Soon his hands fell limp, surrendered.

"I wanted to go to New York and I do not fuck shit-Listen to Tom to use profanity, especially if her feelings did not allow a more educated vocabulary, whether anger, be a bitter disappointment. Bill blinked, confused. Was that what you wanted to hear, right? Now get over it.

A note of anxiety in order that puzzled & oacute;. A thousand times they had been in that position, yet only then ... then what? They merely look. Bill felt the movement of the chest inhaling and exhaling between her legs and Tom that the feeling was too familiar to be timely. High school girls, fans ... anyone around him with his legs had to be his brother.

-Bill, I'm serious, get off.

Did I said or thought about it? The blond was not thought able to articulate words and doubted that something had passed her lips, so due & oacute, being a hopeless thought. An attempt to move their lips, but saw that Bill was imitated and closed his, waiting to speak first. But Bill was speechless also noting their movement, and seemed puzzled when no one said a word. Uncomfortable seconds passed.

"Oh, what the hell," sighed the Gothic, and putting my hair back and kissed him.

With something to be surprise or dismay, but not defined, it took only manage to give an incoherent babble while he was receiving breathing & OverhaulI n contained, enclosed fist in his throat. Bill's mouth remained soft on him, stroking his presence, and only a slight pressure was proof that his intention was that, kiss.

Not knowing how to react, Tom responded with the same pressure, more by instinct than by awareness of, and his chin tested yet the cold of his brother under the lip. Released some air content, and although he did not dare to see, he knew that his brother's body was shaking.

waited disgust at that moment, perhaps a logical feeling sick because that is suppose & amp; iacute; to should be nasty, but came no such thing. Instead, he felt surprised that something started to vibrate inside him, something remote and near his stomach, putting nervous. Beginning to believe I could be a flutter, when Bill was separated from a tug, taking a big mouths air, as if any were reminded to breathe.

Tom's eyes opened in surprise, and saw the figure of his brother on him, noticeably shaken, staring into space.

"Well," Bill said after a while, slowly recovering the calm, "that was stupid.

received a stab of pain & amp; oacute; the ego of the blond, but he understood why.

"No doubt.


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