Sunday, November 7, 2010

Clave Del Proshow Gold 2.6 Iphone and Apple lies

One of the companies that have a good image in front of consumer electronics and computing is created by the controversial American Steve Jobs, Apple, which mainly manufactures computers, audio players like the iPod and one of its most recognized products iphone. ( buy iphone cheap here). But not everything is hunky-holes and the Cupertino company is not everyone believes goodness, look at some of their sins.

if you're considering buying a brand new iphone 4 and even a less sophisticated but equally chic iphone 3G, I think you should dos times for various reasons, this is some of the key.

The defect that caused great controversy in the iphone was the fault of the receiving anted only this year that caused the anger of many to realize that the signal intensity down when you put finger in a certain way, a substantial failure to take into account that almost all new phones the company were affected, and most obvious was the announcement by Steve Jobs that was worth a damn, no going to get a refund or replacement of the affected cell and chose to cover only a free for all users unhappy, of course this cause &; Oacute; that many to shut up, but many others decided instead to purchase a change of compañíay cell cheaper, but equally functional, only without the chic factor, the most active of these telephones that lose in functionality, usability, performance and even design compared to other brands like nokia. ( buy nokia here)
Another major crícitas that has been the iphone is that you can not change the operating system that links users to buy applications in the Apple Store, where with other systems such as Android, there are many free applications. But this does not seem to worry both the fan & aacute; ticos brand apple bite.

But what alternatives you have to not buy this piece of marketing (and not technology) called iphone. Nokia phones are still a great choice for those looking for a cheap cell phone but functional. The sonyericsson phones are more powerful and have great designs, a new option is the Samsung cellular , which despite being less well known are growing rapidly in terms of size market.

If you just want to leave the cell apple computers but also and laptops recommend you seek alternative brands, you'll see that your wallet will thank you.


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