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Name Change Pokemon Gold A failed plan

Summary: The plan was simple. Get, steal and return with the others. But Michael should have known that something would go wrong, terribly wrong.

Fandom: original

Warning: slash / yaoi.

A failed plan

The plan was not complicated. Michael could not even take refuge in the argument that if it had been because, in reality, the entire responsibility of failure his little preparacióny pertenecíaa not having seen the dog's tail once entered in the kitchen, after forcing the doorwire. Of little use to be aware that no one warned him about any animal.
And if the squeal was not sadistic enough to the fates that had always accompanied, and partly what led to that time, found their bliss in a broom to tear down after burst into arrears , s, making the glass vase on the table procreate thousands of tiny crystals that have spread across the floor. The animal fled in terror through the revolving door to a room lit by an orange glow. Miguel was half willing to follow suit when the kitchen light went on and felt ahand closed around his lanky arm. Fucked, was fucked.
"Please do not shoot me.
What I was told was that there lived a retired police officer, a widower and highly paranoid, to the point that he slept with a loaded gun beside his bedside. Although no one was sure of this, Paul had not ceased to point it out between his teeth, the fucking bastard. For a moment he saw himself, with his brown hair made a perpetual mess, his yellow shirt, dirty and broken on one side, faded jeans and gray sneakers with use. He hadsocks. Damn, their brains were to sprawl on the floor among shards of glass and even socks would have hoped to achieve after that night.
"I will not shoot you," replied a voice unexpectedly young, distraught. How old are you? "15, 14?
Miguel turned, tried to free his arm and did not. The young man between 25 and 26 years did not look in anger, if not incredulous surprise and strong hand felt like a steel. Miguel does not like meeting people stronger than him, which was almost everyone I knew, since it was almost bone.
- Do not kill me? Because I warn all my friends are waiting and if I remain with them the policíay will denounce you.
only half of what he said was true. His friends were expecting him to take some booty that first robbery, but doubted that anyone outside the police if they disappear. Most had had their encounters with the authorities for different things and would not want to approach them for the world. Do not blame her. He would not in their shoes. For those words had a note too sharp.
flash & a Manmp; oacute;. Did more than that and was sure that Miguel did not believe anything.
"Please, let me go.
"That I will not kill for God. Writhe Will you stop? , Asked when the boy tried again to get loose. He obeyed with fear in his eyes. I can not get an idea but can you know what you intended breaking into the house of my uncle?
No one had mentioned anything about a nephew also. Awareness of how he had ignored the mess that could have been saved if others were not so bastards with their tests of initiation, he was taken to tightenr fists. After sighed, defeated. What worth getting angry? What starts out bad, bad is. Unpaid bills, the escape of his father, his mother's alcoholism, was not proof?
-pretended to steal, "said looking down. That's where a boy just less than two years ago was home and bed, explaining about a crime that had not even wanted to participate. They told me. It was assumed that there would be nobody.
- Do they? "Said his captor, on alert. You say that they can enter at any time to continue the theft?
"No, no-neg & Overhaulyou, Miguel, secretly thinking that hopefully it did. I had to do it alone. Only then would let me ...
was going to say "work with them in the streets" but admit it-combined with the fact that I needed, that was all I could do for his mother and for him it seemed to be too open and chose to close the mouth.
"I see" said the man, and his seemed to have been allayed. At least I did not squeeze both the arm. To see if it was worth.
spoke as if they were a single lot of teenagers used to challenge each other to do crazy things for laughterand group acceptance. No one, Peter included, have more than 18 years, so I was not so wrong. Nodding nodded.
- Will you ...? "Said his throat but closed like a fist. Gathering courage, he tried again. Are you going to call the police?
The guy just stared at him, thoughtful and curious. Miguel bore no hope while passing minutes seemed insatiable, until at last the stranger replied: "I doubt
needed. Miguel
felt no enthusiasm, however, gave him a cautious lookapprehension. It was not hard to see the message printed on it. "I do not like jokes."
This does not seem to matter to the next.
- Are you home?
The boy thought of the apartment where he and his mother had been living in recent months. Where windows could not open, the paint fell from the roof of BATHING whose rooms, all together, it would fit perfectly in the living room and kitchen of the house. They had cut the phone line for weeks. "No," replied
- What family?
His mother at that time would stretchon the sofa, lost drunk.
"Okay," the man said, frowning. Miguel did not know whether it was grief, sympathy or understanding reflecting the face, but it was nice, the sort of thing that outlines the good guys. Well, this is not my home, so I can not let you bring something to please your friends. And tore the vase, too, "He stared at the broken glass shining on the floor and back Miguel was in suspense, not knowing what to expect. Finally, to his surprise, he was released. How about something to eat? -Offered with a smile.
Miguel looked at him, confused. Opened and closed his eyes and even so he was sure she had not imagined. He turned away suspiciously.
"Listen, if you call the police, do it once demanded. Cut to the chase, and preferred things. Not bear the thought Oiro not wait for the sound of an approaching patrol.
"I told you I will not do it," repeated the man with patience. Just do not want to let you go to steal something else because what you guys said about "A moment of silence. Seemed to hesitate. If you're not home, you can stay here for today.
"Yeah," saidMiguel or ironic. I was just kidding, definitely. It was too good to be true.
The man sighed softly, barely opening his lips.
"I'm telling the truth. I'll explain to my uncle later. Miguel
pursed his lips thoughtfully. In recent months he had known all the tricks possible to stimulate pity or compassion. An eye patch, a rented baby, wearing battered by scissors. But now believed to be against a master of deceit. Just waiting for your answer without even rush, looking up and down on an assessment thatwas unsure how to interpret. Perhaps they felt sorry for him because of his unkempt appearance and that was his way of showing it. Maybe it was one of those people who gave more than 50 cents to beggars with which he passed. Because it looked like to be, no doubt.
- What do you want me to do? He asked. Deliver more than 50 cents was one thing, host a child who tried to rob the house of your uncle's old self was hard to believe, more if there were no conditions involved.
The man smiled. He calmed down a little. Now that I noticed, have & amp; iacute; to a beautiful smile. Actors like the commercials that are put deodorant and have a legion of chasing girls. At this point in his life, Miguel already had made their tastes. He liked the people beautiful, radiant, who seemed able to live solely on television, movies and commercials who thronged the streets. Sometimes I saw people for the street but never gathered the courage to approach them. Only looking to spend, with her hair floating bright light if you had long, broad shoulders if they had, your head up always, indifferent to the world.
-Help me clean up this mess would be fine, "said Ely this time Michael also raised a bit at the corners of her mouth. My name is Denis.
He extended his hand. Shook it, marveling at how strong and big it seemed compared to his. And warm, comfortable.
Paul and the others could go to hell, at least for that night.
After throwing away the pieces of vase to the trash, Denis again asked if I wanted something to eat and Miguel shook his head. The truth is that if I was hungry, because all he had eatenin the day had been reduced to a loaf of bread, but it was hard to take that confidence and ask as a beggar would have been strange, out of place. Denis then told him to follow him upstairs. Miguel was on his trail, admiring the paintings that adorned the walls in your way. Some were simple family photos, which appeared the figure of a stern-faced old man, built like a bear, and other relatives should be older because they were in black and white styles were outdated. Began to feel like an intruder, knowing that in fact had no right to be there, but an image in the cABEZ of the stairs he was forced to stop.
- Is it you? He asked pointing to the frame.
There was a young man with the hat and bonnet edge generating a shadow on his face, wearing a black robe and lifted into the air a roll of paper as if it were a trophy. Wore the biggest smile in the world. Beside the familiar old, not so bitter, smiling proudly. Other people appearing in the picture but only cared about that just graduated.
"Yes," replied Denis retracing his steps. I was so close that Michael believed smell their deodorant. From the time I graduated managemenng business, "he laughed. For what I served. Still work at the shop of my father. Ven. Miguel
student glanced at the happy, ecstatic, and then continued to Denis down the hall. Came to a door in white like all the others. Denis opened into total darkness and stretched to find anything on the inner wall. When found, he heard a slight click, and a pure light filled the room like a big hug. It was not especially large, nor pretty, and was just decorated with beige curtains hanging from the window, but Michael seemed to breathe an air more home & ntilde, or that her true home.
-The bathroom is over there, "said Denis pointing to another white door across the hall. And now I sleep there, "pointed the finger to the right next door which had just opened. If you need anything during the night
"Thanks," said Michel, somewhat awkwardly. Maybe a bit sharp but I could not help it. Much consideration as overwhelmed.
"Nothing," said Denis and gave him that look again unknown, fixed, that there was no compassion or pity. Michael held it for endless seconds, puzzling, until Denis came to himself, smiled again, and inwalked to the stairs. I'll be reading a little further down. Feel comfortable and we'll see what to do in the morning.
"Okay," said Michael watching from a slight feeling of discomfort.
The dark room was nothing sinister. Michael had thought so, that would scare you see so many new ways as I was lying in a totally new, but it was not. A fan of rapidly spinning white horns on the roof, generating a pleasant cold thick blankets on the kind of beige color. All there was a beige or white, neutral para any visitor could arrive. I could not sleep. Countless times
was removed, considering that was the problem of the position. He ended as he was, his feet on the pillow and his head almost hanging over the edge. I enjoyed the air released to him without his shirt torn, arms outstretched. The night gave the room a dark blue dye. The perfect setting for a sleep as calm as it did not take long, and there he was, his eyes open. What were they doing Paul and the others? Would they have disappeared from the corner where you should wait after he failed to assimilate? Would you believehead was opened by a bullet or shot on the way to the police station? He laughed imagining their faces, ran his hands over his face smiling and happy stretching. He still felt a bit like a dream. He had the idea that if he fell asleep wake elsewhere, in another trash can, and tomorrow should face the terrible nerves to enter someone's home while knowing that the owner was not.
And hungry. What already had become a daily habit, the eternal empty stomach, it was becoming a real nuisance having heard this simple offering"Do you want something to eat?" Maybe there came a time when you forgot hunger, simply, and volvíaa remember there was a possibility as to placate it. Or not be more thrilled for the money these guys you could see was when a passer normal? Once alone, could pass for normal kids. Ignoring poverty of his dress, the dirt of their bodies and too adult greed shining in each of his gestures. The truth, from the beginning these guys gave some fear. They seemed willing to do anything for money, not merely survive, as was the case. He let out a sigh
agon &; Iacute; a. Why, why the hell refused to accept the food? Now the thought left him no peace for a moment. If that was not enough, he protested guts. "Fuck" was said and left the room without bothering to find the shirt. The house was completely silent, and yet did not seem to be empty. It was just that there could not hear the complaints of drivers fighting risers or dysfunctional couples. There was no possibility of achieving peace. Down the stairs two at a time and was surprised to discover that the kitchen light was already lit. He leanedor. Denis was preparing a sandwich with slices of cheese and now jamóny spreading a thin covering of mayonnaise on the bread. Miguel moved after a moment's hesitation. The other just stared at him, eyebrows arching slightly, apparently not very surprised to see it.
- Could not you sleep? He asked.
"No," was tightened his lips, passed his hand over the other in nervous gesture.
- Do you want to do one to you too? "Asked Denis, resulting in the nail.
Michael had been so long without hearing kind words, without seeing a sandwich with slices of Jamo; Ny cheese in three dimensions, that their desire led him to exclaim almost in despair before he could contain himself:
- Yes, please!
ate, each sitting on the benches around the marble coffee table, while the quiet "tic tac" wall clock announced that passed midnight. Miguel soon ended what had been given and without even asking and Denis was making more. The boy ate with gusto, driving through a bubbler having a mouth full, and drank a glass of water was reached. And he kept eating. Of time, however, noted the direct gaze on élym Denishile it again spreading the mayonnaise with a knife, a voice whispered in his mind an idea. More than an idea, an impression.
- Why are you so nice? He asked bluntly.
not think she was being an ungrateful. Teníaa right to know after all.
- Do you tell the truth? Denis said collecting plates. He led the sink and ceramic tinkled clashing with each other. He was dressed in a shirt out of jeans. It had been rolled up to his shoulders and open up the chest, which gave it more an air of relaxation & amp; oacute n own a deodorant commercial. Was there a legion of girls waiting for? It was hot, of course, but suddenly the idea of the girls was upset. You gave me grief.
- Nothing else? "Inquired Michael vaguely disappointed.
"Well, put yourself in my place. See a guy in your kitchen, without parents, homeless, willing to steal to please others and offers a sorry. What would you do?
"I call the police, of course," he replied without hesitation. If anyone else had a kitchen that I should enter it without permission. Wanted
silent, not having given the idea. However, aunthat had not intended to be funny, Denis laughed. His laughter sounded clean, like your clothes, your hair and face as an actor. As the kitchen, the house. Denis looked good in that house. He did not, for sure. Not after receiving coins outside the church, next to a beggar woman who did not even know his name.
"At least you know that getting calm," said Denis. But I would feel horrible for letting you go like that. Miguel
not. Have felt that invaded their property and that such a crime could not go unpunished. But he was not Denis and Denis was him. Denis was better than him even in the moral sense. The poor are ricos? Crap. The rich were rich and could afford to act calmly, without seeming always hungry and eager, accommodating his golden blond hair behind an ear opaque white and perfect. They were sons of bitches was born. Miserables had poor and rich. That ear was pierced.
"Great. I had not seen, "he said watching her, leaning more than it should be polite. A Denis did not seem to care. It was a simple circular ring, perhaps silver, and a smaller one there where the ear began to expand. He was perfect. Does it hurt much? Make one, I say.
"Not if you hacand well, "said Denis unconsciously touching the rim. He threw a little less without showing any signs of discomfort. A few years ago a friend tried to do using an ice cube and a square.
"What the hell," said impressed. He must have suffered, for sure.
"Sure. They threatened the hospital with which he amputated his ear. Denis
's smile was a free fun. Now it was Michael who laughed. When he stopped, looked thoughtful a moment and turned to approach Denis. It came so close that their lips together and he eventually tried to encourage others to move implementing scarce cNOWLEDGE about it, all taken from the Tele the odd comment. It seemed useless. Received no response.
turned away. Maybe he was shy or a decent individual, those who do not kiss on the first date. Now what was beyond doubt is the red and that Denis had been stiff. Miguel looked at him anxiously, hoping that replenished soon to kiss him again. She liked it. Finally, Denis coughed on his hand and took another step. She avoided his gaze.
"Sorry," he said without seeing it. I should have given a wrong impression but I did not realize. I'm not gay.
"But your ear ... est & amp; aacute; perforated. Denis
touched the rim again, frowning in irritation.
"May I have your ear pierced does not mean to be gay.
- Sure?
"Sure. That's just a cheap stereotype.
"Ah, let out Miguel, crushed by the weight of his argument.
"To have said before, he thought. And for the first time since his father abandoned his mother turned to alcohol and had to beg, he felt he was blushing.


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