Friday, February 13, 2009

Caribbean Themed Shower Púdrete

Fandom: Animal Essence .

Claim: Python Zar. Arshan.

Table: Te ...

you ...: I hate . Fuck



followed after him away. Anger seeping into each of its steps, but did not touch it immediately. Before they had waited until the camp far enough, then it crashed into a tree, took him by the shoulders.


"I have not played well," said Python derogatory, sticking his amber eyes. Both knew that their ears were almost infallible. Do I hass said I rot and then fled as a vile hass coward?

not as a despicable coward, if not a stupid assumption that he had not wanted trouble. Python had been hearing talk quietly of the cities he had visited, as were some luxurious palaces while others only when compared with the room yours.

I had hated it & amp; eacute; l must work daily to keep your house together and raise money to allow him to hold his father while he was camping. For though he did all that since he was a puppy, since his father had lost his legs, could not even dream of one day talking about the comforts of a prince or not were nothing special.

But Python was not to blame any of it.

"Forget it, okay? Snapped trying to get rid of those hands, as belonged toa young python, and therefore of great strength, not even move. Hissed, starting to get angry. What can I say?

"If an idiot is to insult me, I'd like to know what an idiot why does the prince hissed icily, his eyes shining with anger torn , bringing their faces.

A Arshan usually amused him as Python had no qualms about insulting people for their attitudes in your face, but this time I would have preferred to be quiet.

& nbsp;

- Is not that the reason? Does being an idiot? "Replied ignoring his wounded pride, wanting to leave him alone for a replacement. Let go of a fucking time.

Surprisingly, Python was pleased, leaving the stiff shoulder, and walked away a step, impassive. Looking at the face for a second Arshan absurd given the impression that he was disappointed.


blurted the prince and went d & aacute, giving you the back, while the tiger boy she left behind was his slide down the trunk to lean on the ground.

"I'm an idiot," thought watching her figure lost in the trees, too tired to carry the punch of frustration that he wanted to bring the soil. "And I hate you"


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