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Sayings About Essential Oils LFMB: FAMILY Chapter 70 and Final!

(Getting it there and was starting to put in an environment where it was already dark when he reached the first of their tracks)

L: there Diosito! (Looking for all sides concerned) that if that and it explodes ... people ... I do ??... I do better going to the barman aaahhh ... (coming to the bar) ... disculpeee hear!

BM: tell me !!....

L: This .. is .. this ...

BM: it will be ~ orita?

L: Ooooh ... thanks for all of you ~ orita .. hehehe .... then look ... my wife ... I think I left a message here ...

BM: aaaaaaaahhhh .... sii sii .. you is Ms. Leticia?

L: sii sii same !....

BM: Well, look ....( pulling a paper from his pocket) here he told me to give you this ... but before ...

L: (raising an eyebrow) aja? ... But before that?

BM: he said he has to sing!

L: (with the darling pispireto) I ??.... quee noo noo nooo ...!!

BM: as if!

L: not here .... give me the role!

BM: here jajajaja ta ta here !....

L: graciosito! (She gives back to the bar )...( read) jajajajaja, there Lety, I knew you would not sing, and less if I'm not, it was just a little joke (it stop) ifjijiji true (He read) your track number two is .... where you play or ~ under the stars .....( talking to herself) that it ??..... where you play or low ~ ??..... stars unless a night .... and that's play or you ??.... ~ Fernando !!.... there's no ~ I play?. ... a park ?.... iff it a park ... a park at night ... ok (already out there) that a park at night, and it will make a track in a park at night? ....( already mounted on your car) old days ... a park at night .... because yo.yo.. aaaaaahhh no God .... So the parquesito ....( addressed Lety full speed toward the park)

(While Fer communicated with his mother)

F: hello mother!

DJ: child, as thiss what happened?

F: suegrita what happens is that, as I said this ..

DJ: Fernando, son tell me ...

F: is that I know is hard to care for 4 or ~ os, but

DJ: but what?

F: is that I have a surprise for Lety, did y. ..

DJ: aja? ...

F: and they wanted to know if she could stay with them until ma ~ ana?

DJ: jijijiji, there Fernando you know that I do not mind taking care of my grandchildren !!...

F:? ... Is that you take good care!

DJ: aahhh well of course ... anddo not worry!

F: ah many thanks, really .. hehehehe ... we look for ma ~ ana!

DJ: sii and have a good time hehehe!

F: hehe thanks! (Hang)

(Lety in the park)

L: but now ??... where is he? ... Where ... well while We came to sit on (while searching) here clear look at you (taking a paper) and now they tell Fer (reading the paper) Well if you remember to where we sit, but you know I like to eat a fondue, you think ? ... you know where I can get a lot? (for reading) is not, now what? ... the super where we were the first time? .. hehehe .. that can not think of anything else to this .... jijijijii ... there is no ...and day if I laughed until jijijiji .... alone ...

(While preparing the surprise Fer Lety was in the super ... hahaha ... looking for another track)

L: jijijijiji ... there .... Fer says this role? .. . (Reading) bring me ... eh? ... hahaha no, what else, I can not send Germany (while reading walking to the car) let alone Cuernavaca, huuuuuy ... there if I kill your children! (Lety laughing ).... but, I just want you to know that everything I recordaondo marked the beginning of our love, our follies, complicity ... everything ... amorrrrr heart heart! (and was in his car) .. but .... love heart heart ?....... ..... that was a show ... if the show is Aurora and Inocensio Fer !!!... ... I have to go to the forum which recorded?.... A new concepts? ... But if it's too late ... well .. or I call it because neither answer (So she went back to concepts, there was no one more than Celso which she I had to give explanations and went to the Forum)

L: (looking around) that if that has changed, and spent some time over here ..... I do not understand is why, he told me to come, if we were not even jijijijiji Leticia and Fernando ... I was his girlfriend .... Aldo (looking to all sides) if I hear Fer, ... but anyway ... where this role will be (said while looking across the board) but if you hear this well hidden !!....( looking for a window that had there) aja !!....( picks it up and read) and you are wondering, that it here? ... I'll tell you that kiss between Aurora and InosEncio was what brought me back hopes to return with you, when I kissed you I knew it was you, your kisses are unique (Lety blush) ... I love you every moment, and that day I love you a lot more. My love, you would like to continue giving you hints, but the last is in our place, in the only place here where we are happy to demonstrate our love !....( talking to herself) the little cave! (Way too fast, almost running to get to it) Well here I am .... and this ... is ??...( see two boxes in front of her and open the paper )...( paper and reads) ... my love, here are two boxes, open it, but before, I mean, forgive me for these evil things I did, as I had said I remember everything within our beginning, from before we were married until the day of our wedding .. Per ..or keep reading before you open the boxes. (talking to herself) but no more ..... ?..... well then (opening the first box as square and flat) is this .. a dress? .... but a white dress and that ?..... there (it had fallen a paper) to see what he says (starts reading) Well you saw, your white dress, I want you to wear it today .. . thank God, help me Luigi (lety laughing) but you put it, now opens the other. (talking to herself) is Fernando !!!!!...( opened the box and pulled out another very modern heels pearl white and it looked great with the style of dress which had lower margins in that color) but and because he did all this (another role that had opened there and read it) Lety, you put it, yes? ... finally that only to remember our first together to return to the head honcho principio, well not so early (Lety look ~ ada extra paper) I say, we can not go to the apartment from Omar, because he no longer lives there, second, we have our own house, (every time she opened her eyes more and more) and third best to remember our love in the place where for the first time we were together (and she could not open more eyes), so wear beautiful, although you are, but you get that you buy, and wait for you . I Love You. (Speaking for herself) but ... but ... but .. (looking around) I have to wear it here ?.... I have no other (smiles) jijijijiji !!... .

(dressed in the bath or under is a little makeup and hair, put on her white dress strapless , very elegant, but simple, and the end had embroidery colwhite or pearl and his heels in the same color! DI-VI-NE!. Lety, I get to my hotel, and when I could not help but to be looked at, lol

L: (calling Fer) Well?

F: hello my love!

L: up to answer me!

F: jjajajajaja, if you forgive my life, where are you?

L: mmm ... out there (walking toward the elevator)

F: these annoying?

L: NAAA ... as you think? ...

F: Lety ....

L: no, do not worry I'm fine (I was getting on the floor)

F: but not you tell me where are you?

L: nop! ... Now I play!

F: is that bad you ... tell me ....

L: (changing the subject) sounds very graciosito, you in your tracks, you owe me a half tank of gas!

F: jajajajajajajajaja ta ..... well you'll pay! ...

L: (standing outside the door of the room) but you better!

F: is my love tell me where this ??..... I want to see?

L: Of course!

F: then where are you?

L: Open the door

F: what? CH TMLXC

L: you open the door!

F: you know where I am?

L: Fer, opens the door for you?

F: (smiling) ok ok !....( opens the door and there she was, very beautiful, I look up and down, completita, with much love) but ... but .. but. ..

L: (hanging up the phone) because (shrugged)

F: How did you know that room was?

L: Fernando forget ?.... as you can hang it wise?

F: (realizing that I had the phone in the ear) aahh sii .... hey ... these beautiful .. my life!

L: if you like you're very handsome, my love!... But I can go?

F: aahh insurance but before ...

L: what?

F: my kiss!

L: Aaaahh yeah (gives a quick kiss)

F: perooo, but ... so namas?

L: sip, I can spend?

F: emmm ... yeah ... ok!

(Leticia came in and was surprised by what he saw, was what many candles lit up the room, a table with two chairs and covered dish, and on the bed a white rose)

L: Fer This will stay beautiful .... how beautiful everything!

F: (hugging back) you like? CH ent in front of her) guess it is ....

L: I do not think I have a sneaking suspicion!

F: (removing the tops of the plates) aha!

L: jijijijij ... FONDUE! ... Jijijiji ... mmmm, so good with cheese ... hehehe I knew it!

F: !!!...... clear that if tonight is the good old days!

(started to enjoy your meal with red wine all very nice)

L: Tell me what the "clues"

F: hahaha ... that because you wanted to bet me my love for you

L: aja ...

F: then you send out there to bring me placesmemories!

L: (looks incredola) to super?

F: but if ... we laughed that day ... and had a great time there ... jajajajajaja ...

L: You know, after that day thousands of times we have gone to the same super together?!

F: I was going to say we were going to go next juntitos!

L: Hee hee hee ... no .... but I understand your intention, ahhhhh look without saying that I get to sing on the megatron ...'re crazy!

F: jajajajajajajaja there .... hahaha, I knew I should not you do without me (taking a bit of wine)

L: by supusto clear that if !!... I would do it!

F: and why did not you?

L: aaaahhhh because I was going to extra ~ ar ... jijijiji!

F: aaaah you see you see?

L: jijijij ... we must go one day!

F: safe?

L: of course .. hehehe!

F: Well if you say so!

L: aaahh and playground .... que onda Fer?

F: if true ?..... had no more place, but I had to send Germany ... hahaha ... but there if that kiss never forget me!

L: as "Aurora" and "Inoscencio?

F: jajajajajajaja orale ....ara them are very young, and I do not want my parents can give!

F: Lety there, you know they care for them to perfection, it is but I confess something?

L: what?

F: they are more committed to them than mine!

L: Fernando .... never say that your parents love and adore their grandchildren ... never ever say!

F: ok ok sorry !.... but it's true!

L: Fer ....

F: lol ... ok ....

L, and the babies .... they all?, Fer I see them made for a day!

F: Lety, calm down, your mom know how to deal! me, brings me good memories!

L: hehehe ... yeah ..

(Fer and Lety looked very happy, loving, with a twinkle in his eyes huge. Lety approached his head to his chest, closing her eyes and drifting and Fernando's grasp and stroked the back it.)

L: (looking into his eyes) and know every thing that weakens me ...

F: uuff, I know you more than you think ... ha ha ha!

L: And I love you ... hehehe ....

F: (turning once) to see how that thing? (Gave him a kiss on the cheek)

L: ..... mmmm .... I love to see, you can not vivre without my


TMLXC F: (taking her by the face) if my Lety, only God knows how much I love you!

L: for not only him, everyone knows it!

(Fernando kissed her with all his might and with all your love, enjoying every part of her mouth, the hands down quietly to her neck, kissing her at your convenience, kiss slowly the menton of it, approaching the neck, to her bare shoulders and leaving you so warm kisses. She felt that melted at those soft kisses. Lety, rested his hands on his chest. All of a moment their eyes met and smiled, she unbuttoned each button of a little white jacket that he brought and gave him a kiss with each opening of the buttons, untilshirt that dropped on the floor. She gently caressed and kissed him again and looking for the zipper of her dress for downloads gently callendose so fast to the floor and she laid bare before him. Fernando admired the beauty of his wife, and she approached him without penalty, to kiss him with great desire. Fernando touched every part of her body, slid his hands Lety's chest and kissed him while so she came to the end of the black pants, for so the two become equal. Embrace turned to his kiss Profundis. Fernando, put his hand behind her neck and another in the waist to fit in the bed, leaving the top of her and taking the white rose was there to caress her and pasArce for each body part. Fernando I kiss every part of the face, neck, under the breast, down over and kissed her around the navel, Fernando knows how much his wife wanted, by the sounds she makes. The up to meet her eyes, Lety is incorporated with a bit desperate to kiss him. She caresses him according to his pocicion let him, as much as I could, kissed him, causing reactions. Fernando, I pressed the kiss taking it from behind the neck and the other down slowly, so slowly and make her his love, drowning out the cry of her with that kiss. Coupled slowly with their movements, as they were accustomed, loving, was something I did not want to end up when they felt they reached the cusp of love, returned to its slow pace, deseosos, as was always felt. More than once he loved that night and day until he was almost completely exhausted with so much love.)

(It was about 3 pm when the cell's Fernando awaken the Lety hugged from behind, while she was sleeping)

F: (answering the phone very sleepy) good?

O: Fernando, brother where are you ?.... are you okay?

F: (turns around and looks at Lety, and smiles) yes very good!

O: Where are you?

F: I'll tell you not only tell you that Lety and I will not get to work today ...

O: Wiiii stung! CHT


F: you know I'm so happy that I will not say that word olle best of my mouth !.... but anyway I'm talking ma ~ ana

O: if sister


F: aahh damn it's 3 in the afternoon!

L: (rising) mmm? ... Hello!

F: Hello Love (kisses her) how are you?

L: jijijiji well ... what happened?

F: aahhh is that Omar called me and they are three in the afternoon!

L: (sitting) queeeeeeee ????..... Fer, the or ~ you !!...

F: yes, I know !.... not eat anything because I'm here is I'm dying of hunger! L: If my love !!... !!..... go with your sister and your sister?

F: bring it here, he ran, Lety, is not ~ to do what you want!

L: it is just like you, I can do!

F: I?

L: si tu! Tere

: Daddy .. me down! ...

F: (giving him a big kiss on the cheek) carry on well! Tere

: papaaaa!

F: but tell me if I want!

Juli: I do daddy

F: I also (also giving a big kiss on the cheek)

Tere: if we love you daddy! Mommy and C


L: and I to you (hug) Now go play!

(ASi the twins were Ajuga)

F: and this stung laughs watch it alone!

L: jijijiji sii ... well ... this beautiful! (Cari ~ itos making him the baby that laughed a lot)

Day: mamamamamama .....

F: (excited) ?????..... heard it

L: yeah ... mama said ....

F: sii to see Dianne Pope ?.... .... you say so?

Day: mamamamamamama ....

F: aahh not fair!

Die: papapapapapapa ......

L: if he said !!!....

F: sii jajajajaja .... and Lety are growing very fast, just like this (touching his tummy to Lety)

L: (charged to Diana) sii, but this time if it is one and if and ~ o is another jijiji

F: (Loading Diego) another prince .... yeah ....

L: for if .. jijij

F: (hug) because my love for my family (the kiss)

L: no, thank you for my family, our family!

F: (smiling) My Lety, I love you!

L: I Don Fernando, so divine!

(kiss) +++++++++++++END ++++++++++ +++++++++ ++++++++++++++

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