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Apteka Centrum Krzeszowice Storm and skin. Bible Slash

Fandom: Bible.

Characters: Judas / Jesus.

Raiting: ATP.

Storm was a bad day to decide to go fishing. The storm raged over their heads, soaking every hair on their heads and each piece of skin, shaking the water furiously. All five aboard the boat apostles were trying to cling to the edges, but all predicted that soon would end up turning around. Judas felt with growing horror how insisted his fingers slide down the wooden surface.

- Master! Pedro suddenly yelled, raising his voice by dint of sheerdespair. Simony

Judas, being the nearest, were the only ones who could hear over the din of crashing waves and turned their eyes toward the same point as his companion. Through rain, they saw three men on the bank beyond a figure, unmoved by the excitement of nature as being part of it. Jesus observed them standing on solid ground, and yet, Judas believed distinguish a shadow of sadness on his face. Did not understand. Why not help them? Had raised the dead and healed lepers. Why not be moveda?

- Master, help us! "Simon cried out, making the chorus to the words of Peter.

- Master! Judas

he was unable to cry with them. Partly in amazement, and in part because panic was picking on the beating of his heart, almost deafening everything around him. And although there had been, perhaps neither would have company. Jesus knew that they were in danger, and despite pleas did nothing about it.

- Save us, Master! , Is uni & amp; oacute; Felipe, clutching at the other end of the boat. Beside

Juan was petrified and big brown eyes showed signs of horror. "Do something," he thought Judas watching young legs were shaking uncontrollably. When their eyes were connected through the chaos, he realized that the boy was crying. He also had realized that yelling would not work.

Feeling sorry for the youngest member, Judas turned to look back to Jesus. If you were to die at that time, preferred more pleasant that vision. Although the work wasition. However, something happened.

As I struggled against the constant wobbles, his own fear and stand water, he felt sure that Jesus looked at him in turn. But not with grief, if not to smile as wise and curious. He had seen that smile and sometimes even after being handed one of his famous parables. "You got it, Judas?" He said without words.

And Judas understood. Well he understood.

"Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name ..." he began to recite, becoming mute tothe rest of the world. The cold lips were almost numb, but continued to pray while the smile from his teacher was increasing. Amen.

The rain stopped in the act. The waters subsided as a tablecloth that is displayed on the table and the clouds started to become less dark. Behind him, Judas heard the body of John collapsing on the floor, panting.

"Thank heaven," sighed Philip clapping a hand to his chest.

- What happened? Asked Simon.

- Master! -exclaimed Peter and the others soon discovered why he did it.

All, except John, were in complete amazement his master walking unhurriedly towards them. Bare foot prints left in its wake waves but they seemed to walk on a dirt road. When he was close enough, just stopped. The damp hair black and curled, clung to his forehead and his hands remained clasped in front in a patient solemnity. He ignored the wonder that woke the others and no one dared to press for them to climb. It was clearly not made any failure.

- Por do I have spoken like a man? Asked Jesus. To hear, John looked up from the floor and appeared to be twice as large to realize from where he spoke. Will not you answer?

"Master Pedro said with trembling lips," I do not understand what you mean.

"They asked for my help to any man cries, 'said Jesus. Why have forgotten what I taught them to speak when I want my father to listen? Have I not taught anything that a & Eacute, l should look?

The disciples did not know how to respond. Judas could see the guilt on their faces, as well as something he was very familiar: wounded pride. They were the apostles of the Son of Man, the most enlightened men, and a test had failed miserably. None

wanted to open his mouth or even to ask why he had saved. Later would come to the conclusion that his teacher would not have allowed. Never knew that, if not because one of them recalled the prayer, all would have perished. ---

sometimes not received at home. Sometimes a village refused to give accommodation to the lot of crazy people who claimed to perform miracles for the Lord of heaven. And when that happened, a bunch of crazy that they had no choice but to camp outdoors. Some slept on old clothing and another in an already overcrowded tent. They lit fires with sticks and branches, and cooked the fish caught in them.

The aroma given off by the fruits of your company entranced the senses of the five apostles, who had gone through such a bad experience, sat by the firewaiting, bathed in the light of a sunset near thankful to be on land.

In the midst of such quiet, Judas felt touched his shoulder and recognized the person in the act. The hand he perceived was a thin, rough and warm. Without words, Judas was resigned to leaving the delicious aroma in pursuit of his master. Others gave no more than a fleeting glance. For them it had become normal that Jesus decided to have a private chat with any of his companions.

So when Peter saw lost behind a big rock by the sea, he assaultsited the memory of what happened and was relieved because it had happened.

Jesus walked on to sit on a log left across from the big rock. Judas, imagining that came when a new sermon, followed suit on the ground. Yet Jesus shook his head while smiling.

"I love beside me, Judas.

This surprised a bit to the disciple but obeyed without replying. However, the closeness of Jesus did manage to embarrass him inside. They had not been well since the kiss in the middle of Achaeacall terrible fever that had attacked two weeks ago.

Much of the reason was due to the mad desire that was born the morning after, and volvíaa reclaim his place in his mind furiously. Shameful desire to feel again the warm essence when their lips met. Not because they meant salvation, but because it meant body, life and weight of a man. A man who loved him. Like everyone, even his enemies.

"I'm glad that you will look, Judas," Jesus said, absently watching the sun into the world farewell. In all only you entendistand that as a man I can only do what the men.

waters barely moved by a gentle breeze, quiet brushed the edges of the trunk while they were tinged with orange in the sky. Without words, without words, they both observed. Judas watched him and was happy. When the scenario of clouds started to turn a dark purple and the sun had disappeared over the horizon, Jesus got up and stood on the edge of the sea. The miracle of walking on it was over and everything from the ankles down out of sight of Judas.

"You should try & mdash; Suggested Jesus without turning around, spreading his arms as if to receive the calm around inside.

Judas looked at a distant point, beyond which their companions were Ely, and thought that from that position Jesus had expressed his sadness. Hence, the agonizing wait for someone to remember who had brought it and who acted, rather than focusing on the man who saw them.

"If I had known as a being of flesh and blood," he reasoned Judas, "had died." Thus, determin & amp; oacute;, maybe you should stop considering it as such.

- Would not you like? Very well, "said Jesus quietly and crouched down.

It seemed he was going to pick up a stone, perhaps an example of a parable that wanted to teach, and waited deep in the night progressed, embittered by his discovery. Yet he had to forget that when a jet of cold water given in his face.

"I thought you needed to refresh.

Jesus spoke with a laugh. And hear him was like listening to a child free of evil funse. A child who made clay birds to keep them alive because they had friends to play with and walk on water. All the apostles knew it, recognized the change that occurred, and bewildered. Judas

almost indignant, but finally surrendered to the infectious laugh. Just a little. He ran his hands making a bowl and plunged into the water. "You light

thirsty," said, throwing his time. Forgetting

was skimming the thirty men who were student and teacher, continue to pervaderecovery from a substance each other and laughing, while the moon shone bright pearl and waved around their movements. At some point Jesus could not stop well in wet sand and he sat down accordingly, producing a large splash.

"Well," he simply said and laughed.

Judas was amazed. I could not believe that Jesus had just tripped and then laugh at himself. I had seen it once when entreteníaa children, but it was fun it was for them and not because it was possible to lose balance.

"You win," admitted Jesus raising his hands by way of surrender, leaving even more disturbed by another man.

He, Judas, was up? Does he? It felt like a nightmare and asked when she had entered. He could not have beaten the Son of Man and he could not have lost. Suddenly he realized he was soaked, it was fríoy shivered. Jesus
's smile faded. A sincere concern took its placesr, making it more serious, and not a child.

- Why the anguish? Judas

wondered if what I felt was anguish.

-not supposed to lose.

- Why?

A simple question, that almost naive. The answer, on the other hand, was perceived as too complex. If he said that his teacher should not lose against any innocent man in a game, can not be the same to deny their humanity? And if he accepted that he could stumble and laugh about it, where did the divinityd?

I do not know "That was the only answer he could think of.

Jesus, his face paled by the moon smiled with affection and raised his hand in his direction. Now I was asking for help to get out. Judas comforted his mind thinking that maybe it was true that nobody on earth was able to understand. He grabbed the rough end had given sight to the blind, the legs of paraplegics, the apoptosis health ... and it pulled him down. Surprised, Judas barely managed to avoid colliding contra his master in his fall. He was kneeling before him, his legs sunk into the water. Jesus smiled in a good mood before his bewildered expression.

"Not everything I do is what would" said the teacher gently, leaving posing a hand on his cheek. That is what freedom of humans.

looked sad as he said, while decíay caressed him in the face, comforting him.

"You're not free, Jesus and Judas thought that he grieved more than I expected. Andhe realized that being considered the leader of a bunch of crazy people and be banished was not something Jesus would have chosen, but by which he was born. Never felt such pity for any man. Unlike either, Jesus simply had no choice. "Sorry"

"All men are free Jesus's voice became a whisper and the comfort of your contact away, along with the warmth and body of its owner. Besides

flesh and humanity. All so disconcertingly human and divine that his absence left coldand night. Judas preferred the sun.

not everything Jesus did was what was supposed to, because he was also human. Could laugh out loud, get angry like everyone else and complain. But by the way her posture stiffened Judas was not expected to be brought forward to look for life on his lips. No leaned back while the arms of Judas around the shoulders, and gradually relaxed as he approached. Kissing, touching, looking for more meat. Finding the human.


The clay bird is not mine. No recuerdo if it was the Gospel of Philip or Thomas, but in one of these was mentioned that Jesus did for fun as a child. On the other hand, the adult Jesus behaving like a child I took it out of the Gospel of Judas. And I suppose that I have to explain it to walk on water.
I can only say ... opinions?


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