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Thrush Treatment More Condition_symptoms LFMB: Chapter 59 FAMILY

Lu: haaay ... not beg me cry .... no .... with enough thunder! Car

and that is what you ask? Lu

: is something about, as I explain

L: Luigi? Lu

: ok is things like women!

(Lety and Caro looked as strange and began to laugh)

LU: what is laughter? .. Is that ... I have to ask something and not as

L: jijiiji ... but tell us ... what is it?

Caro: if Luigi speaks! Lu

(deep breath and feel more comfortable) look ok .. there is going to be ace ...rca Estebancito my birthday with ... you? ... then I want to do something so super cool ... and all years since I go to dinner and stuff ... but I want a change and not do?. ... and you are a married women ... and wanted to give me some ideas ...!!

Caro: Luigi and occurred at this time you ask? Lu

: for if !!... is that as soon as you get to Mexico .... I want to start because it is now!

L: but, and you want to do or what ... you want me to say? Lu

: ok ... but they have done ... like ... they do celebrate it ?....

Casro, well look, I'm good retailer and Omar always surprises me with things that I never thoughtI went through the mind! Lu

: clarifying what is donkey ..!

Caro: LUIGI! Lu

: so sorry ... ya ya and your Lety?

L: (got super rooooja) this ... this ... well .. well ... I. .. this ... .. because Fer ... there you ask? Lu

: there is little you feel bad ... talk about those details with your friends?

L: hehehe .. this well ... a little!

Caro: There Lety, or that you were going to say something bad or strong! Lu

: huy do not ever .. but ... can not complain because these lizards are bombis bombis ... buenota! ...

(All three laughn)

L: for this is that ... ... it must be worth that I. .. I can not complain because they Fer (Luigi interrupts)

Lu: my queen but I do not want those details ... I do not I can not complain of Stephen ... does a great job!

C and L: LUIGI!

Lu: it is that Lety ...

L: I am nothing ... I was going to give an idea! ... But you have that mind very cochinota! !!... Sick .. I was going to say is that ... because the retailer is well and as usual we have one year or another I am surprised and amazed me! .. and so!

Lu: I just do not understand me .... tell me a ideaaaaaaaaaaa ... God gives me triple c mimiskyon you!

(Just got to speak between 3 and give ideas to Luigi, and this encantadiiittzimo ... plotting your plan .... came the other day with a horrible dilubio)

Lu: There are already ... saw on TV said they had storm !!... when I went to my room for my stuff to hear it!

L: y?

Caro: as that and "... our flight leaves in 3 hours! and if it is so late!

L: No ... I do not think ...!!!

Lu: Well ... I hope ... because we do not check out?

Caro: they already have everything?

L: sii

Lu: yes!

Caro: it let's go!

(Just arrived at the Airport and the storm moved more and more, it was day and night seemed the sky was very gray, very dark)

Lu: no I do not know, but so not want to go. .. no .. no and no!

Caro: Luigi and calm down!

L: if you please ... I'm already feeling bad! Lu

: how?

L: is that I have a fear of airplanes make me nervous .. and more over time as well! Lu

: there is not no .. my queen ... do not tell me that you are of hysterical patients who do all their show?

Caro: jjajajajajajajajajajajajjj .. it .. more or less!

L: (crossing his arms) is already ?..... .. if not .. do not bother me!

(At that time they said by the speaker to verify lon arepopuerto flights canceled or delayed)

L: that queeeeeeee ??????......... bone that perhaps reach midnight?

Lu: it seems so ... I'll come and call my Steve!

Caro: sii I will call Omar!

L: But is that ..... aaiiichh .. I wanted to get it now!

Caro: we all want to come! (Walks away to make your call)

L: (calling Fer) hello my love!

F: Lety ... hello how are you, what happened?

L: Fernando I'm calling to tell you that the flight is late .. there's a storm out here and leave no planes .... I will be too late!

F: Yes, I saw something on TV, but I thought that would affect you!

L: for if !!...

F: is my life, I I wanted you to arrive early .. and!

L: sii ... me too !.... by the way, my or ~ as?

F: are asleep yet ... too early!

L: ahh .. and they are right?

F: yeah ... but andote strange ... I like ... and the baby?

L: jiji ... biennialNo, but as you know we'll put you on a plane ... because I'm feeling bad!

F: hehehe ... you are strange or!

L: and I love you !.... well my leave ... I love you!

F: me too ... and you take care! ..


L: Now ... Luigi's wrong and that face?

Lu, is that Stephen is annoying ... and there!

L: ... and not get so ... you can not do anything !!... Lu

: there is that I said he plans to ruin .. can you believe it (begins to mourn)

L, but now ... do not cry!

Caro (vto arrive) that Luigi's wrong?.

L: Problems with Steve!

Caro: But why? Lu

: is that ... there now ... I do not want to talk !!... if they had plans .. so sorry for him ... I'm first! ...

L: Yeah .. so himself!

Caro: I do not understand! Lu

: Mrs. DE CARVAJAL look ... which gives late ~ and my boyfriend plans and bother me!

Caro: ja !.... that well ... nevermind ... then it happened! Lu

: hopefully they do!

(gone a looooong time ... as the sun was to appear in the cielo ... clarified and the clouds were starting to come back .... unfortunately flights flight of the three went out late at night)

L: there ... I can not see more ... these feet are killing me !!....

Caro: there friend this pregnancy made you so neurotic!

Lu: If you?

L: it .... but ... I'm not the same as ever!

Lu: it is is ... whatever you say!

L: clown!

Caro: our flight out right now ... no ?.... want something .. is that you look with a humor!

L: as you want if I take more than 10 hours here waiting aque a flight to deign to take my home! Lu

: huy but not ~ a character!

L: there ?.... let me know ... I feel peaceful and invasion of my living space!

Caro: huy can not deny that you are the wife of Fernando

L: (looks evil and despair begins to move the legs while sitting)

Lu: I come now to see there-across if I buy something to eat ... want something?

Caro: Traimer a coffee

L: no !....

(Luigi goes)

Caro: friend you have to calm down ..!

L: (hysterical) I'm fine ... is that I be at home ... .. I have heat and the heat is here ...

Caro, that they ???/...... if you make a horrible cold

L: for I have heat !!..... and I have thirst! ... I go to Luigi !

Caro: yeah!

L: Luiiiigi!

LU: there is (putting her hand on his chest because of the shock) happens?

L: is that I came to get water .. can not stand the heat ... and I want to go! Lu

: but you will continue with the same thing right now ??.... we go!

(Leticia ... So I had them with her hysterics and began to notice the changes of humor in it ... After so much waiting porfin mounted on the plane managed would be a long flight ... ... the 3 sleep during the flight until they reached aMexico and it was a little midnight ... Lety entered his house and all was off ... leave your suitcase at the entrance and went up to see their daughters)

L: (opening the door of the room or ~ as .. deep breath) finally home (he was approached each caress, the arrangement and gave a kiss)

L: (entered his room and saw that Fer was sound asleep, took a bath o is change, turn off the light and got into his bed looking for the warmth of it. He opened his arms and gave them accommodation in a peck on the lips) I love you (ledijo and fell asleep)

(ALother day)

F: (get up and stretch, sit in bed and asleep still looking to the side, because someone feels precensia, but the smell it was well known, so look to your right and All you saw was a red hair and was scared, because he saw the face .. eyes opened big and hit a scream) AAAAAAAAHHHHHH ... WHO ARE YOU??


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