Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Usaneko ~mimikko Maid No Ongaeshi~ LFMB: Chapter 64 FAMILY

(gone 2 weeks and was still in his home Lety rest was much better, but totally boring, and that Fernando had to either ~ as to not give them much work, Rodrigo was still very ill in hospital, his pope came from Brazil and digeron that would not make charges against Fernando, although they could, but he gave the word ~ or that his son would not return. ~ birthday was approaching I number 3 of the twins, and therefore it less than amused at something that Lety, organizing power)

(Lety was at home with his mom)

L: Mommy is not that reason to party, is that like them so much that if disney, discovery kids ... everything ... and do not know!

DJ: no, because you ask them?

L: July because it wants a reason and Tere and no other!

DJ: to see and if you put it in a bag all the things they like and pick a slip

L: mmm ... it's good to see your idea .... pass me a paper and a pen. ...

DJ: yeah ... but I really do not what are the things that they like ... jijjijiji ...

L: we look ma'.... I say ... if ?...!

DJ: jijijijijiji ... good!

(While Concepts)

Lu: (entering the office Fer) guarachin, guarachin, guarachin without END!

F: Luigi happens? Lu

: there !!... darling ... look ... we have to do a commercial audition for a Disney Princess, for this week ...! CH

to either ~ as I have to buy what you will wear for your party .. you? ..

F: Lety not get well! .. We really do not know what happens to me .... these days have dawned very sad and do not know why you have those moments !...... ... you've dawned so well and I did not say anything ... you understand me!

L: is that I hate to see so!

F: (hugs) and I promise that I will feel better ... if you ?..... I can not hear and embrace almost jajajajajajaja!

L: Are you calling me fat??

F: nooo ... jjajajaja ... as you think ... is that look at your "belly" does not let me near you

L: do not make fun! (Sappho is it)

F: jajajaj ... do not bother ....( gives a besoteeee) already?

L: .. because they do not know! CHTML

XC F: I will not do the difficult! (Turns and kisses her)

L: ya ... andale go .... and that makes you late for work!

F: ok ok ... no (kiss) do (kiss) effort (kiss) if? (Kiss)

L: !!..... and yeah ... (will give one last kiss)

(After a ma ~ ana to buy many things ... besides the or ~ as for the new baby, Lety thought of going to visit Fernando Concepts)

(Exiting the elevator)

L, but do not run !!....( told their daughters that a moment lost n)

J: There Lety, friend, how are you?? .. how you felt?

L: Juana biien .. hey there's so much fuss here?

J: ahh is that Don Luigi is doing a casting call for a no !.... .. ~ as or longer!

L: (buscando their daughters to look) .. .. aahh sii sii hear, but ..... my daughters where they went?

J: aahh if you want the look!

L: sii .. help me!

(Lety came to the area of the secretaries)

L: Hey guys!

All: Hi Lety!

PM: friend how are you?

L: Well!

Mar: and your baby .. like this?

L: that although the two are well! ... Heard from my daughters did not go here?

Sar: ... I think if ... is no ... no .. I noticed is that there is not much here .. ~ a no!

L: (concerned) is my god ... I hope you are with Fernando! ... Is that they ran!

LoL: if you want to find out friends!


F: Lety ... well there and doing here?

L: is that I need the work and wanted to see .. I can not?

F: (hug) huuuuuuuy ... every time you want! (Laughs) I love you my life!

L; there I also (around the neck with your arms to merge into a deep kiss)

L: mmm ... I needed a kiss like that!

F: huy and me and many other things I needed!

L: Fernando !!....

F: is that .... urgeeee urgeeeeee ...

L: I know ... but I have to go to the doctor and is very close I promise!

F: (pouting) juuum ok !....

L: (looking to the side) or hearing and ~ as?

F: mm? ... That (searching) but ... where are you? ... ETMLXC PM: mannitol, calm down you can not alter !!!... calm down!

L: (crying) I can no more .... Help me!

F: Well let's look ... Sara ... Celso call and tell them if they are to go down to Irmita!

Sa: if ~ or!

(Thus began the search for the ni ~ as .... until Omar, Tomas and Carolina are looking for .. a long time step)

C: and friends calm down!

L: is that where they can be?!

(While the casting of Luigi)

Lu: to see ... to see the next 2 .... pasenme!

Women: here are

L: (neither had seen) managed?

Mu were well, only the hairstyles and make up this little, you know very delicaditas, Rimer, brightness in the lABIOS and blush to give COLORSit!

Lu: sii ... if you already put them there ... to see .... and give the new dolls ~ mu!

(so did the woman himself gave the orders accommodation and very obedient they did)

Lu: (looking through the camera) to see .. (they do a close up) QUEEEEEEEE ??.... these are the daughters of the lizard!!


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