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Minimed Insulin Pump Release The dog devotee

Fandom: Harry Potter .

Claim: Sirius / Draco. Two original, although not so important.

Summary: Each October 31 a bouquet of red and gold is deposited at the tomb of the Potter.

Disclaimer: exception of two originals, everything else is a creation of JK

Warning: Slash / yaoi.

The dog devotee

The autumn leaves crunched underfoot restless children as they ran toward the house and shouted to his friends to bragI had the sweet bounty. A soft breeze swung around gracefully and, coupled with the child crying could be heard the voices of adults and adolescents who accompanied the children.

A teen-at least he thought he was, despite its scarce twelve years, was standing on the sidewalk, talking with a friend, waiting to return their siblings collect treats from the house before they were.

The young man raised the patch covering his eye to look at her time on the clock, then turned toward the street.

& mdash, not coming, "he snapped his friend noticed his gesture.

"I do every year, right? "Replied a bit challenging, without separating the light the dark path, which do not pass anything to see.

"I can not believe it. Do you think that a black dog, like woolly sheep and black as night, will appear with a bouquet of flowers to the cemetery? Dude, that is ...

"True," said hard-looking. I saw it. When I was five a &; About girls, I, I turned from my parents, I fell off my bike and the dog left the field to help me out from under it.

"I know," replied the other in a tone of boredom. You have repeated a thousand times. Ever happened to you it was the dog of someone who just moved?

"Sure. And how would you explain the branch that stuck out of the muzzle?

"And I do not know. We have trained some old to give grace or something.

- & Ikkesht. It can also be trained to help children? He shook his head. Sure you could train dogs for this purpose, but with a bouquet? That I doubt. That dog is coming, you'll see.

The young man turned his eyes aside resigned, still do not understand how anyone would swallow that ridiculous urban tale. Not even made sense, why a dog with no apparent owner, who only saw him around that time he presented his respects to the dead?

The red-haired boy was craning his neck to achieve isr better way, hoping for a glimpse a black figure, and was startled when a black-gloved hand patted his shoulder.

A young man, blond and pale, dressed all in black looked indifferent.

"I know this place," said the stranger drawled, showing a slight grimace of disgust barely suppressed when referring to the valley. Could any of you tell me where is the cemetery?

"Yes, sir," replied the boy a spare time of printing.But her heart beat in earnest to repair the red flowers and gold-bearing. It is by the end of the street, "he said pointing to the same-and then must go to the left.

The man's eyes followed the direction pointed his finger and then gave him a suspicious expression.

- Sure it's out there?

"Yes, sir," he said without offense.

Noknew what he was saying "sir" if the subject should have no more than twenty years, but something in his position prevented him from taking slightly higher confidence. Unaware that this was the impression he made someone who knows of an aristocracy.

"Well, thank you very much," snapped the man and left them without looking both sides before crossing the street, as if unaware of the danger of being hit.

"Go paint," said his friend.

- Did notsee? He asked incredulously.

- See what?

"The industry, because what else is going to be. The bouquet.

The young man found a long and apparently confident that it was not a joke, laughed. Now I would say that this man was the human figure of the dog?

The other, wounded in his pride, he opened his mouth ready to defend his assumption, but it was then that the children came to them chatter about their candy and had to shut up because his brother hac & iacute, to a real tantrum if not heard.

While he hated the child talk, the platinum blond-haired man turned the corner and saw a church stand up in front almost sinister outlined against the moon. Honking their dark shoes approached the fence adjacent to the building, which would not have been wrong a second coat of paint. Surrounding the succession of wooden boards until they finally found the entrance and went for it.

A cool breeze stirred the few flowers in front of the graves, silence reigned and everything was illuminated by white light of the moon solitarito the sky. He was surprised that was the only one present, knowing as he knew the meaning of these feasts, had expected more people to remind their family members or friends who had not forgotten. Apparently all that mattered now was to get the candy and costume to compete for what was more ridiculous. Made a soft grunt allowed while bemoaning the loss of good traditions.

it is finished, her gray eyes looked around until he found a stunted tree near the cement wall pertenecíaathe church and approached him. Feeling foolish, not unexpectedly, something really stupid on why he was doing that, "back to the trunk and the church, took four steps forward. On the floor at his feet, was the eternal bed of someone who did not pay attention because it had the word you wanted to print.

The man walked around this point, observing closely the other stones around him and finally his face, until the irritation tense, relaxed to give a nearly illegible because of the land. After checking that there was nadie watching, he pulled his coat pocket a long wooden stick and waved it to the tombstone, as if it were a big fan, the dust cleared to reveal a writing quickly broken by time of neglect.

fragile After reading the letters, gently deposited the flowers, enchanted to withstand twice the normal time than others. Stood watching for a moment the grave, feeling a slight weight in the stomach, and the next moment disappeared.



FlamesRDS went on and activated by a switch and out came Draco Malfoy, dressed in all his glory dark and look like liquid steel.

The room was silent, dimly lit and peaceful thanks to the spider web hanging from the ceiling, as big and opulent as families only comparable to that of the Malfoy could ; an afford. In one order, an elf came to his side, not without showing due reverence.

- How is Sirius? He asked, frowning in advance.

Last night the man had gone too far with drinking while he asistíaa dinner with their parents, and that morning he could barely stand up. I would have given the scolding of his life to see how failing to go to the bathroom to download the stomach, but his looks deplorable had deterred. I could not deny, had worried about him.

"He's still resting, I love Draco," said the child-caring. Awoke half an hour asking for a drink, gave her a soothing potion and has not risen againit since then.

Draco nodded with a nod and went to calm steps to his room, he found in shadows. On the wide bed, the body of a man lying face down, his hand hanging over the side. When Draco took off his clothes, ready to be replaced with his pajamas, there came a slight growl almost dying while a looming dark head under a pillow.

- Draco?

sounded groggy, so sleepy, and perhaps also by the undertow.

"Hello," Draco said recovering from the shock, he thought not hear until tomorrow, and walked gently to sit next to her lover, who was removed a little further, and if you miss to discover how to sit.

- What time is it? Inquired the Animagus in thickly, so low that almost Draco asked to repeat it.

"It's still daylight," replied the blonde, prepared for the question, having found that the curtains were closed & mdash;. You still have plenty of time to play legend. You can rest if you want.

"Well," Sirius yawned softly and turned around, now placing the head on the pillow and about to go back to sleep.

Draco was saved by a sigh and lay down beside her, around her waist from behind, causing the biggest shiver, issued a faint hum and finally relax. Draco kissed her shoulder and closed his eyes, too, in his feeling sorry for tomorrow, when I expected to feel better, I'd have to tell the truth about the falta his personal tradition.

Although not many, because they do not know what adverse effects might bring to mind contemplating the tomb of his best friends, being that the mere remembrance of the anniversary of his death had left in this state . Surely you would bother to emphasize the latter as not interested, he would manage. And Sirius had endured a furious, but did not want to deal with a torn his memories.

The red-haired boy, despite the teasing of his friend, after seeing the flowers in the cemetery walk to school, said the dog had become devout.


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