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South Park Fish Sticks Free LFMB: Chapter 56 FAMILY

(arrived in Brazil)

L: There Caro ... I really feel terrible!

Caro: friend now if you think ... is very pale !!!...

L: they did not believe me but look upon it ??... ah!

Caro: noo .. hahaha .... well yeah ... but I matabas of laughter hahaha ... tell you something?

L: that friend !!!... yeah ... let sit for me ... I feel the ground fall on my face!

Caro: hahaha, as you have that baby!

L: no shut up, I hope you at birth is more relaxed ....

(At home, Omar was already gone)

July: papaaaaaaa!

F: July dime!

July: aguaaaa dame!

F: but sii, but because you scream ah ??....?

July: jajajajajijijij

F: making! Tere .. and you want? Tere

: nop!

F: good because you have to dip arlas you?

July: no ... Holit

F: noooo .. now! Tere

: papa .. noo

F: There is no ... because he does not heed a look .. daddy ... if that is sick (or, looking very sad ~ o)

Tere (pattedto the face) if?

F: if my love ... and your July?

July: papaaaaa sii!

F: because we are going!

(In Brazil, they are now on site with Luigi)

Lu, and these best Lety?

L: sii ... a little .... and good to talk to the partners? Lu

: sii, ma ~ ana ahead early to demonstrate the locations and then at night is the party ... we will be all day outside!

Caro: sii, I need to go to see how the activity is the night! Lu

: sii ... but first, let's take a look back to this carnival and want to go to PARTY!

L: jijii ... Yeah .. ok ... but first I have to call Fer, and say that it comes

Caro: sii, and I Omar! Lu

: ok ok report to their lizards and go yeah?

C and L: LUIGI !!!!! Lu

: haaaay .. so sorry!

(Caro went to Omar and Lety llamra Fer)

L; good?

F: (something that stirred so much rope to) sii? .. Yeah well? (Still ba ~ ~ I'm at or as)

L: Fer? .. Okay?

F: stay there (standing) Lety Lety .. my life ... how are you?

L: Well ... OK ... but I happened ??... what happens?

F: is that I'm ba ~ Added to the twins ... and you know they are not being quiet! (The ni ~ as start throwing water) noo .. no I do not get wet!

L: ... that goes ??....

F: is that me getting wet ... perama not hang up!

L: sii!

F: (hblandole to either ~ as) breast greet you? (Puts the speaker) and

J and T: mamiiii hoola!

L: haaaay my or ~ as ... hello ... well behaved and love and strange visitor!

F: Well? .. Lety

L: if Fer tell me?

F: and not strip you are there playing!

L: (gets sad) aahh ok

F: yaa not get well and you how are you and my other baby?

L; Haay not tell me ... look it gave me problems the whole trip ... I was hugging the bath visitor!

F: lol ... a little? ... Hahaha

L: pos yeahhhh ... Do not laugh !!.... I hope this is the quiet .. because you and the twins I'm going to go crazy ...

F: aaaah yes?

L: jijijijii .. not as you think? ... The same love, love them .. they are my life!

F: You better!

L: orgullosito hear!

.....: Fjjajajaja because my life a bit later ... you name it if it is to meet them?

L: if my love!

F: you know nothing CARNIVAL!

L: Hee hee hee ... not like you? ... Jijijij

F: Leticia!

L: There are already Fer adiosshhhh ... .. I love you!

F: and I will take care ... bye!


L: Well now!

Caro: hahaha ... I told Fernando Lety ... what happened today ?.... jajaja

L: (scared) nooo that what happened?

Caro:I need help from Omar jajajajajaja! Lu

: jajajajajajaja!

L: that it ????... but why?

Caro: jajajajajaja ... is that Fer ... hahaha ..... tell you the best .. jajja!

L: ahh no ... now you tell me! Lu

: good !!!.. and we're going out or not?

L: sii ... but you owe me a Caro!

Caro: yeah jajajajajajaja!

(They came out and what was in the streets was pure celebration, colorful, life!)

Lu, but oh my God !!....( dancing behind a guy)

Caro: Luigi (the pull) que doing?

L: jijijiijiji .. what a tremendous ... Lu

: you have not seen ... look at that hot body! This divine !!!.. .. mm mm mm!

L: jijiiji .. and your boyfriend?

Lu: Yes, nothing like my Stephen, but it hehe ... but look at this one (went back)

L: noooo ... but that thing ... ... Luigi jijijiji and your class?

(in Lety that the pull by hand and it was a boy a little younger than her, but beautiful and invites her to dance ... sii well as in the carnival in the middle of the street)

L: to me? Young

: (no Portuguese so sorry) iff you!


: Lety huuuuuyyy ... .. say yes .. because I'm carrying me!

Caro: hahaha .. Lety walks, or you were doing anything wrong!

L: (with the little eye to million) because ... well ...

Jo: ... it is only going to dance!

L: there ... but not a word of it because they kill me!

Lu and C: yeahhhh not a word!

(Lety tries to dance, it is because the music they have is so very active carnival and the guy .... very "daring" the glue to it, and anything that is not maaaaaaal .. . the more nervous)

Jo: but relax ... listen to the music! CHT

MLXC L: jiiji aahh sii sii!

Lu, who would say look at her ... .. jajajajajajja!

Caro: let it !!.... you are really bad!

Lu: s that man is divine !!... mm mm mm .. what a shame that she's married!

Caro: LUIGI!

(the follow-paced dancing very Pegaditas)

L: eehh ehh .. and we danced a lot .. no?

Jo: hehehe .. okay !!... whose name is Rodrigo .... my pleasure!

L: (nerviosaaaaa) Lety aahh hehe .. if my name is that!

A: Leticia, that divine name !!...

L: (super red) jeje graences sii!

R: good Lety ... you enjoy ... I hope to see you there then!

L: sii sii ... hehe ... bye!

(Rodigo leaves)

Lu, my queen ... but tremendous man who woke up ... this buenitzimo!

Caro: you can not deny that this very handsome lol!

L: ya ... I have no eyes for anyone but ... just for my husband! Lu

: there but my true queen!

L: as if!

Caro, well we? or what? Lu

: clear !!... I want to dance!

L: sii ... peror remember that ma ~ ana have to get up early! Lu

: do not be party !!..... water .... we look look at that show (almost ran off)

Caro: but LUIGI!

L: jijijijii ...... LUIGI!

(qeu approached the parade was throwing colorful beads and stuff)

Lu, but I love ... I am coming to live here!

L: hahaha .. wow so now I have the neck filled with a thousand colors!

Caro: siiiiiiii ....( start dancing)

Lu: I Caro ... so enjoy it !!... jajaja andale Lety join!

L: is que jijij ........

(well spent, enjoying and dancing ... came the other day)

(in the doctor's office)

O: Hey brother, you tell me you do here?

F, well ... is that this leg is bringing me problems!

O: (confused) as?

F; is ... I can not do much else (abirendole eyes to know)

O: I do not understand!

F; this .. let's see ... I can not move very much and want to move more!

O: I do not understand!

F: GOD WILL ANIMAL TYPE I need per ????.....commitment to ..

Nurse: Fernando Mendiola, go!

O: that ?....... for??

F: nothing .. stay with the ni ~ as!



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