Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Birthday Cakes In Tampa The art of flying

Fandom: Black Apple .

Claim: Fly, Plandex, Reisei.

Table: Weekly.

Day: Thursday.

Summary: Fly
no wood artist. At least not in the art.

The art of flying

Plandex could perfectly imitate an owl by the way he was moving his head to one side, squinting. After a few moments, one hand on the neck pain, turned to his cousin, who was waiting expectantly at his side. Fly looked with ill-concealed anxiety ilusiónyadas. Behind the image Reisei observed in the sling, arms folded across his chest and a serious expression.

"I need more green," he said, earning a curious look from Fly and other Plandex surprised by both its message as by the fact that it seemed to be serious.

"Greener what?" Asked re-examining the painting, trying to see it from different & amp; aacute; angles and understand without getting anything but a brown purple patch on a light blue background. He had thought that to tell his cousin, who had insisted that he visit the Thursday after the kind of painting that had begun two weeks ago but had not wanted to look like a loudmouth if it was one of those things totally divorced from impressionistic reality.

- You think? He asked Fly to Asia, honored to receive a critique art í acoustic. Where?

"You know, something in his hair pointing Reisei said top box, which looked a vomit green on brown patch. Plandex laughed to herself, thinking they would like to have hair like that, to really impress the school. And maybe some more in purple vest Reisei continued, pointing now at the bottom, where two rectangles had their upper endsenough together.

Plandex looked his own vest, a purple representing his good luck charm since I was seven years and was responsible for change to another large over the years, and then a lock of hair that hung near her shoulder, green apple. Finally his hand tanned. Finally, holding back a little nervous laughter and embarrassment, leaned on the shoulder of the red.

- Do you knows what I think, Fly? That singing is your real hard.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

T.m.j. More Condition_symptoms My first video and is an Sirico!

Ya, let's put that face XD
was a happy day when I knew what that program was represented by a videotape. I did it in twenty minutes and all I wanted was a Sirico, so I do not know if it really going to be a sequel. / watch

Small clarification of the securities at the end. Since he came to youtube worm terror any claim he might receive, there are certain songs that can not be allowed and one was the one I used. "Fortunately there was a choice for cAmbien and the left was the one I liked.

Anyway, hope you like it.

PD: Viva el Sirico and heavy metal!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Caribbean Themed Shower Púdrete

Fandom: Animal Essence .

Claim: Python Zar. Arshan.

Table: Te ...

you ...: I hate . Fuck



followed after him away. Anger seeping into each of its steps, but did not touch it immediately. Before they had waited until the camp far enough, then it crashed into a tree, took him by the shoulders.


"I have not played well," said Python derogatory, sticking his amber eyes. Both knew that their ears were almost infallible. Do I hass said I rot and then fled as a vile hass coward?

not as a despicable coward, if not a stupid assumption that he had not wanted trouble. Python had been hearing talk quietly of the cities he had visited, as were some luxurious palaces while others only when compared with the room yours.

I had hated it & amp; eacute; l must work daily to keep your house together and raise money to allow him to hold his father while he was camping. For though he did all that since he was a puppy, since his father had lost his legs, could not even dream of one day talking about the comforts of a prince or not were nothing special.

But Python was not to blame any of it.

"Forget it, okay? Snapped trying to get rid of those hands, as belonged toa young python, and therefore of great strength, not even move. Hissed, starting to get angry. What can I say?

"If an idiot is to insult me, I'd like to know what an idiot why does the prince hissed icily, his eyes shining with anger torn , bringing their faces.

A Arshan usually amused him as Python had no qualms about insulting people for their attitudes in your face, but this time I would have preferred to be quiet.

& nbsp;

- Is not that the reason? Does being an idiot? "Replied ignoring his wounded pride, wanting to leave him alone for a replacement. Let go of a fucking time.

Surprisingly, Python was pleased, leaving the stiff shoulder, and walked away a step, impassive. Looking at the face for a second Arshan absurd given the impression that he was disappointed.


blurted the prince and went d & aacute, giving you the back, while the tiger boy she left behind was his slide down the trunk to lean on the ground.

"I'm an idiot," thought watching her figure lost in the trees, too tired to carry the punch of frustration that he wanted to bring the soil. "And I hate you"

Blue Prints For Wooden Swing Set Plandex

Fandom : Apple Black.

Claim: Plandex (William Foster)

Summary: It was time to leave show who was in truth.


stifled a laugh when he saw the mirror. Fascinated, she turned her head sideways to see that, as the box promises, all his hair had turned green apple.

countless times He touched the damp strands and loose, feeling a burst of emotion & amp; oacute n every time she saw her reflection imitated him in everything, making sure that Ely was not an illusion.

-Plandex ...

Everyone had always seen as a freak. Weird because she laughed at the thought of different things, such as trays flying, only to crash against teachers or was a space ninja warrior century brought fifty to destroy the evil mathematical numbers. Weird because you entertain & iacute, to make clown faces deformed monkey mash lunch.

a weirdo which whispered in the halls and threw the books, taking advantage of his emaciated figure. He was injured so vague, small. Because he liked the monkey clowns and done.

Everyone wanted a phenomenon. Plandex would shrink the phenomenon and showing everyone was so happy, I smile & iacute, to see him in the face with surprise. I would test that did not need to see if they liked the feeling.

No matter what the psychologists say about him at school parent meetings, I had to do with psychological problems gicos. Was that he liked green. And his dark brown bored him. Nothing more.

When his parents came from the party of the company & amp; about girls, Our company where they worked and did not see it. Punished him for two weeks and there were some cries for accountability, but he had expected "less-maso and finally embraced his mother because he was too pleased with himself. His mother is falling apart before his arms and accounted for, still looking shocked the tangled green hair.

"Only one stage had replied nervously at her husband, who still did not know whether to be angry because he was not askedpermit or laughing at the ingenuity of his son.

What the mother did not know was that sometimes, the eccentric is inherited.

the end, the father decided to check your mood with the pillow and drop a "clear" sleepy as they were on Tuesday night and week already had been exhausted.

Intitle''i-catcher Console - Web Motion'' Truth be told

Fandom: Apple Black-original-

Claim: Fly, Reisei, Arnold, Plandex.

Table: Weekly.

Summary: After long thought, Fly decides to reveal a secret to his friends. The results are not exactly what I expected.

Truth be told

Friday. The day of the expected sentence defining everything from how the sun would rise for him in the morning until the color of the world.

& nbsp;

were in his basement, as usual, and everyone had brought their instruments to practice. He was charged with his microphone, which nervously wringing his hands while his friends watched from the couch.

Only after seeing them sitting there said it had something to say. Generally satisfactory, knowing the spotlight, but now I would have preferred to stop and stare reflectors true to his image.

"I'm gay.

Ok, there it was. I had told you and the world had fallen under his feet. She could still breathe and feel your heart work, with unprecedented speed. That was good. Now the answer was missing and could hear faint relief alone for having spoken aloud. Or immerse yourself in misery.

Reisei turned to Arnold. Arnold volte & oacute; to Plandex and Plandex Arnold reached out with a big smile.

-Pay, Arnie-called euphoric and the said blond looked at him as he pulled out his wallet spiteful and separated two tickets so they can deliver. Good boy, "said patting his head, receiving a low growl in response.

The redhead who had dropped the grenade, apparently defective, looked wide-eyeded, surprised.

- I bet on my sexuality? He demanded no idea what tone he spoke, if angry, shocked or simply rid of their loads.

"I do not have the money for that," said Reisei shrug.

Plandex happily saved Arnold tickets in a purple vest pocket cu. The Girlgreen-haired ho gave an enthusiastic slap singer stunned.

-chose the perfect time, my friend. Let me tell you that I am very proud that HAD the guts to get it off your chest.

"You forgot to say" thanks for giving me twenty dollars "replied the blonde upset and turned to red. Thanks for sharing with us, Fly, just before the holidays.



"You're a bad loser," said Arnie Plandex and laughed, a laugh that Fly was very tempted to move on and be echoed by the world, to , trees and fish.

Why the world is not going to laugh? He had said he was gay and his friends thought only of their money, not reject, mock Elo break your band. Plandex touched him without displeasure, Reisei had not seen him in disgust and Arnold glared by nor have waited until after the holidays to come clean, because of his impatience had lost money.

-I love them, you know? Said regardless of sound ridiculous, knowing smile like an idiot, feeling that he loved so much that could kiss.


Arnold and his lips twisted awkwardly, exactly as they would if any heterosexual would have pronounced his words. Plandex laughed harder, Amused by their faces.

"I know," snapped magnanimous gestures dramatically. We are lovely people after all. The girls will die for our bones when we do know. Some of the disappointment, "said sending a wink to the newly admitted, who gave a nervous laugh, happy tears, and collapsed in a chair.

"Looks like my esperanzas you fancy Sara Boulle Reisei were unfounded, "he said, only slightly waiting, eternally distracted.

Fly "Absolutely," she said, rubbing his cheeks.

- Can we go back now to what we compete? Arnold inquired eagerly, lifting his violin case, they did not like to miss the opportunity to practice.

"Sure," responded the redhead, somewhat mollified to find that his big announcement did not mean anything to them. Perhaps it was disappointment. So you always knew it snapped staring alternately.

-Dude, no offense-Plandex leaned against his shoulder, but if we even worry about the possibility of you to play for the other team never would have masters have spoken. I'm not saying you're ugly or anything, but you're the first guy que know that easily falls into the category of cute. Not attractive nor harmless, if not charming, with all your makeup, making a pointed gesture of brown lipstick, eyes carefully delineated and clear in her cheeks flush, which increased to a deeper red vivo while its owner broke loose from his eccentric cousin.

Fly settled a lock of hair and straightened his shirt unnecessarily, clearly offended, judging by the dignity of his movements exaggerated. Plandex looked somewhat embarrassed, becausehad not wanted to bother you, but at the same time I knew that would happen soon. Arnold snorted, and I just wanted to stop this nonsense soon.

"Back to our" ruled the singer, still flushed, and hit his microphone to the computer Reisei, giving back to Plandex.

Despite his discomfort, in his heart again I liked being in the center of all erettes, with Reisei adjusting the keyboard on your usual support, accommodating Plandex tape under Arnold's shoulder and shaking thoroughly pegs violin, as if nothing else in the world interested.

suddenly occurred to him to smile seeing them each, but the gesture was reserved for himself, excited. Black Apple still alive.