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F: Lety happens ... because you talk like this to be ~ ??..... you or who is it?

L: Fernando is .. is!

F: Who?

L: Rodrigo!

(By the way, Rodrigo had not articulated word, seeing it was very involved, there looked very cute with everything and pregnancy, was ready for anything!)

F: (can not remember) Rodrigo ? ...

R: sii .... and you are?

F: Fernando Mendiola!

R: aaahhh with you is the husband of Lety?

F: (looks incredulous) yeah .. that's me?

CHTMdazed and with blood on his mouth) you're an animal Lety !!... as you can be with the ??...... I'm not so ....

F: But you hear it?? (Pushing it) are stupid ??..... respects to my wife (giving other pu ~ or stomach) ok?

R: (not take any more and draw strength and gave him a pu ~ orin face Fer)

L: Nooooooo !!!... yaaa ... stop! .. Yaaa .. . (Fer by holding a shoulder) and Fernando, calm down .. please! (beginning to mourn scared) yaa!

A: (turning to Lety's arm) please listen to me ..... I need to talk to you .... really!

L: Let me go and get out of here!

F: (very annoying) looks animaalll (movesLety and he rushes over again) I told you to leave her alone ... and my family!

R: (pushes) not !!... to me if it interests me .... and makes the impossible!

F: (Fer more and could not hit him with all his might) damn bastard!

L: Fer .. I'll kill yourself and calm down .. and !!....!

F: Lety .. stay away !!.... Salete jump!

L: (very scared) Fernando .. yaaa ... calm down ... please ....( takes the phone and communicates with Thomas for help)

(Outside of the office)

PM: but hear the shouting ...

Mar: yes, I enter that t. Take away a Fernando ... (feels bad and dule the womb) is Haay .. .. .. Fernando Fer!

F: that happens?

L: my baby .. my baby !!... hurts!

F: but ??...

L: I do not know ... Fernando! .. It hurts! (Lety therefore courage, effort and felt very badly frightened, and as she felt the pressure he was down, felt very dizzy)

F: my life ... .. are you okay .. Lety Lety (fainted in the arms of the)

O: take down ... Take it to the hospital ...!!

T: And we do this?

O: to the need to take this very badly!

F: do what they please (Lety load) I'll take my wife!

(Fer office went very fast, without giving anyone explicacionens and went to the hospital)

O: let's take!

T: if

(while Thomas and Omar Rodrigo carried to the hospital, the guy was really really bad!)

(The doctor took Lety, and at that time called Fer his in-laws)

DJ: Fernando happened?

F: (very scared) is that Lety fainted .. .. I said it hurt his stomach ... and demomento was very pale, and sweating and fainting ..!

DE: But, psa somewhat!

F: sii ... but it gave me a lot of courage!

(At that leaves Dr. Mauricio friend ellso)

F: Mauricio ... tell me how is she?

M: is stable, and its pressure back to normal .... she spent courage?

F: I think yeah .. my fault ... but more than courage .. scary!

M: Fernando, she lost blood, you know ... her pregnancy was a bit riesgozo!

DJ: There Alone!

M: The pressure on him and when I come here I went up too fast ... thank God the baby is very good .. but she must keep her under observation can not happen ..bad times ..

DE: we see it?

M: You can enter one at a time ... but is asleep!

F: you go first, I'm staying here!

M: that baby, was saved by a miracle .. please do not pass her tantrums, no trouble ... well who goes first?

DJ: I'm going! (So I go do ~ Juliet and spent some time with her and then Erasmus, spent a while with her)

DE: Go now, son!

F: if ... this look is too late .. and the twins are with them as Omar ... I wanted to ask a favor!

DE: dinos!

F: you know whereand Omar live?

DJ: Yeah!

F: You can search the house for him .. is that really, it's already 7pm and they will be more comfortable with you!

DE: sii, do not worry .... we call it and tell him that way .... please .. anything call us!

F: if father!

(Fer was fired and called Omar, then enter the room)

F: my love ... look at you ... (said the whispering and she slept almost) there do not want to see well. .. all my fault !!.... all (stroking the belly of his wife) if something does happen ... I'm dying ... and (begin to mourn) is Lety, look at me, wake up .. . !!.... please tell me something she had in !....(estencion a belly, reaching to a machine that currently monitoring the baby) is not .. no ... (gives a kiss) Get up! (sits in the chair next elbows on her bed and are taking hands to his face)

L: (stands up slowly) where I am ?..... I spend? .. (looking to the side and go and Fer) Fernando?

F: (rising fast) .. my love !!... Lety Lety Lety .. my ... (gives a kiss on the forehead) are you okay .. how you feel?

L: very dizzy ... that happened to me ?....

F: is that office told me that you felt really bad .... and then you got very pale and I fainted me ....!

L: .. sii ... Fernando Fer ... theseright? .. what happened to Rodrigo

F: this moron is here in the hospital!

L: so bad you left?

F: yeah ... but you're so important!

L: I told you to calm down, I look at your tummy ....( escuchste and see what they had) and this and this?

F: is to help monitor the baby .. she is good .... is that bled my life ... almost lost the no ~ to!

L: (very upset) .. no no! .. My baby is not!

F: do not worry .. and all is well .. the nor ~ A is well .. that's for sure ...

L: Fernando ?.... and my daughters as the ni ~ (tries to sit)

F: .. no no ... (the lies) calm down .... they are with your parents!

L: si?

F: sii ...

L: Fer I have scared .. very scared .. I do not want anything to happen to my baby! (Begins to mourn)

F: and my love ... you'll see everything happen ... the baby will be fine!

L: I just do not know I also cry !!..... punzasos horrible ... like as if to give birth so !!.... !!....

F: ya ... (hugs her) because you do not sleep better .. I'm staying here!

L: do not leave me alone!

F: Lety .. I will not do it! (Stroking her face) go to sleep .. no lLords .. I'll stay with you (gives a kiss)

(arrived the other day and Lety gets up and sees Fer all crooked in the chair)

L: Fer ... Fernando!

F: mmmm?

L: you are very uncomfortable there! ...

F: (gets up slowly) sii ... I just do not want to leave you alone!

L: Come here!

F: (stands) that?

L: aacuestate here with me!

F: no, as you think, you will be very uncomfortable!

L: no, look I done to one side when you sleep?

F: good! (When Ferwould sit entered the doctor)

M: good morning and woke ..?

L: Hi Mauricio .. Well ... I'm better!

F: I think I have torticollis ... (grinning)

M: Fernando jajajajajajaja .. no change there!

L: jijijiji .. nope ... Mauricio and I can go?

M: Well Lety, I came to make you a check, because ... I have to give some indications ...

L: If you tell me! ...

M: Lety, what happened to you yesterday was very dangerous, and your pregnancy riesgozo around, you have to stay at home until the end!

L: (apreto hand Fer) nooo .. I need to work ... I get depressed .. .. Mauritius .. nooo do not do this!

M: sorry .. .. but is that really ... if you continue like this, with concerns and bad times, the worst can happen!

L: noooo !!...

F: Lety and calm down ..! ...

L: it is not .. I can not be at home 4 months !!.... noo!

F: insurance everything will be fine ... it's for your sake and for the baby!

L: (looks down and cries) is that ....

M: see Leticia ... the truth, we need to watch your pressure ... and more now in your state ... you can not spend a lot of courage, because every little thingyou can upload and that makes him or damage your baby ... you have to be at rest .... if here at 4 months these better because I give you permission to come back if? ... you have to eat right. ... and especially lots of rest!

L: that boring !!... I can not sit still ...

F: that's true !.... but look ... I'll be there ...

L: You'll be working!

F: Well yeah .. but ... will be my parents, your parents .. the ni ~ as!

M: Lety ... everything will come out very well ... .. anything they wanted to ask you both!

L: if that happened?

M: Well ... during those months, you have held your life intima very well?

L: (blushed and her cheeks turned red and I notice Fer)

F: for Mauritius .. question is this ?..... because if ... normal .. because ?

M: is that after what happened to her .... the slight bleeding ... to avoid a risk, have to wait a while until she returns to the next check!

L: queeeeeeeeeeeee ?....

M: (laughed) .. calme calme!

F: is this ???... if I rain, light rain showers me !!... this can not be!


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