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Defibrillation More Condition_symptoms LFMB: Chapter 60 FAMILY

L: (you Vanta very Asora by the cry) QUEEEE? (Looking to all sides) AS OF THE NI NI ~ ~ AS! (Rising from bed)

F: (the are ~ wing) Lety ????.... LETICIA tuu .... ... are you ??.....

L: (still do not understand what was happening and kept looking in all directions) so what? .. Going ??....

F: (trying to stand and seeking their crutches) but my love !!...!

L: asusutaste happened ??.... me (he said as he reached the)

F: your hair ... you are different ... I woke up last night ... scared me! !

L: Tell me everything slowly! ...

F: for you ... I love your hair ... you hiciste? (he played the hair)

L: You like? ... well now because I slept a little excited ... but I like the color?

F: sii ... you look beautiful !!....

L: thanks!

F: scared ... but I knew it was not and did not recognize you! ..

L: is my love ... sorry .. is to arrive at 3 in the ma ~ ana and was not going to get up!

F: but give me a kiss .. my love ... you e! strange!

L: If you? ... Lol (goes to him and gives him a tiny kiss)

F: queeeeeeeeeeeeee ??????????......... noooooo yaaaaaaaaaa ?....... you give me a good kiss .... Uelle)

L: but Fer ...

F: a quickie m ~ does damage Anero visitor!

L: (could not help laughing out loud) as you think!

F: sii ... look that is practically a meeeee .... a meeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

L: (hugs him by the neck and kisses him) and you're sure then?

F: (smiles and says that if his head) I do muuuuuuuuuuuuuuucha missing!

L: (laughs) exaggerated!

(They kiss, caress it with great desire ... will start to strip their clothes)

F: mmm ... finally lol!

L: clown! jijiii!

(He lowers his hand from her face to the neck .... .. where about to kiss her but .... and lowers his hand to deepen his touch, shake it, make it feel real .... want it all went well ...)

July and Tere (knocking) ......... papiiiiiiiiii papaaaaaaaaaa!

(They watched in shock)

F: .. no no !!...

L: we forgot !!!.....

F, but no manches Lety nooo ... no .... no ... so looks like we are!

L: Shut up .... sii .... if you !!......

July: (still playing) papaaaaaaaaaaato!!

L: (yelling) ... and we yaaaa! Tere

(rejoices) mamiiiiiii ??.... mom (played harder the door)

F: (trying to stop) it is not so!

L: (wearing) that swear! (Was collected hair)

F: (he was wearing leg ..** dito had it bad lol .. **...) open!

L: Fer .... I forgot .. I have to go to concepts ... and making me late! (Opened the door)

J and T (super happy) mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ..........( they look confused by the hair) Mommy?

L: I love ... that I have happened ??....? CHT

MLXC (The twins climbed into bed to be level with your breast)

L: but I will embrace?!

July: maaaaaaa your pelito .......... .. (he played)

L: yeah ... me change it ... do not like?

Tere: No!

F: and it seemed no! (You get out of bed and stood next to Lety, so were in front of or ~ as) not?

Tere: I do not like ... no .. no!

L: aaaaah ... I do not say that! (Hugs) give me a hug! Tere

: huuuuy mamaaaaaaaa .... .. noo noo .. hair!

L: (The confused look) so much soamorrrr neither give me?

July: (giving the arms) mamiiiiii!

L: (hugs all and gives many kisses) I love you ...

July: jijijii ....

L: (pulling on the other) are besooo .. give me ... I want ??... Tere

: maaaaaaamaaaaa .... nooo ...

L: that siiiiii! (And hugged her and gave her many kisses) now .. yes! .. I love you, my life

F: good and go to your room !!.... yes?

L; sii .. right now I'll go ....!

(the twins were there)

L: Well I love my bath I'll Concept ar ...C L: what?

F: yes, I asked about something .. but it was not working!

L: (understanding) Fernando Mendiola ... you are a enferrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmo!

F: jajajajajajajajjajajajajaja naaaaaa ...... ... as you think?

L: If you are a fool .... .... I'll jijijijii bath ar!

F: it is is!

(So and Lety were prepared according to the twins)

(They were in the dining room)

L: Well ... now if I'm going! ...

F: nooo ... stay with me!

L: must be more like me ... but I can not ... I have to arreGLAR everything that happened in Brazil!

F: Hey speaking of Brazil, have not told me anything!

L: (nervously) heh heh heh .... this ... all was well ... ... .. sii ... that everything is perfect ... my love ... when I tell you arrive (pauses and gives a kiss) I have to go!

F: (stops her by the hand) Leticia ... do not lie, something happened?

L: quee ?.... noooooo ... as you think ... I told you when I get Fernando story!

F: well ....

(low to Lety and ~ as chairs)

L: bye .. (gives another kiss)

F: ....( goodbye to the twins) are well behaved !

J and T: aioosssh daddy!

F: hehe .. bye!

(goodbye, and after a while .. Lety comes to concept, leaves and ~ as in kindergarten ... but not before receiving compliments from Irmita, and granddaughter, and even Celsus, on his new look)

L: (exiting the elevator) good morning girls!

Headquarters: LETYYYYYYY ?????

L: jiji sii .. .. what happens?

PM: little hand ... and that new look ??....

L: aahh .. the hair .. sii me change it in Brazil

Mar: maniguis this beautiful color! ... Looks Good!

L: hehe ... thanks!!

Lola: huuuuuuy ... so well you tons of spent?

L: noooooo ....... also worked ... is that as was the inauguration, because there was a party and the whole thing, you know, and we fix it and asked for this ... hehehe!

Sa: for you is great!

L: thank you ... .. good work .... and Lola, you can tell Thomas to stop by my office!

Lola: if Lety!

(Lety entered his office and within minutes entered Tomas)

T: hi boss !!... you painted the hair ... did you?

L: jijiji ahh ... if I paint, I changed the style a little


T: it looks good you

jejerrjejerr L: I'm glad to see you (hugs him)

T: sii head ... for days since we met!

L: sii .. hehehe ... well ... you sit Tomas came to bring the financial reports of expenditures to be made in Brazil!

T: Hey yeah ... send me some ... and of course as I was?

L: (deep breath, looked at his friend and under the eyes) or .........

T: no .. no ... I I know you, Lety what happened?

L: everything was fine ... until such!

T: TYPE TYPE ???.....?

L: (telling by hand to lower his voice) Tomas ... shut up and lower your voice!

T: ppppeeeero but ... what kind happened? ... Do not tell me you were unfaithful to Fernando?

L: (looks bad) as you think ??... not be menso!

T: then what happened?

(Lety tells what happened to Rodrigo)

T: queeeeeeee ?........... the son of Don Pedro.?

L: yeah ..... but do not worry ... you will not have anything to do with the company!

T: But you're right ?....

L: sii ... do not worry !!..... the user will no longer get me!

T: do you believe?

L: (looks askance) clear that if Thomas ... and you!

T: y Fernando knows?

L: nooo .... the nooooooooooo!

T: but I'll say?

L: yeahhhh ..... this is not ... no!

T: as not ?.... Lety, says to him, you never know!

L: sii ... then I'll say !!... now making roles (giving it) and know something about my father?

T: ... this is difficult because the situation in California the video that was made, that of ...

L: Madonna?

T: sii ... it did not help much ... much they are charging well... But ... it seems that we have to close there!

L: (with desepcion) are you sure?

T: sii !.... I think the last get ma ~ ana Octavio iria !.... and there to finish what he is!

L: ok ... so .. we have a board for when Humberto!

T: If, as you say aahh head by the way .... on Saturday I went to your house!

L: my house since?

T: is that your husband wanted to know how things were here and went and informed!

L: Tomas ok ... well .. that's it?!

T: if (stopped) and that with Fernando speaks!

L: (lo lift the eye) if it now ...

(Tomas comes from there)

L: (hechandoce back in his chair) iff there ... it !!... I'll have to say is that it's hysterical! (Bursts for and lowers his head before putting it up their hands in front)

Caro: (entering the office) Lety Lety !!..... ?.... friend with you?

L: (raises his head and smiles a bit) hoooola!

Caro (sense) that a friend passed you okay?

L: (sitting right) sii noo ... well .. is that I was talking to Thomas ... and it contained so in Brazil and you talk of Rodrigo and told me to tell him Fernando !

Caro: he has much reason !..... those things so the more they hide out faster!

L: Caro is shut up .... if someone have to tell on me!

Caro: as you should to tell!

L: Well yes, they'll say today, Rodrigo total ... this will never return more over here.

Caro: hopefully not!

L: I do not !....

Caro: no longer talk about it ... look .... come to invite you to you to see the first announcement of Cover Girl ... you are doing Luigi ... come?

L: yeah ... go!

(Lety and Caro, come to the studio, where he was Luigi) CHTMLLu XC

: there my queen ... look, how is the environment?

L: sii ... it's all very well, and the models?

Lu, is that, first do one of the "lipstick" a new one that came

Caro: aahh ok ... Lu

: sii, I come .... and I will lead this people .. because if I make a crap!

Caro: jejeje sii ..!

(Luigi left to run)

Caro; friend happens to you ... bring a face!

L: is that I feel good, this did not sleep well ... I slept very little

Caro: the 2 little sleep!

L: and also how I built this ma ~ ana ...

Caro: What happened?

(Lety lecuenta all)

Caro: jajajajajajajajajajaja ... little your husband did not recognize you? jajajajajaja

L: jijiii ... noo ... I almost leaving my baby at the mouth of fright ...

Caro: jajajajajajajajajajajaaa

L: huy if you do not know ... and if you had seen the face of the or ~ as ... especially Teresa ... I wanted, because he had the hair of another jijijijiji color ... ..

Caro: quee ?.... and why?

L: No ... stuff it! ... They are so one day we want and the other is not daughters so bipolar!

Caro: hahaha ... just like the pope!

L: Yeah .. .... jijijijiji

(Lety and Caro were still there talking and watching the announcement was then followed in their work, planning the meeting it would be for a few days to see the situation of the empresaa in California and then each went to home)

L: (coming home) if and only if they eat

July: nooo ... mami holitaaaa!

L: sii ... but ... where do they go? Tere

: breast play!

L: go to greet his dad!

(The twinsvery obedient were the "family room" that there was Fer)

J and T; papaaaaaaaaaa!

F: (he was reading some papers he had left Tomas, with his bad leg perched on a chair) Hey!

July: that esooo? (Was ~ alando paper)

F: aahh this is work! Tere

: watching the bad leg) still Luel?

F: Luel? ... Hurts! Tere

: sii daddy

F: .. jejeje sii !!... a little and his mom?

L: (entering the living room taking off his shoes and settled into a corner) there ... that was crazy rich take them off!

F; Hello Lety (she goes to where is it and sits next to him on the couch) and my kiss?

L: (laughs) there is Fernando (kisses him) what is this?

F: aahh few things that Tomas gave me to see how would the state of the company, especially in California!

L: (sighs) aaah sii ... this talk that you would convene a meeting, for when your dad ... yes?

F: yes, we will be there ..!

L: are you going?

F: clear ... I have to go!

L: Well I'm not going to stick it out! ... Ate?

F: No ... I'm esperandolas (BTW the ni ~ as they began to play there in the "family"), I cook something!

L: (angry) aah siiii ?...... huuuuy this in you're home a lot, I like ... to tell him to Pepa that you stay in your place!

F: ja ja ja ja that chistosita (giving patted her leg) help to stop me!

L: jijijii siiiiii .... my love ... .. my enferrmito ...

F: is now ... do not bother me!

L: (helps a little) is not bothering you Fernando! ... Jijijji look like a kid ... o. ..

F: it is you ... .. the next I talk to my mama eh!

L: jijijijijiji ... well name it !!... no ~ ote! !...( gives a kiss)

F: you would not believe! (laughs) we eat?

L; huuuy if ... your child asks me food!

F: yeah ... eat a lot and born like me so tight!

L: mens ...


F: not?

L: Yeah .. and handsome!

F: So yeah!

L; there to watch it orgullosito! ... Andale accompanied oy you come to pick up the twins!

F: Ok!

(Lety helped Fer and went to look for their daughters)

L: we eat? Tere

: (complaining) mamaaaaaaaaaaaa ......... nooo ...


L: horita nothing .... now is whether andale .. see ...

July: if Mommy!

L: go sit that is beyond your dad!

July: (out of there) papaaaaaaaaaaaa!

L: vente Tere ... going to eat you? Tere

(crossing his Brazito) queroooo no ... no!

L: (stooping to the level of either ~ a) my life ... if you have to eat ... or you give vitamins? Tere

(fuchi faced) noooo noooo mitaminas

L: Well then let you?

(the no ~ to say that if his head)

L: vente (gets up and shakes his hand)

(have dinner, share and prepare for sleep and all in harmony and Lety and Fer in his room ... getting ready to sleep)

F: Well ... well ....

L: what?

F: Tell me, how was Brazil?

L: (you came to mind all that said Tomas) well ... the work is perfect ... you know ... I have no illusions with the company there!

F: yeah ... and I ... and how it turned out the party?

L (I was a thousand colors) this as well .. yeah ... stay well (he said as he accommodated some things)

F: pThere Fer .. .. (starts to mourn *** moods and feelings more ***)

F: Lety happened ... what happened?

L: is not angry ... I swear it was not my fault .... well yeah ... is not!

F: There is going to kill me !!... Leticia !!!.... you crying ... look at you ... what has happened in Brazil?

L: Fer .... ok .... is that what you say, but listen to me .. do not say anything until the end if?

F: but Lety!

L: (crying) please do not say anything until the end .... yes?

F: yes, my life!

(Lety takes strength and Fer tells her everything, and cried, felt ashamed, nowise and like watching Fer, Fer was while there was the face of hue, not courage to Lety, if not for the guy ... so if I was a bit of desepcion and jealous, very jealous)

F: (super serious) I can talk?

L: (crying told him that if his head)

F: Leticia, why not tell me this ma ~ ana ??... this idiot ... damn it !!... ... because you told me by phone ?..... because ??.... tell me?

L: that is why ... look at you how are you ... you are a hysterical, crazy jealous !!...

F, and as you want this? ... If a guy prospasa with my wife!

L: Yeah .. ok ... but it was my fault ... I spoke to himand of course ....!

F: is that !!... that's not all salts to carnival there, when I told you no!

L: sorry, but you I do not forbid anything ... there I tell you, because I have confidence!

F: But I can not deny ..... that you were going to hide me!

L: I do not know!

F: see !.... and know this guy ... who is the son to administer our business there ... and the very stupid are you excited! ... And your what?

L: I do that ?.... I told you what I did ... queiro not stand the sight of the little game ... I stop !!.... and ... yes? .. .. he will not return to us! ... or me!

F: for moreYou'd better, Leticia, because I swear I'll kill him, why is it that I swear!

L: you're not going to kill anyone !.....

F: (fits and turns her back) Good night!

L: (begins to mourn but courage) and Fernando ... !....

F: (turns around a little) you do not understand ..... that idiot ... damn !!....

L: stop cursing !..... I hate when you do!

F: is giving me courage !!..... not want him in Mexico ... or business ... or close to you, let alone for my daughters !!... anyone!

L: The will not do ... is it very clear ... and ... do not make me feel more wrong! CH


F: and, do not feel well .... ok ... yes ... it is true that I can not ban anything ... but at least keep me !!... trust speak clearly ... do not remember that we step to the model?

L: if ...

F: they do not want it again ... this type bother you ... we bother!

L: I told you, that you will not know more about us! ... And ... and you know I love you!

F: (deep breath) I love you too (puts his hand behind the neck and about to kiss)


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