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Numb Feet More Condition_symptoms LFMB: Chapter 58 FAMILY

L: there ... but you aquiiii?

A: (confused) Yeah .. I!

L: but hello .. lol .. you remember me? ..

R: (looks good) LETICIA! !!... Hello .. I see you really like this dance! jejejeje

L: (nervous) jijij .. eh .. what happens is that as we celebrate the opening of my compa ~ ia here!

R: As you are the owner ??... ~ a Concept!

L: for more or less .. hehehe ... but what you doing here?

R: is that came with my father ... he will handle Concepts - Sou Pablo and I come to public relations job here!

L: seeAs time passes ... is well .. jiji ...

R: But look at you ... no .. you're very switched recognition these beautiful ..!

L: (sorry) aah .. thanks ..! Lu

: good !!!... I want to dance samba ... yaaa! .. .. SAMBA SAMBA!

L: Do not mind him .. hehe ... and he rose jjiji some glasses!

Caro: Lety ... oh .. do not tell me this is the guy the carnival!

L: yeah .. he is Rodrigo!

R: hello happy!

Caro: hehehe .. hello! (Giving a look at Lety care)

L: jiji .. there Caro!

Caro: goodor I'll go find Luigi .. and right now .. if we go?

A: noo .. so fast?

Caro: so it is!

L, and Caro (eyes opened) I'm fine!

(Caro left)

A: want to dance?

L: jijijijijiji!

A: hehehehe .. that laugh lol ... that you laugh?

L: It seems that the only times we see is dancing!

R: for if .. hahaha ... things of destiny!

L: (thinking that .. so what? .. Noo .. nooo) .. hehe .. not as you think!

R: good dance?

L: but I do not know how to dance samba!

A: I teaches you visitor!

L; noo .. hehe .. really ... do not worry!

A. .. animate vente ...!!

L: (not convinced) if .. ssi!

(Lety started dancing .. dancing .. hahaha .... how could this guy very bold and beat her more and more to it ... almost was not dancing the samba ... looked more like a lambada hehehe .. the beat a lot of him and Jennifer and was getting uncomfortable and super nerviosisisima ... he enjoyed much Leticia ... and that they were already noticing Luigi and Caro, so that friends to the rescue)

Lu : what what what ??... Carolina!!

Caro: (dancing) mm? .. What?

Lu (~ alando to Lety is) is that ??.... but this guy does not know that she is married?

Caro: for she said she was fine!

Lu: There Caro, that she is your best friend?

Caro: sii ... but .... got from there? Lu

: mu ~ eca, but that question! ...

(So these 2 were to where he was Lety, and Luigi's halo by hand)

R: But you do? Lu

: looks beautiful !!... you have to find the right thing before taking action .. .. I know?

A: (confused) No! Lu

: (raising his left hand to Lety) and are not confused?

R: that which ????........ you married?

L: siiiiiiiiiiii ... (she was like what you meant, but they were ahead)

R: but and why did not you say?

L: (confused) that ????.... if you would do but (interrupts)

R: for siiii !!!.. I thought ...

L: that what?

Caro: huuuuuuuuy .... they thought very badly!

L: what did you think?

R: for me .. and you ... and me!

Lu: jajajajajaja ... no dear ... look she is very happily married with two daughters ... and pregnant ... aaaah!

R: that which ????.......... all that?

L: for if !!..... but because you thought that ... there Rodrigo misinterpret things ... besides ... it was going to stop now .. because I was scaring

A: (sorry) good is that .....

Caro is that nothing .... we go? Lu

: sii .. and .. and let it calm down and ... and I do not touch it much !!.....( Lety grabbing his arm and letting the word in the mouth)

L: But ....

Car: nothing Leticia ...

L: hear me think bad !!.... not my fault for not speaking out !!... so leave me alone!

Lu and C: that you?? Lu

: not my queen ... you had to speak out with him ... tell him you are married .. Lety .. but did not see how you toquetiaba!

L: iff it ... and he would say to stop .. but you got!

Caro: Leticia wrong with you ?.....

L: my all !!... I'm fine ... I'm not going to be unfaithful to my husband ... ... I'm never sure what I have !.... Lu

: for ... apparently something else!

L: it does not ..... I'm very, pero very happy with Fernando .. and .. and stop thinking bad ... perhaps not have noticed as I am with him?

(Caro and Luigi looked and said if his head q)

Caro: Well ...... we go?

L: yeah .. my feet hurt !!... Lu

: bailadero so any

L: (looks bad) .. and you? Lu

: jjajajaja ...

(goodbye to all the activity was very successful .... with many proposals for advertising .... goodbye to those who handle the compa ~ ia there and went to their hotel)


R: papa !!... papa !!....

PR: if son tell me ...

R: wow .. tremendous activity ...!!

PR: Yeah .. it is all thanks to the creativity of Luigi Lombardi jejeje

R: sii sii .. .. and I met him !!... Hey Dad!

PR: Tell me son!

R: Who is Leticia? .. Osea if the president of Concepts?

PR: sii ... she and her husband manage all these franchises ... with the Villarroel!

R: aaahh ... then if you are married?

PR: yeah .... because the question?

A: noo ... lol .. nothing ..


(in hotel)

Caro friend ... okay?

L: yeah ... is that I want to go! ... I want to go home!

Caro: sii y yo!

L: but, ma ~ ana we have another reunion ... and I feel it will be eternal!

Caro: ya ... do not worry ... .. you really Lety was comfortable with Rodrigo?

L: I'll tell you the truth ... I am scared because prospaso .. .. and when I was going to say, you got ... but he thought wrong! .. And I do not want that. .. I do not want problems with Fernando!

Caro: good friends ... hopefully not .. hehehe ... go to sleep

L: sii ... I am very tired!

(The next day .... went to the reunion and there was Rodrigo, who kept looking at Leticia, and she felt a little uncomfortable ... but I do not know ... and continued strong focus future plans for this company ... would make a break for lunch)

Lu: Well, we eat it?

Caro: sii

L: yeah .... I have a craving for something delicious!

R: (interrupmiendo) if you want to invite you

L: (nervous) ... I do .. no thanks !!...

R: yes ... I was going for a place to cook very good!

L: this is not ...preocueps I'm not ... well .. I'm going with my friends!

Caro: sii ... she goes with us!

A: I can go with you?

Lu: Well ---

L: NO !!...( all looked) I say this because .. no .. because ... then I will go through some things at the hotel and I have to make earrings!

LU: and why not you tell me? (Lety gives a pinch) haaaaaaaaay!

L: what? ... With you? ... Alright? Lu

: Wild!

Caro: Luigi and calm down! Lu

: is I (lety opens her big eyes) anything ... but I'll eh!

R: good but I can accompanying ar ... I would not bother me!

L: (thinking, as I take it out of him)

(in that comes the father of Rodrigo)

RP: hi ... how are you? .. Well son comes looking for you to see if accompanied us as to eat!

L: yeah ... go with the others .. and know them well!

PR: do not come with us?

Caro is that after eating we have to do some things and come!

PR: aaah good! .. Well then I see them later ... to finish!

L: yeah .. with permission!

A: If

(they go)

L: Luigi ... as you say you were going to come if you want to avoid! Lu

: duriittzzimo poking me listen to me .... .. also if he can not you ... but yeah me

Caro learns there if Steve! Lu

: AICH not tell you !!... we're going to eat?!

L: sii I'm starving!

(In some Brazilian restaurant)

RP: Rodrigo pudes come a moment?

A: If you tell dad!

RP: son I told you not wanted near sra.Padilla not understand ... .. it is newstra ... respect her head!

R: but I'm not doing anything wrong!

RP: Well son, I know you and when something enters your head and get him out there .. and tell you something Mendiola Leticia Padilla's .. you have to get from here (pushing the head)

R: oh father ... what happens? know .. sii ..! (not very Convens) we join with others?

PR: sii ... but I told you so!

R: sii!

(I had been a long day, Leticia and Caro were sent to Mexico to talk with their husbands py to say they were well and talk with them awhile and how he had been the activity and plansExpensive?

Caro: sii nocesito one too .. I want one Lety?

L: noo .. so I'm fine!

(they go out and Lety left alone in the boardroom, the moment someone enters)

R: hello!

L: (deep breath) Hello!

R: Leticia .. this I want to talk with you!

L: sii? .. That or what?

A: It is not how to tell you!

L: tell me? ... It's the job?

R: no .. .. well this is more personal!

L: (confused) staff ??... I know you do not have nada staff to tell me!.

R: (approaching him) as it is ... .. you .. is that you ...

L: I do that? (And I was away because he was very, very close) Rodrigo .. what?

R: is that I like you much !!!....

L: (pushing) .... nooo nooo noooo .... Respect me .... please .... I am happily married ......

R: (approaching) but is that (and looked completely)

L: so please do not look at me!

R: is that your ... not ... me me me ...

L: yaa get away ... and Respect me ... (I pushed a bit)

R: (grabs hard) no .. nor I can!

L: Let go !!!... go!!

(She tried to push him but he was stronger than her ..... and try to grab his face to kiss her ... and Lety gave a courage that got him a push and get my hand .. and I leave behind the 5 fingers marked on the right cheek ... so it ... remember the slap she gave q Fertz ... he was shocked because this was ??... worse .. because it was with great courage!)

L: I told you to respect me!

(yet entered all .. because they heard a scream)

PR, that happens here ??.... ..

L: Don Pedro (up to q give it a name .. lol) itsson trying to be disrespectful!

DP: that it?

R: (touching her cheek) Pope I ...

DP: your nothing ... get out of here ... but first ask for an apology to the lic. Padilla!

L: Do not worry Don Pedro ... he understood that I must respect ... or not?

R: (looking at her with fury) if ... forgive me graduate! Lu

: but what has happened here ?....

L: Luigi then tell you anything! Lu

: (looking at Rodrigo) but my God ... or ~ or you step on that face ... seems it will stop a car there!

L: and Luigi! CHT

Caro MLXC (Lety approaching him) these good friend?

L: (deep breath) ... I am very tired sii let's go!

DP: Leticia ... perdonme ... I do not know ... my son is not so because compoirto!

L: only that her son !!.... misinterpret things but do not worry ... aahh that if he does not want in my company ... what made me .. it can be do anyone else!

Lu: But you did?

L: I told you then I'm telling you Luigi!

Lu: I can imagine ... this individual in question .. would soon backfire .. or am I wrong?

L: (watching it seriously) Luigiiii! CHT

MLXC Lu: what? if it is the truth? .. Peter .. this looks this bone here .. your son since he met Lety ... since it has been suggested and knew he was married yesterday! and all that .. watch it .. and will try to exploit or lying?

L: Luigi and I do not want problems!

Lu: I tell you one thing ... Hulk (to Rodrigo) ... my friend did not return to put a finger on ... because if you do not stop me ... and you'll want to know the hysterical of her husband .. and that if the accounts that no longer!


DP: yaaa ... I have much to talk with him ... I hope you at home !!... Rodrigo back out please!

R: if potato (not without first checking withLety much courage, and she looked very challenging)

(Rodrigo came from there)

DP: Leticia truly forgive me .. what a shame!

L: Do not worry .. I know you are not so ... but I ask you to please here I do not want your child really !!... ... and look encuanto before a public relations !

DP: Yeah .. as you say!

L: Well we're going .. yeah .. thanks for everything .. and I hope good business news

DP: Yeah .. of course you do!

(After this hard time was Luigi, Caro and Lety in the hotel room)

Caro: friend're right .. is that tand look very pale .. since we left!

L: sii ... just a little dizzy ... but well ... Lu

: not like that guy could really do that to you ..!

L: please ... not a word out of here ... I do not want Fernando know .. ok?

Caro: But you have to tell Lety ... ..

L: NO !!... not what your reaction ... you know how he is, maybe eventually I'll say ... yes?

Lu, as you say !...( thunder began to rain and very strong)

L: there is no rain !!.... that

Caro: huy is well ugly .. those thunder! Lu

: themimiski mimiski ... .. the fear of fear that !!!... I can not ... my valerian! .. where .. where is it?

L: in your room! Lu

: sii sii .. ... come now .. is that they fear!

(currently very hard seat)


: noo .. noo ... I'm not moving from here !!!... no no ...

L: and calm down .... you are such a coward .. jijijij! Lu

: no shut up ... (more thunder) aaaah ... where will my Stephen when I need it!

Caro: now you remember the holiday ... but no .... anything! Lu

: Caro is shut! CH

TMLXC L: jijijijiji ... well .. I come from and go to the bath visitor! (Stops and tide) there!

Caro; Lety .. you look very pale friend ... okay?

L: sii ... I'm very tired .... that's all! .. Just want to sleep! .. And you know things about pregnancy jijiji

Lu (making him a hand in bed) as it looks!

L: quee? .. You go to sleep here?

Lu: .. did you think that with this thunder and lightning I sleep in my room ... you're wrong!

Caro: But Luigi! Lu

: no buts!

L: jijijii ... well I'm going to dip back o ...

(After a while of fighting with Luigi to go away ... they could not Convens ... because I was so afraid of thunder and storms and stayed with them in the room!)

Lu : hear are awake?

L: I do

Caro and me!

Lu, is that I can not sleep .. and I wanted to ask you some things!

C and L, that things LOMBARDI LUIGI?!




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