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How To Plan Sorority Initiation Happy Birthday, Y0misma!

The birthday was yesterday beta more than I wanted and which I am proudly married. This work's finished it yesterday, but I could not post because it was too late and, of course, school. He had already missed two days and if I fucked were three tasks in round earnings.

Y0, I love you heart and wish you success in everything that you propose, because you deserve it. These are unique gift fic for you, although I could not add the hints you wanted. I promise you, when I can, I'll write something more concrete, and I have the start and know how to be & aacute, the end, lack discover how to get there XD

Well come on, a hug, bella!

Title: Alarm.

Fandom: Apple

Claim: Fly / Armand.

Table: Weekly.

Day: Monday.

Warning: Slash / yaoi.


at 8:05 AM Fly wanted to have enough energy to take the insistent alarm clock bedside table and throw out the window to see if time was flying away de it. I was tired and feeling lethargic, so he preferred to curl up with blankets covering the hope of just sleep there until he passed laziness.

On the table next to the clock, a black cell with pictures of skulls started to vibrate in unison to the tune of Lacrimosa, characterized by a masterful guitar solo. Fly stretched a hand between the sheets and fumbled wood about three times before their fingers surround the phone, which immediately took him to his shelter, paraTado damn alarm clock. Could have taken the time to throw the alarm clock or off, but not crossed his mind.

"Whoever is said without opening his eyes, supporting the apparatus against the ear to know I'm dying of sueñoy is very rude to call these hours to mobile people.

-Fly, "said the voice on the other end of the line, a severe and masculine.

On hearing, Fly felt like he was moved inside andsleep, rather than a burden, something suddenly became smooth.

- Do you know what good it would be you here with me? "He said suddenly and felt like laughing. Because the sentence was funny and fun to think that would not have minded having her boyfriend there.

-Fly out of bed, "said Armand, his voice shaken, though he imagined the red blush on her cheeks up brown. Hard as a rubber wall, was not used to his outgoing personality & MDAsh;. You should have gone to school for five minutes.

"Come and get me you," said Fly seemingly plaintive tone, picándolo thoroughly. And why just call me at this hour? I ask then, with genuine curiosity, but she knew her boyfriend was going to train at the rink early in the morning.

"Because it's the first day of school after vacation and if you missed calls," said Armand simply and o & amp; oacute; a cough, as if the cell in which he spoke had been removed. It was not worth refuting his argument, it was not the truth. It is difficult to resume a routine, but if you start today will be harder tomorrow.

-Ya, and Fly muttered wearily. What if today the next time I'll get me out of bed you?

"As long as that goes ..." satisfied by the response half-Fly would not let him finish and pressed the button to colgar.

left the set on his table, where the alarm was muted, and turned in bed to go back to sleep. Soon he received a text message, sounded the tune of Lacrimosa, but he was already asleep.

Still, Fly was surprised when Armand was stripped of its sheets the next day.

Title: Conversations transcendental.

Fandom: Apple Black-original-


Table: Weekly.

Day: Wednesday.

transcendental Conversations

- Remember the orange cat, fluffy, who hates Mondays?

Fly did not pay much attention, because tomorrow should perform a review of biologíay preferred to concentrate on his book. Plandex was not boring enough to study, I was bored, yes.

"I think you're talking about Garfield.



- What about him?

"Nothing, just had a dog's life, right? Monday and nobody hated him do anything he could just pass it by eating lasagna. But it was a cat. It's going securcute, unique, because the meat is also for dogs.

"Mmm ..." he murmured her cousin noting something in his notes.

- Can you imagine a bird who hates Wednesdays and eat fish?

"It would be something new.

& MDAsh, or a rat that hates to eat birdseed Wednesday and all day. It would be great, right?

looked Fly.

- Are you trying to say something?

Plandex stopped spinning in his chair and raised at the ceiling.

-Odior Wednesday.

And on Wednesday they had two hours of biology.


Even the biggest nonsense had its own logic.

Title: tantrums.

Fandom: Apple Black-original-

Claim: Fly, Plandex.

Table: Weekly.

Day: Domingo.

Note: I tried to make insinuations , y0, and that was. I reiterate my promise of something more definitive.


Plandex nervous ran through the aisles of the store, ignoring the looks that attracted her hair green. Although more than hair, it might seem that the patent was desperation in his face as he saw behind the hanging clothes on racks or s &cute, so to find a new disappointment.

Behind completely bored and traces of sleep over, Fly it still did not bother to cover their yawns.

I do not know what the problem, "he said after a hearing a snort of his cousin again. It's just a vest.

Plandex looked then, eyes gleaming in a way that indicated he was about to strike, but had concluded that it would not help anythingbecause they returned their attention to clothes.

"I'll kill Reisei repeated for the second time in the morning the young man, speaking to a wall of hooks that had traveled with their backs Fly walking step lazy.

"Do not say that," blurted out, stretching out each syllable to force a new yawn. Not your fault that the computer just exploded at that time.

-firing my vest, "he reminded Plandex, the same tonot to employ someone to refer to a mouse wanted, while his hands were still feeling the clothes fast in search of a garment that would serve as a replacement to its charm.

-Alike-Fly shrugged, looking a right estanteríaa absently.

took a purple jean jacket from the montóny showed it to his cousin. This shook his head and Fly, rolling her eyes with extreme boredom, scattered clothing left on her sisters.

"If Arnold were here and be glad that you did not have the vest.

"Let him fuck Plandex Arnold snapped, getting a startled look of the red, we never had heard such words to refer to blonde but it was bothering him a hobby from time to time.

That day Sunday or Arnold or Reisei were to witness the excitement of generally happy bassist. The Asian because I had to reset the computer that had tried to arrange for their own means, what will & iacute; to get if you soda that had not fallen through the machine, and the blond suddenly because they simply refused to lift a finger before he allowed his personal schedule. Fly's reasoning was "I'm bored, so I help my cousin with his head down and maybe see something for me", but did not have that Plandex sadness changed to anger and the shops they dragged him out completely different tastes.

were strange combinations of colors that make what could Plandex clothing style that I saw around acquire algúNo appeal; separate rainbow socks, shirts intentionally broken yellow with red buttons around the neck or green pants with yellow patches, these garments, to Fly, looked like something simple and boring. Too boring.

And no, I do not understand addiction Plandex the purple vests. I knew it was his lucky charm and, according to his cousin, went well with green hair, but it was still a vest and did not seem to warrant such behavior.

Plandex passed two other stores, abruptly pulling his forearm when he was intention to pretend not with him, ignoring his groans of extreme suffering, and continued without finding it. Fly was approaching noon and began to get hungry.

"I'll kill Reisei.


This time not contradicted, was more focused seeing another boy who looked about the age of Armand searching the jacket and wore jeans that left evidence of their perfect circle backside. The boy realized that detail? Surely, if he had a back so neither hide. But the bolsillos were too big and difficult extrusion wallet better vision.

"No, better I'll kill you," Plandex with frowning, upset because he was ignored.

Another thing in which they identified each other cousins was that, when they were enraged, better than listen. What happened was that succeeded Plandex tantrums every death and resurrection of bishop, as far as Fly was surprised to be mentioned at that time.

- &, IQuest, Eh?

"This is great," said Plandex rolling his eyes, his back to rifling through a rack of clothes wrapped in plastic material. I had to grab and rotate them to see if it had no sleeves. But go to ligártelo, I'll manage.

"I'm not going to do that quickly snapped, blushing not by his cousin, but because he had recently become the official boyfriend of Armand and the idea of putting the horns found it obscene. Annoyed, he grabbed a shirt any default colordo and passed to his cousin, hitting his chest. Take it, try it and buy it. Then they cut off the sleeves.

-is three sizes too big, "remarked Plandex in a neutral tone.

Fly snorted in exasperation.

"I will last longer.

Plandex only nodded, his eyes fixed on the garment, turning to the locker room. Ten minutes later both returned to the hotel donde were staying with a bag of the last store visit banging Plandex leg, who was walking by outlining a broad smile of satisfaction. Fly watched him intently from to pay and two blocks later, she no longer esperaríaa asked him what was wrong.

- Well? He asked impatiently. Are not you tell me why he came all the fuss?

Plandex watched without understanding, which led to Fly snorted angrily.


XC - Why do you care so much about a stupid vest? I've been using one since we were children, and believe it or not, it goes well with your coloring.

"You sound Plandex Arnie" said smiling and looked at the cloudy sky, as if up and out to see the face of the blond to hear you call it that way. It's nothing, only the grandmother Nora gave me one and I liked it so much I do not want to quit.

Fly Now

was expressed bewilderment. Especially since he left was not a casual use, typical of thatresponds have no matter how, but rather light, carefree intentionally iron to remove a first imperceptible to the subject. Nora's grandmother had died long ago.

"Oh," responded the redhead finally fell into account. Or believe I did.

walked in silence for a moment, dark the car they were traveling bodyguards following them, and fly around a corner lifted one leg to give a little push his cousin in the leg. When Plandex turned to him with curiosity, Flyshowed him an amused smile.

- A race to the hotel?

nodded smiling bassist



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