Friday, February 13, 2009

Intitle''i-catcher Console - Web Motion'' Truth be told

Fandom: Apple Black-original-

Claim: Fly, Reisei, Arnold, Plandex.

Table: Weekly.

Summary: After long thought, Fly decides to reveal a secret to his friends. The results are not exactly what I expected.

Truth be told

Friday. The day of the expected sentence defining everything from how the sun would rise for him in the morning until the color of the world.

& nbsp;

were in his basement, as usual, and everyone had brought their instruments to practice. He was charged with his microphone, which nervously wringing his hands while his friends watched from the couch.

Only after seeing them sitting there said it had something to say. Generally satisfactory, knowing the spotlight, but now I would have preferred to stop and stare reflectors true to his image.

"I'm gay.

Ok, there it was. I had told you and the world had fallen under his feet. She could still breathe and feel your heart work, with unprecedented speed. That was good. Now the answer was missing and could hear faint relief alone for having spoken aloud. Or immerse yourself in misery.

Reisei turned to Arnold. Arnold volte & oacute; to Plandex and Plandex Arnold reached out with a big smile.

-Pay, Arnie-called euphoric and the said blond looked at him as he pulled out his wallet spiteful and separated two tickets so they can deliver. Good boy, "said patting his head, receiving a low growl in response.

The redhead who had dropped the grenade, apparently defective, looked wide-eyeded, surprised.

- I bet on my sexuality? He demanded no idea what tone he spoke, if angry, shocked or simply rid of their loads.

"I do not have the money for that," said Reisei shrug.

Plandex happily saved Arnold tickets in a purple vest pocket cu. The Girlgreen-haired ho gave an enthusiastic slap singer stunned.

-chose the perfect time, my friend. Let me tell you that I am very proud that HAD the guts to get it off your chest.

"You forgot to say" thanks for giving me twenty dollars "replied the blonde upset and turned to red. Thanks for sharing with us, Fly, just before the holidays.



"You're a bad loser," said Arnie Plandex and laughed, a laugh that Fly was very tempted to move on and be echoed by the world, to , trees and fish.

Why the world is not going to laugh? He had said he was gay and his friends thought only of their money, not reject, mock Elo break your band. Plandex touched him without displeasure, Reisei had not seen him in disgust and Arnold glared by nor have waited until after the holidays to come clean, because of his impatience had lost money.

-I love them, you know? Said regardless of sound ridiculous, knowing smile like an idiot, feeling that he loved so much that could kiss.


Arnold and his lips twisted awkwardly, exactly as they would if any heterosexual would have pronounced his words. Plandex laughed harder, Amused by their faces.

"I know," snapped magnanimous gestures dramatically. We are lovely people after all. The girls will die for our bones when we do know. Some of the disappointment, "said sending a wink to the newly admitted, who gave a nervous laugh, happy tears, and collapsed in a chair.

"Looks like my esperanzas you fancy Sara Boulle Reisei were unfounded, "he said, only slightly waiting, eternally distracted.

Fly "Absolutely," she said, rubbing his cheeks.

- Can we go back now to what we compete? Arnold inquired eagerly, lifting his violin case, they did not like to miss the opportunity to practice.

"Sure," responded the redhead, somewhat mollified to find that his big announcement did not mean anything to them. Perhaps it was disappointment. So you always knew it snapped staring alternately.

-Dude, no offense-Plandex leaned against his shoulder, but if we even worry about the possibility of you to play for the other team never would have masters have spoken. I'm not saying you're ugly or anything, but you're the first guy que know that easily falls into the category of cute. Not attractive nor harmless, if not charming, with all your makeup, making a pointed gesture of brown lipstick, eyes carefully delineated and clear in her cheeks flush, which increased to a deeper red vivo while its owner broke loose from his eccentric cousin.

Fly settled a lock of hair and straightened his shirt unnecessarily, clearly offended, judging by the dignity of his movements exaggerated. Plandex looked somewhat embarrassed, becausehad not wanted to bother you, but at the same time I knew that would happen soon. Arnold snorted, and I just wanted to stop this nonsense soon.

"Back to our" ruled the singer, still flushed, and hit his microphone to the computer Reisei, giving back to Plandex.

Despite his discomfort, in his heart again I liked being in the center of all erettes, with Reisei adjusting the keyboard on your usual support, accommodating Plandex tape under Arnold's shoulder and shaking thoroughly pegs violin, as if nothing else in the world interested.

suddenly occurred to him to smile seeing them each, but the gesture was reserved for himself, excited. Black Apple still alive.


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