Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wild Hearts Catamaran 2009 For Pierrot: ¿Amor?

Fandom: Tell the truth.

Claim: Arthur / Lion.

Incest, slash / yaoi. Twisted humor, I .


Word: Love?

Abstract: The idea of romance conceiving Lion.

Note: A gift for Pierrot, because without it we would never think of this idea are finished.

"Hypothetically ...

"Hypothetically ..." he urged his brother to act funny.

Arthur rested his elbows on the table and his chin on his hands.

"Let's say, hypothetically, I surrender to the authorities and testify against you for all your murders, what would you do?

not need pensarl Lionor twice. Stirred the water glass in his hand limply and her green eyes seemed absorbed in the glow of the candles on the glass.

"I should kill you, took a sip. Escaparíay somehow kill you.


expected it. Lion had escaped from prison where he was sent for the murder of last boyfriend who dared to end it. In part that's why I keep & amp; iacute; to him, because thanks to it get the best true story ever told and his name, as his brother had promised, would be recognized worldwide. But only if it helped keep silent his true identity, and would otherwise have to pay for breaking his promise, one way or another.

had hoped the answer was and still noticed a lump in his throat. Ignored and, outlining what he knew was his cynical smile, raised his glass of wine on mesa his brother decided without consulting him. Candles, wine, junk food that seems so wealthy exquisite. All a lover would, offered by his own blood, which had become an accessory and bed partner.

The question did not really matter, but the conclusiveness of a loud response was disheartening. While accepting his rare conditions could continue his life as prosperous as it may be that of an editor of one of the most famous gossip magazines. Or, if you knew how to use their cards.

"Happy Valentine said by proposing, in his opinion, the most ridiculous toast of humanity.

were in the dining room of his house and Lion had prepared so that prevail pads and other things that allow them to lie on the floor. The chairs were against the wall and the table by the fireplace. He had done while he yelled to his paparazzi to move their butts and bring you useful images showing the yards & amp; uuml; enzas of celebrities, but never would have been key to his brother.

Lion smiled candidly and also accounted for. They clinked glasses clink producing a smooth, perfect silence, and then stood on the table to kiss the lips of Arthur, who received it mechanically, without surprise or protest. His cheeks were kissed by the careful hands were the hands of Lion-murderer, blood-stained hands and smiled promised glory-half by the sensation. Neither desirable nor expected, it was only warm andso something nice.

knew that he wanted at least a little. As he knew that both were fucking crazy.


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