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554 Transaction Failed Spamfighter Imail LFMB: Chapter 57 FAMILY

(The next day in Brazil)

Lu: good and they do, where they were ?.... Caro ... .. and you must prepare your Lety ... and me! have to be amazing !!...

L: if Caro Luigi ... and I just got back from seeing new installations of Concept - Sou Paul ... and they are very nice and talk to those who handled the company here ....

Caro: I also had to see how it would be the event!

Lu: Yeah .. ok ok !!... but we have to go to beauty salon and make do !!... and then I have to go to the event to see how it all .... because my Caro dear .. you're here to do public relations coordinator ... no! C HTMLXC

Caro: there is you ... I can also see how it will be the event!

L: yaaa !!.... we go to the salon? Lu

: yeah ... we will!

(While at the home of Lety and Fer)

F: Well ... Pepa prepare you for something .. really!

Pepa: Do not worry ~ be ... well call me or anything, you know ... I have to go look for my children!

F: if thank you very much!

(Pepa leaves)

F: or ~ as !!.... come to eat!

July: papaaaaaa!

F: tell me my life?

July (looks at him curiously) onde ta ma?

F: because she is on a return trip but very prontito !!... come to eat?

July: Siip ...

F: looking for your sister? July

: sip ............( calling your hermaman) Tereeeeee!!

F: but do not yell, go look !!.... andale!

July (puts face that lazy) if

F: andale .. look at that daddy can not walk much .. you?

July: sii daddy!


Lu: Hey my queen and if you do orNo makeover?

L: that ??... Lu

: siiiiii .. I cut my hair and paint that?

Caro: I love the idea there!

L: no .. and believe! Lu

: sii .. something new .. and takes a long time with your long black hair!

L: so bad it looks?

Caro: jajajajajajaja ... nooo ... but a change to a ~ o does not damage visitor!!

Lu: it is .. so you can give a surprise addition to your breeding male!

L: LUIGI !!!!!! Lu

: so what? .. I told the truth! ... Now I'm going to leave my manicure! CH TMLXC

L: ok then ...

(Luigi goes)

Caro: andale Lety ... until something new !!!... yes?

L: it is not! ... Because they say it could damage or the baby ... and no!

Caro, but there are natural dyes, ammonia ... those if you can use ... is more we ask a stylist?

L: (not convinced) ok

Caro, Robert see a moment!

R: Tell me my queen! ...

Caro is that she is pregnant y. ....

R: haaaaaaay congratulations (and embrace all excited to Lety) that good!

Caro: quiet quiet .. lol .. and it was to see if they could paint the hair!

A: Well, look ... we do to our customers who are pregnant, use natural dyes without ammonia, these odors can affect the baby! (Note: I find out all this in order to put it)

Caro : see I told you so!

R: but if she does not want to force him!

L: Yeah .. I would like, but I was afraid!

R, then you join?

L: yep!

(in Mexico)

F: good eh !!... stay here I will work if you ?.... llamra CH

Tere TMLXC: Mom ??...

F: horita call it ... yes? Tere

(Mean sadder) if!

F: do not look so darling ... ok? (Calling Concepts) sii, Loooooola .... I can cominicarlos with Tomas sii !!... lol .. well .. I do not worry , will have me back soon! ... ok .. thanks .. here I hope!

T: Don Fernando Don compa ~ ero!

F: Don Tomas Don compa ~ ero ... hehehe ... how are you?

T: well .. that way .. that you offer?

F: I'm just calling to see how things are going in Concepts!

T: horita all goes well .... I get a faxues do not know what happened there .. just know that your dad was .. and sent me some documents, we are not going well!

F: (decepsionado) that .. but we can not do something?

T: is that we have many skills ... we are not the only production houses alla !!.... you know it's a place where there is much demand for advertising !!...

F: .. sii ... if you are looking !!.... ma ~ ana Concepts I perform to see if I can do something!

T: But is that ma ~ ana is Saturday!

F: sii ... no job ... I forgot!

T: I can go if you want ma ~ ana to your house and see if we make a plan, something that could help your father alla!

er done better .. you see divis divis!

L: Hee hee hee ... thanks !!... like?

Lu: Of course you do!!

L: I like to think Fer?

Caro: do not be a clown ... of course !!... will love!

Lu: Well now!

R: ya? ... Wonders are the 3!

Lu: If you?

R: clarooo!

L: thank you very much indeed ..!

R: Do not worry ... you look beautiful and you too !!... my queen!

Caro: hehehe .. thanks! Lu

: great .. and wemy queens go .. we have to dress !!...

R: bye .. and you know when they return are welcome!

C and L: thanks!

(arrived at the hotel and were preparing)

(cell phone rings Lety)

L: hooooola !....

F: sii ~ ... when it deigned to call now?!

L: Fernando !!... there and what happened? ... How are you ??... and my or ~ as?

F: sii ... hehehe .. well .. I am super crazy good .. come back .. I do not know!

L: (confused) is not it?

F: No ... hehehe !!.... and this is nothingthe twins there watching TV ... in them!

L: Fer is not much time there .. I porfis!

F: (not doing any) sii .. as you say ... and you do?

L: for vistinedo and I was going to call you .. is that we are preparing for the activity!

F: aahh yeah .. is today ... .. hehehehehe ................. Leticia when I'd say what happened in California?

L: iff is my life .. I forgot ... sorry .. is that I have so many things in mind

F: Lety .. but this is important!

L: if Fernando, I know! .. Your dad was to see what we could do ... and am goingeeping informed!

F: sii ... I know .. but you had told me !!!.... is going to affect us! .. It seems that Madonna's video did not help much!

L: sii thought that too ... but do not worry ... we'll get ... yes?

F: sii ... I know !!....

L: Hey I put on my ~ as?

F: sii clear! (Goes to them) look like to talk with mom?

July: riiiiiiight! (Grabs phone) mamaaaa!

L: hello my life .. how are you? July

: very ben!

L; you? ... You are behaving well? ..

July:.. You have to understand a little ... shall we?

July (not very satisfied) if

L: Well my love, set me your sister ... you're good .. July and you ignore your dad! .. I love you!

July: sii .. mommy .. I tambe tomaaaa Tere! Tere

: Mommy?

L: I love .. hello, how are you? .. Tere

: ben mami .. onde TAS?

L: jijij .. I'm working! Tere

: and you Venes?

L: huuy .. not .. go on Sunday! Tere

: today?

L: no, my love ... not today ... look no .. ma ~ ana ma ~ ana after CHTere TMLXC

: (not understanding) Yeah .. but .. is that mommy!

L: what?

Tere: I want you!

L: iff and I were there .. but look with potato ... and have to make the case and portarce well ... Tere

: sip

L: and you're wearing these right? Tere

: jejejiijijeje .. yep!

L: Hm .. that laugh !!... well my love .. you're good ... and you ignore your dad .. ok? Tere

: there mamiiiiiii

L: we must carry on well ??... hehe .. .. you and your sister ... I love you! Tere

: and I tambe

L: Put me on your dad! Tere

: riiiiiiight papaaaaaaaaaa !!!.... ......... .... papiiiiiiiiiiiiii making!

F: thanks ... but do not yell ... hehehehe ... (into phone) Hello!

L: hello my love ... and I have to go to the party!

F: jum ... fiesta !!... carry on well! (Here as everyone says portarce not it?)

L: jijijiji ... if I go to the inauguration and I return !

F: Well you better .. but hey!

L: Fer .. what happens? .. Do not start with jealousy!

F: yooooooooooooooooooo jealous?

L: siiiiiii tuuuuuuuuuuu!

F: There ya ya ya!

L: mjum look !!... I have a surprise !!...

F: which sii? Dimeeeeeee ..!

L: hehehe ... nop .... have to wait for!

F; aahh .... not fair because you know that?

L: what?

F, I I have another!

L: yeah ??... tell me tell me?

F: aahh no Esparas curiositta ... you'll have until you get!

L: There are no !....

F: jajajajajaja ... well Letz! .. You know .. you're good .... I hope you did not go to any carnivaleh!

L: (nervous) I? .. Hehehe .. noo .. nothing to do !!... hehe .. well .. me or ote ~ now if I talk to you later! ...

F: if my love .. I love you! Ly

me did .. and Guard it well!

F: sii .. bye!

L: bye!

(Low and meets Caro and Luigi in the Lobby)

Caro, that you look beautiful! that dress is spectacular! (as I love both the blue suit I use the Vale in the novels and TV .. imagine that is the same .. the only thing with her hair up ... lol)

Lu: ohh God .. these beautiful Leticia .. I'll dull!

L: noo .. we like to believe ... not so much .. you? .. And let's go!

Caro: sii and we have to go!

(arrived in the activity ... and everything was fine ... everyone happy with the president of Concepts, the creativity of Luigi and advertising that compliments Carolina ... did not wait ... an issue that was passed to tell a beautiful woman ... Caro and Lety and that put them very nervous)

L: Caro .. there who understands first want to talk about work and then made compliments!

Caro .. hehe .. if you feel it! Lu

: some girls ... but they will sit ??.... we bailar look now I will introduce the chanting ... and we're in a carnival theme!

L: sii noo ??... hehe .. I'm staying!

Caro: andale vente lety .. let's enjoy!

L: noo ... I'm serious!

Caro: you feel good?

L: jiji sii .. .. is that my feet hurt a bit ... that's all .. .. I have them a little swollen but I hope to pass me! Lu

: good is good when you are ready ....... osea list ... you join!

L: sii .. hehehe!

(Luigi introduce the chanting ... I began to play music of Carnival and it was the close of business... Necklaces were giving whistles .. .. .. the whole masks thing in the carnival ... and he was very people were partying and dancing)

L: hehehe ... I want there .. !!!....

Caro: (almost yelling at Lety) see Lety .. join!

L: (suitable shoes) I sii!

(Luigi joins Lety and Caro and starts dancing with them)

L: (hitting someone) no forgiveness!

?: (Fasina with her) do not worry it orita ~!


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