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Welcome Greetings For Church LFMB: Chapter 65 FAMILY

L: Fernando and I can no more !!... ... I can no more !!....

F: .. and quiet ... quiet!

L: to calm me down ??.... calmeeeeeeee me?

C: friend ... .. please do not fret!

L: Look, leave me alone! ... Yes ... (he UAV)

F: you do?

L: I will look for my daughters! (It goes from there)


O: ... now if there brother!

F: animal shut !....

O: huy .. but what happens?

F: I'm going to find them too! CHT


O: accompanying you or!

F: NO !!!.( goes on there)

C: it is better that we keep looking for here!

S: do ~ with Carolina, will not be better to call the police?

O: Yes, I have the same

C: yes, this because we do not expect a little more and call!

PM: this sure do ~ to Carolina?

C: This wait 15 minutes if Lety and Fernando do not return with them, call them!

Everyone: ok!

(The forum where this Luigi)

Lu: I am surprised that talents are very well .... CUT! CH

TMLXC Women: good and Luigi? Lu

: they did not ~ as well, I really liked trailmelas!

(The woman took the ni ~ as)

Lu: July is my and my Teresita ... are beautiful ... future concept models!

J and T: jijijijajajajaja!

Lu, but they do here ?.... his mom must be very concerned

Tere: I kelo is the mu ~ eca!

Lu: y tu tambien July?

Lu: If dude!

Lu: it is better than your mom take

(When Luigi is tacked to walkr was found Lety)


L: MY GOD !!... finally! .. (The hugs and kisses) are right?

July: if Mommy ... look (showing the mu ~ eca)

L: very nice ... to see, you are massaged ?...... but .. but LUIGI! !

Lu, my queen, your preciousness, slipped into the cast, and the height is that they did!


: so it is !...... hear, but they are very professional, very well .... did not know!

L: (smiles) if?

Lu: Oh yeah ... hopefully the selections!

L: (stops) quee noo .. ??... so that Fernando will drop your mouth ... no ... noo ...! Lu

: there is my queen ... if they did very natural ....

L: no .. no ... looks help me to remove all that paint ... yes?

July: Mommy not so I want .. no way!

L: not my life ... Tere

: if Mom and granndes!

L: large? ... Jijijijij ... no no ...

(in this comes Fernando)

F: found it!

J and T: PAPIII!

F: (loading) where they were ??.... but .. but .. they have Leticia

LU: there is already Flask ... if .... if you have is that they were here!

F: noo .. but they are few and ~ as, Luigi by God !.....

L: Fernando and calm down .. .... is that your daughters, were cast in the casting that was it!

F: like that slipped

Lu: There, look guarachin .... the girls ... they got the casting, and they did, and I'm PERFECT!

F: QUEEEEE ????.... no, no no ..... they will not do any ads!

L: Fernando and no one has said they will do it! Lu

: huy this or that doubt it, I am very well!

F: Well, no ... no, no ... Look at them ... !!.... also seem Payasitas with a face like that (it turns and takes them)

L: but Fernando! Fer aiiicchh ... ... ... come and Luigi! Lu

: no me or ~ a, not as you can with that lizard!

L: not me! (Lety went there)

Lu: Perama my queen!

L; tell me ...

Lu: I calm down .... it's out son!

L: it is now if it ....( was)

(while Fer was in his office and had to either ~ as sitting at your desk and the front had quietly makeup with a wet diaper or film themabandoned him)

F: but let me!

July: unchelated !!.... .. noo nooo!

F: ya ... .. easy to see you? Tere

: no daddy!

L: (entering) Fernando you can tell there with you?

F: that it ??...

L: because you take that attitude?

F: because my daughters will not do any business, period!

L: but if I'm saying it's not safe! (I remove the diaper or that he was leaving him and pushes him or her in front of ~ as)

F: (PASI by the office) well ... I do not care, I said .. ok ... andis said!

L: Fernandito !!.... you know something that they have if my mother and I feel like they do, they will!

F: because you know something Leticia Mendiola !!.... they have potatoes and if I say no, is not !....

L: You're a freak .. and this is not going to be so .. and hopefully the pick on them!

F: because the shot will leave you in the foot, because it will not be so!

L: we'll see .. and really it is!

F: it !.... and is not the last word ...

L: (down to ~ as and not grabbed by the hands) ... not assume that the last thing you say is, "If my love whatever you say" (so samess of the office)

F: (talking to himself) to look at her .... look at her !!!.... berrinchito that berrinchito!

(3 weeks later and Concepts)

Lu: (entering the office Farnan, good to chair) Fernieeeeeeeeeeee!

F: that, what happens?

Lu: it is not going to believe me!

F: what? Lu

: guess who chose to comercila "Disney"?

F; noooo .. tell me! Lu

: for who else ... your princess!

F: (parandoce of his chair) that queeeee ?????.... no no and no! CHTML

XC Lu, as they not?

F: no ... I told my daughters Lombardi ... advertising will not be anyone! Lu

: but if you will be .... you do not see that these are not ~ as a professional ... did very well!

F: Lety was !!.... not really ??... I'm calling to tell her to tell me that! Lu

: pppero .. no .. but that happens to you ?....

F: of course it was Leticia, and everything to take the opposite ... that makes this woman? (Was headed to the door)

Lu: but where are you going?

F: I'll be back! (It was there)

(home of Lety)

CLXC (where Lety went out of the room found him in front)

L: with you?

F; you .. you called to Luigi and he said he chose to not ~ as for the commercial, when I told you no!

L: Of course not!

Te calmate see son !..... not yell!

F: is that ?..... mama mama ...

you: if ... calm down and not yell .. ok!

F: si .. si!

Te: Lety, I go to the kitchen if?

L: if Teresita

(The ~ now I leave it alone)

L; to see explicam now, what is the shouting?

F: that you told him to Luigi that the twins chose to trade where I said no!

L: (smiling) that it ????.. the twins were chosen?

F: is not that what you do know!

L: nooo .. I did not know !!....

F: so what??

L: yeah ... Fernando, I'm telling the truth!

F: then?

L: I do not know!

F: but ... but .... Leticia!

L: no !!...... scream and I knew nothing ... you?

F: pues no, my daughters will not do that ... no they will not!

L: but berrinchudo you ... ah?

F: I do that??

L: yeahhhh ... tuu!

F: jum (crossing arms)

L: If you are a mens ... Fernando does not think ... .. we were the chosen production house for commercial espa ~ ol one of the most famous compa ~ ias the world and not see it that way! ...

F: No ... but I forget who will be the models ... right?

L: CLAO not ... I just say that my daughters chose ..... perhaps the've seen doing it?

F: no but ...

L, but no ... no .. have not seen anything .... have to see how you do .. you? .. If if they feel comfortable fit!

F: whether the exploit!

L: there do not be ridiculous!

F: not to be ridiculous, is to be realistic, Lety you know how those ads are very tired and they're very tiny!

L: see Fernando .... give them a chance to the situation .... if you ?....

F: (a little more quiet) do what you want ....!

L: not either ... .. so these are not ~ as much as yours truly and we must support and see .. you? ... Now .... calm down ... ok?

F: is not as I do! CHTML

XC L, where?

F: to convince me!

L: (looks in the form of victory) because so are the women!

F: If you love what you say (the kiss)



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