Sunday, August 23, 2009

Used Canoes In Fredericton ^-------------------------------^

Well ... as I was bored I started to do a Meme has *-*

dramas and change my layout .. ahhh idleness makes me do things pretty *-*

Doramera .. If you have to do this Meme

NOTE: You only have to put the name of Dorama if you do see All finished! Drama

with A: A Love to Kill

Drama with B: Boys Over Flowers

Drama with C: Code Blue

with D: Door to Door C

with E
Drama: Stairway to Heaven

with F
Drama: Full House

with G
Drama: Goong

Drama with H: Hanakimi (Japanese and Taiwanese *-*)

with I
Drama: It Started with Kiss


with J - K

Drama with: Kurosagi

Drama with L:Last Friends

with M
Drama: My boss, my hero

with N
Drama: Nobuta wo produce

Drama with O: -

Drama with P: ppoi

with Q
Drama - Drama

with R: Romantic Princess

Drama with S: Stand up

Drama with T: Together

Drama with U- Drama with V

- Drama

with W: Witch Yoo hee

with X
Drama - Drama

with Y: Yamada Taro Monogatari

Z Drama -


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