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Renewing Tags In Columbus, Ohio LFMB: Chapter 69 FAMILY

(3 months had passed since the birth of babies, were already at home, day to day remembering your last experience in Acapulco, the birth of their children. Loes babies were a little older and very cute. Lety would otravez trabajr start after being almost 7 months without work. It was an afternoon when the 6 were in the house, the twins playing in their fourth and Lety and Fer in his room with the babies.)

F: (loading the baby) hear Lety, the no ~ a Peloncito behind, I take the clear eyes!

L: Because if not ... maybe you will change

F: but it is not so Dieguito has a jet hair and dark eyes!

L: (as he put some things) I do not know .... maybe that bag to my mom, and once she has light eyes!

F: if ... orale, my daughter with green eyes! ...

L: (approaching him) yaa ... do not like?

F: for if .. jejejejeje! ... Hopefully not change it (he gave a kiss to the baby)

L: Well I'm going to take to their rooms, because they slept

F: if I want I

L: safe?

F: of course, you still out there organizing the clothes!

L:'s okay ... but it's okay to come help me in the closet!

F: yep!

(Fernando under the two babies to put them in their cribs, and I kept wiping Lety)

L: (picking Fernando jacket falls a little crumpled piece of paper and she reads) Lety, only God knows ... (stops reading) and Fernando makes this role? ...

F: (entering the room) well and slept, you need to do?

L: (I was giving it back) and the dress twin?

F: yes, they are watching a movie!

L: (turning towards) Fernando, were you doing with this paper?

F: what role?

L: this (giving it) I thought it had disappeared,not seen again!

F: this ... then I found out there ... and keep it .... and it brought back memories, good and not so good!

L: Fer is no, not again with the same!

F: because I never want to talk much of our past .... despite all that happened to us, we had very cute and funny moments!

L: it is not ... (shrugs) I feel weird!

F: see (giving his hand to sit in bed) I do not regret anything ... OK ... but that's one thing ... the stupidity we made Omar and me!

L: Fer and I do not talk about it ... I do not like!

F: already atgun when we had to do .... look ... is that what I saw, and at that time that he wrote it in that role, I was much more and more, what I was gross, of the damage or did you and how much I love you! ... that without you my life is nothing, but no sense!

L: Well .. I thought that if I happened to us, but I see our children and not, I feel that I love you more and more .... and so never try to think about it .. .. because I suffered too much! ...

F: forgive me, please ... I never tire of ask forgiveness (almost in tears)

L: no, no Fernando, do not get so ..... looks very long time has passed, Omar is now my friend, and much has changed still as good raw, but that does not reMedia, hehehe, but the rest is totally different ..... and you too!

F: you too are a completely different (they kiss) but I also was thinking about the fun times!

L: If you like them?

(For this they were in bed sitting opposite each other)

F: mmm ... lets see ...? Aaaaahhh ... like forgetting to "Pavel" (putting the same tone voice)

L: jijijiji ... sii the Pilar Zacarias ... we ruin the night at home, and also part of the company! ... jijijiji ... (imitating Pilar) was a woman Pavel jijijijiji !.... very cold that night ... there ... and then the cops !!...

F: jajajajajajajaja ... sii !!!..... and see, to see !!.... another reminder that a good time ....

L: huy remember our trip to Germany?

F: seee you missed ... .... did not sleep all looking for you!

L: (raised an eyebrow) you regret?!

F: no ... no .... it is clear that scared me .... and when i found the soul felt vlvio the body .... I do not know ...

L: .... sorry that I did not want us and I searched ... scared and ran!

F: yeah .... but I do not ever do it again, ever!

L: If there is nothing to be afraid !.... now you're all mine!

F: .. and then your mia sii !!... hahaha ... like when you were very sociable with Derbez!

L: there is already going to start!

F: well of course ... (imitating) "Don Eugenio Eugenio "..."" ... both "Don" or nothing!

L: There Fer, why did you get jealous?

F: (lying) yooooooooooooooooo ?????........ course not !!!...

L: jijijijiji huy .... like ... if not ... if not you let me talk to him!

F: for he grabbed a lot confiancita !....

L: there is already my "Don Fernando" (kisses him)

F: it is is!

L: andaaa !!!!....... but ... changing the subject ... so you had that role ...

F: is that then I remembered I told you all ... this role and these words mean a lot to me .... all the stupid things I did .... your change ... everything .. . my jealousy ... almost killed TOMAS!!

L: as if ... and the poor had nothing to do with us!

F: but well, you knew me jealous with me .... Leticia matabas matabas me ... I swear ...

L: calm and quiet!

F: is that I regret having gotten into the game sucuio in da ~ ar your feelings, make you suffer ... I swear I hate every time I think of that!

L: No, not hate you, Fernando, now, that was long ago, do not regard the good things that life has given us ... a family! ... We are together!

F: (caresses the face of it) is that I am grateful for all that, but never forgive me on I made you suffer!

L: but I also did, you!

F: but ...

L: listen to me, you suffered much, to my confusion, if I may say so, when I was about to marry Aldo, to so ~ e that prevented our wedding ..... but, I filled the , felt much cari ~ oy mostly thanks, that's what I think of love confused gratitude, but he was who finally made me understand how muchI love you!

F: Oh yes, the end, but at the very end !!!.....

L: Yes, but what matters is that we got married, mementos recall the happiest we've spent together, the more bitter moments, they remember them as challenges that gave us life, a stumbling block that the bags and continuous, and look now here, after 4 to ~ you, doing most importantly, enjoy the growth of our 4 children .... wow .. 4 ... certainly not closed the factory more ... ! and that we love! (smiles)

F, aah, that's why I love you my love .... thanks ... really .... you always give me back my peace ... (kisses) and as to what the factory ... yours or shut the mine ?....

L: thethe 2 ... no more babies ... 4 are too Fernando !.... and the situation is not easy ....

F: ok ... as my queen say !!....

L: Yes, and I started taking measures in case ... jijijiji ... so do not worry!

F: ha ha ha, I guess ... you know ... I felt so good to talk to you!

L: and I really !!..... if ...

F: see, it's good to remember .... talk like old times, not bad ... but good lol !!...

L: There were many times because we do not speak of Megatron, the first time we went to Cuernavaca, about the time we got to the recording, which was following us~ now that's it ....

F: jajajajajajajajajajaja ... yeah ..... but it was all your fault this time!

L: I ?.... and why?

F: because if, because you got off the car and followed you

L: jijijijiji .. there Fernando! ...

F: dresses ... jajajajajajaja ...

(On the monitor is to hear a baby crying)

L: Well your son is calling me! ... Still here eh!

F: if my general! ... Hahaha! (It is seeing it)

L: what?

F: nothing!

L: and because I look so?

F: is that every time I'm more in love with you!

L: a jijijij as sii ... ... you ... I also seek leave to bring him or ~ o .. because I have to go here!

F: but if you want I still ...

L: sii, but your in the closet with the clothes I jiji ..! (She looks at her baby and went back into the room) looks, well ... hungry!

F: but if he ate little while ago!

L: sii, but I met him many kisses !...( gave) then you'll have to finish everything on what the finished eating!

F: Well ... then accommodate the closet like you said

L: if (ashe settled to feed your baby)

F: I do with this paper?

L: you want to do with it?

F: is not, it brings back memories, but good and very painful ... and

L: Do not keep it every day .... can you say that I do not personally ... keep, throw it away!

F: are you sure?

L: more than ever, throw, and if I want to say it and you tell me ... do not want you sad memories torment in this house full of or ~ you need are the least sadness ... yes?

F: (kisses her) if my love .. Tere

: (enter cuarto) mama, want to eat !!...

J: (entering the room) mama, want to eat!

L: So when Diego finished I give you?

T & J: nooo ... now

L: wait, let the coma, Fernando help me if?

F: well of course, and they want to eat? Tere

: no you do not, Mommy do!

L, my love, if they will make eating potato .. Juli

: no mom, see you!

(in that the other baby cries)

F; no God !.... I get it! Juli

: mami !!!.....

L: (stands of the bed) going to low! Tere

: sii!

F: (carrying the baby) because she is hungry!

L: all have Fernando, everyone!

F: and sorry, sorry!

L: it is not easy !....( bajoron all) fit

F: (speaking to the baby would not stop mourn) shshshs yaa .. .. to see ... Dianne, do not cry!

L: Sit down! (Carrying the baby)

(Lety, accommodate their daughters, while carrying the or ~ o, Fernando tried to calm the other, while she prepared a bottle the baby and gave it to Fer, and to do other foods.)

F: but ... but as you can?

L: No !.... .. and I will give it the bottle! (Carrying the baby and serve the food at either ~ as) just as well that are eating alone !....

F: for if !!....

L: (sitting at the table) that ma ~ ana good start in Concepts! ... I could not stay another day in the house!

F: or with the babies?

L: Yes, but I get bored while they sleep, if not go home to my parents or your mom is !.... well .. well ... but I need the extra work ~ or my friends!

F: .. is the code is red ... gossip!

L: clear quand no ... .. well if jijijij! ...

F: Hey, these babies are growing larger

L: hehehe ... and this is your miniature ... jijiji

F: no, as you think?

L: yeah, look .. your eyes, your nose ... all of you (you to cuddle the baby)

F: and you Peloncito this .. ..

L: do not tell .. so I do not like!

F: can you do not have hair!

L: Clearly, if it is growing ...!

F: sii, very clear ... Hey Lety, there will not be changed in the hospital?

L: Hijole .. like you ... of course not !!!..... C


F: that I'm having a blonde daughter!

L: for there is, as you like !....

F: ha ha ha ... that chistosita! ... You came not so, nor to me!

L: for grandparents, my mom, your dad! ... Not! ...

F: the white girl ... is beautiful! ...

L: it is not guera .. let you hair grows up, but that if that stays green eyes ..

F: aahh .. jajajajajajaja truth !!...

L: jijijijiji .. there my love!

F: Lety ... I love you much!

L: naa .. not more than me ...!

F: I think if jajajajaja ...

L: the stakes?

F: ... mmm ..........

L: Hello?


F :........ I know ... but I'm not going to say ...

L: as not

F: a surprise !....

L: aiiicchh!


(After a long day, came the day that began at work, Lety and Fer left at 4 or ~ you Lety with potatoes, as had Fer They planned anything, just told her that would go to dinner. They came to Concepts and after thousands of greetings and welcome to Leticia they went to workThe truth was that Fer and Lety had not seen in almost all day and not even discussed)

L: Hey Paula Maria, do not know Fernando?

PM: no friend ... because something happens?

L: no ... and you Sara?

Sar: for the just told me to give you this paper (delivered)

L: thank you, if they call tell them to contact me!

All: if

(Lety went to his office)

L: (reading) You wanted to bet on how great my love for you, so much, yesterday we were remembering old times, for here this your first track, from track to track to reachas to my ....( he paused and said) I can not with ... hehehe ... (followed )..." reading your "...( me crazy talking to myself) and ... no there are more ??.... but that happens ... (looking from behind, on all sides of paper) that I go crazy ?..... think Lety, think !!.... aaaaahhh clear. .. hehehe ... the ... the megatron megatron ??????..... !!!!.... no no no because I do this? ...



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