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Foot Spurs More Condition_symptoms LFMB: Chapter 62 FAMILY

L: (entering the office Fer) hello love!

F: hello (pauses and gives a kiss)

L: I'll Fer ar companion to the appointment?

F: (She looks extra ~ o) date? ... That appointment?

L: no recuardas, today I will do an ultrasound and perhaps know the sex of the baby!

F: aahhh .. yeah, yeah ... sii is true and what time is it?

L: for I have to go now!

F: ... and because we want to know is, although that will be my campeoncito ... but .. we .. lol!

L: There Fer, do not know, and if a or ~ a?

F: .. nooo!

L, and let's go!

(they left the office were met with Omar)

O: Fernando, good to see you, going to your office to remind the meeting that we have with clients now! (Lety's face change of an expression of happiness to sadness)

F: yes, if true, we have to close the contract today! (speaking to Lety) my life ... but if you want I will not, and I accompanied or (said with a worried face)

L: worry ... it is also important !!.... I go, also is not the first time I go alone to an appointment.

F: sii, but today we would say it is !!.... and I want to bethere!

L: (gives her a smile) not worry, I'm going, it's more ... .. Omar Caro is here?

O: no, she had to make earrings with Luigi!

L: Well, I'll go alone ...

F: and if you tell your mom or mine!

L: Fer, and do not worry!

F: But are you sure?

O: already told you yeah!

F: Shut your animal !!.... look at my love ... once you leave the reunion if I call you?

(Lety smiles and tells him that if his head)

F: ok ... I'm leaving! .. I love you (gives a kissand caresses her panzita) adios!

L: yeah ... I see little hour!

(Omar and Fernando came out of there)

L: (caresses her tummy and talks to her baby) Well my life, just be you and me ... so me you're good eh! ...

(Leticia So was the doctor's office when he was with the doctor ...)

DR: Leticia good are you ready?

L: yeah ... no one really warm?

DR: hahaha .. I wonder all the same, but this gel is so jejejeje!

L: Well Now

(EL doctor puts the gel at Lety, and this super coldand then starts to make the routine check)

DR: Well, Peus everything looks fine, but Leticia to take 5 months, seems more!

L: we do not tell me I'm fat ... because I've calmed my cravings .... and tried to walk !!....

DR: Do not you feel more heavy!

L: for I feel like my first pregnancy

DR: no ... but this time there is a (still tested fine) and the beats are very strong listeners?

L: (very excited) iff (looking at the monitor) and will doctor today I can say it's the baby?

DR: I try, because in all the follow up goes back tosee (the little machine kept moving) look I think ... if .. if ...

L: if so what? .. If so what?

DR: yes, if I leave today to see!

L: and that is ??...

DR: wait for me .... let me continue ... sson caa stronger after his beating!

L: having my baby?

DR: she is ok .. dont worry .. it looks big!

L: ahh ok (react) ELLAAAAA ????........ is not ~ a?

DR: ah ... hehehe .. sii one or ~ a.. And very healthy

L: (felt bad for a moment, because I expected the no ~ o, but Algro, by new baby) and my little girl ... a ~to!!

DR: Leticia happens?

L: is the truth, we expected a kid visitor!

DR: it will be the next!

L: (opens eyes) QUEEEEEEEEE jijijijji ???????!!!... no .. ... not believe, after the factory was closed jjijiji! DR

ah well lol ... and (turning the machine) that's it (gives Lety a napkin to wipe that will gel) must pesrla!

L: me or the baby?

DR: ... at 2 lol!

L: aahh good!

(He does weight)

DR: wow ... really this baby Frine big and healthy!

L: But why?

DR: I go back and tell you to take 5 months, weighs a lot!

L: I have to go on a diet?!

DR: I think that if, say you see now!

L: Yes!

(the doctor gave the orders and the next appointment and went there)

L: (very excited) is my and ~ a, Dianne! ... Now, as we will give you the news your dad ?.... ahh well then (in that cell phone rings Lety) to look is your dad! .. hello!

F: Lety me, tell me what has happened ... the doctor said the baby ??... like this is is a kid or truth?

L: There Fer calme, calme ... look ... I'm going to Concepts .. are you there?

F: Yes, I just got

L: and how did it go?

F: very good ... perfect, but I did not change the subject ... Where are you?

Lsaliendo the doctor .. I'm going there now, and calm down ... yes?

F: if my life .. well I'll try eh!

L: hehehe .. that fool you! .. Aiosh, I love you!

F: and me!


L: Well, now you !!... I know how to tell your dad!

(in concept)

O: and brother, calm down you going to make a hole in the floor!

F: is that .... I know you think .. at last a kid visitor! A champion .. .. I will teach all ~ ar!

O: lol .. and I imagine, with thousands of wedding! hahaha! so like his uncle!

F: yeahhhh ??... and Caro knows of the thousands of brides who are you?

O: (are cops) Eeehh .. of course not ... ahhh .... I'm talking about you know!

F: no, my son will not perfido der !!..... no sleep nor is !!... because before that teaches Arle, Lety kills me!

O: hahaha ... sii ... but not going to deny that will go pretty well commo his uncle Omar!

F, thate ???.... I know I am an only child and Lety too!

O: do not be a clown !......

F: jajajajajajajajaja !!... no .. is going to look like her daddy !!!.... !!!... my handsome .. and will be born with gel and tie!

O: (looks confused) as a baby will be born with gel and tie? .. As ".. not understand!

F: (he gives a sape of the head) you will be gross ... you know ... your level of animalia ???... really has no limits so to speak! So .. that will be born very hombresito .. like her dad!

O: aaahh .. it will not be born with a gel or a tie ... aahh

F: (shakes head in amazement) that Omar !!.... barbaro you and you are not going to give a little brotherDanny?

O: huuuuuuuuuuuuy ... not longggg !!!....

F: hahaha .. that Lety was saying! ... Hahaha!

O: Hey Fernando, you have not thought about that can be either ~ a?

F: for no !!.... is that something tells me I'll have to either ~ visitor!

O: but if it is not ~ a?

F: .. because if it is not ~ I love the same, because it is my daughter .. the love I like my other 2 daughters! ... Is mine! ... But .. I know I will not ~ o.. so now!

(Exiting the elevator)

L: (reaching to Sarah) Sara, Fernando thisin your office?

S: if Lety

L: you can say to be president?

S: Clearly, if .... hey friend!

L: Tell

S: the doctor told you?

(At that Lola, Paula Mary and Martha came to him)

PM: If you friend .... you know it's your baby?

L: yeah .. if it is the sex of my baby!

Sea: and it is ??... tell us tell us!

L: nop ... first let me tell you Fernando and then you?

Mar: but maniguis ....

L: no .. no... if you insist?

What: Come see a never ending .. well .. being on tenterhooks !!!.....

L: hehehe .. and leave the drama Lola !!.... I'll tell ...

PM: to see Sara is the head .... to be told and so we know!

L: (shook his head divertidicima) jiji ... are amazing! .. Jijiji

Mar: andale Sara ...

L: jjijijiji ... well I'm going to my office!

All in chorus: yes boss!

(Lety laughed as she got into her office)

(Sara communicated with Fernando and was flown to a chair and found to Letysitting, doing some things on the computer)

F: (opening the door very fast) hi my love!

L: (doing his job) Fer hi!

F: (he sat in the chair before the desk) and that good ?....

L: Perama let me save it here in the compu! .. Now! (Looks at him and smiles)

F: I gonna say?

L: as if ... the doctor told me that all is well, that weigh a lot ... and medieron a diet!

F: noo ... but if your vs you well, these beautiful !....

L: thank you my love! .. But if I'm too fat ... and I can not stand it ..... and also !!.....pregnancy you remember me both of the twins!

F: how?

L: I feel so heavy and tired and my feet are swollen .. there is horrible !!....

F: hahaha ... but it happened .... and all ... well now you're going to say it is?

L: (avoiding the subject) is that?

F: do not play !!.... there is a kid or?

L: ahhh .. because (as he said something drew her portfolio) want?

F: a palette? ... Thanks! (Not fixed opened the envelope and put it on the desk and put the paddle to the mouth)

L: (What faced ) is bOOD palette?

F: sii sii ... tell me .... but ....!!!

L: Fernando Fer ... hehehe ...!

F: that ???...( while savoring the palette)

L: You can trash me the envelope of the palette?

F: (She looks like what?) If

L: Fer, before I tell you, you are happy with this baby?

F: sii ... of course is my baby!

L: and you love him?

F: (he began to play with the wrapping of the pallet) yeah, Lety, but of course .. if my son! (Will stop to throw out the paper, but before he read it) queeeeeeeeeeeee? (Turns Lety) a and ~ a ??.....( the casingra was pink paper and it said it's a girl)

L: if my love !.....'re happy?

F: (closed her eyes, because he expected a kid or, but also was his baby) if my life!

L (got up and went to the) uuufff ... scared me!

F: because ?....

L: Fer you wanted a kid o. .. and then we will have another or ~ to!

F: if I know, but that does not mean, not the same ... love is mine and I love her with all my strength, like a July and Teresa and you (kisses him) if Dianne ... that's right?

L: sip, Diana! .. Sofia Diana Mendiola!

F: I love .. jjejeje ...must tell your parents, to mine, to hear !!.... or ~ as the lollipops and that I had forgotten lol!

L: is that you remember when the twins were born, you gave paddles at all ... and say it as if it is not ~ a given pallet, and if ~ o is not it .. tobacco .. I happened to tell you so ... but almost did not notice it .. jijijji

F: as no palette ... this good!

L: jijiii Fer ..... good !.... now if I have to keep finishing what he was doing ... seems if you do ma ~ ana a meal at home, since it is Saturday and invite my parents and yours?

F: perfect !.... I think I love you .. and I'm happy. the baby (starts stroking the pancita) and I want to be born!

L: believe me you are not the only ... jijijijiji!

(phone rings in chair)

L: Maria Paula tell me ... a visit ... Brazilian Fernando ??...( strange sight o) no .. not expecting anyone Brazil ... sii let it go (hangs up) you expect someone from there?

F: no!

(At that opened the door and into someone)

L: (in shock) tuuuu here? But aquiii hell are you doing?

(Fernando sees it and sees the guy and do not know what happens)



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