Friday, August 7, 2009

Where To Catch A Pikachu In Silver

5 X 1 0 ~

Arashi's new song is very nice no?

In particular the letter says a lot about what they feel and are sientendo 5 after 10 years experienced as a group * or *

x that does not hold me and translated it into English &; About girls; ol this beautiful letter *-*

5X10! is love \u0026lt;3

Many years since we met, that was by accident. Even mourn.
When we realize, it's been 10 years now. A balloon flies into the sky. We
, 5 small stock in the pot. We will continue laughing,
This place is definitely where dreams come trueand harmony of our instrument innocent game got to see different worlds.
Now we found that we had become. Mourn

real, authentic smile, real concerns, real live
Now you're here, so we can be proud
(... It is simply untrue to find ways to put some of our love into words .)

does not matter if there are no shortcuts to go the way they really believe it
If you cry, we will meet again. As usual, send us a way to know, yes
forever Wishing that future for you, yes, we go further, jump meyond Montanay relocate the color of our colors.

I wonder if you're watching the same sky that I look alone
I will just sing, back to heaven with all my strength really

Mourn, authentic smile, real concerns, real live
Now you are here, so we can be proud
(... is simply untrue to find a way to put some of our love into words.)

If our conversations do not go away,
I promise that this love will last and more than 100 years
so that the smiles bloom is always always
my heart, that's what I try to convey
Thank you, even now,

We are here standing, able to shine, as it is here ...

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English translation by: xD Meeeee


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